Johnny Sexton - World Rugby Player of the Year 2018


  1. luca shaw-cahungo

    luca shaw-cahungoBulan Yang lalu

    the music is woeful

  2. luca shaw-cahungo

    luca shaw-cahungoBulan Yang lalu

    terrible choice of music it's awful

  3. Ronan Ryan

    Ronan Ryan7 bulan yang lalu

    Grateful player

  4. Damian Laundry

    Damian Laundry9 bulan yang lalu

    Really, this guy? Ireland will choke like usual at the world cup under sexton

  5. Conn O'Gorman

    Conn O'Gorman9 bulan yang lalu

    I mean Sexton has never actually started a World Cup knockout game but don't let that put you off your nonsense.

  6. penkop2012

    penkop201210 bulan yang lalu

    well, just shows that every now and then a shit player can get the prize, just look at yesterdays game against England. Faf de Klerk deserved that honour.

  7. gamer uk1989

    gamer uk198910 bulan yang lalu

    my second team due to heritage but england first

  8. stephen sheridan

    stephen sheridan11 bulan yang lalu

    Runed by the crap music....

  9. Paul Bergin

    Paul Bergin11 bulan yang lalu

    the man is a class act.

  10. Gk

    GkTahun Yang lalu

    I think that Pollard should have been nominated as one.

  11. Luca Leopoldo

    Luca LeopoldoTahun Yang lalu

    Like the Joe cokanasiga one

  12. Luca Leopoldo

    Luca LeopoldoTahun Yang lalu

    Can you stop making some of your videos private please!

  13. BRUGBY

    BRUGBYTahun Yang lalu

    IDreporter has blocked the three videos, but other videos on IDreporter have thrown the complaint... Most likely there will be no more video about the players from English Premiership(

  14. Alan Jones

    Alan JonesTahun Yang lalu

    Was he even the best Ireland player of 2018 tho?

  15. Enrique 1983

    Enrique 1983Tahun Yang lalu

    Simple decision, great kick, great pass, great tackle, but above all great brain, manages the team very well. The last World Championship we defeated Ireland without Sexton, with this player the story is different, definitely.

  16. kevin kelly

    kevin kellyBulan Yang lalu

    we had a brilliant cause of da great johnny

  17. Ben Armstrong

    Ben ArmstrongTahun Yang lalu

    I’m from Ireland and I still think that we’ll keep our curse and fuck up

  18. Alessio Vignoli

    Alessio VignoliTahun Yang lalu

    Barrett who?

  19. surge knight

    surge knightTahun Yang lalu

    Johnny sexton is totally awesome

  20. fish keeper

    fish keeperTahun Yang lalu

    Won everything he possibly could

  21. Orla Cullen

    Orla CullenTahun Yang lalu

    that inside ball 37 seconds

  22. Dark Web

    Dark WebTahun Yang lalu

    Jeez almost forgot johnny played with racing

  23. ballinacrossrose

    ballinacrossroseTahun Yang lalu

    Wonderful, best news ever so well deserved. Congratulations 👏👏👏👏👏👏.

  24. Davis Lion

    Davis LionTahun Yang lalu

    Un super joueur 👍☘️

  25. Flo colati

    Flo colatiTahun Yang lalu

    Congrats Johnny, well deserved. From an All Blacks fan..GBless.

  26. Jared van Rooyen

    Jared van RooyenTahun Yang lalu

    Literally the most underwhelming POTY I've ever seen.

  27. like2surf

    like2surf11 bulan yang lalu

    It's difficult to make a tribute to him, he's the on-field coach, he makes everything work, best example is the quaterback in American Football. You'd understand if you followed rugby.

  28. Combat Enthusiast

    Combat EnthusiastTahun Yang lalu

    Music is trash btw

  29. Combat Enthusiast

    Combat EnthusiastTahun Yang lalu

    You pumped this one out fast enough

  30. Ruan van den Heever

    Ruan van den HeeverTahun Yang lalu

    This is really sad that he won the WRPOTY. I understand that these are not all the highlights for the year, but you had to include all those goal kicks just to make up for time because there were so few actual highlights. I bet you can put all Barrett's tries for the year in a video and it would be twice as long as this one. I don't get how he won.

  31. Henrick Van Rooyen

    Henrick Van Rooyen10 bulan yang lalu

    @Be Jaysus that last point you lost the plot. Either ignorance or poor knowledge on your part. IDreporter has many videos of BB dictating play.

  32. Be Jaysus

    Be JaysusTahun Yang lalu

    Sexton can go forward with ball in hand. So can Barrett, does it very well, probably the best 10 in the world to run at opposition. Sexton can kick. Barrett can't. Sexton is class to defend. Barrett is good. Sexton pulls the strings of the team, he can read a game, read opposition & dictate a game. Barrett can't. Sexton is a much better 10.

