Joe Rogan Experience #1368 - Edward Snowden


  1. Nico

    Nico8 jam yang lalu

    I’ve been trying to finish this podcast each night for the last couple of days because it’s so interesting. But something about his voice keeps putting me to sleep lmao

  2. Keith Carey

    Keith Carey10 jam yang lalu

    Smart guy, out government is treasonous, that's what people don't understand.

  3. James Kennedy

    James Kennedy10 jam yang lalu

    Mann I would love to have just one private conversation with this guy.

  4. Gaming 4life

    Gaming 4life12 jam yang lalu

    He seems to like the sound of his own voice, kinda reminds me of woody allen. Why use 10 words when you can use 1000.

  5. A R

    A R13 jam yang lalu

    Get Snowden and Obama on the same podcast lol

  6. Wes Guill

    Wes Guill13 jam yang lalu

    Damn-it man.. I wanted you two to have a conversation. I can't believe you wasted so much time on Joe Rogan's podcast just rambling on and on!

  7. South London Gooner

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  8. Noneof Yourbusiness

    Noneof Yourbusiness20 jam yang lalu

    I use to bang his mother when when we were in middle School. She was a hot cougar.


    GRMN PWR20 jam yang lalu

    Do you Think guys the car is also spying you? 🤔

  10. John La Marca

    John La Marca21 jam yang lalu

    I'm sorry! Watch building 7 come down!! Larry Silverstein (the owner of the trade center took out insurance specifically against terrorist attack about three months prior to the event!!! The CIA, Bush and Chaney -- along with others-- murdered their own people and blew up their own buildings!! A MORON can figure this out!!!!! Building 7 was not struck by a plane... A twenty second video!! Go watch it!!!!!! You have to have total SHIT between your ears not to realise this was done with demolition explosives... !! I

  11. Jimbo Coats

    Jimbo Coats21 jam yang lalu

    One commonly agreed fact; or should be; is the fact skyscrapers do not fall at freefall speed in their own footprint from office furniture on fire! HELLO! We know Dick Cheney, George W, Larry Silverzioniststein made off like bandits.

  12. Hef Trucker

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  13. Tihomir Ceho

    Tihomir Ceho22 jam yang lalu

    Snowden is fake,just as you are you thik shit...

  14. Shucks

    ShucksHari Yang lalu

    I don't think it's "just a funny sidebar..." that he got tricked into taking an administrative leave from the army, after acquiring serious injuries, that would prevent the army from all liability towards providing any future healthcare with regards towards those injuries. It really bothers me when I hear stories about anyone sustaining injuries in the course of serving in the military not being looked after.

  15. GamBoTron

    GamBoTronHari Yang lalu

    A true hero and Freedom fighter. Much respect

  16. SoukEye

    SoukEyeHari Yang lalu

    Reposting my previous comment because of censorship: Okay so I read the comments and heard that he's a little hard to listen to because he keeps spacing off on other subjects. I'll make timestamps of when he actually starts answering questions. 0:00 - 4:00 Is about media and the platform 6:10 he starts talking about whistleblowing 9:10 stellar(mass surveillance) program 16:40 taking steps towards whistleblowing (journalist) 19:20 Why snowden appreciates Joe's take on media 20:40 talking about his background, 24:40 9/11, joining nsa 34:30 volunteering iraq war 37:00 Snowden questions why information wasn't shared around the government which could have prevented 9/11 40:30 how the stellarwind problem started, 41:40 starts rambling about Trump like he's a devil warmongerer 52:00 about joining the NSA again 57:00 talking about his first NSA job, first doubts 1:01:00 talking about growing doubts, second & third job 1:02:00 Amazon cloud system for NSA 1:05:00 heartbeat (cloud for nsa from snowden that goes trough all of the nsa databases) 1:07:50 dirty word searching 1:12:25 stellar program explained, found trough dirty word searching 1:13:00 NYT didn't run story on Stellar program because the government asked (elections soon) 1:15:00 shilling for Nancy Pelosi 1:16:00 protect america act (anti sueing law) 1:18:00 surveilance act 1:20:00 media outbreak, Snowden describes when he found out that the stellar program was bad (1 whole hour later) 1:24:00 talks about government trying to get more power 1:29:00 MLK national security threat according to fbi 1:31:00 How Stellar was allowed to become the monster it became 1:36:00 Joe talks about modern technology 1:40:00 Snowden about the facts of if the NSA broke laws 1:46:00 interview on if the NSA collects information on hundreds of millions of americans. 1:48:00 bit of anti trump shilling again 1:53:00 how it was possible to happen again & talking about whistleblowers & corruption from obama 2:03:00 problem of the way the American government works 2:05:00 about his escape after whistleblowing 2:09:00 about returning to america & the problem with america 2:18:00 american interference in Russian elections & anti trump rhetoric again 2:24:10 current state of surveilance

  17. edward Mendez

    edward MendezHari Yang lalu


  18. Dragonblazzer969

    Dragonblazzer969Hari Yang lalu

    The same people who freak out about "whistleblower" name being uttered in that sham of a Ukraine investigation, keep their mouths shut when it comes to standing up for Snowden. Don't let those assholes fool you, they don't give a shit about protecting anyone or the truth.

