Joe Rogan Experience #1315 - Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell


  1. Hostile Witness

    Hostile Witness35 menit yang lalu

    Not many people are dumb enough to think that Joe gave a flying fuck about Bob's migraine (too many sponsors waiting for their kickback). He could have had an interval instead whereby they both waterboarded Jeremy just for the hell of it. This podcast would have blown Elon Musk out of the water if they had done that and would have gone viral on Zeta Reticuli.

  2. psx

    psxJam Yang lalu

    holyshit what the F is this beard guy trying to say. Get rid of him.

  3. Early Hominid Hispster

    Early Hominid HispsterJam Yang lalu

    Jeremy Corbell, the type of guy who keeps a pomander in his knicker drawer.

  4. Tell It How It Is

    Tell It How It IsJam Yang lalu

    He just needs to come back on without the bearded baggage and tell the truth. If he admits he was lying for 30 years, it was an entertaining story. On the other hand, if he is prepared to get himself into trouble so that we all know what the fuck is going on, then he's a hero. So what has he got to lose? *Real whistleblower* or *woose* which is it going to be Bob?

  5. Too Thick To Think, Too Dumb To Decipher

    Too Thick To Think, Too Dumb To DecipherJam Yang lalu

    He came on the most popular podcast in the world to *"set the record straight"* but he *"hates fucking attention"* *GTFOH.* Anyone who says they believe him are telling the rest of us they don't think too deeply, so best not use your real names and be a laughing stock! Jeremy Corbell is there to remind everyone that this is a joke and all the money goes to charity.

  6. Old Wives' Tale

    Old Wives' Tale2 jam yang lalu

    Joe should get all his bearded guests on together and make a bonfire with them. Beards are so yesterday.

  7. Vizion_craftz Vikramaditya Show

    Vizion_craftz Vikramaditya Show2 jam yang lalu

    Yea its under water a lot under water study admiral Richard Byrd bitchas.....!!! 馃

  8. Two Cents' Worth

    Two Cents' Worth2 jam yang lalu

    Bob Lazar, the type of guy whose seen nine UFO's and got 9,429,920 views and counting. Elon Musk, the type of guy who hasn't seen any UFO's and got *29,048,262* views and counting. Do the math - UFO's are so yesterday.

  9. Penelope

    Penelope4 jam yang lalu

    El elemento tecnecio 43. se encuentra en otros universos. Mi abuelo era un estad铆stico que trabaj贸 en los a帽os 50 y 60. Llegamos a la luna en 1969. La luna es la direcci贸n incorrecta. El sol tambi茅n es la direcci贸n equivocada. Est谩 fuera de este mundo. Un universo diferente

  10. Penelope

    Penelope4 jam yang lalu

    Christmas colors are RED AND GREEN because original tribes would hang red mushrooms 馃崉 upside down to dry them out to harvest the psychedelic properties in GREEN trees. During harvest time the Shaman would put them in a sack and distribute them to the people for a celebration. The TRUTH!!

  11. Todd Marauszwski

    Todd Marauszwski4 jam yang lalu

    Best show ever!

  12. Maxwell Oakes

    Maxwell Oakes4 jam yang lalu

    They have been doing space time distortion test since the late 80鈥檚 it鈥檚 a gravity field distortion. It鈥檚 basically the same technology that he鈥檚 talking about. We as people would have to be ignorant to think science stopped at rocket propulsion in the 50鈥檚.

  13. The Sundays Music

    The Sundays Music10 jam yang lalu

    If you believe this you might as well believe the Earth is flat, come on Joe.

  14. Douglas Palermo

    Douglas Palermo10 jam yang lalu

    maybe they were comunicating with someone who wasnt in the craft but at the facility !

  15. June Burton

    June Burton11 jam yang lalu

    The bottom of the reactor, the particle accelerator part, could be accelerating matter or energy in such a way to create gravitational waves. The reactor produces energy that is then used to accelerate something in just the right way, at the right distances and angles, to bend space and create gravitational waves. That's my theory on how it works.

