K-pop Stars React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (NCT 127 엔시티)


  1. FBE

    FBE10 hari yang lalu

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  2. OrdMonic

    OrdMonic3 jam yang lalu


  3. schockmoment

    schockmoment3 hari yang lalu

    @Ren they played fire truck. But yeah it was regular

  4. Ren

    Ren3 hari yang lalu

    @schockmoment It's not "Fire truck" They didn't even play "Fire truck" It's "Regular" (English Version)

  5. Wii Fit Trainer

    Wii Fit Trainer25 menit yang lalu

    Get day6

  6. Anissa Mikaela

    Anissa Mikaela42 menit yang lalu

    So coolll❤

  7. 0218 Films

    0218 FilmsJam Yang lalu

    istg taeyong is the epitome of crackhead culture

  8. C2

    C2Jam Yang lalu

    Pre-debut Mark and Haechan had a reaction video to Red Velvet's debut MV. And now, years later, Mark and Haechan are reacting to RV's most popular MV. Everything has come full circle.

  9. Chennie Sto tomas

    Chennie Sto tomasJam Yang lalu


  10. Teresa Mateus

    Teresa MateusJam Yang lalu

    Production team: ok don't sing, don't dance Mark: Mark: UH , UH-UUUH

  11. Piseth P2P-EXO

    Piseth P2P-EXOJam Yang lalu

    To be honest I finally knew that I’ve always been confused that Doyong and Jaehyun is the same person when they’re not look alike.

  12. 살라

    살라Jam Yang lalu

    wait mark raised a tiger? :D

  13. lee lee oh

    lee lee ohJam Yang lalu


  14. 克.

    克.Jam Yang lalu

    *our* *senior* *super* *GOOD* i love ya taeyong and ur precious English


    MOCHISUNG PARKJam Yang lalu

    Just , gone wrong 😹💕

  16. JungSH00K

    JungSH00K2 jam yang lalu

    Why is Johnny like this 😂?

  17. Señoritaortografia

    Señoritaortografia3 jam yang lalu

    Johnny me representa cuando escucho canciones de exo :v

  18. miss annick

    miss annick3 jam yang lalu

    i can't belive yuta gave up for ari HAHAHAHAHA

  19. Krishna Baniel

    Krishna Baniel3 jam yang lalu

    What is army

  20. نهى أرام

    نهى أرام2 jam yang lalu

    name of bts fans

  21. Kyleigh Moore

    Kyleigh Moore4 jam yang lalu

    1:43 Mark: “Theses guys look handsome.” Me: I totally agree Mark My brain: (Omg how are they so fine)

  22. M에리 EXU-L

    M에리 EXU-L4 jam yang lalu

    Mark is just me doing the challenge! But wait I just wanna spend a whole Limitless Time listening to MARK'S SPEECHES 😍😍😍😱❤️

  23. Bella Odyssey

    Bella Odyssey4 jam yang lalu

    Guys it's me, I'm tiger

  24. Kijung don't love Seyong

    Kijung don't love Seyong4 jam yang lalu

    The amount of "OhOhho" and "MmMmmmMh" tho

  25. Neoseeker Gaming

    Neoseeker Gaming4 jam yang lalu

    7:24 F*CK! SICK! SEVEN! HIT IT! 🤣🤣

  26. OrdMonic

    OrdMonic3 jam yang lalu


  27. Lin /

    Lin /5 jam yang lalu

    *doyoung:* _it's_ _harder_ _than_ _i_ _imagined._ *taeyong* *immediately* *after:* _it's_ _easier_ _than_ _i_ _imagined._

  28. Ian Gutierrez

    Ian GutierrezJam Yang lalu

    then the 7 rings passed by

  29. Blake Diez

    Blake Diez5 jam yang lalu

    Were is bts want to see them

  30. mcorex bby

    mcorex bbyJam Yang lalu

    That's so rude of you.

  31. OrdMonic

    OrdMonic3 jam yang lalu

    just watch their videos geez

  32. Thamir

    Thamir4 jam yang lalu

    Omg me too

  33. Mela

    Mela6 jam yang lalu

    Can somebody please tell me the name of the guy with the pink hair? I'm trying to get into NCT 127 more. (I'm and Army myself is someones wondering)

  34. Kijung don't love Seyong

    Kijung don't love Seyong3 jam yang lalu

    @Aurellia Ari sorry I had to

  35. Aurellia Ari

    Aurellia Ari3 jam yang lalu

    @Kijung don't love Seyong 😂😂😂

  36. Kijung don't love Seyong

    Kijung don't love Seyong4 jam yang lalu

    he's a bread

  37. nana nonoy

    nana nonoy5 jam yang lalu

    @Mela ur welcomee~

  38. Mela

    Mela6 jam yang lalu

    @nana nonoy thank you!

