JAPAN vs. BRAZIL - Highlights | Men's Volleyball World Cup 2019


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    Volleyball World4 bulan yang lalu

    🏐 All Matches & Highlights from the Men's Volleyball World Cup 2019 ➡️ go.volleyball.world/TV?ytv=c

  2. Harrison Smith

    Harrison Smith7 hari yang lalu

    Frank de Boeer dude. Chill 😂

  3. mysr gaming

    mysr gaming13 hari yang lalu

    @Paulo do Carmo !

  4. NOVA FAISHAL Gaming

    NOVA FAISHAL Gaming28 hari yang lalu

    Volleyball World volleyball

  5. Albert Tam

    Albert Tam2 bulan yang lalu

    Frank de Boeer 女女女子排球比賽

  6. Hiếu Lâm

    Hiếu Lâm18 jam yang lalu

    libero của Japan thật sự rất tốt,xem anh ta thi đấu mà cảm xúc dâng trào

  7. Lovely Tupou

    Lovely Tupou19 jam yang lalu

    I love this game 🔥🙌

  8. NwebeLoLOCE

    NwebeLoLOCEHari Yang lalu

    uhm, Japan do u have a better setter? injured?

  9. Riebix

    RiebixHari Yang lalu

    ون تاتشووو

  10. LOLPlayPH

    LOLPlayPHHari Yang lalu

    That was Really Intense Game, Saving The Ball,SpikingIT,Toss,Receiving. i feel sorry For Japan Volleyball Players. must Work Harder

  11. きりたんぽ

    きりたんぽHari Yang lalu


  12. Tifo Audi

    Tifo AudiHari Yang lalu

    nishinoya is that you? what a great libero from japan

  13. raul lamarque comin

    raul lamarque cominHari Yang lalu

    Da uma mamada aqui nos br

  14. Karl Leonhart

    Karl Leonhart2 hari yang lalu


  15. Just Some Guy Who Isn’t Dead

    Just Some Guy Who Isn’t Dead2 hari yang lalu

    I bet people who’ve never heard of Haikyuu are very confused when reading the comment section 😂

  16. Volleyball World

    Volleyball WorldHari Yang lalu

    Haikyuu taking over 😅

  17. martinotegui

    martinotegui2 hari yang lalu

    Where can i buy a Japan t-shirt?

  18. ALF Hakm

    ALF Hakm2 hari yang lalu

    Japan ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. sdm sdm

    sdm sdm2 hari yang lalu

    Japan may have lost but they have shown me the game I never watched before....

  20. Volleyball World

    Volleyball World2 hari yang lalu

    And... Tokyo 2020 is not far away 😉

  21. hà việt nhật

    hà việt nhật2 hari yang lalu

    Chả hiểu cmt


    BAWUK SADEGA OFFICIAL3 hari yang lalu


  23. Claudio Alfaiate da Costa freitas

    Claudio Alfaiate da Costa freitas3 hari yang lalu

    this Japan team will win an Olympic medal.

  24. Pieter Both

    Pieter Both3 hari yang lalu

    Ushiwaka moment

  25. Iqbal Mohamad

    Iqbal Mohamad3 hari yang lalu

    The only sport that can match its greatness with the anime

  26. Matheus ØØØ

    Matheus ØØØ3 hari yang lalu

    Pode botar o hinata e o kageyama ai que não ganha do Brasil kk

  27. Albertisfatjohn Albertjohn

    Albertisfatjohn Albertjohn3 hari yang lalu

    I like how Brazil did a decoy spike when the person jumped and the japen blocked them then the person throwed thr volleyball to the other spiker smart thinking!

  28. Tnagadh Khan

    Tnagadh Khan3 hari yang lalu

    Wow, what a match! Superb defense of Japanese, hard luck.

  29. DJ Seaside

    DJ Seaside3 hari yang lalu

    no physical contact like in football makes this sport boring


    SOLO PLAYER3 hari yang lalu

    japanese volleyball the best😍

  31. MystrrE

    MystrrE3 hari yang lalu

    He needs to practice landing with both feet. Too much load on one knee every time he lands. That's a definite torn ACL in the future.

