Jon Jones: Why a Cormier trilogy fight is unlikely to ever happen - Dan Hardy's Open Mat


  1. Simon B

    Simon B4 hari yang lalu

    jon jones proper lad

  2. kesha Williams

    kesha Williams15 hari yang lalu


  3. Ne Lu

    Ne Lu15 hari yang lalu

    Me personally feel like it’s to late for Jon to move up to heavyweight. He’s getting a little older, his recent fight with Anthony lion heart smith wasn’t impressive. He’s still a 🐐

  4. UngKristen

    UngKristen21 hari yang lalu

    If Jones is who they say he is, he should be able to overcome a weight disadvantage

  5. I am

    I am27 hari yang lalu

    I love this bones jones. Proud of him now to be this humble and he is now definitely one of the greatest i can call this time ATHLETE of all time

  6. tony Gunk

    tony GunkBulan Yang lalu

    Jon Jones is 6’4 and moves around like a featherweight, he’s the most talented man to enter the octagon

  7. Josh S

    Josh SBulan Yang lalu

    Haha look at how fake this junkie acts. He has no respect for the game, and worst, no respect for himself. Has had multiple DUIs, hit & run, got UFC 151 cancelled due to declining to fight Chael Sonnen, failed a drug test prior to UFC 182, had to withdraw from UFC 200 due to testing positive for two banned substances, had his winning fight with Cormier overturned to a no-contest, after both Jones' A and B samples tested positive for Turinabol... it just goes on and on! Dude wasted his potential and threw away the chance of becoming one of the greatest. Actions speak louder then words. He a broken record on repeat.. talks the talk but cant walk the walk. Smh


    PAKSOIBulan Yang lalu

    he admits to walking around at 240 but doesnt want to face DC at HW because somehow DC will have an advantage? 6"4" 240 lbs with a 84,5 inch reach man is scared to face a 5"11 72 inch reach opponent because he'll have an advantage

  9. Zach Hutton

    Zach HuttonBulan Yang lalu

    I appreciate Jones giving Cormier props. Most people I know will never give the runner up credit, which I believe regardless of Jones personality and past antics, Cormier is always second best to Jones cause Jones is possibly the GOAT in skill set which we may never know since GSP is much smaller and there are no size rays. But what confuses me is how Jones contradicts himself from interview to interview. In other interviews he said he would be down to fight DC at either LHW or HW and crush him regardless and others he gives him all these props and says he won't let DC have an advantage at Heavyweight. I believe Jones would win 10 out of 10 with DC cause he is just that good but I just never know what his intentions are and how genuine he is actually being....

  10. Bobby Firmino

    Bobby FirminoBulan Yang lalu

    Rockhold would get smeshed by anyone in the LH top 5 man

  11. Kal

    KalBulan Yang lalu

    When he said I don’t want to fight DC at HW. What he really mean is show me the 💰 💵 💷

  12. D Man

    D ManBulan Yang lalu

    Wow just lost respect for bones

  13. Tropical Terrarium

    Tropical TerrariumBulan Yang lalu

    They should make a tv show about steroids, call it, "Game of Jones"

  14. dboimagic781

    dboimagic781Bulan Yang lalu

    Idk why everyone still want to see it other then the lack of big fights left in either division. Jones clearly won the first fight and then finished him in the rematch. Who have we seen finish DC? Enough said

  15. Denny Roman

    Denny RomanBulan Yang lalu

    he chael sonnen chael sonnen ...bones jones

  16. Naah bruv

    Naah bruvBulan Yang lalu

    Jon looking like dmx in his crack days

  17. Purple Pepe

    Purple PepeBulan Yang lalu

    5:23 Jon can only laugh like this because he has that beard

  18. Chris Lam

    Chris LamBulan Yang lalu

    Neither jon or dc want to fight at hw but if both successfuly defend their belts, dana will make it rain and convince them to fight at hw.

  19. Rio Rogers

    Rio RogersBulan Yang lalu

    If he would express himself the way he did “off-camera” with DC then he’d feel better.

