John Travolt-Off with John Travolta


  1. riskybizness00

    riskybizness0014 jam yang lalu

    Omg. He will always have it! I still love John Travolta today as much as I did as a young teen in the 70's!

  2. Emma Harper

    Emma Harper16 jam yang lalu

    John looks like a knock off version of Obadiah Stane. 😂😂😂 No offense, just calling it like I see it.

  3. Netti C

    Netti CHari Yang lalu

    Yes you are so handsome John. The older the better right?

  4. Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling

    Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling2 hari yang lalu

    wow that Travolta impression was spot on. and to do it next to the real Travolta was bold

  5. Barry Richman

    Barry Richman2 hari yang lalu

    He’s bald as an eagle ?

  6. Mercury KT

    Mercury KT2 hari yang lalu

    Random? Lol there is no frigging way that number generator is random

  7. Ramona Taber

    Ramona Taber2 hari yang lalu

    John Travolta, still gorgeous and talented...He looks wonderful!

  8. Ser ka

    Ser ka3 hari yang lalu

    John looks great

  9. Jade Sahin

    Jade Sahin3 hari yang lalu

    He still has that leg movement

  10. Crni Covek

    Crni Covek3 hari yang lalu

    Why would anyone watch this?

  11. WICTOR cv

    WICTOR cv4 hari yang lalu

    Travolta should never wear his ugly wigs No more. He Looks good bald

  12. C.JoyceB.

    C.JoyceB.4 hari yang lalu

    I always loved John Travolta, since welcome back Kotter! You look great.

  13. bored boo

    bored boo4 hari yang lalu

    John Travolta you are the best and very handsome. We love you and God bless you always.


    DREAM WOMEN4 hari yang lalu

    He looks like el senor de los cielos the novela on telemundo

  15. Layla Reeves

    Layla Reeves5 hari yang lalu

    John Travolta embracing his roots is the best thing I’ve watched in forever.

  16. Daniel Ger***

    Daniel Ger***5 hari yang lalu

    @JohnTravolta Where is Shelly Miscavige?

  17. Daniel Ger***

    Daniel Ger***6 hari yang lalu

    Is he still in Scientology?

  18. Diana Baez

    Diana Baez6 hari yang lalu

    OMG! John looks so good.

  19. Harmehak tuli

    Harmehak tuli6 hari yang lalu

    he really channeled Dany zuko

  20. wnerk o

    wnerk o7 hari yang lalu

    he hits it.he hits my hair

  21. Lei Arnaz

    Lei Arnaz8 hari yang lalu

    He's hot asf bald. Wow

  22. Reddog5546

    Reddog55468 hari yang lalu

    Shitty Scientologist. No respect for this guy whatsoever. Tom cruise is probably jacking it to this.

  23. Kristina Uballe

    Kristina Uballe8 hari yang lalu

    Of course he's the winner he's John Travolta he ages well

  24. きゅうマヨ

    きゅうマヨ9 hari yang lalu

    ジョントラボルタさん 元ダンサーだけあってさまになってますね

  25. Diego Fuentes

    Diego Fuentes9 hari yang lalu


  26. London Wells

    London Wells9 hari yang lalu

    Happy early 66th birthday to the talented and successful John Travolta!

  27. الزنبقت البيضاء

    الزنبقت البيضاء11 hari yang lalu

    هذا المذيع سمج...

  28. Rachel Wofford

    Rachel Wofford11 hari yang lalu

    Does anyone remember the VHS Travolta collection?! Saturday Night Fever, Urban Cowboy, and Grease. I watched it non stop as a kid. I love that he's acknowledged the baldness and going with it. Freaking love it!!

  29. Andy Taylor Merano

    Andy Taylor Merano12 hari yang lalu

    The Nic Cage part was fantastic.

  30. Piao Jiang

    Piao Jiang12 hari yang lalu

    Jimmy is not with the beat.....LOL

  31. Jeff Barksdale

    Jeff Barksdale13 hari yang lalu

    These comments prove the sheep are real !!

