Jimmy Kimmel Influenced Jennifer Aniston's Friendsgiving


  1. Robert Kelly

    Robert Kelly4 hari yang lalu

    Jimmy kümmel is the guy who shouldn’t be famous.

  2. Greg Dahlen

    Greg Dahlen6 hari yang lalu

    if jimmy's friends with jen does that mean he can be on the 'friends' tv show?

  3. Sunshine Anderson

    Sunshine AndersonBulan Yang lalu

    Ellen, how can I send you a funny video?

  4. Carol Benson

    Carol BensonBulan Yang lalu

    Ellen is such a giver..would be nice if she got some great gifts too at Christmas!

  5. Jasper T.

    Jasper T.Bulan Yang lalu

    Did he tell the thanksgiving story before, like a year ago? 'Cause it sounds very familiar.

  6. Bharat Varsha

    Bharat VarshaBulan Yang lalu

    Extremely arrogant, mean, and outspoken guy !

  7. Lucid Ducil

    Lucid DucilBulan Yang lalu

    When an interviewer interviewed an interviewer in an interview.

  8. Malvika Jain

    Malvika JainBulan Yang lalu

    jimmy started with that lint roller etc act.. n i was so bored..

  9. mar montess

    mar montessBulan Yang lalu

    Lindo programa🤗

  10. NotGerhard NotRichter

    NotGerhard NotRichterBulan Yang lalu

    Is it HERMES bag...?💁🏻‍♂️

  11. Diego S. Brenes

    Diego S. BrenesBulan Yang lalu

    Ellen's suit is wow, flawless.

  12. ItsMePhoebe

    ItsMePhoebeBulan Yang lalu

    He reminds minds me of the "Apparently" boy, when hes speaking in this ^^




  14. Juan Delgadillo

    Juan DelgadilloBulan Yang lalu

    The green Dot shows a Christmas tree 🌲

  15. Louise Daniels

    Louise DanielsBulan Yang lalu

    No. You don’t go home for Friendsgiving. If you go home you have Thanksgiving with your family. It’s for everyone who stayed behind and didn’t go home.

  16. Paulina Starlord

    Paulina StarlordBulan Yang lalu

    I was born in Las Vegas and I have never knew he’s from here.

  17. Noel Samuel

    Noel SamuelBulan Yang lalu

    So Rachel really can cook!!!!!

  18. Izzy Macklin

    Izzy MacklinBulan Yang lalu

    Jimmy at Christmas is Amy Santiago’s ideal man 😂

  19. Gap P

    Gap PBulan Yang lalu

    Great video 😊

  20. Dannah Magahis

    Dannah MagahisBulan Yang lalu

    I see Jen didn’t make the trifle

  21. oneofthemillion

    oneofthemillionBulan Yang lalu

    Omg I love you Jimmy Fallon even more now 😍😍😍

  22. shaheen k

    shaheen kBulan Yang lalu

    Seems like watching jimmy kimmel show🤔

  23. C L Y

    C L YBulan Yang lalu

    Two great hosts!

  24. The DeadSpider

    The DeadSpiderBulan Yang lalu

    Who cares about Jennifer Anniston, like if u love Nicole Aniston 😂😏

  25. His Sala

    His SalaBulan Yang lalu

    Was Ellen not invited?

  26. Violet G

    Violet GBulan Yang lalu


  27. adam mac

    adam macBulan Yang lalu

    Not to be _THAT_ guy, but you know who's REALLY good at writing Thank you notes? Jimmy Fallon 😅

  28. King Chile

    King ChileBulan Yang lalu

    I’m surprised crying kimmel dident cry 😭

  29. Lindalee Law

    Lindalee LawBulan Yang lalu

    Friends giving. It's about GIVING THANKS you morons .

  30. Michael Labine

    Michael LabineBulan Yang lalu

    F###### Tired of Aniston & Kimmel !!!!! Coming from the CommonWealth of Canada !!!

  31. Stacie Agnew

    Stacie AgnewBulan Yang lalu

    I love both of them but I wish Jimmy would let Ellen finish a sentence!

