Jessica Andrade's emotional interview after stunning Rose Namajunas to win title at UFC 237


  1. Mo Azi

    Mo Azi4 bulan yang lalu

    roided trannies

  2. Smokey TheBeast

    Smokey TheBeast4 bulan yang lalu

    To bad she tapped

  3. Eddie Rivera

    Eddie Rivera4 bulan yang lalu

    Garbage win.

  4. tomas

    tomas4 bulan yang lalu

    LGBT stuff here...

  5. imapokeguy

    imapokeguy4 bulan yang lalu

    Worst performance won the fight.......haha, funny!

  6. If you laugh you sub!

    If you laugh you sub!4 bulan yang lalu

    Rose NamaNOboobs got slept

  7. Deeench 91

    Deeench 914 bulan yang lalu

    What ever she just said I totally agree 😂


    TRAP SOUL4 bulan yang lalu

    Haters be like, even though she tried the same move three times, she got lucky, no way she could have realised what she was doing wrong, or slam her hard enough. 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Katrina Taylor

    Katrina Taylor4 bulan yang lalu

    rose can get the belt back easily!!!

  10. bhunep neppoho

    bhunep neppoho4 bulan yang lalu

    She look adorable


    JIDAN YEN4 bulan yang lalu

    that was unconvincing win for Andrade, its unfinishef business for Rose,, REMATCH


    THEWATCHINGOBSERVER764 bulan yang lalu

    Gonna piss 🔥 🔥 Hot

  13. Bobby Talbot

    Bobby Talbot4 bulan yang lalu

    Jess is a man just saying

  14. j c

    j c4 bulan yang lalu

    These wenches are ugly af

  15. Miguel Ángel

    Miguel Ángel4 bulan yang lalu

    Rose is the best chsmpion.

  16. TLS LKS

    TLS LKS4 bulan yang lalu

    My future girlfriend. 😂

  17. Xxx A.K

    Xxx A.K3 bulan yang lalu

    Who? 🤪

  18. Dan B

    Dan B4 bulan yang lalu


  19. Wrecksheeps

    Wrecksheeps4 bulan yang lalu

    Earth 2019...humans still fighting in cages for money. The spirit poorness of the mind continues.

  20. Deeench 91

    Deeench 914 bulan yang lalu

    Wrecksheeps nothing better than testing your primitive side it's better than a keyboard all day perspective

  21. Rubal Sabiri

    Rubal Sabiri4 bulan yang lalu

    These kind of fighters such as andrade look for one punch knockout and they need the all the luck in the world to do so against a CHAMPION a caliber of THUG Rose! And got so damn lucky this time. It was a pure slaughter by Rose upto that point. Gotta give Credit and have so much respect for Rose. I dont have anything agaisnt Andrade but i spit on that kind of a fighter!

  22. MrSisterfister100

    MrSisterfister1004 bulan yang lalu

    Spit on what kind of fighter? The type that fights?

  23. beatdown Brown

    beatdown Brown4 bulan yang lalu

    Look out everybody, We have a mmaologist in the house! This dude must train UFC! 😂🤦‍♂️


    TRAP SOUL4 bulan yang lalu

    @Rubal Sabiri yes, pressuring someone against the cage, picking them up and slamming them against the ground is all luck.

  25. Nawaz Habib

    Nawaz Habib4 bulan yang lalu

    I can't believe


    TRUEST CUZZY4 bulan yang lalu

    No more J Name Fighters For Rose.Please

  27. Rafael Souza

    Rafael Souza4 bulan yang lalu


  28. Thea Lazo

    Thea Lazo4 bulan yang lalu

    That was unfortunate for namajumas, she dominate that one, I am sure she will be back.

  29. MrBusiness owl

    MrBusiness owl4 bulan yang lalu

    That’s crazy

  30. Thomasshole Müller

    Thomasshole Müller4 bulan yang lalu

    Meanwhile, Barca is still waiting for that corner to be taken.

  31. adam005skee

    adam005skee4 bulan yang lalu


  32. James C

    James C4 bulan yang lalu


  33. PSF 86

    PSF 864 bulan yang lalu

    Those traps aren't loyal 👀

  34. jason anglin

    jason anglin4 bulan yang lalu

    James C ya think👍🏻


    RICH TV LIVE4 bulan yang lalu

    Crazy knockout

  36. Kidd’o Steele

    Kidd’o Steele4 bulan yang lalu

    7 likes no views. IDreporter logic