Jeannie’s Relationship With Jeezy Is Great Because He’s Her Equal


  1. Kathi

    Kathi21 hari yang lalu

    Oh no...Let’s get real - she will end up alone...He is a family man

  2. Rachel Bolton

    Rachel Bolton24 hari yang lalu

    I bet any type of money there powder heads and jeezy a thief.

  3. Richelle Woodley

    Richelle Woodley24 hari yang lalu

    Idk if y'all are new to The Real or if y'all just don't pay attention..but Jeannie has dating black men before..her first kiss was a black guy, her prom date was a black guy..she has always been into black men. She married Freddie because he was who she fell in love with at that time in her life but even when she was married to him she talked about how she found black men attractive. She dating thugs in the past..she ain't new to this she's true to I can't say they will last forever but I can say Jeannie has what she wants (whether its temporary or forever) and I am happy for her!❤❤❤

  4. Melissa Calderon

    Melissa Calderon25 hari yang lalu

    Awww she looks like she found the right person for her life 😍❤️🙏🏼

  5. Mama Veal35

    Mama Veal3526 hari yang lalu

    Love is amazing and it fits her well

  6. safizzleful

    safizzleful26 hari yang lalu

    its always like that in the beginning Jeanie! wait 2-5 years!

  7. Michelle Gil

    Michelle Gil27 hari yang lalu

    I’m sooooooo happy for Jeannie. Freddie must be low key mad mad

  8. Tony Quick

    Tony Quick27 hari yang lalu


  9. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss29 hari yang lalu

    Awesome video!

  10. john smith

    john smith29 hari yang lalu

    This will be embarrassing to watch back in 6 months

  11. 2016imhere

    2016imhere29 hari yang lalu

    Happy for her but girl this is far too quick for tv

  12. james laude

    james laude29 hari yang lalu

    Her stock just went up 99%.

  13. Ching Chong

    Ching Chong29 hari yang lalu

    Lets give it a couple months.....

  14. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss29 hari yang lalu

    loved the new video?

  15. Tony Quick

    Tony Quick29 hari yang lalu


  16. Debi Luv

    Debi Luv29 hari yang lalu

    She's happy she has her fetish.

  17. Cassie

    Cassie29 hari yang lalu

    She like black men she is alright wit me u can tell the way she talk about him its her first black d and she loving it lol

  18. Marla Cristina

    Marla Cristina29 hari yang lalu

    Jeanie, looking into MBTI or 16 sound like an ENFJ or an INFJ... I’m an INFJ. 😘🔮🤔

  19. Cassie

    Cassie29 hari yang lalu

    Literally read the title as G-Easy wtf is wrong w me

  20. Ahhh Media

    Ahhh Media29 hari yang lalu

    These women are so fake. Its crazy. Where's the real?

  21. LM3

    LM329 hari yang lalu

    No respectable person will ever get over what he did to BMF. So now he's relevant for smashing someone on daytime tv, I'm not impressed.

  22. Nostrodumbass 8

    Nostrodumbass 829 hari yang lalu

    She wuv heem wong time 😂

  23. Richard Stern

    Richard Stern29 hari yang lalu

    Mazal Tov!

  24. Ucancallmehunnay

    Ucancallmehunnay29 hari yang lalu

    Yesssss Hunnay ! So happy for you !

  25. Turnt !

    Turnt !29 hari yang lalu

    Wait hold up... jeezy the snowman! 😂😭☠

  26. Cassie

    CassieBulan Yang lalu

    I love that she said "my man" 😊😊 I love this!! I hope they last forever!!

  27. Jaamal 6

    Jaamal 6Bulan Yang lalu

    So lame lol

  28. Jonathan Garcia

    Jonathan GarciaBulan Yang lalu

    When he wants a child, she'll leave him just like her last man, LOL.

  29. Jorgin 209

    Jorgin 209Bulan Yang lalu

    Blah blah in a year it's over mark my words to liberal to last.

  30. jon Doe

    jon DoeBulan Yang lalu

    He be scrambling your inside

  31. Cassie

    CassieBulan Yang lalu


  32. jon Doe

    jon DoeBulan Yang lalu

    I never heard of him until last week.... am I the only black guy?

