Jon Stewart chokes up, gives angry speech to Congress


  1. alvisc2002

    alvisc2002Jam Yang lalu

    it's weird that Loui Anderson didn't say anything though

  2. extrafreshhh

    extrafreshhhJam Yang lalu

    This healthcare issue, senates lack of response to pollution and climate change, this just fucking proves they don’t give a fuck about the people who they represent.

  3. pako joe

    pako joe3 jam yang lalu

    Congress needs to be fired or displaced

  4. Oisin Stack

    Oisin Stack3 jam yang lalu

    Insert 9/11 joke *Grabs popcorn*

  5. jacksputrid

    jacksputrid4 jam yang lalu

    Titles are meaningless, real leaders don't need titles they need actions. Jon Stewart is a man first and everything else after

  6. Tempting Fate

    Tempting Fate4 jam yang lalu

    Hey look at that... I gave a CNN video a like. It took Jon Stewart yelling at congress to do it.

  7. Incredible World

    Incredible World6 jam yang lalu

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  8. lizardking02793

    lizardking027936 jam yang lalu

    Jon Stewart is quite the actor.

  9. Peege Clarke

    Peege Clarke7 jam yang lalu

    Er.. running for pre.. Pres.... ... Prrress Secratary?

  10. fsoon yoog

    fsoon yoog7 jam yang lalu

    I wanna know who are the 2.9k people who gave this a thumbs down

  11. justingutube

    justingutube7 jam yang lalu

    If you are right wing or left wing I don't give a shit. Put your politics aside and have a fucking heart. Get it together Congress, get it together!

  12. Tom Ganks

    Tom Ganks8 jam yang lalu

    Working in congress should be like serving in the military. Nothing more. No sponsorships, no paid speeches, no under the counter bullshit. You're there to represent our country and make it better for the sum of us.

  13. Yammo Yammamoto

    Yammo Yammamoto8 jam yang lalu

    CNN are the ones sitting on the pulpit... The REASON the First Responders are not prioritized - is because immigration is getting all of the moneiz.

  14. Annabel Attridge

    Annabel Attridge10 jam yang lalu

    Every time a politician brings up 9/11 as a defense for why we need such a strong military and all of that never once stops and talks about the needs of those first responders who are now suffering. I find it depressing the person who stands up for them is a comedian and not those in power who could and should be helping those who risk their lives to help others on 9/11. The fact that they still do not have adequate health Care is appalling to me. My family originally Pink's New York from Ireland 1913 my great-grandfather my grandfather my great-uncle we're all volunteer firefighters. I'll never forget my grandfather telling me why he was a volunteer firefighter it was because he believed in the good of his community and believe that that good could only exist if everyone did what they could to continue that good. this is a disgrace and it's time that Mitch McConnell and his little band of goons got thrown out on their asses and a new era fueled by compassion and humanity and not by corporate interests takes place. My heart goes out to The first responders who are still suffering and to their families if anyone knows of a GoFundMe or away to help some of them please let me know I might not have much but I I would be remiss if I did not contribute what I could for these brave souls and thank you Jon Stewart for being a voice for good when so many in power are cowards.

  15. Eric Nick

    Eric Nick10 jam yang lalu

    This is why healthcare for all matters.

  16. Sheriff of Rock Ridge

    Sheriff of Rock Ridge10 jam yang lalu

    I don’t think that even phased them

  17. Operaton Creation

    Operaton Creation10 jam yang lalu

    Congress is so gross...

  18. Jason Shepherd

    Jason Shepherd11 jam yang lalu

    Just another reason why John Stewart is the Man.

  19. Timed Revolver

    Timed Revolver11 jam yang lalu

    How did Congress not just spontaneously combust when he was done?

  20. sneakie squid

    sneakie squid11 jam yang lalu

    Who the fuck down votes this? This is the problem with the government. Unless it's a vote getter they don't care. Watch though Sept 9 they will be out there saying never forget and wearing their American flag pins

  21. silentruth

    silentruth11 jam yang lalu

    Do we know who WAS in attendance from congress?

  22. Kitty Kat

    Kitty Kat12 jam yang lalu

    How is America a first world country 🤣🤣 Jesus Christ. Shit health care and shit government. Daaaaaaamn

  23. john pappas

    john pappas12 jam yang lalu

    Congress needs to be fired or displaced

  24. john pappas

    john pappas12 jam yang lalu

    Jon did you expect anything else.

