JOKER - Final Trailer - Now Playing In Theaters


  1. - StuNneR

    - StuNneR4 menit yang lalu


  2. Faith Grace

    Faith Grace6 menit yang lalu

    I used to hate joker but when i saw heath playing this character i just cant stop watching batman n whoever playing joker, i will watch it with no doubt. Heath dedicated his life to make sure a villain like joker a worth to watch n he just prove i after winning an awards

  3. Mia Azura Kiranti

    Mia Azura Kiranti6 menit yang lalu

    Nyari komenan warga +62

  4. Jack Macpherson

    Jack Macpherson12 menit yang lalu

    This movie is an instant cultural phenomenon.

  5. chinakidryan

    chinakidryan14 menit yang lalu

    Maybe Joker isn't a bad guy


    drTERRRORRR25 menit yang lalu


  7. Grigorios Mouratidis

    Grigorios Mouratidis26 menit yang lalu

    Watched already this masterpiece movie.

  8. Wicked Haunte

    Wicked Haunte28 menit yang lalu

    Acadamy award time baby Wow stellar transformation Phoenix

  9. Eden Imtiaz

    Eden Imtiaz31 menit yang lalu

    Haven't even seen that movie yet but I think that it'll be one of my favorite cuz a lot of people are comparing it to taxi driver

  10. Derek's Watch and Coin Reviews

    Derek's Watch and Coin Reviews32 menit yang lalu

    Way over rated film! Read on:I saw this movie my review keeping it real,it’s dark,disturbing about a boring guy dressed up as a clown,has no super powers or anything interesting.Nothing special at all.The dark knight is a lot better.Avoid.Dont waste your Money.

  11. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan21 menit yang lalu

    Boring guy? His name is Arthur fleck. He has a condition which causes him to laugh in in nervous situations. Society brings him down constantly, pushing him to the edge that he will one day cross. He tries to keep positive, but breaks loose in that subway. That is the moment he became the Joker. The clown prince of crime. He doesn't need fucking superpowers. He has himself. If you haven't already watched it, go fucking watch it.

  12. hadi hammad

    hadi hammad33 menit yang lalu

    winning the Oscar is no question i believe, his speech at that time is more important i think

  13. LoganOW

    LoganOW36 menit yang lalu

    Looks almost as good as the new batwoman series!

  14. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan20 menit yang lalu

    Batwoman is complete ass. Don't even compare.

  15. Mister Q

    Mister Q38 menit yang lalu

    can't lie this joker is pretty dope insane

  16. Yaver Khan

    Yaver Khan39 menit yang lalu

    for me oscar winner

  17. allen scott

    allen scott41 menit yang lalu

    This movie was more than I could've ever dreamed it to be. Thank you

  18. Kiran Raghuwanshi

    Kiran Raghuwanshi44 menit yang lalu

    Joker : laugh at me We : no bt we cn cry for u!

  19. Осокин Юрий

    Осокин Юрий45 menit yang lalu

    До сих пор пересматриваешь ?

  20. Marco Polo

    Marco Polo57 menit yang lalu

    Hilda Gudnadotti music score takes this film to another place, sublime!

  21. North power

    North power59 menit yang lalu

    Every day i wanna hear this laugh.. Juaqiun y fuycked my brain.. He is amazing!

  22. christian santos

    christian santosJam Yang lalu

    This movie is really depressing and sad, yet it shows the real world, a world that A good person would turn out doing bad things because of how disturbing the world is. I am feeling Mr. Phoenix's acting, really gave me goosbumps.

  23. 결명자

    결명자Jam Yang lalu

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh jokkekr inside i nmy heaaaaaaaaaaaaad i'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfuckin serious

  24. Eden Imtiaz

    Eden ImtiazJam Yang lalu

    Loner guy who goes crazy because of society. Story of my life...

  25. KThos

    KThosJam Yang lalu

    bad movie

  26. Rajan Mohombi

    Rajan MohombiJam Yang lalu

    For those who have already seen the movie : Scenes at 1:15 & 1:23 weren't present in the movie.

  27. Wilfran Zacharias

    Wilfran ZachariasJam Yang lalu

    Just for y'all who care about anime. Cased out by the society as if they never mattered, Joker ends up being a villain while Naruto became a hero. Got traumatic by witnessing the murder of their own parents, Batman became a hero while Sasuke ends up being a villain.

  28. Ali Jafar Khan

    Ali Jafar KhanJam Yang lalu

    Just watched last night! What a performance by Joaquin, nailed it. Legend! #PutOnAHappyFace

  29. Real Madrid Until I die

    Real Madrid Until I dieJam Yang lalu

    I know a lot of kids gon be the joker this Halloween coming lmaoooo

  30. Ruhaan Sarkar

    Ruhaan SarkarJam Yang lalu

    Love from India

  31. Manpreet Singh

    Manpreet SinghJam Yang lalu

    I feel sadness when he laugh.. Most touching scenes of movie when Arthur laugh in pain

  32. luqman 123

    luqman 123Jam Yang lalu

    Whenever DC made a new movie. It is pretty bad, but if it’s good, damn don’t mess with DC.

  33. Jolene Mendoza

    Jolene MendozaJam Yang lalu

    I think people are addicted to it cause you can feel his pain. You can hear it and sense it. You can tell people abused his kindness and messed him up. You can see how society messed up every function. You can receive the message without it being told to you. Its such a great damn movie. And I cant get enough of it.

