Joe Rogan Experience #1406 - Brian Redban


  1. The Abhorrent Chef

    The Abhorrent Chef18 jam yang lalu

    13:23 Joe Rogan does Blue Steel

  2. Daktylon

    DaktylonHari Yang lalu

    Wait wait wait face masks are for pussies but you ski with a helmet?

  3. Michael Miller

    Michael Miller2 hari yang lalu

    Took a class on autism spectrum disorders. What Brian is talking about around 5:15 is called circumspect interests. People with auspergers syndrome will immerse themselves into a subject of interest to the point of achieving an expert's knowledge of it. Ohhhh shit...look at the big brain on Brad-you're a smart motha fucka that's right.

  4. tobe smith

    tobe smith2 hari yang lalu

    Yes it is the same thing to threaten to kill the president of the united states

  5. Duncan Idaho

    Duncan Idaho3 hari yang lalu

    a bunch of people take xanax just to take xanax

  6. Robert Kanfield

    Robert Kanfield3 hari yang lalu

    United Nations put a hit on him trump just took the shot

  7. Robert Kanfield

    Robert Kanfield3 hari yang lalu

    Yupp Cannotada were silence up here

  8. Stewart Salazar

    Stewart Salazar3 hari yang lalu

    Here's a new theory what if Trump Is using Trump towers around the world to put people in a trance like the theory about the pyramids around the world connecting and making a signal? Maybe he's using Tesla's technology that he got from his Grandpa to do

  9. Richard Pacheco

    Richard Pacheco4 hari yang lalu

    Do Brian and jamie sound alike or am i high???

  10. David Cocks

    David Cocks5 hari yang lalu


  11. Tyler Gerber

    Tyler Gerber7 hari yang lalu

    50:00 S.A.S Special Air Service for the folks across the pond

  12. Bruce Benik II

    Bruce Benik II7 hari yang lalu

    Rock Hard Diarrhea is an oxymoron

  13. Bruce Benik II

    Bruce Benik II7 hari yang lalu

    Most dead air time in a Joe Rogan podcast ever

  14. Bruce Benik II

    Bruce Benik II7 hari yang lalu

    Street water is a serious problem in China. Fake alcohol being sold in name brand bottles in big retail stores is also up there. Don't eat "Smells bad tofu" It could have actual shit in it.

  15. themajorahole

    themajorahole8 hari yang lalu

    home alone was edited for runtime, years ago

  16. 4sy_t

    4sy_t8 hari yang lalu

    miss the classic days of this podcast where everyone interacted especially brians stupid comments over the years,jamie just sits there generally like some statue with fiinger mobility

  17. 4sy_t

    4sy_t8 hari yang lalu

    what is lesbian coffee ? its regular coffee with a scissor on the cup

  18. Andrew Hnamte

    Andrew Hnamte8 hari yang lalu

    Isn't this the guy who's shitting on everybody in his podcast?

  19. Lincoln Milne

    Lincoln Milne8 hari yang lalu

    Dddded$33 g., ,Edmund

  20. Clyde Kelvin and the Sinners.

    Clyde Kelvin and the Sinners.9 hari yang lalu

    Deathsquad was the name of my cat.

  21. Clyde Kelvin and the Sinners.

    Clyde Kelvin and the Sinners.9 hari yang lalu

    Joe Rogan is one of very few celebrities who seems to have such a balanced outlook. I feel everybody should be allowed to do their own thing whatever that is as long as it's not victimizing someone else. I don't like to see unfairness even if it's to someone I dislike or even hate. this Idea that it's ok to punch someone if you label them a Nazi, is just wrong and is you being a Nazi . Fairness and equality aren't that hard if you have this attitude and Joe seems to share it. Thank god somebody who has the limelight is honest and truthful even about those he doesn't agree with. I wonder why it's so hard to get a leader with these skills?

  22. Clyde Kelvin and the Sinners.

    Clyde Kelvin and the Sinners.9 hari yang lalu

    I had a really odd interaction with a coyote where I was out walking my little chiwawa jack russell mix dog one night and she was running around while I was sitting looking at my computer then I realised she wasn't alone and looked up to see her playing with a coyote He seemed really fascinated with her and thy just played like a couple of dogs.