  25. Tetractys

    Tetractys12 jam yang lalu

    Brilliant man, brilliant speech! God bless you Jon Stewart and the 911 first responders.

  26. Chris Marv

    Chris Marv12 jam yang lalu

    To hell with this new Congress.

  27. ss

    ss13 jam yang lalu

    Jon, this is a problem all over at least the English speaking West. We have Economically Rationalised ourselves into inhumanity, selfishness and out-right greed. Where we expect dedicated people to go out and put their lives on the line for their community, state, country and not help or compensate them and their families, when they are injured or killed. We just chew them up and spit them out when we are done. The shameful treatment of armed forces veterans is the same.

  28. Caleb DesJardins

    Caleb DesJardins13 jam yang lalu

    Jon Stewart has fantastic oratory skills...if he’s not careful he could run and be successful.

  29. patrick 4774

    patrick 477413 jam yang lalu


  30. Sharif Ahmed-Zeballos

    Sharif Ahmed-Zeballos13 jam yang lalu

    I wanna know who are the 2.9k people who gave this a thumbs down

  31. shep bojangles

    shep bojangles13 jam yang lalu

    We need to have someone with this kind of drive and compassion stand up for our black community and put a stop to the racial profiling and overall mistreatment they face every day.

  32. payday64

    payday6414 jam yang lalu

    Jon Stewart is the comedian and congress is his joke

  33. jeoffmetry

    jeoffmetry14 jam yang lalu

    I cant wait for Hollywood to make a movie about all this, and one day we’ll see videos that put the movie and the real life event in a side by side comparison.

  34. Alex G

    Alex G14 jam yang lalu

    So who are the names of everyone that wasn't there?

