Kanye West - Follow God


  1. Kudie Aora

    Kudie Aora48 menit yang lalu

    If kanye really means this song , his family maybe not in this world anymore... His family probably being Illuminati's sacri...

  2. Andrew Bullseye

    Andrew BullseyeJam Yang lalu

    Fuck trying to be what people expect. Damn proud and even more happy you found yourself.

  3. Willowhoops

    WillowhoopsJam Yang lalu

    dude, the flow of this song is amazing. MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL

  4. Christopher Santwon

    Christopher SantwonJam Yang lalu

    Song is fire though 🔥🔥

  5. A. Rhyme

    A. RhymeJam Yang lalu

    Follow God who has made us all slaves. F*ck that. Dude gonna make a fool of you all!

  6. Christopher Santwon

    Christopher SantwonJam Yang lalu

    Notice there are no footprints in the snow before he started walking🤔 #Genius

  7. Rameus

    Rameus2 jam yang lalu

    Its all about Money.... pretty sad to be honest.

  8. josh dean

    josh dean2 jam yang lalu

    I generally love the best to rap music and just rap music in general, but most rap music was bad and used a lot of profanity and was just not honoring God. Kanye West thank you for giving me rap music and the power of God in your music!!!

  9. Benji Salar

    Benji Salar2 jam yang lalu

    Best song I've covered

  10. 10k Subscribers Without any videos Challenge

    10k Subscribers Without any videos Challenge3 jam yang lalu

    Follow The Devil

  11. Xard

    Xard3 jam yang lalu

    The album is called Jesus is king because what is a king to a god

  12. Abdul Haleem

    Abdul Haleem3 jam yang lalu

    Wow 🤩 the old Kanye back with a new message !

  13. Erin Vinson

    Erin Vinson4 jam yang lalu

    2:10 Kanye sees that buggy about to hit Kim. Kanye "AHHHHHHHHH... My meal ticket!!!"

  14. Danny G the Nature Guy

    Danny G the Nature Guy4 jam yang lalu

    NF and Kanye .... Boom !!!!..... Like Em and Dre

  15. Sparq

    Sparq4 jam yang lalu

    can someone explain to a snow white russian boy what the end means

  16. Eddo Shakur

    Eddo Shakur4 jam yang lalu

    I Never want this beat to end

  17. Saliym Winters

    Saliym Winters4 jam yang lalu

    When Ye Rap Like This Ain't To Many Niggas Fuckin Wit Em!!!! Sigel What Ya Life Like....

  18. Gregorio Dubose

    Gregorio Dubose5 jam yang lalu

    He just filmed his music video on his 4000 acres of land. A black man. Kanye is the GOAT. Words can’t explain it...

  19. sayingthe thingstheywont

    sayingthe thingstheywont5 jam yang lalu

    1:45 - 1:51 I love the awkward candidness of this clip lol.

  20. Javon Collins

    Javon Collins5 jam yang lalu

    sounds like an old song

  21. Enstigator Official

    Enstigator Official5 jam yang lalu

    Some dead zombie on a stick is going to grant you forgiveness, what you smokin fool?

  22. K.

    K.5 jam yang lalu

    this video made me smile so hard

  23. George ok

    George ok5 jam yang lalu

    Disliking aint very CHRIST LIKE

  24. abdul qadar

    abdul qadar6 jam yang lalu

    Kanye West: I was looking at the 'Gram and I don't even like "likes". Instagram: The GOAT has spoken.

  25. Laureen Rivera

    Laureen Rivera6 jam yang lalu

    You know what Christ like forgiving & then forgive yourself for things

  26. Julia Tim

    Julia Tim6 jam yang lalu

    Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday Step 3. Enjoy! Kanye West - Follow God turned to look at her. Her hand cracked across his face, a slap that rocked him back on his heels. He put his hands on his cheek, more in surprise than pain.’’What the hell was that for?’’’’The other ten percent. “Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness. “Why are they all staring?’’ demanded Albus as he and Rose craned around to look at the other students.’’Don’t let it worry you,’’ said Ron. ’’It’s

  27. dilinger st man

    dilinger st man7 jam yang lalu

    Wonderful to see him smile all naturally!!!

  28. ZigZag88

    ZigZag887 jam yang lalu

    Who else remembers mercy 😂

  29. Max Morera

    Max Morera7 jam yang lalu

    So Cool !!! Blessings from Costa Rica ! I like so much this song . . . . . 💪🏻Jesús is King !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. hxvics

    hxvics7 jam yang lalu

    my religion teacher played this on class today. bless his soul

  31. Joyop

    Joyop8 jam yang lalu

    When he said AAAAAH at the end... I reeeeeaaalllly felt that!

  32. Олег Постолатін

    Олег Постолатін8 jam yang lalu

    You are good. Doing what you do is really cool. God always helps us always

  33. kaikau kadafi

    kaikau kadafi8 jam yang lalu

    the new 2 pac .

  34. kory shuron

    kory shuron8 jam yang lalu

    😂😂😂😂 no disrespect

  35. Killer Light

    Killer Light9 jam yang lalu

    Kanye fr pulled up in da uber eats delivery robot tho😳😳🤣

  36. Morrissa Ice

    Morrissa Ice9 jam yang lalu

    Complete allegiance

  37. Dama Verde

    Dama Verde9 jam yang lalu

    ty kanye

  38. Big Dave

    Big Dave9 jam yang lalu

    A black man indeed.

  39. C:\ Infinity madness REBORN

    C:\ Infinity madness REBORN9 jam yang lalu


  40. fatprincess45

    fatprincess459 jam yang lalu