  39. Nct Unit

    Nct Unit6 jam yang lalu

    7:33 just watch Johnny

  40. A Kookie from Korea

    A Kookie from Korea7 jam yang lalu

    Taeyong is my spirt animal

  41. 핕리그마

    핕리그마7 jam yang lalu

    What happend with johnny🤣🤣🤣

  42. baekhyun •

    baekhyun •7 jam yang lalu

    1:15 Johnny is literally every EXO-L

  43. i-stay y

    i-stay y7 jam yang lalu

    Can you please get seventeen to do this ?? It’d be super chaotic and hilarious lmaooo

  44. Leah Bunea

    Leah Bunea7 jam yang lalu

    agree 100%

  45. baekhyun •

    baekhyun •7 jam yang lalu

    i-stay y yeahh. And get EXO to do this too:')

  46. Cynthia Hoang-Duong

    Cynthia Hoang-Duong8 jam yang lalu

    i’ve replayed 7:44 like a million times 😍

  47. seseleeuh

    seseleeuh8 jam yang lalu

    i cant with 7:45 im crying i love ty track

  48. haudace

    haudace8 jam yang lalu

    Hahaha I thought they were BT's

  49. Nct the best group of Kpop

    Nct the best group of Kpop4 jam yang lalu

    You aren’t an army

  50. Lin /

    Lin /5 jam yang lalu

    it's nct their music is dope

  51. klo

    klo7 jam yang lalu

    haudace stan nct 😌✨

  52. YeOnJuN got MY life

    YeOnJuN got MY life8 jam yang lalu

    Jhonny: If you're not dancing to bruno mars than what are you doing? Taeyong: Trying to be satatue 😂

  53. sruti chakma

    sruti chakma8 jam yang lalu

    This Johnny guy ? Is me

  54. Eulachacha Carat

    Eulachacha Carat8 jam yang lalu

    Our..senior..super..good, yeah Taeyong, u too😘

  55. Pearl Sherienette Tanyag

    Pearl Sherienette Tanyag8 jam yang lalu


  56. Big Inseo21

    Big Inseo218 jam yang lalu

    I totally see who pass dream team . that's the young blood who r Hyping on every song. Very loud n energetic.

  57. Wannaone Isgreat

    Wannaone Isgreat9 jam yang lalu

    Every time a nct song came on it was at mark’s part

  58. Chris Alexander Noiz

    Chris Alexander Noiz9 jam yang lalu

    Taeyong with any artist: yeah, cool Taeyong with Ariana Grande: i waNT IT, I GOT IT, I WANT IT, I GOT IT--

  59. Chris Alexander Noiz

    Chris Alexander Noiz9 jam yang lalu

    Put your Pinky rings to the-- Johnny: mOON! -dances- 3:30

  60. Faizah Salwa

    Faizah Salwa10 jam yang lalu


  61. 유진셔누

    유진셔누10 jam yang lalu

    *piece of cakes* so cute~

  62. y u sad

    y u sad10 jam yang lalu

    4:04 i like how they both looked to mark and broke out singing as soon as he did

  63. excited hyung

    excited hyung11 jam yang lalu


  64. baekslamdunk exo

    baekslamdunk exo11 jam yang lalu

    at 7:25 when mark said “5,6,7,8” i thought he cussed

  65. Asa Kartika

    Asa Kartika11 jam yang lalu

    That kun-cak kun-cak kun-cak😂 jungwoo being uwu😂

  66. Maria Ruelas

    Maria Ruelas11 jam yang lalu

    One of those boys looked like Pikachu and I'm wondering is bts there just wondering

  67. Toluwalase Arowosegbe

    Toluwalase Arowosegbe12 jam yang lalu

    Jungwoo I'm in tears

  68. kate b has no sleeP

    kate b has no sleeP12 jam yang lalu

    fbe: try not to dance johnny: *wow dance party*

  69. dodam enthusiast

    dodam enthusiast13 jam yang lalu

    johnny had me cackling that whole time-

  70. Drizzle Sparks

    Drizzle Sparks13 jam yang lalu

    Can we talk about how Taeyong didn't lose it in Bruno Mars but jammed along to 7 Rings?😂

  71. Lipstick Chateau Wine Color

    Lipstick Chateau Wine Color13 jam yang lalu

    1:21 Yes Taeyong but unfortunately your label does not recognize that LOL

  72. jjjb01

    jjjb0112 jam yang lalu


  73. Lipstick Chateau Wine Color

    Lipstick Chateau Wine Color13 jam yang lalu

    @Mark lee Bts Thank you so much!❤❤.