  35. Kathryn Harris

    Kathryn Harris14 jam yang lalu

    A-freaking-men! He is so right-there shouldn’t be a single no vote on this, and every lawmaker that considers voting no should have their constituents knocking down their doors, and sending them packing in their next reelection bid if they fail to do the jobs they were elected to do. These are the people that run toward the danger when everyone else is running away. It isn’t just a job. It’s a vocation, and it’s a sacrifice to the people they serve. They had to know riding in the trucks down to the WTC as the first tower was burning and as the second one was hit that they weren’t all going to come out of this alive. But they were going to die trying to save those people trapped in there if they had to. They didn’t consider doing any different. They had families at home to care for. But in that moment they were thinking only about getting those in the doomed towers home to THEIR families. It was their mission above all else. As many people who did die that day, it still could have been a lot worse. It’s hard to imagine, but it’s true. A LOT more people could have perished, and the only reason they didn’t is because of those men and women who responded in those early minutes as calls were coming into 911 dispatchers and people were still trying to figure out what the hell was going on. They knew people needed help, and when they answered those calls they didn’t count the cost. Even in the days following, when it went from being a rescue effort to one of recovery; to bring closure to families (as terrible as that knowledge would be), give them some answers and the opportunity to properly lay their loved ones to rest; these people worked tirelessly around the clock, covered with and breathing in soot and dust full of every toxin imaginable-concrete, paint, metals, lead, glass, asbestos, and yes, even jet fuel-stuff that no mere dust mask could protect them from. But they STILL didn’t count the cost. They just did the job; as they had done every day of their careers and hoped to continue doing for years more. Sadly though, the death toll would not be fully accounted for any time soon. It still is being counted, because many of those brave men and women who managed to survive that day will still perish as casualties of that horrific attack almost two decades later. Nearly TEN THOUSAND first responders and others at Ground Zero have been diagnosed with cancer since that time; determined to be most likely attributable to the environmental toxins they were exposed to in the aftermath of the attack. Why should any of us be surprised that this is happening? Any dolt with a functioning television screen and eyeballs in 2001 SAW what they were up against; what they were covered with and pulling into their lungs with every breath as they labored, doing the work every single American expected them to do and held them up as heroes at the time for doing it. This is why it isn’t enough to post “Don’t Forget” on every anniversary of that terrible day, but then do EXACTLY that every day in between. Shame on us if we stand by and allow it to happen! God bless this man for standing up and saying it. He isn’t doing it for himself, so he can get his fifteen minutes. He doesn’t need that. He is doing it for THEM; these heroes that have given EVERYTHING and don’t have the platform to be heard...some of whom have yet to pay the ultimate price after years of suffering and with their families buckling under the strain of lost wages and medical costs in the meantime, with the resulting foreclosures and daily calls from debt collectors because their loved ones had to stop working long before they were eligible to collect a pension. It would be lovely if we could say that this is all just in the past and that the pain and suffering as a result of the evil perpetrated on us that day could be tidily wrapped up and contained within a chapter of our history books. But that day isn’t here yet. Hell, think of all the veterans still suffering the effects of the Vietnam War! We even still have a few survivors of concentration camps and the battles of the Second World War. Why should we expect this war to be any different? Just like we still need to take care of those heroes, we cannot forget the heroes of 9/11. They certainly aren’t going to forget. They are still struggling with not only the physical effects; but the psychological effects of post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of those experiences. Even New Yorkers who were merely PRESENT in the city that day are still struggling to overcome those horrific memories and the lasting emotional and even physical effects. Some of them moved away because it was too difficult to stay; the memories haunting them just from being there. I can not begin to imagine their pain, let alone that of people who ran into those burning and collapsing structures; who dug tirelessly through the 1.8 million TONS of debris, hoping to save just a few more lives before it was too late. Many families of those heroes never saw them again after they left for work that fateful day. Some didn’t even get a body to bury...1,717 families to be exact. Soon, medical experts estimate that the number of first responders who die as a result of 9/11 related morbidities will actually exceed the number lost on 9/11 and the days immediately following. There will still likewise likely be deaths that occur due to the effects of responding to the attack on the Pentagon; added to the numbers who perished at the crash site in Virginia, in the plane brought down short of its likely destination in Washington, DC; by passengers who knew they were going to die and made the choice that in their last act on this earth, they weren’t about to allow those evil men (who twisted a faith beyond all recognition into an excuse to take out our very center of government, defense, and business on that terrible day) take still more lives. The tough reality is that; even all these years later, those terrorists are unfortunately still winning. People are still suffering and dying as a result of what they chose as a most miserable and hateful legacy. This is to say nothing of the hate crimes since perpetrated against innocent Americans of Middle Eastern descent and/or their Islamic faith by people looking in all the wrong places to avenge what took place on that dark day. Unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do to change the past. But we CAN decide how we are going to respond today to the needs of those who responded so readily in OUR national time of need 18 years ago. There is only one path available to us to ensure that these terrorists don’t continue to rob us of innocent lives and that precious commodity of time that Mr. Stewart spoke so eloquently and passionately about: we can make sure that those who ran to save as many as they could because they had a kind of love and courage in their hearts that those terrorists could have NEVER comprehended let alone be capable of; don’t suffer alone, wondering how they are going to pay for their medical bills and meet the basic needs of themselves and their own loved ones. We can do that by making sure that the survivors’ fund continues to be there for those who need it. We can let our representatives in Congress know that WE want them to allocate more funding to this desperately important cause. I don’t know about you; but I can say one thing for myself: if it means making sure those heroes from that dark day have more time to make happy memories with those they love, and can suffer a little less; I’m MORE than happy to pay an extra $50 in taxes every year to keep that fund there for them when they need it. I’m on SSDI and I can afford that much. I suspect that you probably can too. If all of us chip in a little, we can make this happen. This certainly makes more sense to me than a full $1.5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy, or a border wall that could cost up to $70 billion and has no hope of actually solving the illegal immigration issues that we currently face, (which CAN be accomplished through much more sensible technological and tactical means already proven to work and that cost far less to implement and maintain). If you don’t believe me, do about five minutes of research...I’m not going to get into all of that here. Regardless of any of that though, the bottom line is that survivors need our support, and if we all come together we can make sure it happens. I can’t think of a better cause to champion right now than this one! Here’s what you can do RIGHT NOW to help get this done: First, sign the online petition to Congress to continue reauthorizing budget allocations to the 9/11 survivors’ compensation fund: Secondly, consider donating to the organization linked below that advocates for 9/11 survivors and helps them access needed resources: Third, share this information on your timeline and personally encourage your friends and family to do the same. You CAN make a difference. You won’t be the same kind of hero those first responders were, but you can offer JUST the kind of small act of heroism they need right now. All of our small acts of heroism can add up to make a truly significant impact. I hope you will be a part of it, and encourage your circle to join in as well! Sources: 9/11 By the Numbers: Deaths from 9/11 diseases will soon outnumber those lost on that fateful day: 9/11 first responders begin to feel attack's long-term health effects:

  36. Axis Galaxis

    Axis Galaxis14 jam yang lalu

    Lol...a comedian thinks he can make a hijacked by a bunch of billionaire n millionaire pervert neo nazi professional corruptionist feel bad with Shame n funny...only thing that fixes our hijacked by PERVERT neo nazi professional corruptionist is a ride to d cemetery in a hearst...till then your all just hostages to those thats truth!

