Joe Rogan Experience #1414 - Mike Baker


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    Joe missed out on one of the greatest podcast guest for native Americans ever when Russell Means passed away. He would of been perfect for the show. RIP Russell Means.

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    This guy is a piece of dog shit. The cia hires these fuckers to do their dirty work. Ask him how many people he has killed.

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    Any chance that whoever sold those missiles had the codes to fire. Missiles were part of Iran deal.

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    2:00.00. Manned hypersonic flight has been done already. Decades ago in fact. The Rockwell X15 flew at mach 6.7 in the '60s. Neil Armstrong was a pilot.

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    Sure, USA aint no different from china or russia, ofc they act on their interest USA walked out on the kurds and let turkey go ona massacre and walked out on the nuclear treaty like cmon man

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    Saudi israeli relation to expand only after corona virus outbreak did they release that? NAzi Jews these people try to instate war then to say Iran is starting nuclear race so to stop them need to start war Black September how Alternatiff to what do they say it was Israel fault specifically personal fault of jewish one person? no one supports him look who is clapping when he talk that guy who looks like HULK green g i ant 1313 Bibi father looks liek Nazi this king will arrive “on a donkey foaled by a she-ass.” The idea was to alarm us that the Netanyahu-Barak duo take decisions “based on nothing but messianic intuitions” and should therefore be stopped in their tracks as they prepare a potential strike on Iran’s nuclear program. And to sting the two men personally - as if this pair of hopelessly secular Israelis somehow pretend to be each the Messiah himself - Diskin mentioned the one’s dwelling in a luxury tower and the other’s in posh Caesarea, choices which indeed would be unthinkable for the real Messiah. The Messiah suddenly returned to our headlines this week, after a conspicuous absence. “Raise a shout,” exclaimed former Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) chief Yuval Diskin, quoting from Zechariah (9:9), “Raise a shout, fair Jerusalem,” continued the Jewish version of J. Edgar Hoover, “your king is coming to you,” the ever-equipped secret agent read from a note that he pulled from the back pocket of his jeans, “victorious, triumphant, yet humble, riding on an ass,” In fact, the master agent could have carried his argument further, to Isaiah, who implied the Messiah will lack the kind of thick hair, perfect teeth, broad smile and bursting athleticism which image-makers routinely cultivate in modern politicians before marketing them to the impressionable masses. Moreover, “God’s servant” would be a modern campaign manager’s nightmare; he will look “so marred” that his appearance will be “unlike that of man” and “his form beyond human semblance” (52:14), and “lacking beauty and lacking elegance” he will be “despised” and “shunned by men,” and a man “familiar with disease” whose suffering will be as glaring as that of a person compelled to hide his face (53:2-3). So modest will be the man whose arrival will be so astonishing that people will ask each other “who can believe what we have heard?” referring to the leader whose authority will stem neither from rank nor from charm, but from “God’s arm” (53:1). And as encounters of the biblical sort go, two days after Diskin’s tirade Netanyahu’s father Benzion passed away, which brought to my mind his fascinating biography Don Isaac Abravanel: Statesman and Philosopher (Hebrew edition, 2005, Schocken), and its own take on Jewish messianism. ONE OF Spanish Jewry’s two main leaders at the time of the expulsion, Abravanel (1437- 1508) arguably experienced the expulsion more traumatically than any of its estimated 200,000 victims, as he was originally a royal treasurer who suddenly found himself negotiating on behalf of the Jews in a futile effort to foil the expulsion. With his colleague Abraham Senor choosing to convert, Abravanel took to the sea along with the rest of what then was the world’s richest, largest and most powerful Jewish community. Abravanel (1437- 1508) AB RAV A Neil? RFO Ju l y Annie? Jew lie? see he has insurance Distance from Barr ANN ou N ce re fo U r Ms? Kely Ann owns up she is married and fA cked Marrie D guy? did not interfered successful campaign cheating with any other hand what is she going to do when she takes sabarrical and talk all day long about she ll khUn chick? Abravanel thus embarked on a Wandering Jew’s voyage, spending his remaining 16 years in five different places between Corfu in the south and Venice in the north, and wondering throughout it all just what made the Jews suffer through such loss, humiliation and despair. As it were, he proved unable to consider the Jewish situation with the same political sobriety he displayed while advising kings and queens. Rather than think how to get the Jews to build armies, wield power and fight for their lives, rights, and honor the way he had seen the gentiles do throughout his illustrious political career, Abravanel sought in his traumas God’s fingerprints, and the Messiah’s footprints. Probing biblical, rabbinic and mystical sources, Abravanel predicted that Rome was about to initiate a major clash with Islam so that Christianity would retake Jerusalem, which it had lost more than three centuries earlier. The assault would start in Egypt and then proceed to the Land of Israel, an occurrence which he believed Jeremiah hinted when he wrote (4:16) that Notzrim - Jeremiah’s word for “keepers,” but ours for Christians and Abravanel’s for Romans - will “come from a far country and give out their voice against the cities of Judah.” Once Christianity has wrested Jerusalem it will turn it into its spiritual and political center, yet that reign will only last nine months, for then the Christians will suddenly face a terrible assault by the Ten Lost Tribes. As Netanyahu explains (p. 244), Abravanel had a psychological need to insert the Ten Tribes into his messianic plan because Spanish Jewry’s demise generated an impression that the Jewish nation had dwindled so severely that its end was imminent, and his prediction of an imminent clash between Rome and Islam was partly inspired by Christianity’s loss of Constantinople when Abravanel was 16. off tЭN Even so, this entire prediction’s relationship with reality, let alone statesmanship, was loose at best, as this was no political plan, but a religious fantasy, enhanced by Abravanel’s framing it in specific years, all based on complex textual analyses. The years to which he pointed, 1503-1531, during which the Jews’ Redemption was to begin and end, have long elapsed without any of his predictions materializing. BENZION NETANYAHU’s father, Nathan Milekovsky, to whom he dedicated Abravanel’s biography, was a rabbi, but Netanyahu himself was secular, and his mentor, Ze’ev Jabotinsky,

