Jhené Aiko - None Of Your Concern (Official Video)


  1. 양jacob

    양jacobJam Yang lalu

    Whos the rapper??

  2. LorDraKo

    LorDraKoJam Yang lalu

    Lets have a teea ?i will change the way you see love xxx

  3. ImJustSayin RealTalk

    ImJustSayin RealTalk2 jam yang lalu

    When you're passed triggered

  4. geoffrey kamrein

    geoffrey kamrein2 jam yang lalu

    my sister with yet another sweet one....

  5. Jaya Pinkins

    Jaya Pinkins3 jam yang lalu


  6. jaasiel gonzalez

    jaasiel gonzalez3 jam yang lalu

    B.E.S.T S.O.N.G E.V.E.R😴.

  7. elizabeth DeAN

    elizabeth DeAN3 jam yang lalu

    Y he keep playing like I don’t kno.....none of my concern......... getting me through this... thnx

  8. I_am_the_ Purpose

    I_am_the_ Purpose4 jam yang lalu

    Am I allowed to cut Sean's part 🤷

  9. It's just Me

    It's just Me5 jam yang lalu

    "Not scared to be alone anymore" the stage in breakup I am approaching.

  10. Im 1kguapbaby

    Im 1kguapbaby5 jam yang lalu

    this song so fire

  11. Wreckatnite

    Wreckatnite5 jam yang lalu

    New official audio music video "want it all back" click the link idreporter.net/v/video-TI4Yarjyp4w.html share like and hopefully subscribe thank u for ur time god bless

  12. Dj Saja

    Dj Saja6 jam yang lalu

    sad or love? i wonder sad or love...

  13. CORDY Mcintosh

    CORDY Mcintosh7 jam yang lalu

    this"SONG"too"BAD"🎶🎵🎼🔥🔥🔥....I love it...every empress deserves so much more

  14. Krystina Alvarado

    Krystina Alvarado7 jam yang lalu

    Seems like Everytime a song is released from you, I can relate 100%. Love your music, wish you would have a concert close to me!!!

  15. Son NguyenDang

    Son NguyenDang7 jam yang lalu

    Incredible voice!

  16. Whyinem

    Whyinem7 jam yang lalu

    I didn't think I would ever say this, but Big Sean ruined the second half of this song. I just listen to the Jhene's part

  17. Brandi W.

    Brandi W.8 jam yang lalu

    Her face when she says “once I felt a way but not today, I’m not afraid, now I can say: get your bitch ass off of my phone” is like she told him that one day she would be done with his shit & she’s like 🤷‍♀️ told ya

  18. Buggblasta

    Buggblasta8 jam yang lalu

    Your songz are real. People don’t make real songz. Respect you and ya daughter.

  19. CATNIP

    CATNIP8 jam yang lalu

    Commenting to get it to 13,333 comments.

  20. Ayinde Precious

    Ayinde Precious10 jam yang lalu

    She's more than an artist!!! She puts her heart and soul into her music!!! ❤️

  21. Pop Music Piano Tutorials

    Pop Music Piano Tutorials10 jam yang lalu

    Found a really good instrumental version on Spotify open.spotify.com/track/4TQJR5QUTYxkBNLE1iZJgM?si=V7ryFzcxRhedqPCFq6QWuQ

  22. Brown Sugar

    Brown Sugar12 jam yang lalu

    1 Moving On 2 New Chapter 3 None Of Yours Concern ♥️💛♥️💛♥️💛

  23. Zuriel Dalgetty

    Zuriel Dalgetty12 jam yang lalu

    R u blasian????

  24. Miss Shaneice

    Miss Shaneice13 jam yang lalu

    giiirrlllll, emotions are bursting! she got me on the verge of tears and damn big sean at the end.

  25. Yokitha Bridges

    Yokitha Bridges13 jam yang lalu

    Who can relate for 2k19???This is so my life 2019... Only temporary

  26. barbie_shadow

    barbie_shadow14 jam yang lalu

    That’s real

  27. CajunPrincess Styles

    CajunPrincess Styles14 jam yang lalu

    Loving this track Jene’ 🙌🏻🎶👏🏻🙏🏽 does all the time mad skills 😘 l love her honesty “done with being alone” at the same time were strong women 💪🏾👠👏🏻🙌🏻we can “Stand on our own” & be happy in us “All the Time” I know what she’s feeling #GodHealsAllWondz🙏🏽💕

  28. G DaGreat

    G DaGreat14 jam yang lalu

    When pain creates beauty

  29. J Vazquez

    J Vazquez15 jam yang lalu

    Oh my.....

  30. J Vazquez

    J Vazquez15 jam yang lalu

    Wait a minute Sean just ruined it smh

  31. moonsmonsters

    moonsmonsters16 jam yang lalu

    IDK how I ended up here but I dig. Very lo fi type beat

  32. Dimitri Smith

    Dimitri Smith16 jam yang lalu

    The guys in the studio felt this

  33. E Edwards

    E Edwards17 jam yang lalu

    I felt this song in my SOUL. and people just wanted to focus on the cumming 9 times part smh

  34. sivuyisiwe gilili

    sivuyisiwe gilili17 jam yang lalu

    Jhene is an empath and a wonderful woman and all.. But she can't be pouring so much of herself into these men talking about she was suicidal when she has a daughter. She needs to focus her energy into being the best mother for aiko. Live for her and stop dying for these men. Amen

  35. Sailor MooYung

    Sailor MooYung19 jam yang lalu


  36. Janice Adamson

    Janice Adamson20 jam yang lalu

    Jhene really thank you for this, been a fan since I was 12 I'm 21 now.

  37. Loveely Lindda

    Loveely Lindda22 jam yang lalu

    Fuck the idiot who I have label as this song as his ringtone you know who you are nigga 👌

  38. irony point

    irony pointHari Yang lalu

    Those cats at the beginning😻😻😻

  39. Ryan Johnson

    Ryan JohnsonHari Yang lalu


  40. kevin hooks

    kevin hooksHari Yang lalu

    Lowkey he started on a drake type line!!!!!

  41. washboredstomakk

    washboredstomakkHari Yang lalu

    Beautiful pain expressed.