Juice WRLD - All Girls Are The Same (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)


  1. Gee Bo

    Gee Bo2 jam yang lalu

    Listening to his music hurts me but heals me at the same time馃挃


    XAN GAMING3 jam yang lalu

    He Was Sad! Now I鈥檓 Sad! He Changed! Now I Changed! He Was Depressed Now I鈥檓 Depressed! He Saved Me But I Couldn鈥檛 Save Him

  3. klecz kosia

    klecz kosia4 jam yang lalu

    zatruwa m贸j umys艂, mi艂o艣膰 Te suki s膮 takie same [Werset 1] Przyznaj臋 to, kolejna suka mnie wyko艅czy艂a Z艂ama艂a moje serce, o nie, nie zrobi艂a艣 tego Pierdol臋 popijanie, mam ca艂膮 butelk臋 Twardy alkohol, twarda prawda, nie mog臋 tego prze艂kn膮膰 Potrzebujesz barmana, pom贸偶 mi pozby膰 si臋 mojego smutku Obudz臋 si臋 nast臋pnego dnia w Monte Carlo Z now膮 kobiet膮, powiedz mi 偶e one jest Kolorado I 偶e kocha kobiety, jutro zniknie Kim jestem, ona 偶artuje? Ca艂a ta zazdro艣膰 i agonia, w kt贸rej siedz臋 Jestem zazdrosnym ch艂opcem, naprawd臋 czuj臋 si臋 jak John Lennon Chc臋 tylko prawdziwej mi艂o艣ci, zgaduj臋 偶e to by艂a minuta Wkurzony z tego 偶e nie pasuj臋, nie pasuj臋 Powiedz mi co jest tajemnic膮 mi艂o艣ci, nie rozumiem tego Czuj臋 si臋 jakbym bieg艂 wy艣cig i nie jestem zwyci臋zc膮 Wpad艂em dzi艣 do diablicy i ona si臋 u艣miecha [Ch贸r] Hej, te dziewczyny s膮 szalone Wszystkie dziewczyny s膮 takie same To zatruwa m贸j umys艂, mi艂o艣膰 My艣l臋, 偶e potrzebuj臋 zmiany Zanim zwariuj臋, mi艂o艣膰 Wszystkie dziewczyny s膮 takie same To zatruwa m贸j umys艂, mi艂o艣膰 My艣l臋, 偶e potrzebuj臋 zmiany Zanim zwariuj臋, mi艂o艣膰 [Werset 2] Dziesi臋膰 minut, powiedzia艂a mi 偶e zaj臋艂oby to dziesi臋膰 minut 呕eby z艂ama膰 mi serce, nie ona tego nie zrobi艂a Pieprzy膰 偶ycie, ton臋 w moim smutku Pieprzone dawanie, nie bior臋 po偶yczki I wci膮偶 grzesz臋, wci膮偶 trac臋 g艂ow臋 Wiem, 偶e si臋 potyka艂em, wci膮偶 trac臋 czas Przez ca艂y czas ustalam, czy ja umieram? Czy ja 偶yj臋? To s膮 pierdolone uczucia, m贸j smutek dochodzi do limitu [Outro] Teraz jestem szalony Demony w moim m贸zgu, mi艂o艣ci Pok贸j, kt贸rego nie mog臋 zdoby膰 Bo wszystkie te dziewczyny s膮 takie same, mi艂o艣膰 Teraz jestem szalony Demony w moim m贸zgu, mi艂o艣ci Pok贸j, kt贸rego nie mog臋 zdoby膰 Bo wszystkie te dziewczyny s膮 takie sam

  4. Mark Wittner

    Mark Wittner7 jam yang lalu

    Jacking on the outkast

  5. Danny Carrillo

    Danny Carrillo7 jam yang lalu

    How many lost Legend did we loss now juice Wrld

  6. Mr070985

    Mr0709857 jam yang lalu

    :( He the best singer

  7. cj Fall

    cj Fall8 jam yang lalu

    It sucks when you ask someone out then your best friend asks her out the next day then he gets her and breaks up in a week

  8. KTK Baller

    KTK Baller8 jam yang lalu

    It鈥檚 been 2 yearssss 馃様馃挃

  9. Jessus Chavez

    Jessus Chavez9 jam yang lalu

    He speaks truth!