  32. Kaitlin Windley

    Kaitlin WindleyBulan Yang lalu

    wish I could go to 12 days of christmas

  33. HennMyGames

    HennMyGamesBulan Yang lalu

    This is like siri talking to alexa😂

  34. Mona Clarke

    Mona ClarkeBulan Yang lalu


  35. Jasmin Yose

    Jasmin YoseBulan Yang lalu

    I love how loud he talks 😂💞

  36. Mike T

    Mike TBulan Yang lalu

    This love by Camila Cabello is amazing song....like the whole Romance album is amazing....

  37. Sy A

    Sy ABulan Yang lalu

    Monica Geller would be proud of Jimmy.


    WHAT EVERBulan Yang lalu

    He is boring man

  39. F Ch

    F ChBulan Yang lalu

    Anyone recognize Hermès bag 💼

  40. Chief Wa'YAH'ki !

    Chief Wa'YAH'ki !Bulan Yang lalu

    Red is hot , black is loved , love is ETERNAL

  41. divainloveforever

    divainloveforeverBulan Yang lalu

    Idols! Idols! Idols! Idols! Looooooove both!!!!

  42. Nessy Marie

    Nessy MarieBulan Yang lalu

    Doesn’t matter what year it is, Jennifer Aniston always has great hair

  43. Carrie-Ann Ryder

    Carrie-Ann RyderBulan Yang lalu

    Stinky poopy can do the cleaning this time 👍 We clear? ?

  44. Miriam H

    Miriam HBulan Yang lalu

    I thought Kimmel was from Brooklyn why's he saying Vegas now?

  45. becky ularam

    becky ularamBulan Yang lalu

    Can I get the purse please and thank you

  46. Julie Clark

    Julie ClarkBulan Yang lalu

    Worlds are colliding!!!

  47. Viry Nieto

    Viry NietoBulan Yang lalu

    I relate on Jimmy's list! Love his organization!

  48. Sagi1984

    Sagi1984Bulan Yang lalu

    Christmas is not about gifts

  49. L B

    L BBulan Yang lalu

    At my house on Christmas we always make Mexican food. It's a Mexican buffet. We aren't Mexican. We just love the food.

  50. Fabiano Pina

    Fabiano PinaBulan Yang lalu

    Ellen, can I have an audience gift if I'm in Brazil? Lol

  51. Kyleigh Ann

    Kyleigh AnnBulan Yang lalu

    For my friends giving we have to choose a like food theme so that we don’t have regular thanksgiving food the night before. This passed year the theme was Italian food. So pizza and pasta.

  52. Dahiro Darur

    Dahiro DarurBulan Yang lalu

    This is like a hilarious movie where someone who was a people pleaser finally passive aggressively stands up for himself. It's genuinely funny. Don't take this the wrong way. 😂 Because I am truly a genuine person...to the right people who won't try to tear me down.💓

  53. Kszabus

    KszabusBulan Yang lalu

    Jen has a chef she/ he made all the food.

  54. its_elianeee

    its_elianeeeBulan Yang lalu

    who loves Jennifer Aniston?? and wants to meet her one day :)

  55. Asobu Rio

    Asobu RioBulan Yang lalu

    Ellen suit and the decorations.. I'm loving it

  56. Dee Shells

    Dee ShellsBulan Yang lalu

    Is jimmy a Virgo like I can totally relate on his gift list lol 😂😂😂

  57. hbh Tcr

    hbh TcrBulan Yang lalu

    Dee Shells I think he’s a Scorpio lol

  58. Tonima Trisa

    Tonima TrisaBulan Yang lalu

    jimmy kimmel is so boring

  59. Shewhomustnotbenamed

    ShewhomustnotbenamedBulan Yang lalu

    Ellen trying to get more views with jen’s name in the title

  60. Vatsal Payaal

    Vatsal PayaalBulan Yang lalu

    *3 Xs* mean......

  61. Steve Jarvis

    Steve JarvisBulan Yang lalu

    I didn't know he was from Vegas and I thought what ever happened in Vegas, stayed in Vegas.

  62. karole

    karoleBulan Yang lalu

    This Christmas Remember me ellen❤