Jey Vazz - ILOVE


  1. CloudKid

    CloudKidBulan Yang lalu

    How do you say "LOVE" in your language? ❤️ In German it's "Liebe" ❤️ LOTS OF LOVE TO ALL OF YOUUUU

  2. Khương Tran

    Khương Tran13 hari yang lalu

    Yêu = love in Vietnammese

  3. Crooked Wizard

    Crooked Wizard15 hari yang lalu


  4. DGM CH

    DGM CH25 hari yang lalu


  5. • c r e a t i o n •

    • c r e a t i o n •29 hari yang lalu


  6. Zollohit Bagants

    Zollohit BagantsBulan Yang lalu

    Mīlu - Latvian 🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻

  7. Darren Liew Jia Quan

    Darren Liew Jia Quan9 hari yang lalu

    Anybody feels like is so alike like whethan's music, wallflower. Looks like an upgrade version of it. 😅

  8. محمود حسين

    محمود حسين22 hari yang lalu

    Koven & Roy - about me

  9. 10k Subs With Butter

    10k Subs With Butter24 hari yang lalu

    so im like makin a playlist for chill songs and im like eh idk about this one *then the base drops*


    ARNOLD DIXON29 hari yang lalu

    This song is a nice banger. No explanation.

  11. Beto JR21

    Beto JR21Bulan Yang lalu

    It's have copyright?

  12. Gilmar Souza

    Gilmar SouzaBulan Yang lalu


  13. Gilmar Souza

    Gilmar SouzaBulan Yang lalu


  14. André Silva

    André SilvaBulan Yang lalu

    wowwwww :o

  15. Rado Timers

    Rado TimersBulan Yang lalu


  16. - Haku -

    - Haku -Bulan Yang lalu

    I say love

  17. Perry Kaljareuk

    Perry KaljareukBulan Yang lalu


  18. Kosh

    KoshBulan Yang lalu

    What is this type of music called?

  19. CloudKid

    CloudKidBulan Yang lalu

    Vapor twitch

  20. Elijah Neisler

    Elijah NeislerBulan Yang lalu

    Cloudkid, you never let me down brobro.

  21. Circus Baby W.D

    Circus Baby W.DBulan Yang lalu

    Somebody have lyrics ?

  22. ツAxxuna

    ツAxxunaBulan Yang lalu


  23. erich thereal

    erich therealBulan Yang lalu


  24. Deyvis Epifanio

    Deyvis EpifanioBulan Yang lalu


  25. Vanessa Cortez

    Vanessa CortezBulan Yang lalu

    I Really Like This! The Music Is Awesome Sheepy Never fails for taste of Music 🐑💙

  26. Nancy España

    Nancy EspañaBulan Yang lalu

    soy la unica biendo esto y que abla español

  27. abel jhon

    abel jhonBulan Yang lalu

    the best

  28. Loutian B.

    Loutian B.Bulan Yang lalu

    yo, ive been a fan ever since the beginning, amazing work man !!!!!

  29. CUPoMochu

    CUPoMochuBulan Yang lalu

    You made my smile a rainbow again!

  30. RAZØR OneSH0T

    RAZØR OneSH0TBulan Yang lalu

    Vocals were also used by ROY KNOX - About Me

  31. ADH Football

    ADH FootballBulan Yang lalu

    Dope music

  32. It’s OK

    It’s OKBulan Yang lalu

    Love is a powerful thing in our life ♥️ It can make the life wonderful or break the heart, but it all makes us stronger ❤️ Love 4 everyone ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  33. •h e a v e n l y m a r s•

    •h e a v e n l y m a r s•Bulan Yang lalu


  34. bk-x records 記錄

    bk-x records 記錄Bulan Yang lalu

    W o n d e r f u l 🌻⭐️🌴💛

  35. 0rigin Red Planet•

    0rigin Red Planet•Bulan Yang lalu


  36. Nommiixx Divine Counterpart Music

    Nommiixx Divine Counterpart MusicBulan Yang lalu


  37. Henry White

    Henry WhiteBulan Yang lalu

    #CloudQuote "Live all of your days as if they are the last, but live your last day as if you have many more to go." -Unknown ❤️❤️

