JYP 2.0


  1. Kenn Ermino

    Kenn Ermino4 hari yang lalu

    Wooooww.. JYP is a leader. I didn't know he was this good, intelligent and yet so very humble.

  2. Shotgun Games

    Shotgun Games5 hari yang lalu

    Jyp 2.0? Cmon papa JYP you couldvof named it 2YP or sonething

  3. manzaza

    manzaza11 hari yang lalu

    I stan JYP's communication skills. Legendary.

  4. Claudia Ines

    Claudia Ines14 hari yang lalu

    I really wanted jyp family to come to all the countrys 😭🙏🏻

  5. Rocío Celeste Quiroga

    Rocío Celeste Quiroga15 hari yang lalu

    Here's where I thought that JYP's "You're the One" matched with Twice's "Signal" 😂 idreporter.net/v/video-LqQQyaMWEU0.html please, listen to it :)

  6. Hi squad

    Hi squad19 hari yang lalu

    J Y Park seu fedorendo cheroso

  7. Ella Zee

    Ella Zee21 hari yang lalu

    I have a lot of respect for JYP💓💓So artistic with acute business acumen!! You know he treats his artistes really well when you can tell they are not repressed & sometimes disses him playfully 👍🏻 You know he invests in not just building their skills but character as well when his artistes display such good values & professionalism.. His passion for bringing Kpop global is infectious... Got7 is my favourite group but I love all JYP kids cos I know they are in good hands!!

  8. Sniped Up!

    Sniped Up!23 hari yang lalu

    If I would become an idol, I would rather pick this agency because they handle artists really well not like other agencies.

  9. chassity obleanis

    chassity obleanis24 hari yang lalu

    I already audition I am waiting for my response please pray

  10. Lona stay

    Lona stay27 hari yang lalu

    JYP i hope you keep growing bigger and bigger 🙌 i trust your vision and everything you do is so inspiring 😄 i respect intellectuals like you a lot 😄 you are my motivation and my role model because i grow up without a father 😊

  11. Baked Boyz

    Baked Boyz28 hari yang lalu

    One day jyp company will be a jyp group.

  12. Brianna

    BriannaBulan Yang lalu

    The fact that I didn't realize that JYP was the guy in the wonder girls Nobody music video astounds me.

  13. Hangna llama

    Hangna llamaBulan Yang lalu

    I thought JYP 2.0 was about a robot because JYP is a legand but it's this speech . AND I OOP-

  14. brigitta kireina

    brigitta kireinaBulan Yang lalu

    So itzy is in which division?

  15. [迷路] Nica

    [迷路] NicaBulan Yang lalu

    THIS is why im a JYP stan ❤

  16. Rudyson Estanislao

    Rudyson EstanislaoBulan Yang lalu

    14:36 YES JYP!

  17. SamCaligari

    SamCaligariBulan Yang lalu

    This dude is a genius and there is for sure a ton of things we can learn from him.

  18. Iris Garcia

    Iris GarciaBulan Yang lalu

    Love his professionalism. I haven't seen many other head of companies go in depth about their company and it's future for themselves and their artists. He takes care of everything and everyone very well.

  19. yewduyou hxh

    yewduyou hxhBulan Yang lalu

    The 4 groups idea is exactly like NCT but not collected in Korea. Like the inside out version. SM is honestly the leader in Ent in SK

  20. yewduyou hxh

    yewduyou hxhBulan Yang lalu

    JYP is not really leader in Ent tho They just copy the biggest girl group like SNSD and Blackpink exactly. The next girl group might take "after" there is new biggest girl group. I'm curious what the theme might be knowing they are very dance oriented as the main vocal is always shunned down. Will they make a girl group of Billie Eilish aesthetic? The company within company is gold tho it is the right path.

