Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington got dirty fast…


  1. Hugo Stiglitz

    Hugo Stiglitz22 hari yang lalu

    Marty's still a victim mentality soyboy

  2. John Collazos

    John Collazos26 hari yang lalu

    Colby Covington is a mediocre loudmouth. He will not get back in the cage with Usman, trust me. He decides to box Usman toe to toe, and clearly he got outclassed by a superior boxer, and 2nd rate punching power. Just imaging this kid in a professional boxing match. There was nothing controversial about the stoppage. If you believe that, you obviously do not understand how the referees are in the cage to protect the fighters. One of the comments below made the point, If you wrestle your whole life, why box? I wouldn't be surprised to see CC leave the sport.

  3. Carey Francisco

    Carey Francisco27 hari yang lalu

    A lot of talk, BS

  4. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump28 hari yang lalu

    In the running of the fight of the rear

  5. Dream King

    Dream KingBulan Yang lalu

    How is Chanel still relevant? So biased and could never win a title. He tries too hard

  6. BengtFriend

    BengtFriendBulan Yang lalu

    Colby got some BBC in he's big mouth in the hospital I've heard? Or is it just fake news?

  7. aswoop xp

    aswoop xpBulan Yang lalu

    everyone just hates on covington because he is maga

  8. Stephanie Zimbalist

    Stephanie ZimbalistBulan Yang lalu

    Kamaru whooped Colby's ass and he did so while fighting emotionally. He was undisciplined for a large part of that fight. It was obvious that he was far to focused with knocking Colby out. This fight just solidified why GSP is the GOAT. GSP's fight IQ, GSP's discipline to execute a game plan and GSP's ability to IMPLEMENT changes in a fight to take advantage of the situation are some of the reasons why he's the best. Colby's penchant for dropping his head completely when coming in swinging WOULD have been stopped by GSP. He would have had a well timed uppercut , knee or flying knee ready for Colby. GSP is the only champ to clean out his division TWICE. Even when Hughes armbar'ed him and Serra KO'ed him he was beating the stuffing out of them up until that moment. Outside of the roided Hendricks fight GSP completely DOMINATED every round of every fight. Now that the UFC tests fighters as GSP wanted, old Beardy McLovehandles (Hendricks) hasn't been the same since.

  9. Time Patience

    Time PatienceBulan Yang lalu

    If you can’t respect both fighters by now as fighters than you are just a hater.

  10. madmax1717

    madmax1717Bulan Yang lalu

    Loser Colby ran away like a little bitch, didn't even congratulate his opponent.

  11. Jonathan C

    Jonathan CBulan Yang lalu

    Best welterweight title fight since the Georges St. Pierre era, perhaps the best welterweight fight of all time.

  12. BarryBiceps aka Freddy Flapjack

    BarryBiceps aka Freddy FlapjackBulan Yang lalu

    Tony ferguson is the type of guy to have to pee after drinking alot of water

  13. Alex Rodriguez

    Alex RodriguezBulan Yang lalu

    Take that broken jaw to the white house and get a maga brace

  14. El Guapo

    El GuapoBulan Yang lalu

    Colby didn’t break his jaw. Usman broke Colby’s jaw. 🤣 let’s talk about Usman’s toughness. All the racial crap that came out of Colby’s mouth which is now wired shut 😙

  15. That one guy

    That one guyBulan Yang lalu

    I entirely want the rematch... lets be real every other fight is gonna be a easy fight usman

  16. Shh My Pup Is Sleepin

    Shh My Pup Is SleepinBulan Yang lalu

    First time I've ever jumped out of my chair and lost my shit because of how good a fight was.

  17. Alonzo Castoire

    Alonzo CastoireBulan Yang lalu

    The racist ALWAYS loses. Colby is no different. Colby is a piece of shit.

  18. Ben Rizzo

    Ben RizzoBulan Yang lalu

    Great video!!!!!

  19. Rick C189

    Rick C189Bulan Yang lalu

    Chainlink isn't steel. Just saying. There is no "steel cage"

  20. munkeemojo

    munkeemojoBulan Yang lalu

    Because of Usman's prayer for the safety of his opponent, Mark Goddard heard Joe Rogan screaming that Colby's jaw was broken. That's what led to the stoppage. #answeredprayer. Lol

  21. Enrique Najera

    Enrique NajeraBulan Yang lalu

    Without that ending it was a draw all the way. Cannot believe how good this fight was

  22. locodagodbx81

    locodagodbx81Bulan Yang lalu

    Sonnen could get you to watch taters vs coleslaw

  23. J B

    J BBulan Yang lalu

    The only energy was Covington getting his jaw split in half. I understand it’s hard for the MAGA crowd to take the L, but Covington met his maker. It’s amazing how the loser is elevated as if he won the fight.

