Jay Leno's Shop Tour | S21E14


  1. Trey Lockwood

    Trey Lockwood7 bulan yang lalu

    One of the BEST channels on IDreporter. Come on, how can someone not like Dennis and Jay? They’re both AWESOME! #MyClassicCar #JeyLeno

  2. Edgar Cruz

    Edgar Cruz9 bulan yang lalu

    For some reason I don't think Jay Leno likes this Dennis guy all that much.. and I can totally understand why.. haha

  3. Mc Earl

    Mc Earl2 hari yang lalu

    Edgar Cruz Jay seemed just fine as he usually is. Everyone likes Dennis, look at the reactions he gets just walking around a car show. I tend to think people who make comments like this are just miserable fucks in their own lives. You’d almost have to be to watch a 16 minute video with 2 knowledgeable guys walking around a huge garage filled with rare engines and the only thing you have to comment is you think one doesn’t like the other.

  4. Edgar Cruz

    Edgar Cruz7 bulan yang lalu

    @Trey Lockwood you have your opinion and I have mines.

  5. Trey Lockwood

    Trey Lockwood7 bulan yang lalu

    This guy obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about, haha. Dennis, you’re awesome man! What a GREAT channel you have here. I literally can’t get enough of it. Like he said, I would love to see your collection at some point in time! #MyClassicCar

  6. MyClassicCarTV

    MyClassicCarTV9 bulan yang lalu

    I have a few cars and motorcycles, but they're all drivers and riders. My stuff isn't as nice as what we put on the show,. They're still fun tho!

  7. Edgar Cruz

    Edgar Cruz9 bulan yang lalu

    @MyClassicCarTV hey Dennis where is your car collection? Where are your classic cars? Have you done a vid on your garage?

  8. Saverio Salemme

    Saverio Salemme9 bulan yang lalu

    President Teddy Roosevelt’s water pump! How did that happen?

  9. Vince Cousino

    Vince Cousino10 bulan yang lalu


  10. John Z

    John Z10 bulan yang lalu

    Wow! Lenno is the consumate automotive collector.

  11. David Englund

    David EnglundTahun Yang lalu

    Oh, that story Jay told about helping his Dad buy a car (for him;-) was hysterical! Really enjoyed this.

  12. snibeti snab-xD

    snibeti snab-xDTahun Yang lalu

    lol these two crack me up

  13. Craig Monteforte

    Craig MonteforteTahun Yang lalu

    Wow ! I know that book ! Its so cool the projects assumed that boys in the late 20s could weld, perform woodworking basics and had all around basic skills like wiring,plumbing ,and other basic tasks ! My brother in law and i went nuts the first time we Read thru the projects in the book ! There were many volumes the one we read had plans on how to make a flying machine Motor boats and many cool projects

  14. TSC TSC

    TSC TSC9 bulan yang lalu

    These punks couldn't do video games though! lol

  15. Alan Ladd seine Katze

    Alan Ladd seine Katze2 tahun yang lalu

    So why are industry and politics trying to wipe out perfectly efficient combustion in favor of dirty stinking diesels and undermotorized SUVs? Another indicator for civilzation going back to the valley instead of enjoying the view from the peak. Is there a safety valve for humanity ensuring that at least 95% of us have to be dumb as f*$#? There were 2-stroke V4s by Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki in motorcycle racing that were perfect pieces of engineering. I remember riding an RG 500 once, the best 2-wheel experience of my life. Knowledge is art is knowledge. Life is challenge.

  16. Alan Ladd seine Katze

    Alan Ladd seine Katze2 tahun yang lalu

    Challenge your kids! They might be smarter than you but don't be afraid of that, it's called evolution. Let them create instead of consume. JAY FOR PRESIDENT

  17. Alan Ladd seine Katze

    Alan Ladd seine Katze2 tahun yang lalu

    Jay is just the perfect human being. If there is a god, or even more than one, which I doubted all my life, this is what he must have tried to accomplish while creating mankind. The realest and original person on earth, such a conscious man.

  18. Otter's Vintage All-Sorts

    Otter's Vintage All-Sorts2 tahun yang lalu

    Loving the flxible clipper in the back

  19. Tyler Linner

    Tyler Linner2 tahun yang lalu

    Very cool stuff. The mystery engines are neat! The only company I know of that made V4 engines pre-war was Lancia, back to 1922. Obviously not something common in the states then or now. :) On a side note, there is a very rare GM-made Sterling engine tucked away in the back corner of the GM Heritage Center. I believe it was built for the military as a quiet electricity generator or something. It would be neat to compare the two.