  21. eluura

    eluuraBulan Yang lalu

    GOT7 ❤️ Twice ❤️ DAY6 ❤️ Stray Kids ❤️

  22. map_of_the _soul

    map_of_the _soulBulan Yang lalu

    We need you JYP, don't leave. 💙

  23. Ayukie

    AyukieBulan Yang lalu

    I guess they realized it was hard to keep up in Korea and Japan. I guess the girls had a hard time. But still kudos to twice!! Breaking records in Japan and Korea!!! More love and rest to the girls!

  24. Ayukie

    AyukieBulan Yang lalu

    Me referring to the all girl japanese group. Haha

  25. Mariana Barreiro

    Mariana BarreiroBulan Yang lalu

    when he said boy story...im dead

  26. eryn holland

    eryn hollandBulan Yang lalu

    this is why i love JYP. now i know why everyone says that JYP is the most humane entertaiment❤️ we always love you

  27. No Face Jeong

    No Face JeongBulan Yang lalu

    Please do take care more of your artists' health and not overwork them.

  28. Yellowl

    YellowlBulan Yang lalu

    Best part starts here 22:50 i look up to you now jyp 👍👍

  29. EJK

    EJK2 bulan yang lalu

    I started watching this video out of curiosity but I finished it completely without skipping a second. JYP is genuinely the best chairman and he runs the best company. Anyone would love to work for a man with suck a great heart and knowledge on business like him.

  30. 蠟筆小新JYP STAN

    蠟筆小新JYP STAN2 bulan yang lalu

    JYP... u should make this a year later... now Got7 make a much greater success after Lullaby, there are more and more Igot7s so as Stray Kids getting more and more popular in foreign countries, also ITZY as a new gg, debut as a monster rookie which is going to take over the best female rookie award of 2019. At last I don't even think to talk about TWICE, the Nation Girl Group now, they are making legends !

  31. 이지원

    이지원2 bulan yang lalu

    Man JYP doesn’t feel like a nation anymore its more of family than YG has ever been lately.

  32. 이지원

    이지원2 bulan yang lalu

    honesty, sincerity, and humility = JYP and his artists best assets.

  33. What is Twice?

    What is Twice?2 bulan yang lalu


  34. 달보드레

    달보드레2 bulan yang lalu

    이 구원파 매국노야

  35. YA Maria

    YA Maria2 bulan yang lalu

    yhh interested in foreign talent my ass. Everyone is asian D: why can't entretainment companies in western countries be similar to kpop entretainment companies.

  36. 아름다운호수

    아름다운호수2 bulan yang lalu

    Nigi projects Japanese girl group

  37. Lona stay

    Lona stay2 bulan yang lalu

    the Big 2 JYP and Bighit 🙌 coz SM and YG are kinda distroying themselves 😪

  38. Lona stay

    Lona stay2 bulan yang lalu

    the Big 2 JYP and Bighit 🙌 coz SM and YG are kinda distroying themselves 😪

  39. Lona stay

    Lona stay2 bulan yang lalu

    by the way jyp your cup caffè is amazing 😄 your building is so big .. i hope the best for you and your idols ...and please stay away from your friend yg because he is a bad person 😟 and stop ignoring Got7 😦

  40. YoongiStan

    YoongiStan2 bulan yang lalu

    in the future there is not big 3 but big 2, jyp and bighit

  41. N. Sengthong

    N. Sengthong2 bulan yang lalu

    I’m beyond impressed with JYP! Very inspirational!