  16. Trump Zilla

    Trump Zilla14 jam yang lalu

    If you want a more in depth, fascinating interview of Bob Lazar, check out . Art Bell Interviews Bob Lazar, September 26, 1997. Lazar gives a lot more info on the Art Bell broadcast about Warp Drive, the Craft, Physics etc. . At around 1 hour and 30 minutes it starts getting good. Bob Lazar talks about the craft that the U.S. Navy pilot took a video of where the craft starts going sideways and moves out of the camera frame in a blink of an eye. The video of the craft was taken many years later. Bob talks about this very craft in 1997 with Art Bell. Bob Lazar knew about this craft in 1988-1989. Lazar was one of many that worked on this very craft and today mankind is using it apparently. . This was a good interview on JRE but as you listen to Lazar here, you can tell he's got that Migraine headache and he's not on top of his game, he's leaving a lot out. Earlier interviews with Lazar will show you just how much more there is to his story. A Lot more.

  17. Starchild

    Starchild15 jam yang lalu

    History subsequent to 1954 suggests that what the U.S. obtained was the lion鈥檚 share of extraterrestrial scientist consultants, to assist American scientists in understanding and adapting exotic ET technologies into such devices we now know as the: *_computer chip_* *_fibre optics_* *_lasers_* *_gene-splicing therapy_* *_cloning_* *_night-vision equipment_* *_super-tenacity fibers (such as Kevlar lightweight armor)_* *_aerospace ceramics_* *_stealth technology_* *_particle-beam devices_* *_gravity-control flight_*

  18. Zoran Van Zindell

    Zoran Van Zindell15 jam yang lalu

    I personally like bob Lazar and i believe his telling the truth genuine person.

  19. mossie

    mossie16 jam yang lalu

    13:45 He is correct..... there was..... a horrific accident.

  20. Christopher Pagan

    Christopher Pagan19 jam yang lalu

    What if Back to the Future is based on Bob Lazar?

  21. Sir Toastly

    Sir Toastly20 jam yang lalu

    some breaking bad shit fucking BERRY

  22. Ultra vivio

    Ultra vivio21 jam yang lalu

    I feel like he is making this all up?

  23. Jacob Sheeks

    Jacob Sheeks21 jam yang lalu

    Yeah .. this went hard. Guys - join our sever. Active and looking for staff Smoking & Chilling

  24. Cole Nelson

    Cole Nelson21 jam yang lalu

    Go to my channel to see the orbs I recently captured in Phoenix!!

  25. Ryan Purcell

    Ryan PurcellHari Yang lalu

    The only thing i find weird is he says he doesnt profit off of his story yet he sells merch on his website directly related to the story. The element 115 'Lazarium' mug is cool.. It's frustrating cause his story is just as believable as it isn't..

  26. Guillermo Landoni

    Guillermo LandoniHari Yang lalu

    How About Graham Handcock and Bob Lazar in one interview. Perhaps the craft are sent by the Anunnaki

  27. Frank Dicicco

    Frank DiciccoHari Yang lalu

    Please interview Bob without the Baird to his right. It makes me sick and angry Everytime he talks over Mr Lazar and cuts him off.. he's a bottom feeder. Let the gentleman tell his story..

  28. Greg Carrico

    Greg CarricoHari Yang lalu

    Crazy he said they found an ufo on an archeological dig. Look into Philip Schneider!!

  29. Hush Money

    Hush MoneyHari Yang lalu

    Almost 10 million fucking views. Either we are ready or we are being conditioned

  30. Watchman D

    Watchman DHari Yang lalu

    Wikipedia is not nice to this guy whatsoever.

  31. druwinka brickston

    druwinka brickstonHari Yang lalu

    Joe rogan is so stupid most of the time !!!

  32. Bfighter

    BfighterHari Yang lalu

    Joe is cross examining him but Bob's story is rock solid.

  33. Bfighter

    BfighterHari Yang lalu

    @Sashayy who needs to rehearse a story that happened in the 80s?

  34. Sashayy

    SashayyHari Yang lalu

    Bfighter *bobs story is hella rehearsed

  35. Shit.Happens510

    Shit.Happens510Hari Yang lalu

    We needed ELON MUSK & NEIL DEGRASSE as the other host, they probably could of figure something out....