  38. gredethw

    gredethwBulan Yang lalu


  39. kevinGamer _yt

    kevinGamer _ytBulan Yang lalu


  40. I AM DRY

    I AM DRYBulan Yang lalu

    0:00-3:02 Just Lovely

  41. TheDark Winter

    TheDark WinterBulan Yang lalu

    Would you ever let beat saber uses your songs?❤️

  42. Zaphkiel OVRDRV

    Zaphkiel OVRDRVBulan Yang lalu

    lerato ke kamoo re le buang ka puo ea Sotho ea Boroa

  43. ProToxicMonster

    ProToxicMonsterBulan Yang lalu

    You are a god

  44. Dominik Burke

    Dominik BurkeBulan Yang lalu

    i go to school with him ;)

  45. Forever Young

    Forever YoungBulan Yang lalu

    *This is cringe*

  46. Aron Mcgrath

    Aron McgrathBulan Yang lalu

    I have and that's been since 2016

  47. Soul

    SoulBulan Yang lalu

    New upload right on my birthday

  48. SimplyFrxddy

    SimplyFrxddyBulan Yang lalu

    #CloudQuote Reach for the stars and not for the broccoli~ - me (I think)💕🥦💫

  49. Dashok Pavlok

    Dashok PavlokBulan Yang lalu


  50. Edward Reis

    Edward ReisBulan Yang lalu

    Ah eu amo isso :p

  51. Future House Cloud

    Future House CloudBulan Yang lalu

    this vocals, daamn!

  52. N D C

    N D CBulan Yang lalu

    I don't know if I was wrong or no but it sounds like ( Koven & ROY - About Me )🤔🤔🤔

  53. Finnet

    FinnetBulan Yang lalu

    AmyRosy64 the vocal is probably from a soundpack and everyone can use it. It was only pitched up in this track

  54. AmyRosy64

    AmyRosy64Bulan Yang lalu

    @Twoface242 Yeah it's the same lyrics, they might've use that song as a sample

  55. Twoface242

    Twoface242Bulan Yang lalu

    I think it has exactly the same lyrics, but i’m not sure

  56. FoxTheGamer

    FoxTheGamerBulan Yang lalu

    Älskar Swidish🇸🇪

  57. FoxTheGamer

    FoxTheGamerBulan Yang lalu


  58. Orhan Gündüz

    Orhan GündüzBulan Yang lalu

    Nice music

  59. Arman Mauthan

    Arman MauthanBulan Yang lalu

    ILOVE=Жақсы көрем

  60. TREX3892 XD

    TREX3892 XDBulan Yang lalu

    CloudKid. Wow,I'm from Colombia and this music Is 🤩. Good work In Colombia It's "Amor"

  61. Olinko Bocinec

    Olinko BocinecBulan Yang lalu

    Pls do fell to far from nick bonin

  62. Circus Baby W.D

    Circus Baby W.DBulan Yang lalu

    The best of the music Like everytime Love ya, have a good time

  63. one soul

    one soulBulan Yang lalu

    second song that i hear from your channel and again its awesome ! i join your sub family

  64. heX

    heXBulan Yang lalu

    Давненько не было нормальных треков

  65. Raamiz Ibrar

    Raamiz IbrarBulan Yang lalu

    In my language which is Pakistani we say pyaar which means love❤ And love = CloudKid


    DEEPROTBulan Yang lalu

  67. Slow Potion

    Slow PotionBulan Yang lalu

    Drums knock 😤

  68. parth Sharma

    parth SharmaBulan Yang lalu

    Reactions were like 😕😮😯😲😳😍😍♥️🖤

  69. Foxy 3 G Grandaddy

    Foxy 3 G GrandaddyBulan Yang lalu

    thank you unusual memes compilation for letting me find this channel

  70. Komido

    KomidoBulan Yang lalu

    I love it! Szeretem ezt a zenét!