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    con queer UN? IN are they welcome gay marriages there? Zionists? polish bl a h D paul is h the israel con quering neighboring countries just like Germany?

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    blog thirsty polices pays certain peopel expenses such as "security" Bl a h D

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    see first 10 min how CIA think about string country I d not think Russia goes out of therir way analyses what country maybe doing better and stronger and tries to get in teh way

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    Moss is a butterflue It’s interesting to note that Moses doesn’t have the same flowing locks as Jesus does in Byzantine art, either. That’s because, according to Taylor, the Christian prophet probably hadn’t had hair that long. The expert explained that men alive during his time “rarely had long hair; it was considered either godly or girly. According to Taylor and the third century painting of Moses, though, Byzantine artists did get one detail right. Yes, the professor contended that Jesus probably did have a beard. She wrote on the American Schools of Oriental Research’s website, “As a kind of wandering sage, I think he would have had one, simply because he did not go to barbers. The beard had nothing to do with Jesus’ Jewish heritage, though. Taylor explained, “This was also the common appearance of a philosopher… He did not have a beard just because he was a Jew. A beard was not distinctive of Jews in antiquity.” Yet by the fifth or sixth century, beards became a known feature for Jewish men. And perhaps that’s where the association with Jesus, beards and Judaism came from, she sai All of this information makes sense of why Taylor saw the Moses painting from Dura Europos as the most accurate interpretation of the Son of God. And in her 2018 book, What Did Jesus Look Like?, she got even more specific - describing the prophet as having olive skin, brown eyes and dark-brown hair. Taylor also said in her book that Jesus likely measured in at about five feet, five inches tall, which was roughly the average height for a man in his era. Computer modeling by medical artist Richard Neave corroborated her statements, too. Indeed, he found that men in Jesus’ era usually had short stature, curly hair, brown eyes and olive skin. So the image that we have of Jesus is certainly artistically influenced - but there’s a good chance that he looked very different to what we’ve been conditioned to see Maternity week The Abravanel family (Hebrew: אברבנאל), also spelled as Abarbanel, Abrabanel, Avravanel, Barbernell, or Barbanel, literally meaning Ab (father) Rabban (priest) El (of God) is one of the oldest and most distinguished Jewish families. It first achieved prominence on the Iberian peninsula during the Middle Ages. Its members trace their origin to the biblical King David. Members of this family lived in Seville, Córdoba (Spanish province), Castile-Leon, and Calatayud. Seville is where its most prominent representative, Don Judah Abravanel, once dwelt. Don Judah Abravanel was treasurer and tax-collector under Sancho IV (1284-95) and Ferdinand IV (1295-1312). In 1310 he and other Jews guaranteed the loans made to the crown of Castile to finance the siege of Algeciras. It is probable that he was almoxarife ("collector of revenues") of Castile. Elmo like large boobs so much for pedophile? Don Judah Abravanel and his family later fled to Lisbon, Portugal, where they reverted to Judaism and filled important governmental posts.[1] His son, Judah (died 1471), was in the financial service of the infante Ferdinand of Portugal, who by his will (1437) ordered the repayment to him of the vast sum of 506,000 reis blancs. Later he was apparently in the service of the Duke of Braganza. His export business also brought him into trade relations with Flanders. He was father of Don Isaac *Abrabanel and grandfather of Judah Abrabanel Leone Ebreo and Samuel Abrabanel. Another eminent member of the family was Samuel of Seville, of whom Menahem b. Zerah wrote that he was "intelligent, loved wise men, befriended them, was good to them and was eager to study whenever the stress of time permitted." He had great influence at the court of Castile. In 1388 he served as royal treasurer in Andalusia. During the anti-Jewish riots of 1391 he was forcibly converted to Christianity under the name of Juan Sánchez (de Sevilla) and was appointed comptroller in Castile. It is thought that a passage in a poem in the Cancionero de Baena, attributed to Alfonso Álvarez de Villasandino, refers to him. Samuel Abravanel, Don Judah Abravanel's grandson, settled in Valencia, and Samuel's son, Judah (and perhaps Don Judah himself), left for Portugal. Isaac, the son of Judah, returned to Castile, where he lived until the time of the great expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492. Then, with his three sons, Judah, Joseph, and Samuel, Isaac went to Italy. Their descendants, as well as other members of the family who arrived later from the Iberian peninsula, have lived in the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Germany, Turkey, Greece and American continent since the sixteenth century. The high relative status of the family among the people of Iberia is indicated by a Ladino saying in Thessaloniki: "Ya basta mi nombre ke es Abravanel": "It is sufficient that my name is Abravanel". it is barber barbaneil cut hairs see they all receiver of suctions taxes so they government but they noble family and treasure education obviously not being vagabond The family name exists in the forms "Barbanel", "Voronel", and "Abraben" Boris Pasternak, the Russian 20th century author of Dr Zhivago, whose family claimed to be descended from Isaac Abravanel. Barr family? also Abrabyan? Armenian