  36. Shit.Happens510

    Shit.Happens510Hari Yang lalu

    This podcast can get everyone killed in that room .

  37. KpopNiDontStop

    KpopNiDontStopHari Yang lalu

    Skeptics some how ignoring that the Navy and government admit they are tracking ufo's and don't know what the hell they are let alone a Navy pilot wanted to meet Bob after chasing one.

  38. Stephane fyfe

    Stephane fyfeHari Yang lalu

    999 missed calls Caller ID: Eddie Bravo 99 is a real code related to truly advanced tech. let me just adjust it.333.

  39. Stephane fyfe

    Stephane fyfeHari Yang lalu

    the device is sure to work with dielectric inertia made with metals and nanomaterial with plasmonic field interaction that create a circular movement, I predict some technology will be so advanced it will be like samurai sword-making of 7 precious metal with a intent alchemy by conscience symbology to ensure the right processes to be activated.

  40. Lee Rose

    Lee RoseHari Yang lalu

    Element 115 bob said years before it was recognised , just saying

  41. M C

    M CHari Yang lalu

    Put more drink in is cup and he鈥檚 gonna apeak on everything 馃槀馃槀馃槀 Come on Bob tell is more Stuff about alien crafts, that was so important for you um your life, how can you forget anything... Ler us know!!

  42. Charlie Crowley

    Charlie CrowleyHari Yang lalu

    Just remember. If this technology does by chance exist, why would our governments want us knowing about it? Why would anyone think that the public (which by the way is filled with brainwashed, mentally unstable, psychos who have even planned on invading "area 51") is capable of being trusted with the knowledge of this technology? The people can't be trusted to even know of this tech because what if someone got the bright idea to steal this tech? What if another country saw that we were trying to learn how to operate this technology? Maybe they would want to help us learn this, or maybe they would feel threatened and pre-emptively strike. Think about the many possibilities that could happen if the public knew of this kind of mind blowing technology right now. Of course it exists. They just don't want us to know that. At least not yet.

  43. Charlie Crowley

    Charlie Crowley23 jam yang lalu

    @Essassani Emissary I have been foolish. Teach us what you know if you feel we are able to use this information correctly. I have a feeling that there are bigger things at stake than any of us know. I believe I realize what is happening right now. I may have even had visions of this. Or at least premonitions of some sort. Things are falling together like a jigsaw puzzle. Something big is coming.

  44. Charlie Crowley

    Charlie CrowleyHari Yang lalu

    @Essassani Emissary I like the way you think. And to be honest I'm not really sure if I am separate from those who cannot be trusted or not. And I believe what you are saying. Is there any way we could speak privately about this matter. Via Direct message or otherwise?

  45. Rolando Niub贸

    Rolando Niub贸2 hari yang lalu

    Gravity might be waves coming from whatever metals or material is inside every planet and star, maybe there is the key, whatever is inside there, in small quantities, in solid state, might be the key

  46. phrozen17

    phrozen172 hari yang lalu

    Beardy boy is the fake douche you see at the bar

  47. Two Cents' Worth

    Two Cents' Worth2 hari yang lalu

    *Bob* I don't want to get myself into any more trouble *Lazar.* As if they would even let him go anywhere near a brothel now!

  48. Jerry Richards

    Jerry Richards2 hari yang lalu


  49. Roy Plisko

    Roy Plisko2 hari yang lalu

    Small beings barely 3 feet high suggests a high gravity planet such as a "super earth". Depending on the atmosphere, it could be much more challenging to fly aircraft or get into orbit in high gravity. A civilization on a high gravity world may not achieve flight until they have a much more advanced mastery of physics compared to us. Creating artificial gravity might be that planets version of the aerodynamic wing that finally allows flight. Our gravity on earth may just make us a civilization that achieves flight unnaturally early with much more primitive technology compared to other places.

  50. God's Bathroom Floor

    God's Bathroom Floor14 jam yang lalu

    Fantastic thought that

  51. Tom Wilson

    Tom Wilson2 hari yang lalu

    Brilliant presentation Bob lazar is a hero

  52. Chaos

    Chaos2 hari yang lalu

    So it was a good thing Tesla got stopped

  53. Hell manns

    Hell manns2 hari yang lalu

    Joe " this is what I think about when I'm high" Rogan.