  20. Hippie Dave

    Hippie Dave2 tahun yang lalu

    Jay is a real person, cruises the Boulevard and hwy 1 just like we do... he's a member of mulitple car clubs and is just one of the guys.... love the fact that he's a Ford guy! Sorry you bow-tie guys but.... his shed is full of the blue oval beauties..... he knows the REAL 427 is a Ford....

  21. copperlocks1

    copperlocks12 tahun yang lalu

    15:24 Jay has on a SPEEDVISION jacket.. That was hands down the BEST automotive channel EVER!...bought out and ruined by fox network.

  22. Elijah Hankins

    Elijah Hankins2 tahun yang lalu

    what a grate story about Jays dad

  23. bitfreakazoid

    bitfreakazoid2 tahun yang lalu

    Does Jay have any other videos of that specific Rolls with the merlin engine? I've seen what I think are all of his videos of aero-engined cars and I don't think I've seen this specific one ever. I'd love to see more of it.



    COOL My Classic Car Season 21 Episode 14 - Jay Leno's Shop Tour

  25. styldsteel1

    styldsteel12 tahun yang lalu

    There aren't very many 7 liters left so I totally modified this one and now there's even fewer of them. How can I buy the rest of them so that there aren't any of them around?


    FOAD RIGHTNOW2 tahun yang lalu

    Quit interjecting with your not-funny-at-all quips and interruptions, Dennis! I hate it when people do that! It's rude and unprofessional!

  27. 71spaceman

    71spaceman2 tahun yang lalu

    agreed. total goof. only watched this one for jay's shop tour

  28. AstronomyToday

    AstronomyToday2 tahun yang lalu

    That coggan engine is something else, Imagine if that guy was alive today with access to computer drafting and rapid prototyping. if he wasn't instantly crushed by multi billion dollar corporations we'd probably have 2/4 stroke hondas banking out 450Bhp

  29. Brian Hodgson

    Brian Hodgson2 tahun yang lalu

    cool stories

  30. ZIGgassedUP

    ZIGgassedUP2 tahun yang lalu

    I'd love to take a stroll through Jay's shed..

  31. J.T. Barnes

    J.T. Barnes2 tahun yang lalu

    Or his basement

  32. Bluehopi Waltz

    Bluehopi Waltz2 tahun yang lalu

    he is a serious collector

  33. Bernie

    Bernie2 tahun yang lalu

    Jay has told that Ford 7 liter story like 5 times that Ive seen on youtube. so he must tell it ALOT. good story tho

  34. j g

    j g4 bulan yang lalu

    Everyone tells the same stories over and over lol. Most of us just don't have them on film so people can track every instance. Someone that is never telling the same story is probably making it up as they go.

  35. Craig Monteforte

    Craig MonteforteTahun Yang lalu

    It really is a good story and you can tell it was from a good time in his life as he gets. So animated in it like most men our fathers were our original heroes

  36. spooderdoggy

    spooderdoggyTahun Yang lalu

    Erik Lawaetz Yes Sir! Also, people need to understand Jay Leno talks to many people about what is near and dear to him. Does some think he should tell most...”Check out my dad’s story on this particular video on IDreporter.”. How impersonal is that!🤔

  37. Erik Lawaetz

    Erik Lawaetz2 tahun yang lalu

    As you get Older you tend to hang on to the Cool stories ,you will learn 1 day.

  38. jack002tuber

    jack002tuber2 tahun yang lalu

    Or you can give him a BREAK. {faceplam}

  39. tertessa

    tertessa2 tahun yang lalu

    Thanks... good show..

  40. Allen Saunders

    Allen Saunders2 tahun yang lalu

    love jays garage really nice vid interesting projects as always

  41. Carbonite Gamorrean

    Carbonite Gamorrean2 tahun yang lalu


  42. DL

    DL2 tahun yang lalu

    i've seen this before...months ago??? yeah.

  43. AstronomyToday

    AstronomyToday2 tahun yang lalu

    Rahowhero X has you beat for first comment.

  44. Carbonite Gamorrean

    Carbonite Gamorrean2 tahun yang lalu

    First to post to this upload of this vid.

  45. turokforever007

    turokforever0072 tahun yang lalu

    im not sure your first as this video was originally released a few years ago or parts of it were.