Joe Rogan Experience #1409 - Joey Diaz


  1. Jason Maze

    Jason Maze2 jam yang lalu

    Weird to hear Joe compare a single discipline style of martial arts to UFC proving its ineffective. I would think most single disciplines are like that now, as shown way back in the early days of UFC. The UFC discipline has almost become its own style, win at all costs when the game plan goes out the window.

  2. Cylar Skinner

    Cylar Skinner3 jam yang lalu

    When Joey starts that mumbling bullshit if you're just listening and doing something else you cant here the dude

  3. AndyMikeRust AndyMikeRust

    AndyMikeRust AndyMikeRust4 jam yang lalu

    Joe rogan at 29:59 lmao

  4. Mik Wakefield

    Mik Wakefield8 jam yang lalu

    Uncle Joey, I'm sure you were born in England. Only a savage like you belongs with us. Here's why you belong with us, you fucking animal.

  5. Jesus Martinez

    Jesus Martinez8 jam yang lalu

    Big ol bullshitter Joey Diaz

  6. Taylor Kimpton

    Taylor Kimpton8 jam yang lalu

    The magic bullet is a magic trick. People can't catch bullets in their teeth. It's a trick. They are really good at it, but it's NOT REAL. Please don't try to catch a bullet.

  7. Crazy Times

    Crazy Times13 jam yang lalu

    Look at the back end of that fuckin vehicle man!😂

  8. dylan harkin

    dylan harkin14 jam yang lalu

    Feel like joey is whispering dark secrets to me

  9. Digable_ Celestial_Dwarfs

    Digable_ Celestial_Dwarfs15 jam yang lalu

    Watching these two trying to talk cars hurts me deep in my bones

  10. Mel aronie

    Mel aronie15 jam yang lalu

    All I need is to listen to Joey Diaz in my toughest days and it instantly brings a smile to my face.

  11. Daniel Lamas

    Daniel Lamas16 jam yang lalu

    Boxer engine

  12. thebirthdayskeleton

    thebirthdayskeleton17 jam yang lalu

    +55 11 99116 6481 text me Joey Diaz

  13. TheBoatPirate

    TheBoatPirate17 jam yang lalu

    The move steven seagal was doing that you and joey were talking about is called irimi nage, the 10 year throw.

  14. meltedwaffles

    meltedwaffles18 jam yang lalu

    I hate this guy

  15. Jeff Jantzen

    Jeff Jantzen22 jam yang lalu

    I thought Joe was a car guy?

  16. j k

    j kHari Yang lalu

    Joe, everyone in Ace Ventura who was throwing up, were doing so because the chick/dude had severe hemorrhoids.

  17. Johnny Mula

    Johnny MulaHari Yang lalu

    I love when Diaz is on the show. Hes an awesome story teller. Funny as hell. But i find his standup to be crass and crude.

  18. Kevin Christensen

    Kevin ChristensenHari Yang lalu

    John Lennon wrote benny and the jets.... lolol. ELTON JOHN. Love you uncle joey

  19. T Callen

    T CallenHari Yang lalu

    Joe “Joey ‘Coco’ Diaz” Rogan

  20. 1776 Style PATRIOT

    1776 Style PATRIOTHari Yang lalu

    Subi's are the best! Opposed Cylinder Boxer Engine and Symmetrical AWD!

  21. j k

    j kHari Yang lalu

    Yep, and some had 5spd transmissions that were fragile like glass.

  22. bigbadbri08

    bigbadbri08Hari Yang lalu

    I’ve had shits bigger than that car

  23. B A R T I C U S M A X I M U S

    B A R T I C U S M A X I M U SHari Yang lalu

    Can R a rotary to 10k like a bike

  24. B A R T I C U S M A X I M U S

    B A R T I C U S M A X I M U SHari Yang lalu

    Hey that's not the RX-7's fault, man

  25. B A R T I C U S M A X I M U S

    B A R T I C U S M A X I M U SHari Yang lalu

    Mitsubishi made the Zero like BMW made the V-2

  26. rayz0101

    rayz0101Hari Yang lalu

    I fucking love diaz, hes just a good dude, and you know there isn't any fake filter there.

  27. KTS

    KTSHari Yang lalu

    Joe and Joey are a better duo than lungs and air.

  28. Andy Bailey

    Andy BaileyHari Yang lalu

    1:24:33 new senior quote 😍

  29. Rasa III

    Rasa IIIHari Yang lalu

    Bro how many times can throw this episode on when I'm doing shit around the house lol its crazy

  30. AJ3K

    AJ3KHari Yang lalu

    As a car guy, it’s cruel to listen to them talking about cars 😂

  31. Jolie Rollie Polie Olie

    Jolie Rollie Polie Olie13 jam yang lalu

    Fr the rotary talk had me dying😂

  32. Andy Bailey

    Andy BaileyHari Yang lalu

    It's been a month. Bring him back, once a month of Joey Diaz would be like the best period of all time. Just bleed out the bs of today with Joey's smooth buttery voice dropping knowledge.

  33. Cruel Kindness

    Cruel KindnessHari Yang lalu

    Just go watch his podcast lol

  34. Kent Jose Mateo

    Kent Jose MateoHari Yang lalu

    Joey: "In his mind he is the coolest guy in the f*cking world. That guy is thinking he is Ricky Gervais!"