  37. Bob Buff

    Bob Buff14 jam yang lalu

    Fuck you CNN

  38. Rusty Undercarriage

    Rusty Undercarriage15 jam yang lalu

    Amen! Fake government.

  39. Mesa Lowe

    Mesa Lowe15 jam yang lalu

    Wait till you hear it blatantly. The system doesn't care.

  40. Sha B

    Sha B15 jam yang lalu

    wheres the right wing, trump supporter to bash Jon Stewart here?? this is an obvious issue, shut the f*** up about party affiliation and excerise some damn common sense.

  41. Kathleen Hanna Wannabe

    Kathleen Hanna Wannabe15 jam yang lalu

    imagine if these people didn't have an advocate as articulate and moving as Jon Stewart. Imagine all the other people who don't.

  42. Chelsea Hill

    Chelsea Hill15 jam yang lalu

    Wow this speech was amazing

  43. The Scranton Strangler

    The Scranton Strangler15 jam yang lalu

    Jon is a cuck, Trevor is a better anchor

  44. Tavis Brown

    Tavis Brown16 jam yang lalu


  45. alienresearchlab

    alienresearchlab16 jam yang lalu

    I wish he called them assholes at the end. Quit fucking around and get it done.

  46. deoo iopg

    deoo iopg16 jam yang lalu

    This is a disgusting failure ! How u treat these ppl like this ??

  47. Ryan F

    Ryan F17 jam yang lalu

    That was an incredible, passionate speech. Even angry, that was very well put and very true. Beautiful.

  48. Eristitia

    Eristitia17 jam yang lalu

    Maybe Congress will learn the next time something like that happens and first responders decide to stay home and protect their families instead. I can't imagine many people are going to think it's worth it in a country where "Never Forget" has been used to scare the populace for two decades but there's nothing of substance in it.

  49. Z32spdstr

    Z32spdstr17 jam yang lalu

    They did their job..after 18 years.. do yours!! Amen Jon well said sir I've laughed at you but..shit just got real well said

  50. Maria Teresa

    Maria Teresa17 jam yang lalu

  51. Greg Gilbert

    Greg Gilbert17 jam yang lalu

    They have been about 18 years on the dole. How long is this suppose to go on? If they are handicapped from this, then there is other government programs to help. F' Stewart and his emotional thoughtless response.

  52. House OfDNY

    House OfDNY13 jam yang lalu

    Thoughtless response? Take a look in the mirror pal.

  53. Robert Goodwin

    Robert Goodwin17 jam yang lalu

    God Bless Jon Stewart.

  54. Abby Normal

    Abby Normal17 jam yang lalu

    He's like one of those youtubers who records themselves giving money to homeless people. Shameless, I can't believe anyone buys his shtick.

  55. The Establishment

    The EstablishmentJam Yang lalu

    Shut the fuck up you ingrate worm, how dare you judge someone for doing what he can to help these people who literally sacrificed their health to save lives.

  56. Benjamin Raskin

    Benjamin Raskin17 jam yang lalu

    Choked up? What the hell is wrong with you CNN!? They're fighting to save the lives they can in the little amount of time they have and all you focus on is how it was hard for him to convey an entire nation's anger and disgust with the disservice these men and women have stomached, you don't grasp the issue. The facts are what matter, and the fact here is this country has failed those that have saved it and if this is how we treat our saviours, how can we call ourselves human anymore?

  57. Earthly Fireflies

    Earthly Fireflies18 jam yang lalu

    Did you know 9/11 was just a controlled demolition of crumbling buildings, used as a chance to spread fear - to exalt the role of the government in the eyes of tax PAYERS? Watch our new video with numerous proofs:

  58. Earthly Fireflies

    Earthly Fireflies18 jam yang lalu

    Did you know 9/11 was just a controlled demolition of crumbling buildings, used as a chance to spread fear - to exalt the role of the government in the eyes of tax PAYERS? Watch our new video with numerous proofs:

  59. Earthly Fireflies

    Earthly Fireflies18 jam yang lalu

    There is a certain way whereby people justify their fallacies. Tolstoy On the Importance of the Upcoming Moral Revolution People, having gotten into a fallacy, accept it as an unquestionable axiom, unite this fallacy & all its effects into one notion & then ascribe to it a special, vague & mystical meaning. Tolstoy On the Importance of the Upcoming Moral Revolution Such notions are the Church, Science, Justice, the State, and Civilization. Tolstoy On the Importance of the Upcoming Moral Revolution

