Joaquin Phoenix and Jimmy Fallon Trade Places


  1. Nicolas Brunet

    Nicolas Brunet18 jam yang lalu

    Such a great actor but he looks so hard to interview, I'd like to see him on hot ones

  2. Will Seest

    Will Seest19 jam yang lalu

    I believed joaquin the first time he mumbled that he has seen step brothers the most out of any movie.

  3. omgsolikevalleygirl

    omgsolikevalleygirl19 jam yang lalu

    it's like Fallon is trying to recreate the Craig Ferguson Late Late Show

  4. Legate Lanius

    Legate Lanius19 jam yang lalu

    Much better than Jimmy Kimmel's fucking piece of shit interview.

  5. Jacob T.

    Jacob T.20 jam yang lalu

    His outfit is the definition of business casual

  6. DudeInTheBasement

    DudeInTheBasement20 jam yang lalu

    Everybody gangsta' until Joaquin say "How about another joke?"

  7. benjamin

    benjamin20 jam yang lalu

    I wish Joaquin would

  8. Bullet Agario

    Bullet Agario20 jam yang lalu

    Fallon should shut up and let us hear what Phoenix has to say.

  9. Party Boi

    Party Boi21 jam yang lalu

    You want another joke, Fallon?

  10. Sebastian Flores

    Sebastian Flores21 jam yang lalu

    I was waiting for joaquin to said a punchline to the talk show guy......... . but i forgot he's not wearing his joker costume

  11. M K

    M K21 jam yang lalu

    Jimmy is lowkey less funny than joker was in the movie... lamest interview ive seen

  12. Toni W

    Toni W21 jam yang lalu

    Yeah if he shot him on this could you imagine lol....

  13. l80sman104

    l80sman10422 jam yang lalu

    I can now see Jimmy Fallon's fatal flaw. He's not good at talking to awkward people. When he actually vibes with someone. He's actually pretty brilliant.

  14. l80sman104

    l80sman10422 jam yang lalu


  15. Lord Guru

    Lord Guru23 jam yang lalu

    They should’ve done a prank by replaying the Murray scene in real life with fake blood and blank gun

  16. Lord Guru

    Lord Guru23 jam yang lalu

    How about another joke jimay

  17. Cat Wayne

    Cat WayneHari Yang lalu

    JIM MAY!

  18. iThriller

    iThrillerHari Yang lalu

    This is such a trainwreck of an interview

  19. Danilo Medeiros

    Danilo MedeirosHari Yang lalu

    The Joker is for sure an unicycle.

  20. Nick the 8-Bit

    Nick the 8-BitHari Yang lalu

    6:21 HEY! STOP HIM!!! 💀

  21. Benjamin Rios

    Benjamin RiosHari Yang lalu

    I wish he said why did you invite me here? Just to make fun of me

  22. Rand McNally

    Rand McNallyHari Yang lalu

    how about a joke Jimmy? Jimmy: AAHAAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!@@@

  23. Sebastian Hurtado

    Sebastian HurtadoHari Yang lalu

    😂😂😂so fucking awkward 💀💀💀

  24. Magnus Blick

    Magnus BlickHari Yang lalu

    What a god awful, uncomfortable idea for a talk show...let's make 3 statements, one may be true, or they all may not be true. Then there's nothing funny or twisted about the statements...Joaquin is even looking at him like "What the hell is this?" Fallon's horrid delivery didnt help matters. He's barely able to discuss Joker.

  25. mulligin75

    mulligin75Hari Yang lalu

    Jimmy: "One of your nickname's Kitten." Joaquin: "THAT'S NOT FUCKING CANON!!"

  26. DEaD-'-RiSE

    DEaD-'-RiSEHari Yang lalu

    he didnt slam the table, not even once im proud

  27. Frankie A

    Frankie AHari Yang lalu

    Damn.. late night talk shows suck now.....

  28. doggoknight

    doggoknightHari Yang lalu

    Where’s the meme?

  29. Chris 641

    Chris 641Hari Yang lalu

    These guys seems to be in a pub drinking a

  30. Escape

    EscapeHari Yang lalu

    how about another question jimmay?

  31. BDGMed

    BDGMedHari Yang lalu

    This is what happens when you have a good host. Letterman is an asshat.

  32. JossA 15

    JossA 15Hari Yang lalu

    at what minute does the reference occur?

  33. 2cool0

    2cool0Hari Yang lalu

    lol man joaquin is totally throwing shade at jimmy. and I agree

  34. hossy 2002

    hossy 2002Hari Yang lalu

    Joaquin and Jimmy should reenact the scene from the joker

  35. Soundness Of Mind

    Soundness Of Mind2 hari yang lalu

    So creepy now after watching the movie

  36. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name2 hari yang lalu

    the way he sits 😂

  37. Klujma

    Klujma2 hari yang lalu

    This was surprisingly great to be honest, Phoenix doesnt really like talk shows and in many you can see him being uncomfortable or even angry but Fallon made him very comfortable by just joking around and making more "stupid" then something serious. I think J likes Fallon.

  38. TWDxKILL3R

    TWDxKILL3R2 hari yang lalu

    0:37..... is this seriously how men act? Like girls having a sleep over. Giggling like girls. The way Phoenix is sitting.....WTF?