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    Monica lewinsky did same thing just liek lot of women tried to see Michale bloomberg to get money and keep his sperm sold cloth as as ouveneer so they get rich and independent from oppression having to work they can take time away and talk about it all day insted But experts have more than just Byzantine art and medieval relics with which to put a face to Jesus’ name. Taylor, for one, wrote a book on the subject in 2018 called What Did Jesus Look Like? And it seems that the professor relied on artifacts such as ancient remains, historical documents and Egyptian funerary art to paint her own picture of the leader of the Christian faith. shepard was black totalitaryANN So Taylor contends that Jesus wore what everyone else in the first century BC would have had on. To understand fashion at that time, then, Taylor perused artwork featuring ancient Egyptian mummies. The professor figured that what the mummies donned in their portraits would have been representative of the entire region - including Jesus’ native Judaea Then Taylor realized that the mummies dressed much differently than how Jesus appears in the most popular images. In fact, the professor found that men in the prophet’s era would have worn simple, knee-length tunics. It seems that the shorter style allowed them to move quickly whenever necessary - while a long garment would have restricted them Taylor later told the American Schools of Oriental Research that Jesus’ wardrobe would have varied greatly from artistic renderings that have him in long-sleeved robes and mantles. She said, “Jesus wore normal clothing, unlike John the Baptist; John’s clothing was sufficiently unusual and Elijah-like to be mentioned… Of course, though, some people in Jesus’ era did wear robes similar to the ones in the popular artworks of him. But those people came from the era’s elite classes - a group to which Jesus didn’t belong. So, by that estimation, Jesus would have had on a tunic most days. Taylor thinks the tunic would also have had a few bands of color that stretched from the shoulder to the garment’s hem The main tunic fabric was probably not white, either, Taylor reckons. During Jesus’ time, it’s argued, someone would have had to bleach the material to make it the same shade as the robes seen in those famous paintings. Instead, Taylor claims, he would probably have worn undyed wool - and, in one way, the Bible confirms this. The book actually says that Jesus’ garb transforms to a glittering white color as he becomes an angel Garb? ?gabe?? Garbage why ? G A rb Yet one thing that artists are likely to have accurately portrayed, according to Taylor, is that Jesus probably did wear a mantle on top of his tunic. Not only that, but the mantle probably had a bit of color, too. But although art mostly features Christ in a blue-hued swathe of fabric, Taylor thinks that it could have also been red, green or even purple. The Bible’s description of Jesus’ crucifixion does seemingly confirm many of Taylor’s assertions, too. Namely, the verses tell of him as having worn a tunic and suggest that he likely had on two separate mantles. One of the mantles would almost certainly have been a cream-hued prayer shawl - a necessary accessory to wear leading up to his execution Taylor told the American Schools of Oriental Research, “There seems no reason to doubt that Jesus wore [a mantle]. Indications that [he] wore a regular mantle as well as [a prayer shawl mantle] are found not only at the crucifixion scene but also on another occasion: [In the Gospel of John], Jesus takes off his mantles… when he washes the feet of his disciples. Next, Taylor analyzed Jesus’ footwear. Archaeologists have, of course, found remnants of shoes made during the same era in which Jesus lived. In the first century, then, it seems that shoemakers would sew together pieces of leather to create sandals with straps. So the professor deduced that Jesus probably would have worn these type of open-toed shoes, too Perhaps more importantly, though, Taylor researched how Jesus looked physically. Once again, the expert pored over the portraits of mummies from the same era. The people featured there were of Greek and Egyptian descent. But Egypt had a sizeable Jewish population at the time - so ethnicities had mixed and begun to blur Was they trying to elect Biden?? death not perfect w huZ?? So Taylor contended in her article on the American Schools of Oriental Research website that the “realistic” portraits of mummies provide “the closest we have to photographs of the people of Jesus’ own time and place.” To envision the face of the Judaean prophet, then, we should actually be imagining someone who looks similar to these pictures. Taylor even found a later piece of artwork that she described as the “closest fit” to what Jesus would have looked like The piece that Taylor found resides within Dura Europos - a synagogue eponymous with the ancient city to which it once belonged. Inscriptions date the structure to 244 AD, and this makes it one of the oldest and most well-preserved of the world’s ancient synagogues. really synagogues talking Jesus? so they pretend is about Jesus ? Taylor added that inside there’s a piece of art that could help us paint a clearer picture of Jesus’ face Interestingly, this artwork from the third century isn’t supposed to be Jesus. In fact, it’s a portrait of Moses that bedecks Dura Europos. Yet Taylor explained, “The depiction of Moses on the walls of the synagogue… is probably the closest fit.” She added that it all has to do with the roles that both Moses and Jesus filled during their lifetimes Taylor wrote that the Moses artwork in the synagogue could hint at how Jesus looked “since it shows how a Jewish sage was imagined in the Greco-Roman world.” In the image, then, Moses has on an undyed tunic - which is precisely what Taylor said Jesus would have worn. Plus, Moses has on a prayer shawl - exactly what Jesus is said to have worn prior to the crucifixion