  33. Mira Kaibara

    Mira KaibaraBulan Yang lalu

    Literally read the title as G-Easy wtf is wrong w me

  34. Lasheem Richardson

    Lasheem RichardsonBulan Yang lalu

    She like black men she is alright wit me u can tell the way she talk about him its her first black d and she loving it lol

  35. David Rogers

    David RogersBulan Yang lalu

    Who cares ?

  36. John Reaper

    John ReaperBulan Yang lalu

    Seriously,you could way better your hot he'll be cheating on you in know time

  37. mouncimaus

    mouncimausBulan Yang lalu

    "The Meaning to Life is to better yourself and the Universe" ~Satan Ancien-Forums com SatanisGod org D e a t h o f C o m m u n i s m com

  38. Eggs OverEazy

    Eggs OverEazyBulan Yang lalu

    This show is so stupid lol hope it gets cancelled

  39. MarloSoBalJr

    MarloSoBalJrBulan Yang lalu

    Jeezy one of my fav rappers but women like Jeannie need to slow it down when dealing with dudes like him. I may be wrong. Maybe he's no longer a hustla... but don't be surprised if Jeannie ends up back at square one

  40. vearack86

    vearack86Bulan Yang lalu

    Aww I wanna meet my equal.. but for now.. its 9 to 5... gym... and going back to school. Lord knows I have patience but I'm 33. Times a tickin!

  41. Oodles A Noodles

    Oodles A NoodlesBulan Yang lalu

    who is this woman? they seem like an odd couple but thats ok too

  42. Quantez Watts

    Quantez WattsBulan Yang lalu

    Wtf... He's like 80 years old from the streets so it's rumored and she's young, asian, personality of a preppy white girl.... Then again this is 2019.

  43. Stang Gang

    Stang GangBulan Yang lalu


  44. Don Jon

    Don JonBulan Yang lalu

    Oh she getting her back blown out now 😂

  45. markcudi

    markcudiBulan Yang lalu

    If my girlfriend speaks about me, and feels this way about me. She's getting a ring.

  46. Abraham issac Jacob Yisrael

    Abraham issac Jacob YisraelBulan Yang lalu

    Say No to interracial

  47. Fitness and Politics

    Fitness and PoliticsBulan Yang lalu

    Bitch is a cum bucket...splash

  48. LtRiot

    LtRiotBulan Yang lalu

    This cancer will eat our country inside out and we’ll be talked about like Ancient Rome

  49. Rhyme905

    Rhyme905Bulan Yang lalu

    Yeezy: I just found another pussy to cum into until i find another one

  50. La melma zero uno

    La melma zero unoBulan Yang lalu

    Mid life crisis

  51. Slippschitts Hey

    Slippschitts HeyBulan Yang lalu


  52. Cashelle Cayenne

    Cashelle CayenneBulan Yang lalu

    Finally 🤣❤️ everybody at the table is taken❤️❤️

  53. deer speak

    deer speakBulan Yang lalu

    and he is probably cheating on you

  54. deer speak

    deer speakBulan Yang lalu


  55. thesars101

    thesars101Bulan Yang lalu

    She got that snowman connect now. Thug motivation 101

  56. Sandy Shay

    Sandy ShayBulan Yang lalu

    I wish she would of kept this private

  57. EDP446 EDP446

    EDP446 EDP446Bulan Yang lalu

    Was she on the Eric Andre show?

  58. Billy Boykins

    Billy BoykinsBulan Yang lalu

    See how they mouth drop.d

  59. Bryan Smith

    Bryan SmithBulan Yang lalu

    Why aren't yall talking about more important stuff like operations popeye or stormfury...???

  60. MooseT

    MooseTBulan Yang lalu

    A bit insecure ya think?

  61. Hector Orozco

    Hector OrozcoBulan Yang lalu

    Ugh. Trash

  62. Olivia H

    Olivia HBulan Yang lalu

    we gon forget that she said she like black men on the side ??? kdksksks

  63. hen ko

    hen koBulan Yang lalu

    I love these videos. They are so freaking interesting!?

  64. teammcgowan2013

    teammcgowan2013Bulan Yang lalu

    I don't like it bc Jeezy...umm. He ain't serious! Just curious!