  20. Cody Stopard

    Cody StopardBulan Yang lalu

    Champ 😇🙏

  21. Luke B

    Luke BBulan Yang lalu

    He's at peace because all that aggressive tbol is out of his system ;)

  22. Rusty Boone

    Rusty BooneBulan Yang lalu

    I think ppl are sleeping on Rockhold at LHW. He is nearly Jons size, and drastically depletes himself cutting down to 185. At 205, he will have a more durable chin, more power, etc. At that point he becomes a tricky matchup for jon. Their ground games are both solid so most of the fight would take place on the feet. Jon is the better striker imo, but Luke has a devastating/sneaky head kick. I still think Jon wins, but not in the dominating fashion most ppl think. On fight night, they would be nearly identical in size. And Jon's biggest struggles are against 1)fighters who do not fear his takedowns (gus, dc) and fighters with similar height and reach, both of which Rockhold has. We can talk about his chin all day, but we've never seen him healthy at a more natural weight of 205

  23. finnese king

    finnese kingBulan Yang lalu

    Rockhold has a slight chance of beating jon, he’s a different breed than Anthony Smith , santos and Jonny walker

  24. Aris toteles

    Aris totelesBulan Yang lalu

    Jon can't beat DC without the JUICE and he's just beeing kinda honest about it

  25. Augden Fischer

    Augden FischerBulan Yang lalu

    It's Jon Picos Jones.

  26. PaperxMario

    PaperxMarioBulan Yang lalu

    the 🐐

  27. Jonathan Surran

    Jonathan SurranBulan Yang lalu

    Jon Jones much respect 💯

  28. Fony Terguson

    Fony TergusonBulan Yang lalu

    Ya O’NT say dat!!

  29. Dennis Burbank

    Dennis BurbankBulan Yang lalu

    Jon "Bones" Jones p4p #1 Walks around at 235 240..? Daaamn ! I would have liked to see Johnny Walker vs Dos Santos

  30. bazza108

    bazza108Bulan Yang lalu

    I’m at 1 minute in this video and I’ve got a really wired question for myself, why have I always disliked Jon Jones??

  31. Stojan i Zorica

    Stojan i ZoricaBulan Yang lalu

    King of ufc

  32. Andrew Are

    Andrew AreBulan Yang lalu

    DC was fighting at 70% at LHW! The weight cuts completely depleted him as he’s a naturally a HW. He’s such a great athlete at even operating at 70% he beat Cummings Hendo, Rumble, Gus and Volkan very convincingly, he just fell short with the best LHW in the world who possibly may have taken PEDs in Jon Jones. at HW no one including jones beats DC. He put the best HW to sleep in the first round for God’s sake!

  33. Jssas Ljsja

    Jssas LjsjaBulan Yang lalu

    Jones is better than Stipe could ever be lol

  34. Jay Are

    Jay AreBulan Yang lalu

    Well there goes the heavyweight division.

  35. Lee Cambell

    Lee CambellBulan Yang lalu

    I knew it! Thanks for your honesty. Know is he the GOAT if he can't beat DC at heavyweight?

  36. chusss Music

    chusss MusicBulan Yang lalu

    Wow.. Jon seems to have changed a lot since his last return, he seems more mature and respectful.. He gained more respect after his last two fights and I think he will gain 10x more respect after being this honest and respectful in this interview.

  37. Joemammasdaddy

    JoemammasdaddyBulan Yang lalu

    5:20.... best evil laugh of 2019

  38. Ibrahim Tall

    Ibrahim TallBulan Yang lalu

    Face ur guests and just get more cameras

  39. Robert Whittick

    Robert WhittickBulan Yang lalu

    Just my opinion, jones is a cheater and all of his fights nor only have an asterisk but don't really count to me as being real. Sure he's monster but once a cheater always a cheater and there's no way to trust him to keep it real after he had to cheat before.

  40. Dado -

    Dado -Bulan Yang lalu

    DC is at HW, so by refusing to fight with him there, He admits actually that Cormier is a stronger fighter than him now and that He cannot compete with Cormier on that level. Fair enough.

  41. hoherspatz

    hoherspatzBulan Yang lalu

    Because he will be tested positive again


    FUCKING GENIUSBulan Yang lalu

    I didnt think his ears or ear was that bad.

  43. Watt Ng

    Watt NgBulan Yang lalu

    F DC

  44. Dom W

    Dom WBulan Yang lalu

    Jones is so mentally tough. Even when talking about Santos he says he just has to be himself. He will force Santos to fight a Jon Jones fight.

  45. Orlando Trustfull

    Orlando TrustfullBulan Yang lalu

    Note that his first reason for being happy again was "getting endorsements back"

  46. Matt Alibozek

    Matt AlibozekBulan Yang lalu

    Jiggaboo Jones.... No need for a trilogy Jones already tested POSITIVE IN BOTH FIGHTS...

