Jurgen Klopp hails his Liverpool side after 3-1 win over Manchester City | Post Match


  1. Alessandro Davi

    Alessandro Davi8 hari yang lalu

    Jamie has hearts in his eyez


    GUILLERMO VILLAR MAMANI16 hari yang lalu

    In my opinion, Jurgen Klopp is one of the best managers in the world.

  3. saadaq mohamud

    saadaq mohamud21 hari yang lalu

    Liverpool one ☝️ love ❤️

  4. jason swift

    jason swift22 hari yang lalu

    Did he say to cara legend at very start cos he deserves it nice of kloop if did

  5. Nu Nu Aung Dingzai

    Nu Nu Aung Dingzai22 hari yang lalu

    Klopps is really good in English. Very impressed!

  6. Big Boy

    Big Boy23 hari yang lalu

    Guardiola said Mane is a diver. And Mane scored with a diving header.

  7. Clinton Max

    Clinton Max23 hari yang lalu

    Sadio mane

  8. Mohamed Abdallah

    Mohamed Abdallah23 hari yang lalu

    Yes of cors

  9. The Firminator

    The Firminator23 hari yang lalu

    He's the best manager boom hahahahaha ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗 love this man

  10. langeroony35

    langeroony3524 hari yang lalu

    Funny how he sees everything except when it affects him then all of a sudden he’s blind

  11. Sifiso Masilela

    Sifiso Masilela24 hari yang lalu

    Sign a new contract!!!

  12. Mohd Jaber

    Mohd Jaber24 hari yang lalu

    The best coach in the world right now.

  13. Vinstinctify1

    Vinstinctify124 hari yang lalu

    The dragon is finally slain

  14. i cube

    i cube24 hari yang lalu

    Just remember one thing Man u 20 PL King of England Madrid 13 CL King of Europe so you will never be the number one hahahahahah

  15. N1k32h

    N1k32h24 hari yang lalu

    Villa will hopefully buy some players that even arsenal wenger would say yes good signing!

  16. Maik Sommer

    Maik Sommer24 hari yang lalu

    1:36 XD

  17. Danish Khan

    Danish Khan24 hari yang lalu

    I'm a United fan and I have utmost respect for Klopp and his team. They play football the way it's meant to be played.

  18. i cube

    i cube24 hari yang lalu

    Pep 2 PL klopp 0

  19. i cube

    i cube24 hari yang lalu

    Livarpool scored City played

  20. Call for Ingredients

    Call for Ingredients24 hari yang lalu

    Loved Klop calling Jamie legend at the beginning.

  21. g Tharm

    g Tharm24 hari yang lalu

    There used to be professionalism amongst commentators and they’d be impartial.... Now it’s ‘Juergen, did you think WE’ ?! It’s a joke!

  22. Tony Hill

    Tony Hill24 hari yang lalu

    Dirty spitty Carragher!!! Should have been sacked by Sky!

  23. Kemar Robin

    Kemar Robin25 hari yang lalu

    Best manager 🇯🇲

  24. raymond sweeney

    raymond sweeney25 hari yang lalu

    carra looking like he having a wet dream !

  25. Isares Archvarin

    Isares Archvarin25 hari yang lalu

    Every single player ran himself into the ground for the team and urged on by the fans.


    BUSTAFELLA30025 hari yang lalu

    Smart klopp he's pushing all the other teams to beat City to reduce pressure on Liverpool.

  27. Orighomisan Tetenuwa

    Orighomisan Tetenuwa25 hari yang lalu

    Carragher face starting on the video. He's wicked man lol looks hard

  28. Meier Müller

    Meier Müller25 hari yang lalu

    man its still surreal to me how this man turned things around at liverpool.

  29. doombrush

    doombrush23 hari yang lalu

    The minute I knew he was coming it was inevitable

  30. James Evers

    James Evers25 hari yang lalu

    Jamie Carragher pulled a muscle in his back trying not to smile

  31. Maximus25N

    Maximus25N25 hari yang lalu

    Carragher “EEEeeeeeeeeeeeyergen”

  32. Anima Mea Pacem

    Anima Mea Pacem25 hari yang lalu

    Good Luck for Winning the League

  33. Lucy Reid

    Lucy Reid25 hari yang lalu

    Boss get rid of shaquiri. But bring in depay in jan

  34. Torlef Peter Beran

    Torlef Peter Beran25 hari yang lalu

    After Löw comes Klopp...... i hope....for german n11

  35. A.H.H Ottoman

    A.H.H Ottoman25 hari yang lalu

    I said since ein know him in FC Mainz 05 he his the best manager!

  36. Krieger des lichts

    Krieger des lichts25 hari yang lalu

    they look at him, like he is an angel inside a lightball

  37. MrRoztoc

    MrRoztoc25 hari yang lalu

    0:17 Klopp has won 42 and lost just one of his last 51 PL games as LFC manager? Wow!

  38. Marco M

    Marco M25 hari yang lalu

    Alter verwalter.. Sein Englisch ist der hammer geworden... Früher wollte er immer "Langsam" reden.. Heute spule ich 5 mal zurück um Ihn zu verstehen ahhaha... Klopp ist und bleibt der beste Trainer auf der ganzen Welt...

  39. david jensen

    david jensen25 hari yang lalu

    @0:15 Jamie Carraghers face gets he all the time!

  40. Diecast Doc

    Diecast Doc25 hari yang lalu

    “If you’re in the penalty area and aren’t quite sure what to do with the ball, stick it in the net and we’ll discuss your options afterwards!” -Bill Shankly- Exactly that in the VAR era.

  41. Thomas Williams

    Thomas Williams25 hari yang lalu

    I don't know why but I've always hated Geoff Shreeves.