  32. ɓεlεɾσƒσɳ 99

    ɓεlεɾσƒσɳ 9914 hari yang lalu

    Travolta, Colombia LOVES YOU MAN 😘😘😘

  33. susan sweeney

    susan sweeney15 hari yang lalu

    Pilot license, highly intelligent, looks great despite all the trauma. My Aunt was in spain , she said he took lessons for dance in Saturday Night Fever, took 7 months learn! But everyone knows John is a perfectionist

  34. Morgan Hamilton

    Morgan Hamilton15 hari yang lalu

    I was hoping he would get Edna from hairspray haha

  35. Lorenza Ramirez

    Lorenza Ramirez16 hari yang lalu

    This was fun to watch. 😎

  36. Elba Ponce

    Elba Ponce16 hari yang lalu

    Es Amoroso

  37. Anthony Kence

    Anthony Kence24 hari yang lalu

    Put your toupee back on.

  38. Alan M

    Alan M27 hari yang lalu

    Classic John is a legend he's still got it LOL

  39. Luke

    LukeBulan Yang lalu

    I don't think that button actually does anything...

  40. Puksin Dheep

    Puksin DheepBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine starting a trend with your hair and having the best hair in history of cinema and still ROCKING the bald head.

  41. Nelly Milagros Huaman

    Nelly Milagros HuamanBulan Yang lalu

    John Travolta is still amazing! ❤️👌

  42. George

    GeorgeBulan Yang lalu

    This is so dumb. Everything on this show is done so Jimmy Fallon can show off Jimmy Fallon. I miss the days of Johnny Carson.

  43. Javier Yg

    Javier YgBulan Yang lalu

    He still got those movesss!!!

  44. Fernelly Sarria

    Fernelly SarriaBulan Yang lalu

    He Looks great

  45. Sandra Ramirez

    Sandra RamirezBulan Yang lalu

    His voice it's like when he was on Saturday Night Fever

  46. Ryan Baron86

    Ryan Baron86Bulan Yang lalu

    Travolta is looking good!!!

  47. TLC Lady

    TLC LadyBulan Yang lalu

    Lmfao!!!😂😂😂 I love it!!! John Travolta still got the moves!❤️❤️❤️

  48. Stephanie Ann

    Stephanie AnnBulan Yang lalu

    Why does John sometimes have a full head of hair and sometimes not

  49. suzySRVgirl4ever

    suzySRVgirl4ever20 hari yang lalu

    Stephanie Ann he had to shave it for a movie and his wife Kelly Preston liked it so much he keeps it that way! They said everyone else loved it too, but I kinda like him better with hair!

  50. TimeLord Victorious

    TimeLord VictoriousBulan Yang lalu

    Hey mamma welcome to the sixties 🥰


    DIY/LETS CREATEBulan Yang lalu

    John FINE bald!!!!!

  52. shepresoj drite

    shepresoj driteBulan Yang lalu

    Travolta, cada día más, excelente bailarín.

  53. Maky

    MakyBulan Yang lalu

    wish they had just let John Travolta do all the John Travolta : P

  54. Gladiator_ Hulk2017

    Gladiator_ Hulk2017Bulan Yang lalu

    Do this with Samuel L. Jackson!

  55. suzySRVgirl4ever

    suzySRVgirl4ever20 hari yang lalu

    Gladiator_ Hulk2017 they would have to bleep his language out a lot!!!

  56. tranche2pain

    tranche2painBulan Yang lalu

    How u do that ? Wow how u do that ?? Rehearsal.

  57. Michael Stratton

    Michael StrattonBulan Yang lalu

    Rockin and rollin, and what not

  58. polojackson21

    polojackson21Bulan Yang lalu

    So sexy he looks!!!! DILF

  59. Debbie Hennessy

    Debbie HennessyBulan Yang lalu

    Travolta kills it

  60. Esselmania

    EsselmaniaBulan Yang lalu

    Damn I wanted him to start singing sandy

  61. Jaboi

    JaboiBulan Yang lalu

    Royale wit cheese

  62. john johnson

    john johnsonBulan Yang lalu

    John can't be, " 65 " years old .. now way.. does he age? wow