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  1. KAROL G

    KAROL G27 hari yang lalu

    Hi Everyone! Wanted to share the translation of the lyrics below What’s going on with you? .... Tell me Ovy on the Drums There is no excuse Today she went out with her friend to kill her heartbreak Because a guy did her wrong She’s hard and he took advantage She’s tired of being good Now she’s the one that uses men Because a guy did her wrong You won’t find her being sentimental Says she won’t cry for another guy No But if you play the song She gets so depressed Crying she starts calling him But he left her on read Maybe he’s with another girl Pretending he can love her too But I cried all of that for nothing Now I’m a bad girl And now you kickin' & screamin', a big toddler Don’t try to get your friends to come holla, holla! A yo! I used to lay low I wasn’t in the clubs, I was on my JO Until I realized you’re an epic fail So don’t tell your guys that I’m still your Bae Yo Cause it’s a new day, I’m in a new place Gettin some new D, sittin' on a new face Cause I know I’m the baddest bitch you ever really met You searching for a badder bitch and you ain't met her yet. A yo Tell em to back off he wanna slack off Ain't no more booty calls, you gotta jack off It’s me an Karol G we let them rats talk Don’t run up on us cause they letting them Makks off But if you play the song She gets so depressed Crying she starts calling him But he left her on read Maybe he’s with another girl Pretending he can love her too One shot for the deep heartbreak And we keep going until we finish Another shot for my mind So that the memories don’t torture me Doesn’t copy anything Her ex is worth nothin' Goes out to the club and just wants to twerk But she gets confused once she starts to drink She heals when she parties As her love dies All the men try to get her But if you play the song She gets so depressed Crying she starts calling him But he left her on read Maybe he’s with another girl Pretending he can love her too Karol G Karol G Nicki Minaj The Queen With a Queen

  2. Valeria Sevilla;3

    Valeria Sevilla;3Hari Yang lalu

    @Alberto Petrulea no seas idiota como te va a saludar

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    @David Leyva en USA estaba en tendecia apenas salio

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    A queen 👸 with a queen👸🏽 😍😘

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    Por favor karol g confiesa que enria alidad te copias tes to los pasos de mi rosalia

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    Hola tusa

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    Diosas las amo

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    Envidiosa 😤 karol g le copio a la Rosalía

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    "Pero hice toro este llanto por nara" JAJAJA, me da ternura.

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    Como amo esta canción

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    Nicki minaj impact😍😍😍

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    Minuto 3:00 pose de rosalia

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    I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ IT!!!!

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    Nicki minal spasking español i love 💓 my queen 😏

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    Nicki is the most beautiful woman on this earth

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    Pensé que la canción se llamaba trusa😄 que buena cancion 👌🏻🎵

  18. El Barto xD

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    Like. Este video es mejor que China. Tienen razón por eso soy desde ase rato fan de karolg yde Nicki Minaj las amo parecerás ❤️❤️❤️

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    La verdad que hueva que colabore con una basura como lo es Nikki Minan, que trató de hundir la carrera de Cardi B por envidias.

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    900M views idreporter.net/v/video-LDZX4ooRsWs.html 🤯🤯🤯🔥

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    Vamos por los 100k comentarios, comenta una vez al día o más veces. 💖💖💖

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    Amo tusa no la conocía

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    Que es tusa?

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    Que Video Tan Calidoso Uff 🔥😍 Buen Video Y Sobre Todo Ese Comienzo De Karol G

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    Es mi idea oh escucho a paulo londra

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    Soy yo o dice la frase de paulo londra 😂❤

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    Like si te gusta nicky minaj Comentario si te gusta karol g

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    Obvio karol

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    Si Cres que es muy buena canción deja tu like👍

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    a lo que vinieron segundo 0:58 ahora Quiero mi like😂😂😂ok no

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    toda mi historia resumida en esta canción ❤🐙🏵🐖🐻🌹💃

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    Damn good song

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    *lo malo de esta cancion es que se acaba*

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    Q dices de esto Cardi B?

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    not at how pretty the mv is

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    LIKE=Karol G COMENTARIO=La Rosalia OoF

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    Me obsesioné con esta música ♥️♥️♥️ la escucho todos los días santo Diosssss 😍😍😍 me encanta 😍

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    yo apoyaba a cardi; pero cuando escuche esto dije wooo😲😲 es mejor q cardi Asi q ahora apoyo a nicki😍😍sorry cardi. 😅😋

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    I'm glad it has so much views ❤

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    Toñita feat:Karol g ponme la canción yeah venga feliz 2020

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    Que es TUSA? :C

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    Karl g va se millonaria 💶💶💴💵💵💲💲💲💲💲💲💱💱💸💸💷💷

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    No entendi la parte en ingles :v

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