Jason Momoa Always Visits Emilia Clarke Whenever He's In London | The Graham Norton Show


  1. Ronald Bacroya

    Ronald Bacroya14 jam yang lalu

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  2. Fredi Foi

    Fredi Foi21 jam yang lalu

    Jon snow is now in marvel and Khal is in dc What a great rivalry

  3. ShelbyBaby27

    ShelbyBaby27Hari Yang lalu

    1:04-1:10 after after Watchmen ep 8 👀👀

  4. Gabriel

    Gabriel2 hari yang lalu

    He is literally a combination of a caveman and viking.

  5. siddhesh gode

    siddhesh gode2 hari yang lalu

    Nobody in the world can hate him such a funny human being❤️❤️

  6. derkaiser420

    derkaiser4203 hari yang lalu

    I could not stop laughing. Jason and Emilia you can tell are good friends and he looks like a tough guy but is actually just a really nice guy.

  7. BeOne views

    BeOne views4 hari yang lalu

    he visited her a lot in the show😁

  8. Horizon Foz

    Horizon Foz4 hari yang lalu

    Dam Jason and Emilia friendship is so adorable.

  9. Adam Dow

    Adam Dow6 hari yang lalu

    Ross dawns the coat better.

  10. RG

    RG6 hari yang lalu

    "You are Aquaman, you don't care about the damp." Graham Norton is a genius.

  11. Sandra Regina

    Sandra Regina9 hari yang lalu

    Homem lindo

  12. Hanna L

    Hanna L12 hari yang lalu


  13. maxpaine 0827

    maxpaine 082717 hari yang lalu

    Hes lowkey smashing emily

  14. Battle Cat

    Battle Cat17 hari yang lalu

    He looks like a Hawaiian Hagrid or something :P

  15. đæhıs krôtøs

    đæhıs krôtøs18 hari yang lalu

    666 - 999 idreporter.net/v/video-NJXTTccyFgY.html idreporter.net/v/video-S7T5NPAiSoE.html

  16. Jane VanSkike

    Jane VanSkike18 hari yang lalu

    So cute.

  17. carlos nunez

    carlos nunez19 hari yang lalu

    Beautifil emilia

  18. daddistalin

    daddistalin19 hari yang lalu


  19. Rachel RaeRae

    Rachel RaeRae20 hari yang lalu

    It's so nice of him to protect her when she wasn't as famous as she is now.

  20. Nykola Dudeck

    Nykola Dudeck20 hari yang lalu

    Brotherhood of the Travelling Jacket

  21. Adam Dow

    Adam Dow20 hari yang lalu

    He looks like Kraven the Hunter.

  22. India La loca

    India La loca20 hari yang lalu

    He is so DAMN SEXY 😜😘💪🔥

  23. OG Maniax

    OG Maniax21 hari yang lalu

    Imma tell my kids that this was jesus

  24. Diana Réis

    Diana Réis21 hari yang lalu


  25. Isabel Weiss

    Isabel Weiss21 hari yang lalu

    Jason literally went straight to emilia, hugged her and said “Hi baby” I CAN’T 😩😍😍

  26. Novel Dixon

    Novel Dixon21 hari yang lalu

    Love love love jason Lisa Bonet very lucky blessed woman 🔥🔥

  27. Diego Cortez

    Diego Cortez21 hari yang lalu

    maestro comprafacilempresa.wordpress.com/

  28. Diego Cortez

    Diego Cortez21 hari yang lalu

    great comprafacilempresa.wordpress.com/

  29. Эмиль Золя

    Эмиль Золя21 hari yang lalu

    American Jigurda😂

  30. M.K Ultra

    M.K Ultra22 hari yang lalu

    That nonsense was funny as hell!

  31. Anticsofasocial nobody

    Anticsofasocial nobody22 hari yang lalu

    I mean if you're bffs with Emilia Clarke I would visit her too. Shes fantastic! Jason is awesome too!

  32. Eelke Westra

    Eelke Westra22 hari yang lalu

    Damn, dude is like the sexiest man alive

  33. Jane E

    Jane E22 hari yang lalu

    How much does Emilia Clarke want to get inside that coat?

  34. KillerGrooves

    KillerGrooves22 hari yang lalu

    I really want to see a buddy cop movie with Jason and Chris Hemsworth. Maybe add The Rock, too.

  35. Yuv.S Estd.98

    Yuv.S Estd.9822 hari yang lalu

    DC and GOT all part of WB👏

  36. Sérgio Carlos Rapozo

    Sérgio Carlos Rapozo23 hari yang lalu

    very good kkkk

  37. Thorsten Groß

    Thorsten Groß23 hari yang lalu

    Jason bangs Emilia everytime he is in London. I swear...i would 😝😝😝

  38. kimma508

    kimma50823 hari yang lalu

    Is there anything that Jason Momoa doesn’t look delicious in? No!!

  39. camzwalz

    camzwalz24 hari yang lalu

    omg my parents

  40. Heather Lee

    Heather Lee24 hari yang lalu

    I love Jason. He seems so sweet and kind. :)

  41. Сергей Крокута

    Сергей Крокута24 hari yang lalu

    возвращение Будулая показывали?

  42. Tenzin Yougyal

    Tenzin Yougyal25 hari yang lalu

    I got love for Regina Hall beautiful woman and a beautiful queen but I got to love for Jason Momoa love all his movie

  43. Zero Subs

    Zero Subs25 hari yang lalu

    First few seconds i thot they brought a tiger to the show

  44. Alexei M S Cruz

    Alexei M S Cruz25 hari yang lalu

    Ross Noble just became a slimmer version of the Penguin after the jacket swap with Mamoa 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  45. Alex Lis

    Alex Lis25 hari yang lalu

    Оппа джигурда


    BEGETTAREX7770MG25 hari yang lalu

    Emilia clarke lost her virginity with aquaman???

  47. Charon

    Charon25 hari yang lalu

    But how he visit her ? 👉👌

  48. Helena Helen

    Helena Helen25 hari yang lalu

    Он сразу подошёл к Эмилии это так мило,видно их тёплые чувства😍😗

  49. GiOrgi Gorgadze

    GiOrgi Gorgadze26 hari yang lalu

    Emilia clarke alwais laugthing I love that woman❤

  50. helsinki

    helsinki26 hari yang lalu

    Jason Momoa's clothing style is pretty much anything. Dude could wear a tutu and probably still make it work.

  51. Umid Mamirov

    Umid Mamirov26 hari yang lalu

    Pornhub is desperately needed

  52. Peter Hansen

    Peter Hansen27 hari yang lalu

    1:56 he has the double size of her head

  53. Miskatonic Alumni

    Miskatonic Alumni27 hari yang lalu

    Can we all appreciate how sweet Jason Momoa is?

  54. Sathrak Thiyaharasa

    Sathrak Thiyaharasa27 hari yang lalu

    Such a cool guy

  55. Joel Atienza

    Joel Atienza28 hari yang lalu

    It’s so sweet to see them together 😊

  56. Supriya Gummalam

    Supriya Gummalam28 hari yang lalu

    Oh my, Jason looks so hot in the black coat 🤩

  57. Butter Fly

    Butter Fly28 hari yang lalu


  58. Senorita Aurora

    Senorita Aurora29 hari yang lalu

    If only more men looked like him

  59. Medina

    MedinaBulan Yang lalu

    Good lord he’s tall, and absolutely good looking 😍🤤

  60. Cali Braxus

    Cali BraxusBulan Yang lalu

    Ross Noble looks more like Danny DeVito's Penguin in that coat.