  10. Lando 16

    Lando 169 jam yang lalu

    Damn this hits hard this reminds me of my first head broke damn she really did me like that ay but I鈥檓 glad I got another and my brothers single

  11. yfk Jayy

    yfk Jayy9 jam yang lalu

    I love this song

  12. creative cr7

    creative cr79 jam yang lalu

    John Lennon died when he was 40. Juice wrld died December 8 same as John Lennon here is the crazy part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Juice wrld died when. Jhon Lennon reach 40 years of been dead wao 馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉 weird right !!!!!!

  13. Radhe 999

    Radhe 99910 jam yang lalu


  14. Santi Lopez

    Santi Lopez10 jam yang lalu

    Rest In Peace legend way to soon 1998-2019

  15. Nick Ray

    Nick Ray10 jam yang lalu

    yes they are juice.. yes they are

  16. vrus Paypal

    vrus Paypal10 jam yang lalu

    Double platinum recorded in a mf basement, anything is possible chase your dreams rest easy juice

  17. kas beatz

    kas beatz10 jam yang lalu

    Rest In Peace Juice .

  18. Kabir Tookhi

    Kabir Tookhi11 jam yang lalu

    I remember when my crush said that she hates me so the only thing I would do was listen to Juice Wrld all the time

  19. PatPlayz ._.

    PatPlayz ._.11 jam yang lalu

    The 24k Dislikes Are From People That dont have a life... Like Honestly..Wtf

  20. Yaniel The Gamer

    Yaniel The Gamer11 jam yang lalu

    RIP juice wrld 馃槹馃槹馃槹馃槹馃槹馃槹馃槬馃槬馃槩馃槩馃槗馃槗馃槚馃槪馃槺馃槶

  21. lSethRollinsl

    lSethRollinsl11 jam yang lalu

    Struggle to listen to your shit now you're gone Juice. Makes me Hella sad. When I was down I used to listen to your shit and it would help me cope and now I feel like I got nothing to turn to. Rest my man I'll always cherish your content for the rest of my days.

  22. thesavege 1220

    thesavege 122011 jam yang lalu

    A other une gone to soon may be dead but still alive in aur heart's R.I.P馃挃馃挃馃槶

  23. Aliah Matos

    Aliah Matos11 jam yang lalu

    I'm here vibing to the song almost forgetting he died and I read the comments and *bam* just make me think about the fact we can't get songs that hit like this anymore 馃ズ馃様馃枻

  24. Savana Martinez

    Savana Martinez11 jam yang lalu

    Rip we love u so muchhh鉂わ笍馃ズ

  25. xSky

    xSky12 jam yang lalu

    people in this comments: 馃槶馃挃馃挴馃挃馃挴馃挃R I P me: Bitch Just hear the song, We have nothing to do.

  26. Ghost ft

    Ghost ft12 jam yang lalu

    Straight trashhhh 馃敟馃棏馃敟

  27. Sakeo Wrld

    Sakeo Wrld12 jam yang lalu

    Here my tiktok sakeo_wrld

  28. Scrapz

    Scrapz12 jam yang lalu

    everything hurts my heart feels like shit i can鈥檛 sleep or eat what do i. i had no real friends. she was the only thing i wanted. i can鈥檛 stop crying, why why would she do this to me. she told me her ex was never going to get her back but no they got together. the worst part is their so toxic they always cry. everyone told me i made her happy so why why would she leave me like this she won鈥檛 give me another chance. i just i would do anything for one more shot i love her so much. i can鈥檛 feel anything, i don鈥檛 think i can ever trust a girl again. i鈥檓 so dumb i hate myself.