  33. Lochlainn

    LochlainnTahun Yang lalu

    UFA KEFE as an Irish fan I'd happily concede that Barrett is the better player. However Sexton has been the better player this year, and that is what the award is for

  34. Aaron Keane

    Aaron KeaneTahun Yang lalu

    Phillyated20 Can be said about any winner in any sport

  35. Phillyated20

    Phillyated20Tahun Yang lalu

    @Aaron Keane the way people are listing all of those accolades when they apply to a fair few of the ireland squad.He is indeed a solid player but each other year the winners have been spectacular

  36. PCM 21

    PCM 21Tahun Yang lalu

    Best vid do ever

  37. Thomas McDevitt

    Thomas McDevittTahun Yang lalu

    Woeful music once again

  38. Michael Harrison

    Michael Harrison8 bulan yang lalu

    It really is dreadful

  39. SavageArfad

    SavageArfadTahun Yang lalu

    It amazing all these uploaders have such a wonderful taste in music.

  40. Claudio A

    Claudio ATahun Yang lalu

    Parabéns cara, você merece.

  41. Taniwha Man

    Taniwha ManTahun Yang lalu

    Boring highlights 😴

  42. We are the Champions

    We are the ChampionsTahun Yang lalu

    Because you don't know a shit about rugby

  43. BW1994

    BW1994Tahun Yang lalu

    My wold cup Predictions; Group Stage; A1- Ireland A2 - Scotland B1 - NZ B2 - SA C1 - England C2 - Argentina D1 - Wales D2 - Fiji Last 8 Ireland vs SA - Ireland Scotland vs NZ - NZ England vs Fiji - England Wales vs Argentina - Wales Semi Finals Wales vs Ireland - Ireland NZ vs England - NZ Final Ireland vs NZ - Ireland Really fancy Ireland to do it. Got the experience and quality .

  44. Dylan Ball

    Dylan BallBulan Yang lalu

  45. Atlas -

    Atlas -Bulan Yang lalu


  46. Tob

    Tob3 bulan yang lalu

    This comment aged terribly

  47. Morgan Dunn

    Morgan Dunn6 bulan yang lalu

    @John Smit no chance am I fucking English but do u seriously think u are going to win the world cup if you've either got nz or south Africa in the quarters?

  48. John Smit

    John Smit6 bulan yang lalu

    Well r u English Morgan dunn

  49. BW1994

    BW1994Tahun Yang lalu

    Fully deserved (although one could argue these awards are heavily in the favour of backs compared to front-row forwards so Furlong was unlucky to miss out). 2018 has clearly been the year of Ireland in Rugby. Would love to see them lift the world cup next year.

  50. surge knight

    surge knightTahun Yang lalu

    They might

  51. Combat Enthusiast

    Combat EnthusiastTahun Yang lalu

    They are definitely positionally biased. The likes of Sexton and Barrett can't do the immense things a lot of the top forwards can do and vice versa. Judging should be done with that in mind.

  52. BW1994

    BW1994Tahun Yang lalu

    Over the past 20 years some of the best players to ever play the game have come from Ireland and I've always said all they needed was a world class 10 to be challengers for the world cup and they've more than got that with Sexton. Imagine how many 6N's and world cups O'Dricscoll and co would've won if Sexton was playing at that time instead of the instead of the inconsistent mercurial O'Gara

  53. Patrick Sheehan

    Patrick SheehanTahun Yang lalu

    Ronan o gara was class 90% of the time what shit u talking

  54. jake tull

    jake tullTahun Yang lalu

    Your blaming world cup/6n losses on one player?

  55. Bram Brinkman

    Bram BrinkmanTahun Yang lalu

    Rieko Ioane will surely become player of the year in the nwxt view years

  56. We are the Champions

    We are the ChampionsTahun Yang lalu

    @Bram Brinkman Yes.....We both have good points so let's just leave it😂

  57. Bram Brinkman

    Bram BrinkmanTahun Yang lalu

    SPORTING HIGHLIGHTS & NEWS yes you got a point there. But still try is try and his stats are amazing

  58. We are the Champions

    We are the ChampionsTahun Yang lalu

    IT IS GOOD STATS.....But the thing is he doesn't make his tries like Stockdale or Jordi Barrett.....His tries are given by Beauden Barrett

  59. We are the Champions

    We are the ChampionsTahun Yang lalu

    @Josiah Malaulau in 8 games yeah😂

  60. Josiah Malaulau

    Josiah MalaulauTahun Yang lalu

    Inconsistent? 11 tries this year from Reiko Ioane

  61. Br Bants

    Br BantsTahun Yang lalu

    The mvp of the world 🏉 let's not lie Ireland are the best in the world

  62. kevin kelly

    kevin kellyBulan Yang lalu

    ur a joke

  63. Dylan Ball

    Dylan BallBulan Yang lalu

  64. penkop2012

    penkop201210 bulan yang lalu

    LOL, really? did you watch yesterdays game? player of the year missing kicks and handing tries out to England.

  65. surge knight

    surge knightTahun Yang lalu

    @Phillyated20 yeah in SA, rugby union is basically now played in all sorts of schools not just private schools unlike in Australia and besides that, rugby union in SA doesn't have competition from rugby league unlike in Australia. I think the aussies need to stop snitching and concentrate on playing proper rugby. Lol

  66. Phillyated20

    Phillyated20Tahun Yang lalu

    @Br Bants as is the case in australia.Paarl boys destroyed napier boys this year

  67. Bram Brinkman

    Bram BrinkmanTahun Yang lalu

    @ BSPORTV RUGBY great video as always ;)

  68. Korol VIDEO

    Korol VIDEOTahun Yang lalu

    100k+! Great player!

  69. ramunas reika

    ramunas reikaTahun Yang lalu