  39. life is good

    life is good19 jam yang lalu

    TWDxKILL3R is THAT how a man acts? hiding behind a screen to share your negativity? it really shines through here that you are quite a miserable and pathetic person. does it hurt your feelings that he’s worlds more successful than you’ll ever dream to be? you are an insignificant comment on the internet that he will likely never see. did it feel good though? did you type that out and pat yourself on the back? i bet you felt so proud of yourself after that, you probably felt so smart :) your moronic ways will only leave you more miserable than you already apparently are. have a nice life, you pathetic ass clown.

  40. ツIcy

    ツIcy19 jam yang lalu

    TWDxKILL3R shut the fuck up nobody asked

  41. TWDxKILL3R

    TWDxKILL3R19 jam yang lalu

    Rainy McBow ... I guess that’s why men act like girls, because the rest of the population doesn’t mind it. Where I come from, sitting like a princess will get you looked at at strange. But you people up north are fucking weird. I’m surprised if you’re from anywhere else.

  42. Rainy McBow

    Rainy McBow22 jam yang lalu

    Are you dumb? Who cares? Damn, to be this insecure must really suck

  43. Skinny White Kid

    Skinny White Kid2 hari yang lalu

    Joaquin: Hey Jimmy Jimmy: what? Joaquin: how about another joke? Jimmy: 😳

  44. Joe Myers

    Joe Myers2 hari yang lalu

    Am I the only one who loves Joaquin's outfit?

  45. Alecto Mediccis

    Alecto Mediccis2 hari yang lalu

    The real jocker, excelent

  46. Bryce S.

    Bryce S.2 hari yang lalu

    My God watch the difference with how comfortable and happy Joaquin is in this interview then in Jimmy Kimmel... Kimmel was an ass and spoke over him and Joaquin was pissed. Here he’s joking and laughing

  47. Bryce S.

    Bryce S.2 hari yang lalu

    Kimmels interview seemed a lot like the one in the movie... I was honestly waiting for Joaquin to say “how about a joke Jimmy”... 😂

  48. Max Isola

    Max Isola2 hari yang lalu

    How about another joke, Joaquin?

  49. Same Shit Different Day

    Same Shit Different Day2 hari yang lalu

    Idk about anyone else but if I ever played the joker I’d be in character 24/7 even after the movie is done.

  50. Emily's Kanji Channel Japan

    Emily's Kanji Channel Japan2 hari yang lalu his name in japanese

  51. SofiCanal

    SofiCanal2 hari yang lalu

    This was so confusing to watch, like, really, wtf is this? It’s just Jimmy talking and Joaquin wanting to die

  52. Morgana Freyja

    Morgana Freyja2 hari yang lalu

    Que estúpido perder tanto tiempo de entrevista con alguien como él en algo tan imbécil. Es un insulto.

  53. MR AUG - Playground

    MR AUG - Playground2 hari yang lalu

    6:30 *Never give up on your dreams guys! Look at Arthur!!*

  54. Judd 518

    Judd 5182 hari yang lalu

    Joaquin single handedly carried the interview

  55. 발빠닥

    발빠닥2 hari yang lalu

    Dude let him speak....

  56. Vaggelis Kinigopoulos

    Vaggelis Kinigopoulos2 hari yang lalu

    Nobody is pointing out how magnificent Joaquin's hair is.

  57. BasLindo

    BasLindo2 hari yang lalu

    When a super authentic person, meets a super fake person, this is what you get

  58. lvlXVI .04

    lvlXVI .042 hari yang lalu


  59. TheNatural1

    TheNatural12 hari yang lalu

    5:00 That's what Adam Sandler does

  60. obamatwitchtv

    obamatwitchtv2 hari yang lalu

    *plot twist:* they swap places and jimmy says, “how about another joke, joa-quin?”

  61. Alma Garcia

    Alma Garcia2 hari yang lalu

    I'm as confused as Joaquin 🤔

  62. Angela L

    Angela L2 hari yang lalu

    Y’all already know he was lying when he said he lost 15 lbs instead of 50 😂😂

  63. pvt. pyle but not really

    pvt. pyle but not really2 hari yang lalu

    Man he's gained a lot of weight since then

  64. wreckcelsior

    wreckcelsior2 hari yang lalu

    0:34 "My guests come out and listen to me talk"... no kidding Interruptus.

  65. Reno Uzumaki

    Reno Uzumaki2 hari yang lalu

    Everyone is mind blown about how he played his role great on the Joker meanwhile I’m mind blown for just figuring out that he played as the evil dude on Gladiator...😪

  66. Another stimulating comment

    Another stimulating comment23 jam yang lalu

    "busy little bees", he was great in that, the level of pomposity he displayed and that ridiculous outfit he wore in the fight scene, only film I didn't like him in was walk the line, I know it's hard to play a real person but he just wasn't convincing as Johnny Cash

  67. Amanda Vidri

    Amanda VidriHari Yang lalu

    Reno Uzumaki that was my first crush haha

  68. JoseManuel Zegarra Vásquez

    JoseManuel Zegarra Vásquez2 hari yang lalu