  35. The Shitstorm Starter

    The Shitstorm StarterHari Yang lalu

    joey the most italian looking hispanic man.

  36. Johnny Anguiano

    Johnny Anguiano2 hari yang lalu

    Joey getting thin like a grape drying into a raisin

  37. Thomas O'Haney

    Thomas O'Haney2 hari yang lalu

    pot heads that doesn't know how to roll a blunt or even break down a cigerello is strange and almost unbelievable , California potheads are weird all vapes, and edibles...I cant imagine how many blunts ive rolled in my life. its not old schoo herel in the south where im at, its just more of a southern/black thing so yall might not see them much in that area.

  38. Gabriel Filippa

    Gabriel Filippa2 hari yang lalu

    “My dick just got hard”???? With your daughter??? I know what he meant but just not a good description Joey. Weird man.

  39. AS J

    AS J2 hari yang lalu

    Joe Rogan takes care of like 10-15 people. Respect.

  40. Pandora 2426

    Pandora 24262 hari yang lalu

    I love you all

  41. Dylan Berk

    Dylan Berk2 hari yang lalu

    Ford makes Lincoln. GM makes Chevy, Cadillac, GMC, Buick and Pontiac before they discontinued Pontiac. Dodge makes Chrysler and Jeep.

  42. Mufasa Sauce

    Mufasa Sauce2 jam yang lalu

    Chrysler makes Dodge, Jeep, and Ram

  43. Christopher Fagan

    Christopher Fagan2 hari yang lalu

    "The War for Independence...." Do you mean the Revolutionary War, Joe???

  44. Kim Jensen

    Kim Jensen2 hari yang lalu

    Iam doing diaz vinyl n weed ritual, come home from work, heat up some mac n cheese n put on some dark side of the moon n rolling a spliff. Lift off. N chill

  45. Matthew Burke

    Matthew Burke2 hari yang lalu

    hoe Oregon

  46. Tyler Mathis

    Tyler Mathis2 hari yang lalu

    Joey don’t know shit about cars lol.

  47. KalKing03

    KalKing032 hari yang lalu

    Joey is such a bullshit artist he still acts like a used car salesman, talking about the amazing Subaru and death machine Mazdas and in the very next statement he says Subaru is the only company to mount an engine transverse, in other words sideways rather than front to back........what? Then he claims Mazdas are death machines because one time when he was loaded on drugs that alter someone's mindset and lost control of the only car at the time with a perfect 50/50 front to back weight distribution being one of the MOST capable handling sports cars of it's time but Joey thinks it sucks because when he was high it scared him. Ugh. Please don't take any advise on cars from Uncle Joey, love him to death but he's just soooooo wrong

  48. KalKing03

    KalKing032 hari yang lalu

    Joe: have you seen the new Lincoln navigator? Theyre amazing! Joey: whatever happened to Lincoln, are they still in business? Wow

  49. Peter Sudol

    Peter Sudol2 hari yang lalu

    Go back and watch bullet woundz by Steven cop drama for you 🤙

  50. Christian Cooks

    Christian Cooks3 hari yang lalu

    30:07 lesbian car I’m dead

  51. Man Cal

    Man Cal3 hari yang lalu

    "Hey Joey, Joey Zaza. Up your a$$" 🤣 Looks like Joey D stopped working out again.

  52. Cactus Carter

    Cactus Carter3 hari yang lalu

    As a car guy I feel weird watching this

  53. Jaeyk G*59

    Jaeyk G*593 hari yang lalu

    "one of the rare times in history where 2 companies have the same car" Subaru, Toyota and Scion: let us show you the brz, gt86, frs

  54. Shim Bro

    Shim Bro3 hari yang lalu

    Joey is looking fantastic these days, looks like he lost 100 pounds!

  55. Don toth

    Don toth4 hari yang lalu

    I switched from audio to IDreporter just to watch uncle Joey call people ratards.... 😂

  56. RW D

    RW D4 hari yang lalu

    Joe “They dress like fucking wizards" Rogan

  57. Joni Turunen

    Joni Turunen4 hari yang lalu

    Joey ''oval engine container'' Diaz

  58. Rahul Ravipati

    Rahul Ravipati4 hari yang lalu

    I cannot listen to Joey Diaz at work and keep a straight face

  59. hammondo7 slaymaker

    hammondo7 slaymaker4 hari yang lalu

    It's a transverse engine joey.

  60. Jakob Erhard

    Jakob Erhard4 hari yang lalu

    R.I.P. Mayweather

  61. Shane Arbato

    Shane Arbato4 hari yang lalu

    14:30 😂😂

  62. Holum

    Holum4 hari yang lalu

    They're talking about boxer engines during the Subaru discussion

  63. BIT COIN

    BIT COIN4 hari yang lalu


  64. nikolaimc76

    nikolaimc764 hari yang lalu

    Mazda rx7 mates brother in law driving got airborne, car snapped in half on landing killed him his mrs and another dude, mate survived the crash

  65. nikolaimc76

    nikolaimc764 hari yang lalu