  19. Old Country

    Old CountryHari Yang lalu

    He is the antithesis of a hero. He is a smug, self-absorbed traitor.....a royal alpha hotel. After a proper trial, if convicted, he should be executed on the mall in Washington, DC.

  20. Sion Weeks

    Sion WeeksHari Yang lalu

    That sounds like a weh.

  21. Dreoilín ÓCoigligh

    Dreoilín ÓCoiglighHari Yang lalu

    I once asked Siri if she listened to me when I was sleeping. She replied: Im always listening.

  22. DAMMSE420

    DAMMSE420Hari Yang lalu

    FREE_ASSANGE Please Help Assange because all he did is helping us !! It only takes 1 Minute Thank U Guys !!

  23. That Girl

    That GirlHari Yang lalu

    Every day I grow closer to becoming Ron Swanson.

  24. Kyle Anderson

    Kyle AndersonHari Yang lalu

    Use cash only.

  25. this is definitely a human

    this is definitely a humanHari Yang lalu

    49:08 LMAO

  26. this is definitely a human

    this is definitely a humanHari Yang lalu

    Snowden 2020

  27. Cody H

    Cody HHari Yang lalu

    this that and the other >>>>>>>>> Snowden

  28. this is definitely a human

    this is definitely a humanHari Yang lalu

    I love how the government is pushing for control of people and yet they have no way of doing it. Fucking stupid aliens lmao

  29. Christie7 Hammon4

    Christie7 Hammon4Hari Yang lalu

    The government be laughing @ my shit bc I do too.

  30. Last Reign

    Last ReignHari Yang lalu

    Snowden can probably not see all as he only seen some of the puzzle

  31. Chris Gentz

    Chris GentzHari Yang lalu

    Back in 1992 I started reading a series of books written by the founding commander of SEAL Team 6. Books are fiction, but he talked about and complained about "stovepiping" agencies not sharing info with each other. He joined the navy during Vietnam and fought there. Said it has always been a problem! The reason their budget! The more they show congress they are doing the more money they get!

  32. Marie F

    Marie FHari Yang lalu

    What's sinister is Snowden only scratched the surface to what's going on and has been for decades by our govt against the ppl. They've been dividing and conquering for so long, that common sense, morality, hell... consciousness has fled the average American. Snowden hasn't done anything wrong.... But we live in a world where TV and radio is the only "truth" anyone holds dear to them. I always say, just because someone says something, regardless of their title, doesn't make it true. Stop believing everything spewing from the airwaves. Take a critical look into everything because you OWE it to yourself to trust your own objective view. The human brain is the most mysterious organ in our body that scientists can't even figure out but you're gonna let your regular "programming" download their agenda onto it. School ain't gonna teach you anything truly valuable. Go back and read your constitution....

  33. J L

    J LHari Yang lalu

    Every day is his day in the sun.

  34. Bluehydra

    Bluehydra2 hari yang lalu

    18:50 very good point on that the media/government always tries to spin a incident in another path. take the London bridge attack. which was spin to a positive event from what horror was done. or example the Paris, hong kong and a bunch of other protestest around the world that are happening still this moment. meanwhile all media outlets are keeping a lit on it.

  35. Alan Hazzard

    Alan Hazzard2 hari yang lalu

    Why have governments chased Julian Assange who signed no official secrecy around the world & sitting in belmarsh for reporting the news but Snowden gets a hard pass.🤫

  36. Bob Brown

    Bob Brown2 hari yang lalu

    edward would make a good president

  37. Cecilie Wright

    Cecilie Wright2 hari yang lalu

    Def.agree with S.. he has a kot of interesting points,...i do like to hear him talk , he talks about a lot of interesting conversations usually dont talking about. And i liked the intervju with B L too

  38. Fenomeni Complessi

    Fenomeni Complessi2 hari yang lalu

    If you ask about this to the president he will answer: “la li lu le lo”

  39. L N

    L N2 hari yang lalu

    I hear many people saying don’t use your phones. Delete your Facebook and IDreporter accounts, go incognito. But I am of the opposite opinion, I am not afraid to have them hear/see what I say and do, (I’m not a threat to them as an individual, I’m a nobody). However collectively I can become a threat. Going underground only shuts our narrative down, when actually I don’t see the need for the average person to do that. Snowden has done the most difficult part of the job for us and therefore, being loud and clear and in their face is the right thing for us to do. (Unless there is some other reason for going underground that I am not aware of). having followed this for a long time, and listening to Snowden, I don’t think we need to.