  60. Earthly Fireflies

    Earthly Fireflies18 jam yang lalu

    There is a certain way whereby people justify their fallacies. Tolstoy On the Importance of the Upcoming Moral Revolution People, having gotten into a fallacy, accept it as an unquestionable axiom, unite this fallacy & all its effects into one notion & then ascribe to it a special, vague & mystical meaning. Tolstoy On the Importance of the Upcoming Moral Revolution Such notions are the Church, Science, Justice, the State, and Civilization. Tolstoy On the Importance of the Upcoming Moral Revolution

  61. Steve P

    Steve P18 jam yang lalu

    "Comedian" ? well, I think that term may be a little too generous in this case. And I see people commenting here that Stewart is a "National Treasure". Get a fucking grip!!!! Vets have dealt with these issues for FAR longer and have suffered and been ignored just as much.

  62. PaulWall

    PaulWall18 jam yang lalu

    Politicians are voting to give themselves more money on top of their highly highly overpaid salaries but cant find money to pay for first responders medical needs. All of them are traitors to the USA and should burn for it.

  63. Steve P

    Steve P18 jam yang lalu

    Why do celebs (and I use that term loosely in this clown's case) think their opinion somehow means more than anyone elses. And why do so called news outlets give them the airtime. If this you or I, we aren't getting the chance to do this. Fox is horrible but the Clinton News Network is even worse..

  64. Andy K Johnson Johnson

    Andy K Johnson Johnson19 jam yang lalu

    Congress don't CARE .Cos we are just a number to THEM.

  65. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith19 jam yang lalu

    why does anyone care what this idiot says?????????

  66. billzkhan100

    billzkhan10019 jam yang lalu

    We live in an era where comedians talks about serious national issues and politicians seems like a joke..!! P.S : i aint even an american..

  67. Era Pi

    Era Pi19 jam yang lalu

    Fuck you Government

  68. Deff 2bs

    Deff 2bs19 jam yang lalu

    This is a disgusting failure ! How u treat these ppl like this ??

  69. jet44444

    jet4444420 jam yang lalu

    This is so messed up, the system is broken. Ty Jon for speaking up for them.

  70. Greg Goose

    Greg Goose20 jam yang lalu

    Jon Stewart is for the people ✊🏼 Dam this shit choked me up smh

  71. paul Drake

    paul Drake20 jam yang lalu

    You are a dumb motherbfucker. No one cares, lol.

  72. Jay Ritz

    Jay Ritz20 jam yang lalu

    they are literally sociopaths.

  73. Rob's Relics

    Rob's Relics20 jam yang lalu

    Good, Mr. Stewart showed them how dumb and lazy they can be.

  74. Alex Rose

    Alex Rose20 jam yang lalu

    I got a question And this might sound weird But y dnt we just look to the ones that made 9/11 happen and make them pay for the coverage of the ppl victimized by it Just a thought By all means if im wrong on this just explain y

  75. m d

    m d15 jam yang lalu

    Good luck getting the Taliban to pay

  76. Gerry Landy

    Gerry Landy21 jam yang lalu

    Finally CNN using social media for something important...

  77. D. Das

    D. Das21 jam yang lalu

    This man is worth fighting for

  78. x x

    x x21 jam yang lalu

    Is not american. Is usa citizens. America is a a continent. Ignorant sucker.

  79. Catatonic Scripts

    Catatonic Scripts21 jam yang lalu

    Room #237 They’ll Never Remember!! They Keep on Pretending!!! 20/01 they’ll never remember, 9/11 they keep on pretending!!!

  80. Stooky Durazo

    Stooky Durazo21 jam yang lalu

    Subcommittee members, who were MIA?

  81. mark nine

    mark nine22 jam yang lalu

    anyone else thinks he's gearing up to get into politics cuz he has no other talent

  82. Kimberly25christine smith

    Kimberly25christine smith22 jam yang lalu

    The older I get the more I hate this country.

  83. Thefirstgalaxybeing

    Thefirstgalaxybeing22 jam yang lalu

    Jon Stewart is a complete asshole but he puts on a good show as being a self-righteous jackass. Jon is oh so white, ain't he? What a complete embarrassment for the human race. Jon is pissed off because Congress failed to show up for a washed-up has-been and a complete ball-less specimen of a man wannabe.

