Keala Settle - This Is Me (Lyrics video) The Greatest Showman


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    What?? 10 million views?? Wow, thx!!! Also check out "Girls Like You" Lyrics here God Bless you all!!

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    Im late but its 26 mil i think or 27 mil


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    Wrong like 20 mill and sum

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    My bff ❤️ this song

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    Top song

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    So nice and sprital

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    I love song even this is me 😊

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    heel leuk

  9. kyle De Guzman

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    If someone ever says you don't matter just remember you were not just born for nothing because everyone matters in life so never judge anyone

  10. donna hookem

    donna hookem16 jam yang lalu

    I don't blame anybody" there my scar's nobody else's!

  11. donna hookem

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    Take note of the lyrics

  12. potatoes and sprinkles!

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    The song actually says: When the sharpest words want tp cut me down im gonna send a flood gonna drown 'EM out I AM BRAVE I AM BRUISED i am who im meant to be, this is me. Key words: I AM BRAVE I AM BRUISED! Bruised not proof

  13. Elena Kendrick

    Elena Kendrick23 jam yang lalu

    I have done nothing to deserve any hate or any unkindness. I deserve more than life has given me and now I'm taking back everything that they took! They took my happiness and made me feel ugly. I will not apologise and I will stand my ground. This is me!

  14. Jane Jamaica Aniceto

    Jane Jamaica AnicetoHari Yang lalu

    correction: its bruised not proof :)

  15. Tony Cook

    Tony CookHari Yang lalu

    This song has me in tears right now. And the comments have made me realize that I'm not the only person suffering or going through something that I feel I can't handle. I'm so phony but now I'm really expressing how I feel on the inside. But I put on fake smile for the people. Things have to change and quickly.

  16. Kathleen Judith Gabriel

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    *This can be our, like, anti-COPPA song.*

  17. Ash the Maniac

    Ash the Maniac2 hari yang lalu

    My brother is FTM trans. School and "parents" don't accept him as a he. He's gotten to the point where he's suicidal, and it scares me half to death. I promise I'm gonna get him away from home. I want him to be him & proud. And to you, the person possibly reading this. If you're going through a rough time rn, just remember, it'll pass. The moon sets and the sun rises. *Right now won't last forver, remember that*

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    2019? ANYONEEEEEE?

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    That's my friend! !

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    *This song makes me feel stronger each time I play it* , I've gone through alot in highschool, people can bully, make fun of you (when they don't even know you, but only joins in to make more friends), call you hurtful and mean words..they just don't and won't realise their mistakes! They only care about themselves, Zendaya got bullied in her years and look at her right now. Don't judge people because you never know where they would go on life.

  21. Sharon Aodu

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    You may not have the coolest clothes Or, the richest parents The smartest brain and the most friends. But this is you, live your life the way you want to live it until you die, because legends never die

  22. Selah Manguilimotan

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  23. Yating Chen

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    I think that this is a good song because it just your self it doesn't matter what you are atlest you are still a person

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    Am lringig in my school song

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    I'm short. I have scars everywhere. My fingers look terrible because I bite the skin. I have a muffin top **Looks at belly** yep, it's still there. I'm really not very pretty. I'm prone to acne. But even with all those flaws. I'm not scared to be seen, because this is me. And I think that's beyond perfect ;-)

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    Can't hear this song without crying.

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    This is me qui écoute sa en 2019 novembre

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    fuck i cried lmao

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    I am brave i am proof isn't it bruised

  31. Hossam Ali

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    This is me ! 2019 any way any time

  32. Lily Mungia

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    I feel like this song would lift people up if they are feeling down. It is a good self esteem lifter.

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  34. umi izzati

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    anyone from 2020?


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    cool song

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  37. Lord Frieza

    Lord Frieza9 hari yang lalu

    Keala Settle began crying when she sang this. Hugh Jackman held her hand and it was the most beautiful thing ever. The cast put so much emotion and beauty into the songs they sing

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    I love this song

  39. Carlos B

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    I love 5his song

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    I'm a furry, I'm a weeb, I'm a strange person But hate won't stop because this is who I am

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    this song is strong and courageous and pretty neat i honestly love this frfr.

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    I hop hop you have 100000000 like

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    I am bullied this song made me punch a bully xD

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    i have a really rare body... my finger's bones are to sensitive and they have a really rare way to look... my legs are too sensitive and delicate too... i can't do the majority of the things i like... im really ashamed of my body... but after a long years battleing with my depression, anxiety, insecurities ,and more... im happy to show my body how it is :) THIS IS ME!

  45. Indira Solis

    Indira Solis10 hari yang lalu

    I don't know how anyone couldn't love this movie. it was so inspirational and it was for everyone to see. not just for kids or teens but for adults too. you shouldn't change who you are just to make other people happy. you are perfect the way you are. be the best that you can be. you are a warrior.

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    i was singing that song with her

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    Dancing high? anyone?

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    I the ugliest I’m the dumbest I’m not the richest I don’t like being friends with people who show off the richness

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    Yo voy a bailar esta cancion en mi escuela XD

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  51. Jaclyn Coulter

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    Buthune is doing a consert every year on this song becuse im in 4th dimpson buthune academy

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    *i sang this for my school and I won :>*

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    Thx for showing me this song, I cried when I listened to this I can sing perfectly with song just go to Mary Lyon elementary Tacoma Washington

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    This is awesome but I think I broke the replay button 😔😔😔😔

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    woah this is a lot of motivational comments :)

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    One of the most inspirational songs in the world

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    Guys make this top comment so my class can see it! | | v

  58. Ljfjmf Ndidjdj

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    Supposed to be 'I am brave, I am bruised'. But its okay, we normally commit mistakes. Even I thought it was 'proof' the first time I heard this song.😂 Loved the video btw, hoping to see more lyric video from this channel👍😁

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    Love this song

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    u have 61.1k suuuuuuuuuuubs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OoO

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    0:57, it isnt i am proof, i think it is i am bruised

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    One mistake

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    Good and I like

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