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    cia? isnt that counter intelligence?? or bullshit

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    its pretty fucking convenient that an elections are coming up and he decides to do it now after all these years and presidents that could have done it before, and if it was such a great idea why didn't he go thru congress or the proper channels....and who the fuck are you and why should anyone believe you??

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    Didn't we sort of have a false flag ( WMDs) to go into Iraq?

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    I love how assholes like this always seem to think that war is not a big deal. That nobody else will get involved and with overwhelming firepower and superiority it would not be a big deal. Oh, until it is a big deal, then they start talking about expending unlimited resources to win....

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    Why are we doing the bidding of Israel? Let them do their own dirty work

  18. Eddie A.

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    I call bullshit. Please have David Icke on your show

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    To be honest. Hearing from a former CIA guy saying some foreign leading figure (because he is a leading figure, literally the nr 2 guy in the entire country) is a terrorist, has done this and that which makes him a valid target makes me cringe. If this indeed should be the case how many people in the US political system, and CIA deserves a bullet to the head for all the shit they've done in the middle east and South America? It's such hypocrisy it's crazy. Fine, I get that the guy was a fucking asshole and are better of being dead, but killing him through assassination puts so many people at risk it's fucking crazy. And how the fuck can the US even make such a call on their own, or any other country for that matter, that this foreign leader or that foreign leader should get assassinated. Yes, he is responsible for US citizens life's but aren't there a bunch of Americans responsible for killing Iranians where that argument is just as valid. It's come to a point where the US honestly thinks it's the fucking world police and can do whatever the fuck they want if they think it's the "right call" not giving a fuck about the consequences or other nations take on the matter. Killing a foreign leader for political reasons is literally the definition of a terrorist attack. "The war on terrorism" will never end when you're literally the biggest fucking terrorist in the world. What fucking happened with diplomacy and people with brains actually working things out instead of some doofus with a bad haircut and no fucking sense of geopolitical issues making the shots. What pisses me of the most is that all these sanctions etc isn't doing shit to those in charge. They are still living in luxury while the real victims are the innocent people. The only reason the Iranian people would revolt now is because their country is going to shit because of lack of water, food etc not for a legit reason, like an idea/hope of a better life and/or hope for peace. After the revolt they will fucking hate the countries that sanctioned the shit out of them and we are back to square one.