  47. Alchemy

    AlchemyBulan Yang lalu

    Jones may not be the sharpest tool in the box in general, but his intelligence in the fighting game is hard to surpass.


    LIONEL SNITCHIEBulan Yang lalu


  49. JayLety Hdz

    JayLety HdzBulan Yang lalu

    For real ufc fans we know this is not the 1st time jones has complimented DC he's done it many times before this trilogy is over Jones beat him twice DC can't let is go because he started this and Jon finished it DC is the best at what he does he just couldn't beat Jones because of all the emotion he took into both fights

  50. Tri Beard

    Tri BeardBulan Yang lalu


  51. matija šlat

    matija šlatBulan Yang lalu

    dc wins stipe again ha? no...

  52. 5.000.000

    5.000.000Bulan Yang lalu

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to know what he's worth and not get screwed by Don King Dana

  53. Ricky Rampage

    Ricky RampageBulan Yang lalu

    whispering ummm RUMBLE i mean Santos* haha

  54. Ozian

    OzianBulan Yang lalu

    5:24 - 5:26 .. someone meme that please

  55. genethfireball

    genethfireballBulan Yang lalu

    Jones can't say "Gustafsson"

  56. Clutch Carabelli

    Clutch CarabelliBulan Yang lalu

    THE GREATEST period

  57. Mac Lethal

    Mac LethalBulan Yang lalu

    "I'm figuring out how to train." -Jon Jones in 2019. How scary of a comment is that? Basically his entire run up until this point was done with little to no training, lmao.

  58. Vikotnick

    VikotnickBulan Yang lalu

    For the first time in many years, I love that Jon gives DC respect. My hat off.

  59. Erwin Khang

    Erwin KhangBulan Yang lalu

    2019 and there's still people who believe there's pro natty athletes

  60. Ilias Maglaras

    Ilias MaglarasBulan Yang lalu

    JJ will never move to HW devision

  61. Abragini84

    Abragini84Bulan Yang lalu

    Jon is looking swole... He's been faithfully taking his picograms now that he received his 'hall pass' for USADA results from the UFC. Finally figured out his training he says, along with that devilish smirk that all sociopaths are known for when their little schemes work out, hahahahahaha.

  62. ha ha

    ha haBulan Yang lalu

    Wtf luke rockhold?

  63. Jordan Salinas

    Jordan SalinasBulan Yang lalu

    I’m glad he said he’s looking at Luke and Johnny walker before heavyweight.

  64. loser 3009

    loser 3009Bulan Yang lalu

    how to make a fight more successful ??? keep denying it when offered.

  65. Luis A

    Luis ABulan Yang lalu

    8:50 that how he lost by Jon Jones

  66. Michael Fish

    Michael FishBulan Yang lalu

    I would insert an insult here about Jones figuring out his body but it's a small world and I'm trying to live in it

  67. The Broken One

    The Broken OneBulan Yang lalu

    Jon talking like hes 16.

  68. Drewder Escobedo

    Drewder EscobedoBulan Yang lalu

    Kinda warms my heart hearing him compliment DC like that


    I'M YOUR PAPIBulan Yang lalu

    Someone is adding more pictograms I can hear in your voice boy.

  70. Terrance Singleton

    Terrance SingletonBulan Yang lalu

    First round RNC Jones about to wrestle Thiago 😂😂😂😂

  71. Artem GOAT Lobov

    Artem GOAT LobovBulan Yang lalu

    5:24 I’m terrified

  72. Romeo Watts

    Romeo WattsBulan Yang lalu

    His honesty is respectable I still think he would win but I like that he’s not bias

  73. Tito Brozzi

    Tito BrozziBulan Yang lalu

    There is one man who’s got your number : Johnny Walker 🚶🏿‍♂️

  74. Cutty Cain

    Cutty CainBulan Yang lalu

    Luke Rockhold will be Jon toughest test to date

  75. dark zaku

    dark zakuBulan Yang lalu

    Damn Jones looks old af. And he talked about HW before DC went up there, now he knows he don’t want that.

  76. Paul Davis

    Paul DavisBulan Yang lalu

    Nice to see Jones being honest about how good DC is at Heavyweight, but the only way the rematch makes sense is it it happens at Heavyweight. DC is clearly at his best when he is fighting at Heavyweight and I want to see the best version of DC fighting Jon Jones.

  77. Joshua Herrera

    Joshua HerreraBulan Yang lalu

    mad respect


    #TEAM TRUMPBulan Yang lalu

    Yea we know the NAgger cheat congrats

  79. Sean

    SeanBulan Yang lalu

    10:08 Jones finally admits to being scared of DC.