  34. pizza parker

    pizza parkerJam Yang lalu

    This film told us the viewer that everyone is a clown.

  35. pizza parker

    pizza parkerJam Yang lalu

    I think this film sums up what our reality has turned into.

  36. Al Azeef

    Al AzeefJam Yang lalu

    The movie in short is “ Accumulation of insults, frustrations and disappointments could cause violence Psychological state or schizophrenia “

  37. pizza parker

    pizza parkerJam Yang lalu

    when I watched Arthur go through pain through the entire film, I didn't see Arthur, I saw me.

  38. Wayne Tubog

    Wayne TubogJam Yang lalu

    one word... S O C I E T Y

  39. Fatima Karnib

    Fatima Karnib2 jam yang lalu

    i watched this at the cenimas and i can tottaly say that u guys who havnt watched it yet arent ready for what about to hit u😍😍😍😍😍

  40. Professor Ahmad Azban

    Professor Ahmad Azban2 jam yang lalu

    Knock knock Joker: who is there ? Oscar: it is me

  41. Marcus_s

    Marcus_s2 jam yang lalu

    Avengers: Endgame or Joker??

  42. Crazy kid

    Crazy kid15 menit yang lalu

    Avengers endgame

  43. Kartavya Yadav

    Kartavya Yadav2 jam yang lalu

    The one movie I'd never pirate in my whole life.

  44. Doug Clement

    Doug Clement2 jam yang lalu

    If someone could give Nolan a call and have a proper conclusion to his Batman films with JP replacing Ledger...Let's call it The Dark Knight: Return of The Joker, I would be one happy nerd XD

  45. Yassine istanbul

    Yassine istanbul2 jam yang lalu

    i never been exited to watch a movie more thanthan a joker

  46. Doug Clement

    Doug Clement2 jam yang lalu

    This movie is disturbing and oh so good

  47. flyvon fernandes

    flyvon fernandes2 jam yang lalu

    Joker is not a villain, He is actually the real hero

  48. Almighty Egglord

    Almighty Egglord2 jam yang lalu

    Get a load of this clown

  49. Dio

    Dio2 jam yang lalu

    This movie was great

  50. Konstantina sama

    Konstantina sama2 jam yang lalu

    I wanna see this so bad

  51. Jojo 317

    Jojo 3172 jam yang lalu

    I just wasted almost 2 hours in my life watching a nonsense movie! #joker

  52. flower power

    flower powerJam Yang lalu

    Oh, God you are so right. Such a boring movie. You guess from the first minutes he will kill his abusers then his mother, his neighbor, so on. Something tells me people who are "touched" by this movie or want to see it again, have some real problems. People like Joker live among us, there are so many out there but luckily they don't go as far as to kill. But these "touched" ones were to blind to see them. Good thing this movie was done. It just woke them up. For a while.

  53. Bookof Nahum

    Bookof Nahum2 jam yang lalu

    Absolutely brilliant acting

  54. DanielKINGZ gaming

    DanielKINGZ gaming3 jam yang lalu

    So joker girlfriend in the future going to be a harley quinn

  55. gulapanatic

    gulapanatic3 jam yang lalu

    Joker killed Murray Franklin because he made fun of him Joker started a criminal movement Someone in Joker’s movement killed Wayne’s parents Joker is adopted

  56. Yacine Tolba

    Yacine Tolba3 jam yang lalu

    If I had the right to give the Oscars .. i'll give Joaquin Phoenix Oscar on this scene 1:56 .. Wonderful .. See how he changed the tone of his voice to show that he turned to the Joker

  57. love Forever fashion

    love Forever fashion3 jam yang lalu

    67m. Views wow. The part where he said he wanted to be a comedian howerever mentioned he was laughed at by peers and then says no one is laughing now. Made me a couple of things. Emotional and just funny 😂😂👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  58. aikenforjeff

    aikenforjeff3 jam yang lalu

    Watched this AFTER seeing the movie. Best trailer ever. It offers absolutely nothing about the movie. No spoilers.

  59. Common sense

    Common sense3 jam yang lalu

    I heard something controversial about this movie, that it triggered schizophrenia in some sound minded people...? Is it true?

  60. gaming Work

    gaming WorkJam Yang lalu

    It triggered the media and sjws

  61. Johnny Bhoy

    Johnny Bhoy3 jam yang lalu

    I feel Arthur's pain. I feel Joaquin's Pain. I feel Joker's pain. Joker is a Revolutionary who has been pushed to his limits by people and the film is a mirror being held up to all of you. So look at yourselves, take a step back and look around at the society we live in... its not my society... nobody is born miserable... they are made miserable...each time they keep getting back up after getting knocked down for the billionth time, they getted knocked down again and its a neverending torment. This film is a well deserved violent punch to the face for those who contribute to the shitshow we call "Normal", undoubtedly everyone of you who have seen this film cannot stop thinking about it. You can only Push someone around enough times before they unexpectedly bite back tbree times as hard and change either for better or worse. This film is a wakeup call. Thank you Joker

  62. Chris_Uchiha95

    Chris_Uchiha953 jam yang lalu

    This is DC I’d like to see

  63. V Jax

    V Jax4 jam yang lalu

    Uquer as as clockwork orange

  64. Raji abey

    Raji abey4 jam yang lalu

    still the worst and overrated characters in comics

  65. GaVuNiDuSH

    GaVuNiDuSH4 jam yang lalu

    Every gunshot Joker pulled, felt very real.