  32. Villager Dukrl

    Villager Dukrl3 hari yang lalu

    Brasilis só se destaca positivamente nos esportes msm kkj, como n se orgulhar dessa nação 🙏😔

  33. Kyouri Hinata-san

    Kyouri Hinata-san3 hari yang lalu

    In my opinion,unlike other sports, volleyball really makes you cheer for both teams~ Good game~👏

  34. Thắng Trần Đức

    Thắng Trần Đức3 hari yang lalu

    Xin nhẹ cánh tay VN

  35. zakki

    zakki3 hari yang lalu


  36. Archie Punzalan

    Archie Punzalan4 hari yang lalu

    Haikyuuuuuuu!!!!! 😊😊😊

  37. bigjagostu

    bigjagostu4 hari yang lalu

    what happen japan team when Asian games??? they just finish at 5th place???

  38. Potterhead ARMY

    Potterhead ARMY4 hari yang lalu

    ike ike karasuno! ose ose karasuno! 😂

  39. Ugandan Life Challenge

    Ugandan Life Challenge4 hari yang lalu

    210 cm 180 pounds Middle blocker

  40. Aoeng 2005

    Aoeng 20054 hari yang lalu


  41. DaEy Show

    DaEy Show4 hari yang lalu

    Tanginang mga palo yan pang halimaw 🤦‍♀️

  42. Redon Halimaj

    Redon Halimaj5 hari yang lalu


  43. Bắc Nguyễn

    Bắc Nguyễn5 hari yang lalu

    Dung la dang cap the gioi

  44. Ky Oto

    Ky Oto5 hari yang lalu

    Fanstastic match!!! Japon the most tactical team, Nishida the fenomeno. 👏👏👏 Brasil

  45. Catalina Estevez

    Catalina Estevez5 hari yang lalu

    Si BRASIL ganó, por que muestran mas jugadas del equipo que perdió??? Se quiere ver las jugadas del equipo GANADOR.

  46. Neeraj Semwal

    Neeraj Semwal5 hari yang lalu

    Japanese setter not good but libero nd blocker outstanding player

  47. Fighting 45

    Fighting 455 hari yang lalu


  48. Rin Okumura

    Rin Okumura6 hari yang lalu

    I love -Nishida- Hinata!

  49. ryan2698 -

    ryan2698 -6 hari yang lalu

    Can you weebs stop talking about anime.


    KSEVENS6 hari yang lalu

    I want to see hinata and kageyama monster like offence in real life

  51. Aniversum

    Aniversum6 hari yang lalu

    Didn't know there is a live action version of haikyuu

  52. Theist

    Theist7 hari yang lalu

    haikyuu anyone?

  53. nuttaporn norakim

    nuttaporn norakim7 hari yang lalu

    Where is my no. 12 setter?

  54. Сабина Избагамбетова

    Сабина Избагамбетова7 hari yang lalu

    Карасуно вперёд!

  55. B.Rambabu b.rambabu

    B.Rambabu b.rambabu7 hari yang lalu


  56. vala kishan

    vala kishan7 hari yang lalu

    Most energetic match

  57. Volleyball World

    Volleyball World7 hari yang lalu

    ⚡️ v 🧨

  58. Ayam Kinantan

    Ayam Kinantan7 hari yang lalu

    Japan libero is the best

  59. Tania La vardera

    Tania La vardera7 hari yang lalu

    Woooooo que puntazo😃

  60. ITACHI

    ITACHI7 hari yang lalu

    Japan vs bra

  61. Ankit Saha

    Ankit Saha7 hari yang lalu

    Half the world knows volleyball only because Haikyuu!! lol! I am starting to think that volleyball was introduced as a sport only after inspiration from the anime

  62. Rizky Ramadhan

    Rizky Ramadhan8 hari yang lalu

    Haikyuu comments everywhere :D

  63. Jash Trivedi

    Jash Trivedi8 hari yang lalu

    here because of haikyu..!!

  64. RanielDomingo

    RanielDomingo8 hari yang lalu

    Yuji Nishida💪💛

  65. Mulya Napitupulu

    Mulya Napitupulu8 hari yang lalu

    0:52 Yamaguchi, nice serve

  66. Rebeck

    Rebeck8 hari yang lalu

    Brazil is crazy man.

  67. Fajar Ramadhan

    Fajar Ramadhan8 hari yang lalu

    No 11 actually like hinata shoyo 🤣