  74. Mark lee Bts

    Mark lee Bts13 jam yang lalu

    Btw love your username

  75. moca

    moca14 jam yang lalu

    Who is the adorable boy at 6:25 saying he can win I want to love and protect him

  76. krasimira stoyanova

    krasimira stoyanova13 jam yang lalu

    the savage fullsun Haechan/Donghyuck

  77. RomanReigns Lover

    RomanReigns Lover14 jam yang lalu

    I know I always replay it his name is haechan

  78. Lindsay Wong

    Lindsay Wong14 jam yang lalu

    haechan! our full sun

  79. Jack Jess

    Jack Jess14 jam yang lalu


  80. Hillary Loves Kpop MSP

    Hillary Loves Kpop MSP15 jam yang lalu

    Ohhh I don't stan NCT and these six all know English

  81. Near By

    Near By9 jam yang lalu

    Chk out Regular MV Eng version 💚

  82. miranda gonzLez

    miranda gonzLez15 jam yang lalu

    Esto es tan hermoso

  83. Allie Thebeau

    Allie Thebeau15 jam yang lalu

    7:44 reminds me of Peanut from Jeff Dunham lol

  84. Lalisa Manoban

    Lalisa Manoban16 jam yang lalu

    I just made a million man I’m still unsatisfied

  85. miki darling

    miki darling17 jam yang lalu

    LMAO regular is such a mood 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  86. QianaLikesKpop :D

    QianaLikesKpop :D16 jam yang lalu

    miki darling need no light to SHINE. iced out both my wrists now i can barely see the TIME.

  87. Jhelzsie Santiago

    Jhelzsie Santiago17 jam yang lalu

    thotie Taeyong came out at 7 rings

  88. Two Eyes

    Two Eyes18 jam yang lalu

    Johnny is the biggest mood eye-

  89. Im JaeBum

    Im JaeBum18 jam yang lalu

    Not a single human: Mark: I tamed that tiger.

  90. BlipBop 127

    BlipBop 12718 jam yang lalu


  91. BlipBop 127

    BlipBop 12718 jam yang lalu


  92. KrAzY Person

    KrAzY Person18 jam yang lalu

    johnny: immediately gives up

  93. Bts Vids and tutorials

    Bts Vids and tutorials19 jam yang lalu

    1:19 I literally watch this video everyday just because of jungwoos cute ass giggle

  94. moon

    moon19 jam yang lalu

    taeyong: it's easier than I imagined - sounds 7 rings - taeyong: he starts dancing

  95. Akeno Koneko

    Akeno Koneko19 jam yang lalu

    I'm not even into pop music but they're so damn adorable

  96. lonely hours !!

    lonely hours !!19 jam yang lalu

    wait till you see the other 11 of them... nct are so adorable.

  97. Rasaifah Usman

    Rasaifah Usman19 jam yang lalu

    Mark upon seeing himself on the screen: this guy looks so handsome~ I know mark, we know, trust me 😶🤣

  98. TemporaryFind

    TemporaryFind20 jam yang lalu

    I feel like with how obsessed my friends are with K-pop I should know them but I don't, not the individuals anyways

  99. Ice cream Dc

    Ice cream Dc20 jam yang lalu

    when Taeyongs an arianna grande Stan

  100. -ˏˋ A v e r y ˊˎ-

    -ˏˋ A v e r y ˊˎ-20 jam yang lalu

    taeyong at 7:43 this is my repeat button

  101. Moroccan EXOL

    Moroccan EXOL20 jam yang lalu

    I'm Johnny in all this hahahha

  102. Sunshine Haechan

    Sunshine Haechan21 jam yang lalu

    “If you don’t dance to Bruno Mars what are you doing?” Johnny is EVERYONE

  103. TAE BAE

    TAE BAE21 jam yang lalu

    Did someone say bts?