  23. Josh Leo

    Josh Leo9 hari yang lalu

    Brian used to do Jamie's job sort of. Eskimo brothers

  24. Jonny Roma

    Jonny Roma9 hari yang lalu

    Joe should look up Walter Duranty.

  25. Dusty Fellows T.V.

    Dusty Fellows T.V.9 hari yang lalu

    I watched a guy die snowboarding. It caught a front edge and landed with his hand in his stomach. I sat worh him we thaught his air was nocked out. We went with him down the hill he left and the next day we found out his spleen ruptured. Crazy.

  26. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla11 hari yang lalu

    There have been plenty of females in space.... And yes I indeed remember Challenger, and saw it live on TV when I was in like the 2nd grade..... Of course you have the STS Columbia which was just as horrific because I remember watching the NASA feeds and the astronauts demonstrating all these experiments, and of course one of the astronauts was an Indian woman - and the crew just seemed so happy to be in space and performing all of these experiments so kids could learn, then on re-entry "boom" ..... I was so sad because after work I would watch the NASA channel just to see what they were doing and what they were up to and I saw their re-entry essentially disintegrate... And that was more difficult for me because I watched the NASA channel daily - so these were people I saw in space on an everyday basis that I respected for their work...... Not that the Challenger was any less of a tragedy , especially how the teacher was turned into a celebrity and perhaps a vision for the future..... Both were terrible tragedies....... But at the same time that is no reason to stop space exploration.... We don't stop war when a few people get offed - we just get more aggressive and I think that is what the United States (and the world as a whole) needs to do....

  27. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola Tesla11 hari yang lalu

    I've been to prison, but this was 20 years ago (for a crime I absolutely did not commit, btw) and I have never committed a crime since I was accused of the crime I was convicted of, however regardless of that - in prison you can actually buy guitar strings..... When I saw those marks around his neck "guitar string" set off bells in my mind... Whomever whacked him did so with a guitar string, maybe wrapped in a bed sheet - that is my theory... And I can go deeper - either a CO (corrections officer) or someone higher up above many pay-grades put him in a cell with another inmate who's only objective was the wack dude in exchange for a lighter sentence or unlimited commissary - that or they could have even threatened the guys family on the outside..... Look, he was either murdered for profit or was forced... Look, It's been 20 years since I have been in the joint but I know how stuff like this goes down and I don't think it's changed -- if you have information that can put away high-profile people you're as good as dead.... Dude should have been in PC (protective custody) or a segregation unit just given his high profile but they put him on "suicide watch" for a week and then released him into general population or (gen-pop)????? That's not the way the system works - at least in 2019 - ........ Someone wanted him offed and that is a100% fact...... And I'm telling you this as a former DOC inmate........ The crimes he was accused of, and who he was - was literally enough to have him in segregation locked down 23/1) and have zero contact with any other inmates..... So from a former inmates perspective this whole "thing" is 10x more fishy for me than it is for the typical "conspiracy theoriest" (not that there is anything wrong with conspiracies, many are true or have a grain of truth in them)....

  28. John Dingleberry

    John Dingleberry12 hari yang lalu

    plot twist....she IS autistic

  29. Nickolas Caldarera

    Nickolas Caldarera12 hari yang lalu

    That we be called a sociopath

  30. Emptyimages24

    Emptyimages2412 hari yang lalu

    Jamie’s name is 4 syllables and teotewaikan (misspelled) is 5 syllables

  31. Joseph Shattuck

    Joseph Shattuck13 hari yang lalu

    He was murdered, he had too many secrets on too many people. So before we spilled the beans they got rid of him

  32. Joseph Shattuck

    Joseph Shattuck13 hari yang lalu

    Doctors are in cahoots with the pharmaceutical companies. They are quick to label you with bipolar anxiety,Add, it's big business for them. Don't get me wrong I had a moment in my life or I was totally out of control couldn't focus on anything. It was very frustrating. But I've learned how to control over the years. Even though I was diagnosed bipolar. I just think it's just part of my genetic makeup it makes me who I am but it's a lot of work to control it. But In the manic side of it is actually fun, but the massive waves of depression. Can be very difficult. But you take the good with the bad and learn from them. Every day can't be rainbows and butterflies, it's life there's not a pill that can fix everything's I control mine with diet. Processed foods soda and sugar are our worst enemies

  33. E Mail

    E Mail13 hari yang lalu

    "kill tony" wtf

  34. E Mail

    E Mail13 hari yang lalu


  35. Riley Findinthings

    Riley Findinthings14 hari yang lalu

    Who actually likes Brian Redban?

