JOGJA / Yogyakarta Travel Guide + Attractions Map


  1. Marina Wanderlust

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    JOGJA / Yogyakarta, Indonesia timecode: 00:20 Prambanan temple / Rara Jonggrang 00:37 Malioboro Street 00:51 Jl. Tentara Pelajar 01:00 Public Transport / Bus Stop 01:22 Hotel Neo Malioboro 01:32 Mount Merapi 01:36 Borobudur temple / Barabudur 01:41 Batik Production

  2. Leesree Subbi

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    00:20 is Candi Sewu, within the Prambanan complex.

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    K.A. Sharmella5 bulan yang lalu

    i have never been to Indonesia.

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    Amazingly - great presentation - thank you!

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    good..sub baxk please

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    love this one

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    Awesome video! What a beautiful place is Yogyakarta , did you already watched our video about Borobudur & Yogyakarta;

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    Thank you Mount Merapi for covering me in volcanic ash in 2010😃 Made my backpacking adventure all the more interesting! Selam dari negara Bosnia.

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    wow nice video! keep it up! well presented jogja

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    Ke jojga cma ke borobudur&museum doang,nyesel nek mono maneh tak jajal kabeh tmp wisatane👍

  12. Irul Maralewa

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    Yogyakarta was really beautiful.We were there last year in 2017. Irul organize our itinerary for few days. Here is the itinerary we followed. I found his website TOUR ITINERARY 04:00 - 05:00 : Pick-up at your hotel in Yogyakarta or another meeting point around the City. Then heading to Kaliadem Village. 05:00 - 08:00 : After get the 4×4 jeep and enjoy Beautiful sunrise next to the slopes of Mount Merapi. 08:00 - 13:00 : Visit Borobudur Temple as a world’s biggest Budhist temple. 13:00 - 14:00 : Visit two small Buddish Temples (Pawon Temple and Mendut Temple), also Luwak coffee. 14:00 - 15:00 : Then have Indonesian buffet lunch at local restaurant. 15:00 - 17:00 : Arrive in hotel at Yogyakarta ( Free program ).

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    Awesome video! So zen! I look forward to shoot Yogyakarta too!

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    How far is borubudur to prambanan?

  15. Vlogventures Mark at si Lou

    Vlogventures Mark at si Lou2 tahun yang lalu

    Where do we get combine ticket for borubodur and prambanan

  16. Marina Wanderlust

    Marina Wanderlust2 tahun yang lalu

    Great plan :) It's the really interesting place!

  17. Vlogventures Mark at si Lou

    Vlogventures Mark at si Lou2 tahun yang lalu

    We are changing our plan instead of staying in jkarta we will stay in yogyakarta

  18. Marina Wanderlust

    Marina Wanderlust2 tahun yang lalu

    It is a two-hour drive

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    Awesome video! Here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to detect this style of content. We produce Travel & Food videos as well, world-wide, so we are always seeking inspirations and concepts. Thank You.

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    Thanks for your kind words :)

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    yogyakarta selalu menarik untuk di kunjungi mulai dari wisata alam, wisata budaya, kuliner dll melihat dari sisi keindahan bagian utara jogja mejulang tinggi indahnya gunung merapi dan merbabu dari sesi kejauhan, sedang bagian wilayah timur terdapat deretan candi-candi megah seperti candi prambanan, kalasan, candi ijo, jandi plaosan dan masih banyak lagi, disisi selatan di pagari oleh deretan pantai laut selatan jogja yang pesonanya selalu memikat hati pengunjung bagi anda yang penasara dengan wisata jogja kami siap membantu : sewa mobil jogja rental mobil lepas kunci atau + driver + tour gaet paket wisata jogja bisa disesukan dengan budget anda

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    Very cool video. Do you have a sample of the logo with the circle & map needle etc.? I would like to add this special effect in my video too. But I just don't know how to add those specials. I've already tried it Adobe After Effects, Photoshop. But it did't work out. Can you give some hints? Thank you so much!

