Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk


  1. Will Seest

    Will Seest16 jam yang lalu

    Elon musk in the studio for JRE's 6ix9 partay

  2. ecbenny J

    ecbenny J17 jam yang lalu

    What’s Elon’s IQ? I don’t care what the internet says because I saw that it was 155 according to some sites. That’s bs! It’s fucking higher! Maybe between 180 and 200

  3. Dustin Storm

    Dustin Storm17 jam yang lalu


  4. Badbass

    Badbass18 jam yang lalu

    Joe Joe Joe, please. Joe. Alex Jones, Eddie Bravo, and Elon Musk. New playlist with the best starting episode called the Mind Fuck Experience.

  5. Alisa Eastman

    Alisa Eastman20 jam yang lalu

    when he said "Im pro human i love humanity i think its great" I realized he is an alien

  6. Mabel yourmama

    Mabel yourmama20 jam yang lalu


  7. Gunnie

    Gunnie20 jam yang lalu

    Is he going to answer a single question? It's been ten minutes and I'm already bored.

  8. Jm Gerbino

    Jm Gerbino20 jam yang lalu

    Elon is a robot

  9. Kanoa Biondolillo

    Kanoa Biondolillo21 jam yang lalu

    One of my favorite Joe Rogan interviews! 😁✌️

  10. S Neukend

    S Neukend22 jam yang lalu

    He is the best human in existence.

  11. Henry Moreira

    Henry Moreira22 jam yang lalu

    AI and the primate attempting to communicate 🤦‍♂️

  12. S Neukend

    S Neukend22 jam yang lalu

    Democrat? This is how stupid you look to the world. You need to repair yourself. Your girlfriend will be SUPER nasty next week. Please wake up, fuck those nasty ho's.

  13. S Neukend

    S Neukend22 jam yang lalu

    Elon is the best figure in any campaign since forever. I hope Testla destroys all the leftists companies they stupidly represented. Those damn fucking retards. Aren't they so sillay!? lol

  14. nyalarhotep

    nyalarhotep22 jam yang lalu

    Elon is intelligent dude, no doubt about it. But he is sometimes very, very childish. He adopts so much of the science fiction as a scientific fact, without questioning it a bit. For example, he is so sure, as if it is 100% certain, that you will be able to upload consciousness into machine. He does not explain how, he does not know where the consciousness is, or what it is, but he knows it can be transferred to a machine. I know he is not a scientist, but this seems to me a bit shallow for a respected engineer-businessman such as himself. Sometimes i think he likes to make bombastic statements for the sake of publicity, but than again, he already has shitload of publicity.

  15. biggbals

    biggbals23 jam yang lalu

    Joe has a glass of ice with whiskey not a glass of whiskey with ice

  16. Edward Whalen

    Edward Whalen23 jam yang lalu

    It is fascinating watching him speak. I have never seen somebody speak that shows more that the person is a way ahead genius that has a hard time relating to everyday people. I think Joe Rogan is low key psychic where he can mold into whoever he talks with to relate to them and it becomes like 2 friends talking. Joe has a superpower!!

  17. HEY HEY CARDS 650

    HEY HEY CARDS 650Hari Yang lalu

    The car looks like a flat head cat fish.

  18. Billiam Sanders

    Billiam SandersHari Yang lalu

    I'm outraged that his wiki page still doesn't say business magnet.


    MOJUKIN LOVERHari Yang lalu

    Love IS the Answer...agreed. peace.

  20. Blueocea

    BlueoceaHari Yang lalu

    Rogan created one of the greatest stock opportunities in recent memory. TSLA tripled within a year

  21. Raichel Binns

    Raichel BinnsHari Yang lalu

    Watch the movie Existenz!!

  22. David Leege

    David LeegeHari Yang lalu

    Is he Autistic?? I'm really asking this??.. My cousin has Autism and he sounds just like him..