  24. Daniel Gustin

    Daniel GustinBulan Yang lalu

    J B The fight was so fun to watch. What’s your issue with it?

  25. KarimKiss

    KarimKissBulan Yang lalu


  26. harold thump

    harold thumpBulan Yang lalu

    The trash always lose when it counts.

  27. manfrombritain

    manfrombritainBulan Yang lalu

    whatever else you can say, covington had the heart of a champ

  28. Classy Lady

    Classy LadyBulan Yang lalu

    manfrombritain A true champion would have had the heart to honor his opponents win and take a loss like a man.

  29. Selena Lopez

    Selena LopezBulan Yang lalu

    Usman is 100% on steroids yet Colby still stunned him so many times.

  30. Classy Lady

    Classy LadyBulan Yang lalu

    Wow Legend That’s natural strength and dedication. Don’t try and take that away from him. Raw power.

  31. J ronnn

    J ronnnBulan Yang lalu

    Idk how Dana could watch that and want anything other than a rematch

  32. Yvonne Eiland

    Yvonne EilandBulan Yang lalu

    The fight was jaw dropping. That maga mouth I mean motor mouth getting a rest 😂😂

  33. michael Castle

    michael CastleBulan Yang lalu

    I only hope and pray that none of these two Bozos step in into the ring with Gamebread..... Because Jorge Masvidal will decapitate either one of them within 3 rounds! These two clowns can't fight their way out of a brown paper bag and this is a great example of why wrestlers "trying" to be Strikers does not work. LMAO

  34. Duma Shange

    Duma ShangeBulan Yang lalu

    Only covington fought dirty....

  35. Ponder Ripper

    Ponder RipperBulan Yang lalu

    That moment Colby fell the first time to the floor helplessly, I never heard no USA no more.

  36. Victor Murillo

    Victor MurilloBulan Yang lalu

    Colby lame .😂 trying being like trump. be yourself sore loser got he’s ass beat 😂

  37. Al COD

    Al CODBulan Yang lalu

    DA chael in the house

  38. Chin O

    Chin OBulan Yang lalu

    I don’t know what fight you saw or perhaps you need glasses... but one fighter is still in the hospital with stitches in his jaw, nose and both eyes and the other went out clubbing after the fight.... Covington got tortured at his own pace!!!

  39. ghotio1927

    ghotio1927Bulan Yang lalu

    1/ i can't say that colbys jaw was fully broken , fractured maybe but you can't speak with a fully broken jaw . 2/ colby throws weak fisted punches that look good but just don't connect with the same ferocity as usman 3/ usman throws heavy handed punches 4/look at their faces after ,there was only one winner really huge respect for the bravery of colby broken jaw ,fractured jaw , bruised jaw whatever he kept going Great fight .

  40. Righteous One

    Righteous OneBulan Yang lalu

    Usman planted his feet the first two shots was the killers.... Colby Covington feet wasn't planted that's why his blows wasn't effective now Colby Covington landed some good shots but in order to have an effective shot those feet has to be planted... they teach you that in boxing it's all about the feet.... Usman needs to working on his feet work and defense game...... If he doesn't then he will lose the next fight..... Because Colby was able to land some shot that could've taken Usman out... But since his Feet work was sloppy then he couldn't take the win..... Two Shot landed by Usman took the win only because his Feet where planted like cement.

  41. Sherry Kohl

    Sherry KohlBulan Yang lalu

    Colby is a legend🇺🇸

  42. Darin Valle

    Darin ValleBulan Yang lalu

    I appreciate your sound perspective. Thank you

  43. Amen Morfreeus

    Amen MorfreeusBulan Yang lalu

    Somebody should tell Colby there's a limit to bravery and that's at the point of stupidity.....bravery can turn into stupidity very quickly

  44. Carlos Nieves

    Carlos NievesBulan Yang lalu

    The only way I would want to see them fight each other again, is if they wrestle. We all know who hits harder, now we need to see who’s the better wrestler.