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    Operation mockingbird infiltrates JRE. Seriously though, it used to be a given that you don't assassinate government officials representing a sovereign nation recognized by the United Nations. Doing so is an act of war. This should require involvement of allies and must require congressional approval. This has nothing to do with dems vs repubs and has everything to do with defending/ advancing the neo-liberal world view.

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    This guy is a disgusting war pig

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    Wow. A 2.5 hr commercial for Airsoft n chump.

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    this guy is so full of shit, trying to project the massive deaths caused by the US invasion of Iraq onto Soleimani, pretending that it is Iran instead of Saudi Arabia that is the true world sponsor of terror, and conflating the military actions of a soldier with terrorism. The US caused far more civilian deaths than Soleimani ever could. US forces were caught on film shooting ccivilian first responders to the wounded, and this was asserted as "standard operating procedure" demonstrating it was done according the US rules of engagement. The guy DID kill civilians, but so did Bush and Netanyaho, and I am pretty sure we would object to a missile strike killing them at LAX. The Iranian regime is no more brutal than our "friends" in Saudi Arabia. He is talking such shit, the same nonsense that got us into the Iraq nightmare. The right approach was trading Iran guarantees of sovereignty for abandoning their nuclear ambitions. Killing their leaders while they are on peace missions trying to promote regional stability is absolutely idiotic.


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    You need to get Jason Momoa on 👍

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    Joe is a f****** dumbass commander-in-chief look up the term, dude.

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    the guards got paid and did it tbh imagine being a guard and someone offers you several million you would do it too!

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    He got all that money from these people "investing" with him. They did this investing even though if you look at his background before these elites starting to "invest" with him there is nothing to suggest why they would give him all this money. Unless …

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    29:45 I don't mind hearing about his personal life 🤷‍♂️cuz he is an interesting guy and when you have two and a 1/2 hours of conversation you don't want one topic the entire time🤷‍♂️🤣😂💯 and pleasant it died it's only natural to brag about your kid especially when they are naturally good shot LOL🤷‍♂️💯👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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    OK, Joe is going into dopeyville now. Al-Baghdadi met John McCain and other Americans. He was a US/Israeli creation just like ISIS was created to fight the Syrians, AND the Shia in Iraq. We were surging in Western Iraq to fight the central govt, and then a year later, ISIS just comes out of nowhere. Pure bullshit, Joe, but of course, you can't face the reality on 911 either. You gotta toe the corporate line. Baghdadi is prob still alive, just like Epstein, ID washed by Israel. You don't see the Israeli-owned media say a lot about Israeli-led policies? Wow, deep statement of the obvious there, obfuscator! Do you actually believe this bullshit coming our of your mouth? Oh yeah, no one wants a military conflict. Hey, Joe, better update this episode with the coverup of our soldiers getting injured by the supposedly harmless attack. Add in more bullshit about Russians taking down that airplane when it was our Ukrainian proxies who took it down. Jesus, talk about low info insider. So Dick Cheney isn't a psychopathic, bloodthirsty douchebag who has murdered thousands of innocent people? Every US president kills thousands of people overseas. Meanwhile the US Army is supporting the real terror regime in the world - the Saudis. Seems like these rah rah dudes can never look in the mirror. I'm done after 15 minutes. This is like watching CBS, and being told it's 'special information'.

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    9:40 - Joe, Article II Powers in the US Constitution establish a Cabinet hierarchy for the President to provide advice and consent on matters of state so the President can give orders to his department heads based on their information. That, and being the a Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, is what enables him to, among other things, give a kill order on a genocidal terrorist like Soleimani, and you know this, bro.

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    Well he was saying he didnt expect it from Trump the man. He wasnt talking about the powers of the president.

  32. Grant Crowe

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    Iranian = e-rain-e-n

  33. Trondyne

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    This guy is a shit eating lying POS ...

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    Fuck this cunt is boring.

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    Cliff high please

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    i dislike trump but hes done a lot for veterans and veterans programs in the past 3 years

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    I’m shocked that coronavirus was not mentioned... or maybe I missed it and it only lasted like a minute?