  23. Zac Gunderson

    Zac GundersonHari Yang lalu

    You already said fuck tho Elon.. XD cut him off lol

  24. Pan Trojúhelník

    Pan TrojúhelníkHari Yang lalu

    #Animatrix #SecondRenaissance

  25. Hoenir Canute

    Hoenir CanuteHari Yang lalu

    Today i watched 2 robot wood forest machines take away the forest to the west of my cabin , 80 meter pines per 1 minute max.. I took drone video even.. Its amazing!

  26. HellHoundHemi

    HellHoundHemiHari Yang lalu

    Solar Windshield Visor that stores in the headliner and comes out when you park. Instead of buying the one from walmart that you have to fold out every time you park you can press a button when you park that folds down the solar panel to charge the car while also protecting the dashboard/interior of the car.

  27. Hoenir Canute

    Hoenir CanuteHari Yang lalu

    30:40 When i order Whisky i ask for 2 icecubes, not 20!

  28. Hoenir Canute

    Hoenir CanuteHari Yang lalu

    When the pickup comes, ill think about it. I dont like the fact that people i despise in this world buy his cars; but i love this guy Elon. And here in Norway we get his cars for half price..

  29. akanksha krishnani

    akanksha krishnaniHari Yang lalu

    Please bring Elon back!

  30. Hoenir Canute

    Hoenir CanuteHari Yang lalu

    HIs Tesla car company is now second behind Toyota! And they all said he would go bankrupt!!.. Still Tesla lose money, believe it; but investors believe.. Thats why TEsla now is priced beyond 900 billion dollars..

  31. Nayem Gatz

    Nayem GatzHari Yang lalu

    The best part! (The one you might be looking for) - 2:10:02

  32. Ryan

    RyanHari Yang lalu

    There’s a fundamental reason humans could never incorporate AI into their bodies; hacking. There will eventually be people (govts.) who can hack into your personal AI. It would be literal identity theft. Worst case scenario; a hacker could change your personality, alter memories, or possibly enslave the user.

  33. Ronan Grimbeek

    Ronan GrimbeekHari Yang lalu

    Elon is rick from the episode when rick and morty get the toxins sucked out of him

  34. Bobby Bradburn

    Bobby BradburnHari Yang lalu

    "its incredibly unlikely that both seals will be broken" yeah that's what the challenger engineers said too buddy

  35. Bobby Bradburn

    Bobby BradburnHari Yang lalu

    @paul sticks it was a fucking joke bud, i know what caused the challenger explosion lol calm down

  36. paul sticks

    paul sticksHari Yang lalu

    Bobby It was far below their operational temperatures that day and that never should have happened, that is a long complicated story which i will not get into but you are not comparing apples to apples in any way at all

  37. Josh Eastham

    Josh EasthamHari Yang lalu

    What is wrong with Elon in this vid

  38. MozartificeR

    MozartificeRHari Yang lalu

    To late... Da:11:38: But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things. Re:13:11: And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

  39. Shivanshu Dewra

    Shivanshu DewraHari Yang lalu

    it was ramdass who gave acid but not to buddhist monk , to neem karoli baba of india. video of the story is available on youtube

  40. MozartificeR

    MozartificeRHari Yang lalu

    Dark Helmet

  41. Victor Bey-Smith

    Victor Bey-SmithHari Yang lalu

    1:28:19 The Cybertruck makes so much more sense as to "where the idea started"

  42. Behemoth Force Gaming

    Behemoth Force GamingHari Yang lalu

    15:37 dude is a fucking robot look at his eyes and the way he talks then realizes that he needs to break character then looks at rogan :D

  43. G S

    G SHari Yang lalu

    In regards to "cyber collective". He is oh so correct. What he doesn't state is, the spiritual side collecting info. And he doesn't state, the idea to some, that there is a higher "being" than all "beings", allowing this to occur for a time. His fear, should not go unheeded. However, the higher "being" is not worried. Time will tell, as we are not synchronized in the time of the higher "being". We are humans, and the chain is coming taunt. Critical Mass for the human race is so close. Watch then, the change before our eyes.