  40. TangieTown81

    TangieTown812 hari yang lalu

    "....the implication which I don't think they actually say but every president knows is these guys can undermine you to death. If you've got the IC [Intelligence Community] against you, right, they can stonewall you they can put out stories that are gonna be problematic for you everyday of your presidency"......hmmm.....can anyone think of a current events example of this?

  41. J.M. Clark

    J.M. Clark2 hari yang lalu

    Note to self: Don't watch this historical document before bedtime.

  42. Kal Singh

    Kal Singh2 hari yang lalu

    Joe Rogan for President!

  43. L N

    L N2 hari yang lalu

    Snowden states the deep state is not a conspiracy of Lizard people, true, but they sure as Hell behave like they are!

  44. Michael Aristidou

    Michael Aristidou2 hari yang lalu

    Hero ! 👍

  45. Justin Baker

    Justin Baker2 hari yang lalu

    This “interview” was more of a speech. It’s a great example of how even Joe is censored. You think he didn’t want to jump in at so many points? I’d bet money he was coached to stay silent to let Snowden talk, possibly incriminating himself more, and only to talk when really prompted by Snowden. Not that this was his decision, but I bet it was a stipulation for Snowden to be on.

  46. M

    M2 hari yang lalu

    Ed.. There was a sensitive database that you also made vulnerable whilst making your leaks. While I may applaud you for your other work, why did you make said database vulnerable in the process? If you’re seeing this, you know what I’m talking about. PM me and tell me where I’m wrong.

  47. Mike Campen

    Mike Campen2 hari yang lalu

    LOL his drop out story is identical to mine. Felt like I could learn more on computers. Got mono. Fell behind. Dropped out. Went to community college.

  48. John jones

    John jones2 hari yang lalu

    And don't forget about the promise software that was involved to you no Dick Cheney disappeared for two or three months afterwards and Joseph Eros theory is that he was read right and all of our national security cyber protection or whatever to make sure that that didn't happen again because he believes it was an inside job and there was three levels in the third level was somebody had control of our systems and said hey we're going to do this if you guys don't do this and that's why they had to stand down

  49. John jones

    John jones2 hari yang lalu

    Of course it's going to be hidden it's going to be hidden from even then because you cannot keep a secret like that for 75 years if people on the inside are going to find out because guess what they know they have a potential for whistleblowers so if you go to some research you know that Truman started mj-12 and there's always been a small group that had access it's not that hard to believe they kept the Manhattan Project secret for a long time a hundred thirty thousand people work in that operation and not one of them came forward so I'm sick and tired of this s*** and come on Snowden are you kidding me get the hell out of here

  50. John jones

    John jones2 hari yang lalu

    Yeah I mean it's just utterly completely ridiculous Neil deGrasse Tyson game a boost on Twitter it's too bad Neil deGrasse Tyson done to his f****** job he's bought and paid for more than anybody in my opinion. O extra life in a we could be out there but we just really don't know yeah what the f*** ever

  51. Reece

    Reece2 hari yang lalu

    edward "aaaahhhhh" snowden

  52. Mark Oneill

    Mark Oneill2 hari yang lalu

    Seriously how long does it take for u to answer a q instead of waffling on christ.. Sorry duno if I'm in a mood or not but Edward that swallowing every 10 secs was annoying as fuck. Other than that still respect ya lol

  53. lee Deffebach

    lee Deffebach2 hari yang lalu

    Edward Snowden is an American hero

  54. Linked2 Dio2

    Linked2 Dio22 hari yang lalu

    Snowdans not a traitor he just knows some Dirty secrets. He's lucky he didnt get suicided like Jeffrey Epstein

  55. Piotr Nod

    Piotr Nod19 jam yang lalu

    he would if he stayed in usa

  56. Michael Booth

    Michael Booth2 hari yang lalu

    Abu Jihad and Boris Badinov are the real threats

  57. Doc Pittillo & Friends

    Doc Pittillo & Friends3 hari yang lalu

    And I don’t believe he or Assange and Manning are traitors but a lot of what’s coming out of him now concerning Geoengineering, 911, and let’s say anti gravity tech, AKA “Aliens is absolutely wrong!

  58. Doc Pittillo & Friends

    Doc Pittillo & Friends3 hari yang lalu

    Sad that Snowden has become a vessel for the dis information crowd. Subtle but obvious at the same time. It appears to me he’s cut some sort of deal?!

  59. Corey R

    Corey R3 hari yang lalu

    It’s funny how everyone thinks these intelligence agencies are so sophisticated etc and then you hear Snowden basically just saying people sit around and do nothing all day

  60. The Catmother

    The Catmother3 hari yang lalu

    1984 intensifies

  61. noah rios

    noah rios3 hari yang lalu

    Scooo wooo!

  62. Knight Skull

    Knight Skull3 hari yang lalu

    The most important guest is on the show and Joe is just sitting there with his Airpods looking at his phone smh.