  80. Alexander C. M

    Alexander C. MBulan Yang lalu

    Jones’ guile and cunning is on another level the UFC ain’t never seen. He’s weaponized honesty to lure DC into a bad matchup for the 3rd time at LHW. I appreciate the respect from Jones to DV but he’s simultaneously igging DC on as well! Savage Jon! Savage.

  81. Roodles Poodles

    Roodles PoodlesBulan Yang lalu

    Such calm, charming, witty guy in interviews. Hard to believe he has such demons.

  82. G Mail

    G MailBulan Yang lalu

    Once a cheater, always a cheater.

  83. Fort fish

    Fort fishBulan Yang lalu

    When DC retires he'll go to Heavyweight, mark my words.

  84. Blue The goat

    Blue The goatBulan Yang lalu

    Jon Jones is always lying about his weight when bisbing ask him how come he doesn't fight Cormier at heavyweight and Jon replied because I only walk around 225 and that was right before the Anthony Smith fight he's just doesn't want to fight a heavyweight simple I've always knew that Jon was walking around 230-240 but then he tells Bisping he walks around 225 cuz Michael called him out on his bullshit

  85. People Before Party

    People Before PartyBulan Yang lalu

    5:24 🤣 his Kawhi moment

  86. Ahmed Hussein

    Ahmed HusseinBulan Yang lalu

    Jones and dc r best fighters n ufc so far,

  87. kill destroy

    kill destroyBulan Yang lalu

    Did he just accidentally reveal rumble is coming back? 👀

  88. -Scorpionox -

    -Scorpionox -Bulan Yang lalu

    This was a great interview. Very personable...

  89. minecraftliberal2009

    minecraftliberal2009Bulan Yang lalu

    "Not gonna give him the weight advantage" Uses a steroid advantage LUL

  90. Anti.herΩ V

    Anti.herΩ VBulan Yang lalu

    Jon Jones acting all emotional. Sociopath's end game.

  91. Christian Derrer

    Christian DerrerBulan Yang lalu

    he rarely does interviews like this. hard to say.

  92. Alan T

    Alan TBulan Yang lalu

    "Doing all the right picograns to perform at the highest level"


    IMMORTAL GAMING1990Bulan Yang lalu

    Jones knows he couldn't beat DC without the PEDs

  94. K S

    K SBulan Yang lalu


  95. Michael Dunn

    Michael DunnBulan Yang lalu

    didn't watch the video, but in response to the title: because He would shiz his pants if he had to fight DC at DC's natural weight without using any anabolic steroids. That would be like his 2 brothers making it to the NFL without steroids... A life of delusion, rationalization, entitlement, and favoritism.

  96. Ivan Georgiev

    Ivan GeorgievBulan Yang lalu

    Jon's trying to leverage a higher pay day for himself at HW, too bad Cormier ain't street smart enough to push for the same thing. The narrative DC can beat Jones at HW will sell more PPV, but also if Jones loses, they can possibly push for a rematch as well, aka even more money. That's def not possible if they fight at LW for a 3rd time. The whole size advantage Jones points out is utter BS. The guy just wants UFC to compensate him as he plays reluctant to move up. Jones himself was bragging about being 235-240 and DC's fat at 245. Let alone Jones' height, reach advantage, an opponent he has beat twice and also....Jones was willing to fight Brock. Why is Hardy so nice to not question this fool who's selling wolf tickets

  97. Steffan Burke

    Steffan BurkeBulan Yang lalu

    Jon Jones going up to heavyweight and fighting DC is like Khabib going up and fighting Robert Whitaker.. it would be easier for Whitaker to go down than for Khabib to go up.

  98. romanboi10

    romanboi10Bulan Yang lalu

    Somebody kick and break Jone Jones's skinny twig legs already like they did with Silva's skinny legs. Those twig legs are holding up a lot of weight. First person to exploit his legs in a fight will win.

  99. Brieyon Poinsette

    Brieyon PoinsetteBulan Yang lalu

    Definitely the GOAT

  100. Magical Frijoles

    Magical FrijolesBulan Yang lalu

    He has to prove more to himself. For instance, he has to prove he can pass a drug test.

  101. Magical Frijoles

    Magical FrijolesBulan Yang lalu

    The fight is also unlikely to happen because Dana and The Golden Snitch have to pay off USADA to say Jon's test levels are normal before DC retires.

  102. Randy Brown

    Randy BrownBulan Yang lalu