  42. Shysphere40 40

    Shysphere40 402 bulan yang lalu

    Wow I just realized that JYP is smart AF 🤯

  43. The Tea Sis

    The Tea SisBulan Yang lalu

    He's the brain to the industry💀

  44. DII DEAR]]

    DII DEAR]]2 bulan yang lalu

    I'm really shocked that English Subtitle becomes all korean

  45. dibs12

    dibs122 bulan yang lalu

    I think I want to invest my money to JYP 2.0... he is looking for stability, that is the important thing that I look before I invest to a certain company

  46. Marlon Villapando

    Marlon Villapando2 bulan yang lalu

    His english grammar is crystal clear. 👌

  47. 2.0팬더

    2.0팬더2 bulan yang lalu

    He sounds like someone from kung fo panda

  48. Kongaii

    Kongaii2 bulan yang lalu

    JYP center looks like something straight out of an Kdrama

  49. banana

    banana2 bulan yang lalu

    This is why jyp is my favorite ent company of all. Rather than working their artists as$ off all the time, it focuses more on the artists health and allows for growth within the artists. JYP Fighting!! ❤

  50. Nita Jierapipatanakul

    Nita Jierapipatanakul2 bulan yang lalu

    Wow um side note: The English subtitles are apparently Korean. Great job 👍🏻

  51. Dash Cam Music Videos by Keima Kami Sama

    Dash Cam Music Videos by Keima Kami Sama2 bulan yang lalu

    Who still buys albums though... spotify gets you every artist you want 🤷‍♂️

  52. Dash Cam Music Videos by Keima Kami Sama

    Dash Cam Music Videos by Keima Kami Sama2 bulan yang lalu

    This is in response that digital streaming is not important

  53. Jiru Hattori

    Jiru Hattori2 bulan yang lalu

    I love how he isn't afraid to explain how he handles his company. JYP knows that other companies can try and copy him but they can't produce the same result as well as he does.

  54. 1988nat

    1988nat2 bulan yang lalu

    He is so fluent in english and i just knew it 😂

  55. hlkhuo 69653

    hlkhuo 696532 bulan yang lalu

    Facts. When JYP was in his first marriage late 90s, he visited LA ktown clubs - Vels. Always booked the largest room and had only the prettiest girls booked to his room and openly danced with girls explicitly on the dance floor. Days of no social media allowed this creep to behave like a dog thinking since its in LA he's in the clear. He probably will never be exposed because of his power and Korean culture.

  56. Lona stay

    Lona stay2 bulan yang lalu

    oh really !! wow

  57. NoJam

    NoJam2 bulan yang lalu

    I’m shoook I didn’t know jyp was fluent

  58. The Tea Sis

    The Tea SisBulan Yang lalu

    Are you a new kpop fan?

  59. Matthew Tenorio_3200654

    Matthew Tenorio_32006543 bulan yang lalu

    Though I am an SM stan, I really admire JYP for handling his company well. Yes, his company has a past scandals before, but that doesn’t compare to what YG was been through right now. SM has scandals, but it is more of about contracts and lawsuits. YG entertainment’s scandals are worst. I feel sad about it.

  60. mochii chimmy

    mochii chimmy3 bulan yang lalu

    this will forever be the most captivating and interesting presentation I've watched

  61. Obsessed Zapphox

    Obsessed Zapphox3 bulan yang lalu

    JYP is a respectable alpha male.

  62. Rachael

    Rachael3 bulan yang lalu

    22:08 that was very insightful and thanks to the Investor who asked a very detailed question :)

  63. korean lover

    korean lover3 bulan yang lalu

    me click fast to get eng sub than the sub is in korean WHAT i want end sub wait no need for that duh he speaks eng better than me

  64. Van dances to Kpop

    Van dances to Kpop3 bulan yang lalu

    how bout making a Filipino girl group? cuz i voulunteer

  65. Matthew Tenorio_3200654

    Matthew Tenorio_32006543 bulan yang lalu

    Van dances to Kpop I don’t know if it would work. TBH, many Filipinos don’t support artist when it comes to pop music because they tend to like more of ballad and rnb songs. Girl groups would most likely be girl crush concept or electric ldn pop to this one. And many Filipinos don’t like kpop, especially male straight Filipinos, so that would be a hindrance to their popularity.

  66. Melannie Garcia

    Melannie Garcia3 bulan yang lalu

    My role model ❤️❤️❤️❤️