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  3. Hi Hello

    Hi Hello5 bulan yang lalu

    how old are you when you audition?

  4. Madeline Cao

    Madeline Cao9 bulan yang lalu

    Off topic but can you do a video about tips to learn a dance? I’m starting to learn dances and tips will help a LOT!! So if you have time can you make a video ❤️❤️

  5. teacupps!

    teacupps!9 bulan yang lalu

    I love how you guys have a mic in your car

  6. teacupps!

    teacupps!9 bulan yang lalu

    @Cindy Gu TV *lEtS bE eXtRa qUeEnS* I'll stop

  7. Cindy Gu TV

    Cindy Gu TV9 bulan yang lalu

    haha shes so extra

  8. Ashe

    Ashe10 bulan yang lalu

    May I ask you how old are you and how old were the others ? I'm 18 and I want to audition but I'm not sure is it too old to become a kpop idol (if I succeed the audition XD) Btw: you look beautiful 😍🤩

  9. Cindy Gu TV

    Cindy Gu TV9 bulan yang lalu

    I am 22 years old. I think the youngest in my group was 12 years old. sometimes auditions have age limits but its for sure older than 18 years old. It's just that the older you are the better you're supposed to be and THANK YOU~~~

  10. Lucy Park

    Lucy Park10 bulan yang lalu

    Hiii im the girl who was right before you for audition LOLLL when I saw you dance to black dress i thought you were amazing :) Thank you for the compliments (T.T)b I was so nervous :(( by the way the results are out today! hope you did well :)

  11. Cindy Gu TV

    Cindy Gu TV9 bulan yang lalu

    omg sorry for the late reply, but you did amazing! its so interesting to find ppl in our audition group watch this vlog

  12. taina souza

    taina souza11 bulan yang lalu

    Hi :3 am Brazilian and there was no audition here (personally) 💔💔 sadddd 💔

  13. taina souza

    taina souza9 bulan yang lalu

    +Cindy Gu TV Yes, I'm going to hold an online audition in January and hopefully I'll have an audition São Paulo 💕

  14. Cindy Gu TV

    Cindy Gu TV9 bulan yang lalu

    :(( there is always online auditions for certain companies

  15. Sydney Vang

    Sydney Vang11 bulan yang lalu

    Did you put your walk in number on your application??

  16. Cindy Gu TV

    Cindy Gu TV9 bulan yang lalu

    They wrote it for me, but if not u would write it corresponding to the number they give you

  17. Fusako Maekawa

    Fusako Maekawa11 bulan yang lalu

    OMG!!! I remember you and your friend and the rap boy! I was the young girl 😂 I saw your video and was like, “I think I saw her in my audition?!” You were amazing~😆 Did you make it?

  18. Cindy Gu TV

    Cindy Gu TV11 bulan yang lalu

    Fusako Maekawa OHHH I remember u!!! Haha thanks and no I didn’t! Not surprised tho

  19. 뷔율

    뷔율11 bulan yang lalu

    hello ! i'm not sure if you'll see this or respond but i wanted to ask you for something? (sorry it's gonna be long) i'm 13 ++ korean and i wanted to audition for this company (it's fantagio if you've ever heard of it uwu). but i know i definitely lack in skills for singing and dancing, but the thing is i've just never ever felt interested in anything but in the music fields especially being an idol. of course if i can't then i'll choose some other route, but it's the only thing i feel a passion for. i want to at least try because knowing me i'll probably regret it for the rest of my life. so i'm trying but i'm not sure to do dance or singing but i'm working on dance and singing as a back up. i haven't told anyone about my interests or that it's in two weeks, but i just can't get the courage to since i just feel really insecure about myself and scared of the snickers. unless i actually become presentable, i don't think i'll be able to show anyone because of that, but i feel like this is my last and only chance. haha i'm sorry this got long !! but i just wanted to ask if i should or not? i mean it's pretty risky for wasting my time during exam week and i probably won't get in. thank you for reading ily :((