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    Nick Taught at my martial arts school, Never new him, but was a hugely positive guy in the community. Rest in Peace

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    Always a Great guest ! Everything he said is spot on

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    Finally another good interview not the hollywood ideologies

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    For a country that kills thousands of civilians every year across the Middle East and Africa in greed fueled wars, you people have quite a morale to call other people murderes...

  42. cooper

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    1 night. We heard that with Iraq. Afghanistan. 19 years later, still killing our troops. I believe “harms way” May be more detrimental to the deaths of Americans than the original attack by now. Did we order a three for? Regimes that pay citizenry typically do not rise up. Remember our intelligence was preoccupied tearing down hippys and anti capitalistic speech. Nobody thinks Iran killed JFK. The CIA literally is the paid for military to feed corporations. Politicians and billionaires whine about tax rates being too high. Question: then why are they here? The CIA and a beckon call military concierge is why.

  43. cooper

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    He doesn’t know where to start. Scratches right side of face. CIA is trained to lie more than truth. Take this episode w a grain of salt. How many times has intelligence or former sat on CNN, the trusted news source and pushed more war.

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    A few minutes in....lying already...

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    A kid was just born to a poor family who's bread winner was just laid from his packing job at the warehouse, because they revolutionized mechanized packing. But yeah, we shouldn't asked for radical governmental change that could level the playing field, its not fair to wealthy people who earned the right to not have to worry about how he's going to feed his son.

  46. Javier Perez

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    I wonder if this guy would be ok with assassination of Americans since he cares so much about the Yemeni people.

  47. Dianne Lo

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    He’s here to steer.

  48. CaptainsDen

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    Sure Bernie’s been consistent he’s been a consistent communist all his fucking life. I’m just amazed how anybody in their right mind would want that kind of person to be president of United States.

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    Love Mike Baker....he's all information without any political bias. You can disagree with his conclusions, but he's not a cheerleader for Republicans or Democrats.

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    Most comforting thing i have watched in a long time.

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    What a psychopat. You killed millions in last 20 years and this guy was "bad" ?

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    You people understand Mike Baker is lying from start to finish even about his family even about his stories with his family. Wake up.

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    🤫🤫🤫🤏🏼 about Idaho keep these fucktards out of the state!

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    Oh parts of this did not age well.

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    I want to know what makes people think that if you *can* be a whistleblower, why you should. Everyone doesn't want what comes with that life (which may include death). I don't think you're a selfish individual for not wanting to be one either. Someone give me some insight.

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    what is this neocon bull$?!

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    I hear coke nose

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    1:09:00 spook trying to make us give him access to our phones ? NIET COMRADE

  59. shodanxx

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    8:05 "protests due to the leadership driving the economy into the toilet" Oh yes, you mean the sanction from USA and the deal they reneged on ? Joe, get that liar out of here

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  61. Corvo Attano

    Corvo Attano7 hari yang lalu

    so are we xD we had to invoke the war powers act to get us to stop which then trump vetoed xD like maybe include that soleimani aint the only one doin some shady shit xD

  62. shodanxx

    shodanxx7 hari yang lalu

    2:14 let me stop you right there Bob, but America is the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world, with Russia number two. I think you need a solid case of getting your head out of your ass.

  63. Push the big Poo

    Push the big Poo7 hari yang lalu

    100 percent lies, Joe don't have shitbags like him on your exelent show

  64. IRISH

    IRISH7 hari yang lalu

    Call him a racist fuck it look wat hes done

  65. IRISH

    IRISH7 hari yang lalu

    More jobs lower taxes i mean come the fuck on i rather a racist before the scumbag bankers that crippled the wourld and the american senate bailed them out not only bailed them them out those wankers got a fucking bonus REALLY AND NOTHING DONE

  66. IRISH

    IRISH7 hari yang lalu

    Im from ireland and u cant cope on he was told to do this if it wasnt sanctioned he be dead before the parking lot all to promot trump which i believe has turned america around

  67. Dormant Logos

    Dormant Logos7 hari yang lalu

    Even Mike Baker pronounces Huawei properly, while Joe “I’m a fucking moron” Rogan still says Wa Way. It’s Hua Wei, the H is not fucking silent you fuck head.

  68. Sherri HGW

    Sherri HGW7 hari yang lalu

    1:38:48 lol omg your funny

  69. Sherri HGW

    Sherri HGW7 hari yang lalu

    29:54 Joe Rogan lol I'm done haha you so funny I love seeing your show