  84. Jimmy Sidekick

    Jimmy Sidekick22 jam yang lalu

    Why was he so mad at Dolly Parton? Leave her out of it!

  85. Emily West

    Emily West23 jam yang lalu

    So what happened did the bill pass?

  86. Dennis Goebelt

    Dennis Goebelt23 jam yang lalu

    If he wasn’t a liberal he would have been shut down in 2 minutes. But Thank You, John. Well said. I wish we could get back the 20 billion is cash Obama gave Iran.

  87. L.E.B MC5

    L.E.B MC523 jam yang lalu


  88. Arshad Soamber

    Arshad Soamber23 jam yang lalu

    Trillions spent on killing children in the middle east and a few cents spent on the health of american heroes....

  89. sillypinkewe

    sillypinkewe23 jam yang lalu

    The funds for “The Wall” could cover all first responders’ needs. It is shameful that the government is run by people who only pay lip service to heroes when it suits them and not, like Mr Stewart so perfectly pointed out - when it matters. The potus should use his executive privilege to help these people out - he always toots his horn about being a New Yorker but again ... only when it suits him to look good or make money/power.

  90. Mordy g

    Mordy g23 jam yang lalu

    Only time in my life I've ever agreed with joh

  91. song dot land

    song dot landHari Yang lalu

    This congressional response over the years shows the heart-wrenching brilliance of the 9/11 attackers. These congresspeople, sitting in their elevated chairs making excuses while solidifying their own futures are cowards driven by money, illustrating the success of terrorism on our country. I don't want you "serving" our country, you selfish people. Yet you hold the power, and will continue doing so. Fuck you all.

  92. Joshua Landress

    Joshua LandressHari Yang lalu

    Truth hurts, amen jon

  93. Mister X

    Mister XHari Yang lalu

    As of 6/16/2019 - 2.9K thumbs down. Probably 100% Republican Trump supporters. Shame on you!

  94. whaleaferd

    whaleaferdHari Yang lalu

    Who the fuck dislikes this video?!

  95. Antonio Bagala

    Antonio BagalaHari Yang lalu

    Is that louie Anderson?

  96. shafiqss

    shafiqssHari Yang lalu

    America’s true colours 👏🏼

  97. Oneforce OneBalance

    Oneforce OneBalanceHari Yang lalu

    Why congress does not want to release funds to help them? its because if they do, it will reopen conversations about what happen on 911 , what cause this to happen, what causes those who was police and fire department to get cancer RESEARCH . This opens up investigations and funds for it and pointing out who was the cause of this event what happen, what cause these men to get sick. This open up also discussions that the US government had information of this event was going to take place and why they did do anything to prevent it. So the US government wants to close the doors to these things, and this is why they do not want to give these brave men and women who went to help those at the twin towers these fund and help. To cover up US and President George Bush Jr actions and knowledge they had before 911 of this event and why they allowed it to happen....

  98. JUSTICE lod EST

    JUSTICE lod ESTHari Yang lalu

    Dear John Stewart..... I totally understand you and what you're fighting for.....and the facts in my eyes were right in front of you ....our government doesn't really care about its people and what we do for them....and I feel that it is a huge hypocrisy that Congress won't give us the time of day to do for it's people what it's people need.....they take enough time to start wars and fund its own self imposed drug wars.....this is a fine example of what our government has finally come to...

  99. Myron Severa

    Myron SeveraHari Yang lalu

    Im not a big fan of John Stewart. But Damm, he is spot on. Impressive. And these Damm worthless Congress asses, want to vote in a 4000 dollar raise for themselves.

  100. Rent A Center

    Rent A CenterHari Yang lalu

    What's wrong with you Congress and senators take care of your own it's a shame that the United States don't take care of their veterans or the emergency workers or the 9/11 get with the program use some of that money for a good cause. CNN BuzzFeed.

  101. TheCaptainKim

    TheCaptainKimHari Yang lalu

    This continuous debate about health care is sickening in my European eyes (Dutch). It's not just about 9/11, it's all about RESPECT for the population, it's about civilisation and doing what's right. Shame on you, USA, shame shame shame.

  102. Randy Magnum

    Randy MagnumHari Yang lalu

    Where did all the 9/11 fund go? Who was responsible for it?

  103. Kwame Brown

    Kwame BrownHari Yang lalu

    guarantee everyone who showed up for congress was only there cause its jon stewart. shameful system 😑