  20. Cindy Gu TV

    Cindy Gu TV11 bulan yang lalu

    @뷔율 1) YOU ARE DEFINITELY NOT TOO OLD!!!! 2) its okay if you dont want to audition this year but if you know you eventually want to start preparing now 3) do what YOU want to do. of course it is very very nice to have your family support you but if you know with some idols their parents did not approve. at the end its your life. RN its hard for you to actually understand that bc u still need to rely on ur parents for everything but just think LOOONNNG term 4) honestly.... like majority of idols got something done... even sometimes to their bodies. Like i heard how this company wanted to do some shots that would my this trainee's thigh muscle smaller so her legs could look skinner 5) I am also those ppl who say GO FOR IT. if you ever think that pursuing your dream and working hard towards it is a "waste of time" then this is not for you. that means ur def going into it with the wrong mindset. it's a marathon not a sprint 6) ur young. i know alot of ppl my age that still do not know what they want to do or JUST figured it out! u dont have to stick to one think. ppl change industries and interests and etc so dont worry

  21. 뷔율

    뷔율11 bulan yang lalu

    Cindy Gu TV okay,, haha i know it’s been like a week and i feel really stressed by it because i’m sick :( so i’ve been thinking to just wait for it next year ? instead of stressing this year and trying to rush everything. but the thing is i feel really discouraged. there’s lots of things about my appearance (not face or body type) but it’s like really bad skin and scars. i might be a bit too old ? (i’m gonna turn 14 in a week) but honestly i’m not too skeptical about it. my dancing or singing isn’t the best but i’m sure i can improve, there’s also always auditions going on in my area so i do have the chance but i never got the courage to tell my parents about it because i’m scared of the snorts. my sister hates idols and thinks it’s really dumb to be part of it. and my mom also enjoys kpop but she also dislikes it ? because kids are getting into it at such a young age, so much time in it, but barely any are successful. plus even if they are the fame only goes on for so long, you can’t be an idol in your 30’s. so later on you won’t know what to do since you never learned the basics. i felt really discouraged by that haha. people usually just say gO foR iT but i honestly don’t want to waste my time. but at the same time i really can’t think of anything i want to do and feel passionate about. im not sure if i should go for it or not ? im sorry this is long and annoying but i really hope you can give me your opinion on it, it’s fine if you think i shouldn’t because i honestly feel like i shouldn’t ? :( thank you once again and ilysm

  22. Cindy Gu TV

    Cindy Gu TV11 bulan yang lalu

    뷔율 anytime~ go for it ❤️

  23. 뷔율

    뷔율11 bulan yang lalu

    Cindy Gu TV hHh thank you so much for replying :(( ily 😔💘

  24. Cindy Gu TV

    Cindy Gu TV11 bulan yang lalu

    You definitely should! especially since ur young you automatically have a better chance! You can go this year for the experience but then practice throughout the year or practice for other auditions in the future! This shouldn't be your last chance cause you're so young! Maybe take this chance to start dance or singing lessons! Don't worry about school... you'll learn about it in the future but life/jobs in the future isn't always about the grades

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  26. Cindy Gu TV

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    hello! :D

  27. It's Rachael Here

    It's Rachael Here11 bulan yang lalu

    Just wondering, how long did most of the others sing/dance for? Also did you see anyone getting asked to stay behind?

  28. Cindy Gu TV

    Cindy Gu TV11 bulan yang lalu

    It's Rachael Here hmmm I would say most dancers got give or take 40 secs ish but no one in my group finished their minute for dance For singing besides that one girl that finished her song( finish as in from beginning till end of chorus) maybe one verse or a verse with one-two lines into the chorus No one was asked to stay behind

  29. Briguy1027

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    I understand about the rap guy losing it. Sometimes waiting just builds up the pressure and makes it worse. Interesting vlog as usual.

  30. Cindy Gu TV

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    Briguy1027 yea it’s worse when other ppl are singing and dancing to other songs

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    StrikeOut !!!!! Hello!

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    Junguwu haha I hope so but I don’t think I will!

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    Wowowowow that was a very good thumbnail HAHAHAHAHAHA EDITING SKILLS LEVEL UP!!

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    klllintt slzr THANK YOU! Even the simplest photoshop things take me forever 😭😭😭

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    I hope you pass! 💞💖💖💖💗

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    Memes. Org thanks I don’t think it’ll happen but 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    taegularity YAYYY I saw~