  104. OrdMonic

    OrdMonic3 jam yang lalu


  105. James Luces

    James Luces7 jam yang lalu


  106. Funtime Will Ryan

    Funtime Will Ryan11 jam yang lalu


  107. Lula Shepard

    Lula Shepard11 jam yang lalu

    Not here. Not at the moment. 😆

  108. Toluwalase Arowosegbe

    Toluwalase Arowosegbe12 jam yang lalu

    Pls don't

  109. Aqila

    Aqila21 jam yang lalu

    “I know him”

  110. wheres the food

    wheres the food21 jam yang lalu

    7:42 he is so cute❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  111. Nct Red velvet

    Nct Red velvet21 jam yang lalu

    That’s taeyong

  112. IGOT7 ARMY

    IGOT7 ARMY22 jam yang lalu

    Haechan: "Songs like this, when you listen to the music, you kind of just dance on the inside, not outwardly." And then they immediately cut to Johnny, i can't😂😂😂😂

  113. kpop stuff planet

    kpop stuff planet22 jam yang lalu

    Mark, johhny, yuta and jungwoo are soooo bad at this. Its so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😂😂

  114. ateez_x _atiny

    ateez_x _atiny22 jam yang lalu

    At 6:22 when Haechan says “I can’t breath” am I the only one that thought of San from Ateez

  115. ateez_x _atiny

    ateez_x _atiny21 jam yang lalu

    wendawl s. Ohhhhhh crap your right my bad

  116. wendawl s.

    wendawl s.21 jam yang lalu

    He said "i can win" lol

  117. Thi Du

    Thi Du22 jam yang lalu

    Mark is so cutee

  118. lagrimas tontas

    lagrimas tontas22 jam yang lalu


  119. Male MOL

    Male MOL22 jam yang lalu

    I'm Johnny

  120. Ncts bitch

    Ncts bitch22 jam yang lalu

    no one: doyoung: yeah yeah yeah yeah

  121. APurple

    APurple22 jam yang lalu

    Mark is trying so hard not to move To Bruno Mars song but still dancing Johnny - if you dance to Bruno Mars what are you doing?

  122. rue sulei

    rue sulei22 jam yang lalu

    i love the difference between yutas and taeyongs group mfdlsjmgb

  123. rue sulei

    rue sulei22 jam yang lalu


  124. APurple

    APurple22 jam yang lalu

    Mark - i know the dance the whole thing Johnny Breaks down dancing to every song that's playing Omg Johnny you are silly & funny at the same thime

  125. Yasmin Noori

    Yasmin Noori22 jam yang lalu

    Mark : these guys look handsome Haechan : I know him😂😂😂

  126. Khairiyah Faizal

    Khairiyah Faizal23 jam yang lalu

    _ohh i know the dance, I'm holding it in right now_ *Epic fail mork* _these guys look handsome_ ;__________;

  127. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol23 jam yang lalu

    I'd love to see Blackpink on FBE honestly!

  128. Kim Perez

    Kim Perez15 jam yang lalu

    And BTS too!!💜

  129. Alvaro Machado

    Alvaro Machado23 jam yang lalu

    Solo algo es cierto, todos perdimos con Bruno Mars!! u.u

  130. Ainsleigh MacLeod

    Ainsleigh MacLeodHari Yang lalu

    It was everything when they started to dance to Regular I had that on repeat for about five minutes

  131. fairy godmother

    fairy godmotherHari Yang lalu

    *piss of cakes*

  132. AnD sPrItE

    AnD sPrItEHari Yang lalu

    6:21 Haechan:"I can win" Taeil:"I'm okay" Haechan:"I can wiiiiiinn"

  133. Jiuniun

    JiuniunHari Yang lalu

    4:04 me and my friends jamming to 24KM

  134. No- Name

    No- NameHari Yang lalu

    I absolutely LOST at regular

  135. Kijung don't love Seyong

    Kijung don't love SeyongHari Yang lalu

    Johnny : I'm Really Bad At It Me : Hold My lightstick

  136. Kijung don't love Seyong

    Kijung don't love SeyongHari Yang lalu

    @Sabrina Wu forreal lmao

  137. Sabrina Wu

    Sabrina WuHari Yang lalu

    He didn't lie haha

  138. Not Your second choice

    Not Your second choiceHari Yang lalu

    Im in love with everything abt jungwoo

  139. Flatin Bobie

    Flatin BobieHari Yang lalu

    Mark: I'm GoNnA ShoW yOu WhAt a lIviNG StATuE lOOks lIkE Dear Mark, Everything you had said was pretty much the opposite of everything you have done. Love, Lya.

  140. Ailine Oeilivia1234

    Ailine Oeilivia1234Hari Yang lalu


  141. The Queen

    The QueenHari Yang lalu

    Sehun be like: we know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  142. Bruna de Souza

    Bruna de SouzaHari Yang lalu

    04:04 😂😂😂😂 i love