  45. lloyd lovell

    lloyd lovellBulan Yang lalu

    Did this prick say colby was going to win

  46. Robert Newell

    Robert NewellBulan Yang lalu

    I found this fight disappointing, and here’s why: You have 2 Top Tier Grapplers, exceptional athletes both, who chose to engage in a skill set that they are both average at; STRIKING! 2 Top Wrestlers who throw average strikes for 5 rounds. Exciting yes, technically impressive - hard no!! 5 Rounds & not once initiating their foundational skill set. I can’t remember the last time 2 Strikers entered the Octagon & grappled the entire fight

  47. heafy

    heafyBulan Yang lalu

    What about the shots to the back of the head?

  48. heafy

    heafyBulan Yang lalu

    The best title fight of the year.. I wanna see it again!!!!

  49. Nigel Liotta

    Nigel LiottaBulan Yang lalu

    😂When's the last time a guy poked his opponent in the eye, faked getting poked in the eye and accused his opponent of faking getting poked in the eye all in the same fight 😂

  50. Ron Nation

    Ron NationBulan Yang lalu

    Eye pokes were both legit looking at the replay but the nut shot they gave usman was def fake. Tough fucking dudes.

  51. Tyson young boss

    Tyson young bossBulan Yang lalu

    Lmfao😂. That shit is mad funny

  52. Nigel Liotta

    Nigel LiottaBulan Yang lalu

    Colby got hit in the jaw so hard he thought he got poked in the eye. He got hit in the jaw so hard even his fans think he got poked in the eye.

  53. Louis Browne

    Louis BrowneBulan Yang lalu

    If you only look at the moment it was stopped I can understand people thinking it was a bad stoppage, but if you look at Colbys detonation of his ability to defend himself over that last 30 seconds and how heavy he was getting tagged, it's a understandable stoppage. Usman wanted to hurt Colby and if that ref had not have stopped it, Usman would have rained down, fire and brimstone apon a weaken Colby.

  54. Saul Goodman

    Saul GoodmanBulan Yang lalu

    You're an idiot...how is Covington in the same category as Usman..when he literally got his jaw broken?

  55. Joseph Johnson

    Joseph JohnsonBulan Yang lalu

    Diaz vs Masvidal stopped because the Dr. didn't want to see too much damage, yet they let someone continue with a broken jaw.

  56. d d

    d dBulan Yang lalu

    Isnt hitting to the back of the head illegal? Usman clearly was doing that at the end. If that is illegal, yes then fight should not have been stopped

  57. The Sage Up North

    The Sage Up NorthBulan Yang lalu

    I have came to the conclusion....after a very well executed investigation....Colby won that fight. Why did the referee stop the fight? Russian collusion...

  58. Theo

    TheoBulan Yang lalu

    You lost to fedor

  59. JustDrive4Life

    JustDrive4LifeBulan Yang lalu

    Both guys get a W from this fight. Respect to both. Would love to see them fight again.

  60. Gambit _of_ NYC

    Gambit _of_ NYCBulan Yang lalu

    You speak the TruTH sir ♠️

  61. awis linear

    awis linearBulan Yang lalu

    The ballshot was either fake OR one that moved the cup in a way that made Usman perceive pain in his balls, so we don't know if he cheated or not. BUT, Colby did, without a doubt, yell "eyepoke!" when he got clipped flawlessly on the jaw. Colby also eyepoked Usman, but we cannot know the intention behind it. Therefore, Usman might be dirty, and Colby is definitely dirty.

  62. TheEbonicslover

    TheEbonicsloverBulan Yang lalu

    Just like you never got to the very top.. covington never will. You two are certainly tough assholes but it takes more talent and skill to be at the very top. There was no grappling because Usman would've finished this piece of shit much earlier.

  63. The God for bid

    The God for bidBulan Yang lalu

    That was a Fucking brawl. But Colby didn't kick him in the nuts 🥜. That's bs. But that eye poke was no joke. Usman is a beast. He can eat a Dick Tho.

  64. Beaux Dup

    Beaux DupBulan Yang lalu

    Marty Fake Nusman didn't get a low blow, he was being overwhelmed and needed a minute to find his testicles. The eye poke was legit! Covington needs to keep his jaw shut while fighting!

  65. Sepher

    SepherBulan Yang lalu

    Chael "to the highest of levels" Sonnen