  36. Juan Ruiz

    Juan Ruiz14 hari yang lalu

    People on the Carnivore diet are sworn enemies of vegans

  37. Inv1ctus6243

    Inv1ctus624314 hari yang lalu

    It's less that all Republicans support Trump, and more that any that oppose him get replaced. Trump, somehow, has the full backing of the Christian Coalition. Any Republican who speaks out against him, finds the Coalition calling its members to NOT vote for them.

  38. Kevin Gomez

    Kevin Gomez14 hari yang lalu

    Wtf does he even do

  39. Red RawBell

    Red RawBell14 hari yang lalu

    SAS You Dumbfack....

  40. Camilo Karlsson

    Camilo Karlsson15 hari yang lalu

    Yes she is, im from sweden as well and Greta is open with her Asbergers.

  41. BassHunter Thompson

    BassHunter Thompson15 hari yang lalu

    Ive strugling with this "Sciatica" problem too i think. Sharp shots along the nerves down my right left. Really messes up sleeping.... Damn ... We live to learn

  42. ?

    ?16 hari yang lalu

    Not all waste in the ocean is there because of humans putting it there, alot is down to nature, storm surges, tsunamis and other natural disasters are responsible for human waste going into the ocean

  43. Jason Douglas

    Jason Douglas17 hari yang lalu

    Oh cool a Redban episode... lets go right ahead and skip that one

  44. raja babu

    raja babu17 hari yang lalu

    CSI jre

  45. Hero HaiNES

    Hero HaiNES17 hari yang lalu

    best on youtube..i still think it would be cool to see a normal average person on the podcast.. pick a hand full of fans couple times a year..and pick ther brain for an hour or two..i think that would be cool. any1 else think that would be cool

  46. Hero HaiNES

    Hero HaiNES17 hari yang lalu

    Joe has spoke to alot of educated and interesting people..that cud be a chance of a life time for a couple of JRE fans..Now that would be wild. i hope its concidered...think about it. that could change a man or womans life

  47. Moist sock162

    Moist sock16217 hari yang lalu


  48. Moist sock162

    Moist sock16218 hari yang lalu

    my buddy is cutting my hair on stage

  49. Moist sock162

    Moist sock16218 hari yang lalu

    you will not be upset

  50. Moist sock162

    Moist sock16218 hari yang lalu

    i'll will be fucked up

  51. Moist sock162

    Moist sock16218 hari yang lalu

    i'm going to pittsburgh an finding a spot to do a gig

  52. Moist sock162

    Moist sock16218 hari yang lalu


  53. jamil Miller

    jamil Miller18 hari yang lalu

    I was blazing one in my daddys right nut

  54. Denise G- Hill

    Denise G- Hill18 hari yang lalu


  55. Alex Ramirez

    Alex Ramirez19 hari yang lalu

    Add another person to your podcasts

  56. Sheepless in Georgia NM

    Sheepless in Georgia NM19 hari yang lalu

    Yes Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie

  57. Mike Honcho

    Mike Honcho20 hari yang lalu

    Movies over estimate our space exploration abilities because they erroneously start from the premise that we traveled to the moon several times 50 years ago.

  58. Robert Misanthrope

    Robert Misanthrope20 hari yang lalu

    Space:1999 Dragon’s Domain. Creepy ass episode. Kinda goofy now, but back when, that was some Cthulhu evilness. Loved it.

  59. vausemike

    vausemike20 hari yang lalu

    160k chickens = $2.2mil???? How expensive are chickens in America. Nearly $14 EACH!! That’s some serious mark up or some serious spin in the article.

  60. Ryan Forsness

    Ryan Forsness20 hari yang lalu

    Joe... I really want your headphones to be centered on your dome, as it's fairly annoying when the aren't. They seldom are. Please, ask Jamie if your shit is centered before each podcast. Thanks

  61. The People

    The People20 hari yang lalu

    When can we see TRUMP as a Guest???