  29. Classic

    Classic13 jam yang lalu

    Roblox building lol

  30. memegod

    memegod13 jam yang lalu

    Damm this is two years old now and you didn't even get to see it... Rest easy juice

  31. memegod

    memegod13 jam yang lalu

    This was almost your break through song but you didn't have to wait much longer after that

  32. SilversPride

    SilversPride13 jam yang lalu

    I literally started listenting to juice only 1.5 monthes before his death. Literally went insane and all my playlists were his songs. When i hears that he died i wanted to kill myself so badly... bruh

  33. Bob Kenney

    Bob Kenney14 jam yang lalu

    love the bus 馃槀

  34. Luckycowboy44

    Luckycowboy4414 jam yang lalu

    Guys , hes not dead he sipping some juice in heaven looking down at his true fans who likes him before he pasted RIP Juice Wrld

  35. John Navarrette

    John Navarrette14 jam yang lalu

    Rip juice Wrld 馃槶

  36. Lupita Sanchez

    Lupita Sanchez15 jam yang lalu

    juice WRLD he dead 馃拃

  37. My delicious apple

    My delicious apple15 jam yang lalu

    This song is annoying. Hopefully its a joke. We are not the same? whatever the FUCK that is supposed to mean. If we reject a boy... we are the same? Dude, the girl just did not like you. 馃枙 Edit: don't mean to be rude. But all the boys were singing this song so I looked it up to slap some sense into a few viewers.

  38. Rav The Goat

    Rav The Goat15 jam yang lalu

    2y ago...馃槗

  39. 123 456

    123 45615 jam yang lalu

    2 years 馃様

  40. Michael Scofield

    Michael Scofield16 jam yang lalu

    2 years.....

  41. Soviet Russian Man

    Soviet Russian Man16 jam yang lalu


  42. Vize_faultz

    Vize_faultz17 jam yang lalu

    2 years today 999

  43. Z Z

    Z Z17 jam yang lalu

    Who was here the day it dropped I know I was

  44. Aomxs XBL

    Aomxs XBL17 jam yang lalu

    Jesus this kid was good can鈥檛 believe he鈥檚 gone

  45. 艢膧J脗膼 and MOHAMMED

    艢膧J脗膼 and MOHAMMED17 jam yang lalu


  46. Xerxes Rashen3999 20fps

    Xerxes Rashen3999 20fps17 jam yang lalu

    Only the real fans are here for the 2 years of this song a legend death but not gone if we still think about him he never gone just keep thinking he's here馃様鉂わ笍馃挏 999 for life

  47. Sotos

    Sotos18 jam yang lalu

    I like that song Juice Girlfriend cheating on him with 6ix9ine RIP Juice WRLD

  48. Jo茫o Vitor Barbosa Santana

    Jo茫o Vitor Barbosa Santana18 jam yang lalu


  49. Collapse Inferno

    Collapse Inferno18 jam yang lalu

    Memes were what brought me to you, sad to be listening to this while you鈥檙e gone

  50. Dellfi MdnR

    Dellfi MdnR19 jam yang lalu

    Friday Killer

  51. jaka golob

    jaka golob19 jam yang lalu

    coming back to this track every single day since he died cause that's the first ever song i heard from him and i immediately became a fan

  52. tu vieja

    tu vieja19 jam yang lalu


  53. The Clout Network

    The Clout Network19 jam yang lalu

    yoo i needa vocal engineer my laptop cant handle fl nd that i can only use web browser shit so i need someone to engineer my vocal in fl nd dat who wanna go to the top ill pay you once da bread start comin in if you down dm on insta @cattflixx

  54. xannax

    xannax20 jam yang lalu

    2 YEARS!! R.I.P Legend!! 鉂わ笍馃挃

  55. Ike Freeman

    Ike Freeman20 jam yang lalu

    RIP we will always love you juice WRLD

  56. Dautik

    Dautik20 jam yang lalu

    is it weird that my brain isnt processing he is dead..? 馃様

  57. Alex_1337 _[FSB]_

    Alex_1337 _[FSB]_22 jam yang lalu

    Saddest song馃槶

  58. Rey

    ReyHari Yang lalu

    How did he die?

  59. dwadwa asdaw

    dwadwa asdawHari Yang lalu

    good bye wrld

  60. Slugee

    SlugeeHari Yang lalu

    This song ever gets old rip juice wrld


    YXNG LOEMPIA BEATSHari Yang lalu

    Its been 2 years since this came out and it鈥檚 still a banger R.i.P Juice 鉂わ笍馃槱