Joana Martinez Brings the Energy Up on "Get on Your Feet" - The Voice Live Top 13 Performances 2019


  1. Pablo Avilés Rodríguez

    Pablo Avilés Rodríguez2 hari yang lalu

    How did she even got in the bottom three that week?! Great performance!!

  2. Ania Tillery

    Ania Tillery3 hari yang lalu

    I thought this was a song from the Goofy Movie 😂

  3. For Liberty

    For Liberty4 hari yang lalu

    I didn't like this song choice. She's better than this.

  4. S, E & Ste

    S, E & Ste7 hari yang lalu

    you know you’re good when blake stands up for you while performing.....

  5. joshua629

    joshua62910 hari yang lalu

    Yaessssss!!! Putting Some Gloria Estafan on the map ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Forest Hart

    Forest Hart11 hari yang lalu

    This girl is great. A true performer

  7. Rudi Muliyono

    Rudi Muliyono11 hari yang lalu

    The key ia too low.

  8. anitabreakone

    anitabreakone11 hari yang lalu

    And Kennedy Holmes didn’t win her season. 🤔 Do they have something against 14-15 year olds winning?? Joanna is ready. Now!

  9. Jan Kane

    Jan Kane12 hari yang lalu

    So great!! I found myself smiling like a fool.

  10. Felipe Magalhães

    Felipe Magalhães13 hari yang lalu

    This reminds me of Parks and Rec haha

  11. Michely Alba

    Michely Alba13 hari yang lalu

    Go Joana! This performance was amazing, one of your best ones!

  12. Agent Lemon

    Agent Lemon14 hari yang lalu

    Gwen is a good coach, I noticed that Myracle and Rose also have a really outstanding stage performance. She really knows how to make her team stand out.

  13. Emily Broden

    Emily Broden14 hari yang lalu

    I didn’t like this song, but I love Joanna’s tone of voice. I want to hear her perform an Ariana Grande song!

  14. Freddie Montanez

    Freddie Montanez15 hari yang lalu

    Think Joana will go on to the finals.Hello Sunday and Myracle.

  15. Jackie G

    Jackie G16 hari yang lalu

    This was a very good performance, but uptempo songs rarely work well in contests like this one. (So she was in the bottom three, but luckily got the instant save).

  16. turkey jerky

    turkey jerky16 hari yang lalu

    I get some danielle bradbery vibes from her in terms of her tone

  17. Guy Nbrk

    Guy Nbrk16 hari yang lalu

    Sorry but this sounds flat and ha no charisma. Karaoke quality at best.

  18. Brandon Marshal

    Brandon Marshal16 hari yang lalu

    U brought me back in time. When U could go out to a club and enjoy yaself.

  19. JP Sium

    JP Sium16 hari yang lalu

    really hope she wins! So good

  20. Yudhveer Singh

    Yudhveer Singh16 hari yang lalu

    Wrong song selection

  21. A O

    A O16 hari yang lalu

    I like her but she struggled with breath control

  22. Bruce Carey

    Bruce Carey16 hari yang lalu

    Song choice let her down. Will not go through.

  23. Irida 4

    Irida 416 hari yang lalu

    Wrong song for Joana! hope Gwen learned something for the fact that this song costed Joana almost leaving the show.

  24. TheAmandaShow

    TheAmandaShow16 hari yang lalu

    What an accurate title

  25. Mops66

    Mops6616 hari yang lalu

    Not a song to sing live... wrong song choice.

  26. KM RC Adventure

    KM RC Adventure16 hari yang lalu

    Someone sign this girl she is a star!!!! She is the best singer on the voice and she is only 15????

  27. Stacy Feldman

    Stacy Feldman16 hari yang lalu

    I loved her . Bright future for her very entertaining

  28. Muji Bunong

    Muji Bunong17 hari yang lalu

    Beautiful girl

  29. Tommy Jones

    Tommy Jones17 hari yang lalu

    The perfect song for Joana that was written for her is Blue Bayou by Linda Ronstadt that song suits her style to a T ♪

  30. Cyrus Bird-Walker

    Cyrus Bird-Walker17 hari yang lalu

    I'm sorry but this just reminds me of Parks & Rec

  31. tatikto

    tatikto17 hari yang lalu

    Gloria Estefan needs to be a mentor.

  32. chloemack

    chloemack17 hari yang lalu

    I liked it. She seems she is having fun..for me was really good performance

  33. Justin Nolasco

    Justin Nolasco17 hari yang lalu

    It should have been Cali Wilson that got the Voice Instant Save

  34. tootz1950

    tootz195017 hari yang lalu

    She enjoyed singing this, but still a good but average voice.

  35. Jordan Kate

    Jordan Kate17 hari yang lalu

    Is anyone gonna mention this song from that Parks and Rec episode where they’re trying to walk across the ice rink..

  36. loving densi

    loving densi17 hari yang lalu

    So happy that Joana made the Top 11, well deserved. I voted for her. All my favs made it - Rose, Myricle and Kat!!!

  37. higherlivingPJW Last

    higherlivingPJW Last17 hari yang lalu

    Yes, a Gloria Estefan song! There's so much positive uplifting music out there and that was a good one. AND it was executed very well!

  38. Katie Specht

    Katie Specht17 hari yang lalu

    The only thing I can think about when I hear this song is Leslie Knope trying to walk across an ice rink #Knope2020

  39. Jackson Foster

    Jackson Foster17 hari yang lalu

    Katie Specht I just LAUGHED

  40. Leen Maarouf

    Leen Maarouf17 hari yang lalu

    Can't believe how she kept it steady. I lose my breath when I walk to the bathroom from the living room.

  41. Emma Razon

    Emma Razon17 hari yang lalu

    Wow you will win team Gwen