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    Awesome!! Which editing program do you use? & for titles? Thanks

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    Globetrotter thanks! I've used Premiere Pro and After effect.


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    Bagus sekali saya suka intronya pakai aplikasi apa ngedit? suksez and subscribe balik, trims


    AM PRESENT2 tahun yang lalu

    kreatif salam kenal Marina Wanderlust

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    Marina Wanderlust2 tahun yang lalu

    Abdul Muiz Tulungagung thanks! I've used Premiere Pro and After effect.

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    it's a great video! nice! thank you so much share Yogyakarta to the world

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    jadi kangen YOGYA ,,,, Hallloow YOGYA. pie kabare ???

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    wisata dibandung

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    borobudur di magelang bukan di jogja

  32. Leesree Subbi

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    Great video, first temple shown though is Candi Sewu, not Candi Prambanan (within the same complex but two different temples).

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    What camera you used to make this video? so clear and awesome.

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    allessoster thanks! I've used the Samsung S7 Edge and GoPro HERO4 Session

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    great video!!! I was wondering what do you use for making this video? is it adobe premier?

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    Marina Wanderlust2 tahun yang lalu

    Rizqy Amalia thanks! I've used Premiere Pro and After effect.

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    International Sales2 tahun yang lalu

    Dear Marina. I'm leaving to Jogjakarta tomorrow. Ive been planning to visit borobudur, however i don't enjoy the crowd... I would love to visit the place with no one there just like in your video.. Could you share which day and time you visited Boro?

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    International Sales playengunungkidul

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    Borobudur di magelang bkan jogja

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    Bisa pas sepi ya

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    subscribe back.

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    how did you manage to get shots of yourself at borabudur and prambanan without any visitors in the background? was it just very early in the morning?

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    Awesome Video! 😊 keep doing! I'm now in Jogja and Borobudur was my favorite place so far it's mystical.

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    Wanna go there again . I miss yogya ❤️ beautiful vid btw .. 👌🏻

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    Your description is so informative and helpful, thank you so much!

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    fantastic and awesome video!

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    Malioboro is very good :V

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    OMG the opening is so WOW

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    Thnks marina for the video..this is my lovely country...saya cinta indonesia,saya cinta yogyakarta

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    I love for this video.maybe you can more explore in Yogyakarta because more beautiful place in Yogyakarta. ThankYou for this video,very inspired :)


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    Love your video! Definitely inspiring. Awesome!

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    Awesome Yogyakarta Vid, enjoyed every moment. Hope your journey will continues to other unseen places, if there are any

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    You are doing a great job by showing those people and temples, it is more realistic. Thanks for your Yogyakarta! Have you seen Merapi volcano?

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    No, unfortunately( but anything seems possible).

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    02:29 Yoguakarta?

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    Oops... It's the mistake, of course. Thank you for your attentiveness.

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    This is awesome!


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    Nice...Welcome Indonesian :)

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    Awesome video! i'm gonna be there on August. can't wait!

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    This is sublime, Marina!

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    Marina can I say one thing you look gorgeous my eyes is on you rather than locations. Any way nice video

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    Yes marina

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    I am pretty happy with what I saw of Yogyakarta, thanks for sharing it! I am going to watch Jeju again, I love it so much...

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    you are show the real live of Indonesian people! 💜😍💜

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    we all totally loved it!)

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    Marina Wanderlust your video is so nice and so clear. If i record by my camera phones, is not as clear as your video.

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    I’ve used two mobile phones Sony Xperia Z5 premium and Sony Xperia Z3 compact.

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    I totally get it! Beautiful vid! Jogja superb!

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    Awesome video! Yogyakarta is really an interesting city with a great heritage! Your Prambanan and Borobudur are tremendous! 💜 💚 💛 What is your preference place in Jogja?

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    Melany Smith try to visit KALI BIRU on SAMIGALUH vilage.

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    In general, it's a very interesting place. Borobudur and Prambanan temples are awesome!