Jimmy Kimmel & Jimmy Fallon Finally Clear Up Who Is Who


  1. Chandler Whitchurch

    Chandler Whitchurch12 jam yang lalu

    Love Kimmel. Hate Fallon. That’s the difference.

  2. Bonnore

    Bonnore12 jam yang lalu

    i still don't differentiate them. they look like plain white dudes to me

  3. HakakaPraveen

    HakakaPraveen12 jam yang lalu

    Kimmel is better than Fallon did I do it right?

  4. D. Andres

    D. Andres12 jam yang lalu

    Lol! Generic White Guys

  5. Jordan Schettini

    Jordan Schettini13 jam yang lalu

    I just noticed they had the same name

  6. mina gurdal

    mina gurdal13 jam yang lalu

    they were born in brooklyn me tearing up because i was also born in brooklyn i think im obsessed

  7. Caoimhe hegarty

    Caoimhe hegarty14 jam yang lalu

    i Am DrEw AnD i Am DaNnY

  8. lynn Sieben

    lynn Sieben14 jam yang lalu

    Don’t tell me no other larrie noticed jimmy fallon said he ate his twis larry in the whomb them jimmy kimmel said he ate his twin larents in the whomb i mean

  9. Emma Hobson

    Emma Hobson15 jam yang lalu

    easy... kimmel

  10. Javier Guevara

    Javier Guevara16 jam yang lalu

    That one was funny

  11. pink baby tee

    pink baby tee17 jam yang lalu

    This is really funny 😆😆

  12. Oscar Asso'o

    Oscar Asso'o19 jam yang lalu

    Kimmel is kind of hot

  13. Martial Race

    Martial Race20 jam yang lalu

    This has confused people who weren't even confused....nice going jimmies

  14. Pantomath

    Pantomath21 jam yang lalu

    Conans better than you both 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🎈🎈

  15. Jalal Din

    Jalal Din22 jam yang lalu

    I honestly feels that Jimmy Fallon is better and funnier than Jimmy Kimmel.


    DUAA ALZEITAWIHari Yang lalu

    Fallon Fan

  17. Tnaegres-Ynnos

    Tnaegres-YnnosHari Yang lalu

    What about jimmy giggle

  18. Chuba Longchar

    Chuba LongcharHari Yang lalu

    Well I wasn't even confused before this.

  19. ImportRace

    ImportRaceHari Yang lalu


  20. incredible life

    incredible lifeHari Yang lalu

    Just invite Conan o'brien into your show & let's see, what will happen next??

  21. Ayman Faruk

    Ayman FarukHari Yang lalu

    I thought that Fallon was the younger version of Kimmel

  22. An Air Conditioner

    An Air ConditionerHari Yang lalu

    Kimmel= Good Fallon= Bad

  23. Itzel Hdez

    Itzel HdezHari Yang lalu

    Porque no había visto este vídeo 😑😑

  24. maximus freeman

    maximus freemanHari Yang lalu

    Is Jimmy Kimmel white 🤔

  25. HELGA

    HELGAHari Yang lalu

    Finishing the video Me: Alright! 3 seconds later: aaaaaaa...

  26. Hyperion

    HyperionHari Yang lalu

    I still don’t know who is who

  27. Yvonne Lozano

    Yvonne LozanoHari Yang lalu

    This reminds me of Danny Gonzalez and Drew Gooden

  28. Михаил Каменев

    Михаил КаменевHari Yang lalu

    I saw one jimmy on taxi 2004... who was that?

  29. Little Jonathorn

    Little JonathornHari Yang lalu

    Is anyone else still confused? Was that kimmel or fallon?

  30. Rasslin Madness

    Rasslin MadnessHari Yang lalu

    "Bruh someone messed with the timeline".

  31. Mountain devil70

    Mountain devil70Hari Yang lalu

    Wait, they aren’t the same person?