  44. Yea

    YeaHari Yang lalu

    Elon talking about digging pits lol

  45. Skorts 50

    Skorts 50Hari Yang lalu

    this is why you should stay in school kids..get an education..EM is only entertaining a pot head

  46. Jasmin Smith

    Jasmin SmithHari Yang lalu


  47. ThatAussieBloke

    ThatAussieBlokeHari Yang lalu

    Games will be become indistinguishable from reality or Civilization will end. One of those things will happen. My brain can't handle that mate

  48. ThatAussieBloke

    ThatAussieBlokeHari Yang lalu

    28:00 I want the human race to colonize the Universe

  49. Darth Jesus

    Darth JesusHari Yang lalu

    what a masterpiece of a human being

  50. TheTechWizard1337

    TheTechWizard1337Hari Yang lalu

    When they said valve was a great company I almost threw up in my mouth.

  51. RosS Klag

    RosS KlagHari Yang lalu

    In a hundred or so years they will name a flagship frigate in our expeditionary force after him...

  52. Alisa Eastman

    Alisa EastmanHari Yang lalu

    elon has me convinced he's an alien from the future trying to wake us up from this simulation

  53. Stuart Cleary

    Stuart ClearyHari Yang lalu

    flying cars won't happen until we learn How to create antigravidic propuslsion, proppellors is incredibly antiquated engineering. Fossil Fuels have Trillions of USD in infrastructure & massive corporations have vested interest in maintaining their profit streams from Fossil fuels. & Oil won't run out in the next 50 years as we find larger reserves than ever with higher tech in exploration & drilling techniques. As far as Global warming goes I am shocked at mucks ignorance. Foddil fuels are Bad due to their Toxic effect on the air, earth & water being passed on to life with DNA which is mutated as the fossil fuels are carcinogens as found early in the 1800's where child chimney sweeps were studied as they got tumors from the coal soot. Surely Musk must know that the Earth has been without icecaps on the poles more than it has had polar ice. The last interglacial period, (the Eemian) had very very low CO2 yet temps got up to 8 deg C higher than av temps today, Scientists changed the name of the end of the Eemian into the PETM Paleo Eocene Thermal Maximum which had temps of 16 deg C higher than today with a higher CO2 which lasted into the following Iceage??? High Temps low CO2, High CO2 low temps??" the world has been heating up as we know but CO2 has NOT been heating up exponentially as the CO2 levels have been increasing, therefore No DIRECT association, between CO2 & Temperature.

  54. Jaren Bishop

    Jaren BishopHari Yang lalu

    "I'm too stupid for this conversation" 😂

  55. Mikey Twomey

    Mikey TwomeyHari Yang lalu

    He’s talking like he’s hiding something

  56. Mikey Twomey

    Mikey TwomeyHari Yang lalu

    This dude is a fucking robot the way he responds to joes questions doesnt make sense

  57. TheLitLighter

    TheLitLighterHari Yang lalu


  58. Sol James

    Sol JamesHari Yang lalu

    Anyone else feel like Elon is on some kind of substance? Possibly micro-dosing, something subtle?


    SCVMBAGZHari Yang lalu

    People says he speaks like he knows something I think he was just unprepared and couldn’t get out what he wanted to say

  60. Eric Cartman

    Eric CartmanHari Yang lalu

    I have never seen joe like this his mind cant follow elon by the way im watching this for the second time

  61. Big Chungus

    Big ChungusHari Yang lalu

    Elon does whatever he wants he literally treats the world as a playground, he does not give a flip and he’s amazing for it.

  62. Mesrop Madxharyan

    Mesrop MadxharyanHari Yang lalu

    If Joe is speechless u know this is strange Podcast

  63. Mesrop Madxharyan

    Mesrop MadxharyanHari Yang lalu

    He sounds like IA

  64. Top Dog

    Top DogHari Yang lalu

    The way my son is yelling at the tv right now in the lounge room tells me games are already indistinguishable from reality.