  54. Furrowed Brow

    Furrowed Brow2 hari yang lalu

    I may have found a crashed flying saucer while searching on Google Earth. Its shape loosely resembles a ping pong paddle with the longest side being 2.65 miles in length and the "paddle" being 2 miles in dia. It is resting at the bottom of the ocean, but appears to be intact. There could be a second one nearby that is partially buried in sediment. This is not the Baltic Sea anomaly.

  55. l-Gekyume-l l-Onfroy-l

    l-Gekyume-l l-Onfroy-lHari Yang lalu

    Furrowed Brow imagine nuking that shit and it makes a chemical reaction worse than the nuke itself lol

  56. Furrowed Brow

    Furrowed BrowHari Yang lalu

    @l-Gekyume-l l-Onfroy-l We should probably just drop a nuke on it. Imagine what kind of technology there could be inside it.

  57. l-Gekyume-l l-Onfroy-l

    l-Gekyume-l l-Onfroy-lHari Yang lalu

    Furrowed Brow no one would fund that lol, well unless a rich guy wants to discover something

  58. Furrowed Brow

    Furrowed BrowHari Yang lalu

    @l-Gekyume-l l-Onfroy-l Time to send down the divers.

  59. l-Gekyume-l l-Onfroy-l

    l-Gekyume-l l-Onfroy-lHari Yang lalu

    Furrowed Brow idk m8 looks like a reach, we all know google earth has ea level of rendering


    RED EYES ALWAYS2 hari yang lalu

    It鈥檚 hilarious how theres people in the comments saying his story鈥檚 bs then say why and there explanation has already been debunked like did you even watch the whole podcast...pathetic honestly

  61. Joe Savero

    Joe Savero2 hari yang lalu

    It's sad to see someone who is actually speaking something that sounds like actual knowledge instead of just some person clamouring for attention and people try and make threats etc against the persons life to make them not want to speak about this stuff. If we look on twitter or any social media the amount of nonsense and people lying there that just are accepted and sometimes glamorized for it , it's sad to see this person receive the opposite effect. It's 100% clear this isn't some crazy person looking for attention, i don't think Joe would have met him and then allowed him to do the podcast, Joe must have believed something about it all with him. All in all what i'm trying to say is true or not ( i fall into the category who 100% fully believes what this man has said) nobody should be threatening them over telling their story. If it's not something they believe that's fine just don't comment or watch , just know he obviously isn't trying to speak to you.

  62. axe693axe

    axe693axe2 hari yang lalu

    These two look like Dan and Patrick from an alternative universe xD

  63. Mark Gorospe

    Mark Gorospe2 hari yang lalu

    My friend jrod says give him back his craft.

  64. Blog Tornado

    Blog Tornado2 hari yang lalu

    There is something behind the curtain only Joe Rogan has privilege to see.

  65. J S

    J S2 hari yang lalu

    Fuck the hate on Jeremy. I think he鈥檚 great! 鈽猴笍

  66. Rachel Duncan

    Rachel Duncan2 hari yang lalu

    Mr.Bob Lazar, thank you so much for your contribution to humanity. Do not allow fear to make afraid to enjoy the things you like. Say you're afraid to get in a car because you had a wreck once. I empore you to get in the drivers seat and enjoy the ride anyways.

  67. Booiseboy

    Booiseboy2 hari yang lalu

    I鈥檓 calling bs. He just talking cause they fired em

  68. Booiseboy

    BooiseboyHari Yang lalu

    Hahnnibull opinion* and just off body language and retraction of certain things. U a psych major?

  69. Hahnnibull

    HahnnibullHari Yang lalu

    What's purpose of making such an elaborate lie with no benefit or gain?

  70. Bossriddler

    Bossriddler2 hari yang lalu

    No right angles but 鈥渞ectangular consoles鈥 馃

  71. MiniBull1903

    MiniBull19035 jam yang lalu

    Rectangular with radius corners.

  72. 脺mit Bilgi

    脺mit Bilgi2 hari yang lalu


  73. 脺mit Bilgi

    脺mit Bilgi2 hari yang lalu