  32. Life with Chlo

    Life with ChloHari Yang lalu

    For some reason I’m just choosing to believe this isn’t scripted

  33. tina wbrr

    tina wbrrHari Yang lalu

    fallon over kimmel anytime

  34. Lymer

    LymerHari Yang lalu

    Does is matter which is which? All you need to know is Conan is better...

  35. Roxanne Lewis

    Roxanne LewisHari Yang lalu

    One tries too hard to be funny one doesn't as much isnt funny at all

  36. Ralph~DeLuca

    Ralph~DeLucaHari Yang lalu

    Ok upon receiving this video in my recommendations I'm so confused now I guess I will proceed to watch this Edit: now I'm really confused I can't remember the videos I've watched like who they were filmed by and I also can't remember who has their own ride at Universal Orlando

  37. TrueLojic

    TrueLojicHari Yang lalu

    Jimmy >>>>>> Jimmy

  38. Justin

    JustinHari Yang lalu

    I thought these were the same guys..

  39. shoop dawhoop

    shoop dawhoopHari Yang lalu

    The NPCs are becoming self aware. This is good.

  40. J Div

    J DivHari Yang lalu

    I liked the part with jimmy

  41. TheLabMiner

    TheLabMinerHari Yang lalu

    Who is funnier??? Conan O' Brien!

  42. Chasin' Chicken LLC

    Chasin' Chicken LLCHari Yang lalu


  43. O Caçador

    O CaçadorHari Yang lalu

    But Jimmy is way funnier than Jimmy

  44. Bravo25

    Bravo25Hari Yang lalu

    They both suck...who cares

  45. fromtheptothab

    fromtheptothabHari Yang lalu

    the guy with the fake laugh is jimmy fallon.

  46. Sangita Gurung

    Sangita Gurung2 hari yang lalu

    Even I got confused all the time....😅😅

  47. Ariel Duong

    Ariel Duong2 hari yang lalu

    jimmy is so much better than jimmy am i right

  48. Jasmine Baby

    Jasmine Baby2 hari yang lalu

    After the episode of Joaquin Phoenix, I thought Kimmel is awful. So Fallon is better that’s the conclusion for anyone else. Jimmy Kimmel sucks.

  49. Julie McKee

    Julie McKee2 hari yang lalu

    They absorbed their twin in the womb? Like Dwight Shrute?

  50. Preksha Varshney

    Preksha Varshney2 hari yang lalu

    Not to be rude or anything, but Jimmy is wayyyy better than Jimmy

  51. Alex Hernandez

    Alex Hernandez2 hari yang lalu

    One is east coast the other is west coast that’s it

  52. Sheeeiit

    Sheeeiit2 hari yang lalu

    touch my jimmy

  53. Alaa Dobashi

    Alaa Dobashi2 hari yang lalu

    You can always give meh the cookie

  54. Sonysangalang

    Sonysangalang2 hari yang lalu

    Plot Twist: They Are Twins

  55. Attilio Angelone

    Attilio Angelone2 hari yang lalu

    2 idiots

  56. Vic 2.0

    Vic 2.02 hari yang lalu

    Fallon's the one who giggles like a little girl, Kimmel's the one who cries about Trump like a little girl. There, I saved you 4 minutes.

  57. Carlitos Elmar cianito

    Carlitos Elmar cianitoHari Yang lalu

    These are the best spent 4 minutes of today

  58. L Kennedy

    L Kennedy2 hari yang lalu

    Whoa I know who both are yet I never realised that they are both separate people

  59. Fai bene a spaventarti, coglione

    Fai bene a spaventarti, coglione2 hari yang lalu

    Best. Crossover. Ever.

  60. Georgia Papadopoulou

    Georgia Papadopoulou2 hari yang lalu

    i like Fallon much more. i just don't think Kimmel is that funny. he tries too hard and he always laughs at his own jokes which aren't that funny. and if you are wondering no i don't watch either of them. but if i like the guest i'll watch no matter the host.

  61. luksurias

    luksurias2 hari yang lalu

    sarcastic answer: dump both ...one more then other😂