Japan's Housing for the Middle Class


  1. Life Where I'm From

    Life Where I'm From4 bulan yang lalu

    If you're interested in Japanese Housing, a made a playlist of all the videos I've made about the topic idreporter.net/id-PLwBDd34gIIWnOWKVxvjgoalT66U3Jq10d

  2. Ann McMahon

    Ann McMahon4 bulan yang lalu

    The beautiful new home in Tokyo only costs 37 to 40K? That is so inexpensive. Oh my goodness, in America near a city it would be 10x more and not as thoughtfully designed. I wonder if foreigners can purchase one for visiting.

  3. isthatabear

    isthatabear4 bulan yang lalu

    @Samsu Uddin Heh heh easter egg

  4. Hindu Nationalist

    Hindu Nationalist4 bulan yang lalu

    but Japanese people don't want immigrants

  5. isthatabear

    isthatabear4 bulan yang lalu

    I like how ramen is one of your supporters

  6. campkira

    campkira4 bulan yang lalu

    If u living in apartment for single.. don't matter whatever price do expect to hear some random sound anywhere... Can not handling it do not bother apply for Visa... There are housing for foreigners which more expensive but it very easy to moved.....

  7. Mel

    MelHari Yang lalu

    These videos are cool, I like to compare Japan to NZ since we are such a similar size... it's like a futuristic NZ with 30x as many people. Japan's pros and cons compared to NZ: -very safe (crime wise I mean) -sooo many people -lots of social rules -cheap food -cheap and easily available transportation -expensive housing -easy driving if you have a car(which you won't even really need one with all the public transport) -so easy to buy/ship stuff from other countries because you're near a continent. NZ's pros and cons compared to Japan: -very safe (crime wise I mean) -food costs twice as much in NZ -basically no public transportation, going between cities/towns by public transport costs $20-$50(i think thats like 2000-5000yen) one way. -even with a car if you can't drive well you can NOT live here. I'm serious, plenty of tourists die driving rural here every year because they aren't prepared. -NZ had no poisonous insects or dangerous animals. The most dangerous animal you could ever meet is someone's pet dog. -we have lots of native forest and birds with species that can't be found anywhere else in the world -it costs a lot to ship stuff here from overseas, think of a shoebox sized parcel...$60(~6000yen)

  8. Mel

    MelHari Yang lalu

    More on the driving in case future tourists read this: -most of our roads are unsealed gravel with no markings -even city roads are poorly maintained and although they'll be sealed they'll still have potholes -full road closures between towns and even cities are common, always be prepared with enough gas to take upto an hours detour to reach your destination -going over a hill? Watch out for blind corners -if it's been heavy rain recently you also have to be looking out for the hill collapsing onto to road or into your car(called a slip)... these are usually the reasons for the road closures I mentioned before. -kiwis aren't polite about our driving, we are used to driving on the dangerous roads and have sooo many tourists sightseeing we get sick of going slow(a slow tourist can turn a local's 15min drive into a slow 1hr drive)... we won't wait for slow driving city slickers, if you are going too slow it'll cause an accident, always check your mirror regularly and pull over to let locals pass you, don't go faster than you feel safe doing... just pull over -despite being intolerant of slow drivers, we are always happy to give directions and advice, please ask us about the roads, while a map may show a logical and visually faster route, a local may be able to tell you if a road is accident prone, slower(sometimes the longer distance road takes the least time, NZ is weird that way), or has better views -if a road is only wide enough for one car... that does NOT mean it is a one way road!! Please go slow until you see a 'one way road' sign... the road you are on could easily be an old two way gravel road, on roads like this users are expected to drive slowly around corners and if you meet a car, one of you will have to reverse backwards up the road to find a spot you can pull over so the other can get past -is it winter? If you are in the south island mountains check at petrol stations if you need to get chains for your wheels -be aware of the tyres your rental car may have, are they city tyres? Is the tread good enough for rural gravel roads and hills? A common cause of accidents is tourists taking corners too fast for he tyres they have and they'll end up skidding off onto a steep drop, a cliff or straight into a tree. -sheep or cows can block the road when people move their stock. Just sit and wait and the farmer will move them along. Honking the horn messes with the sheep and dogs and may make it even slower. -if there is a tractor ahead of you only pass when you have room to do so, otherwise you can and up gutting the side of your car or going into a head on collision

  9. aruna Patel

    aruna Patel2 hari yang lalu

    Very nice information thanks

  10. Simon Says

    Simon Says7 hari yang lalu

    wait wut

  11. xr6lad

    xr6lad8 hari yang lalu

    I take it you've not been to many countries? 1. 45-50 minute commute to work? Welcome to the real world. Most big cities where people live on the edge and commute into the CBD trains take that long or longer. I was doing that 30 years ago. 2. Pretty much every Western country doesn't include this like washing machines, dryers, fridges.

  12. George Kaylor

    George Kaylor8 hari yang lalu

    Wow what a concept care about your people. America tried but our culture turned them into drug dealer dens. Gangs ect. America is just bad.

  13. Ken Sim

    Ken Sim11 hari yang lalu

    haha this a carbon copy of singapore's URA

  14. anjali giri

    anjali giri11 hari yang lalu

    This is not house this is just hell

  15. A Oh

    A Oh12 hari yang lalu

    Very out-dated design. I can't believe this is for middle class . It looks like 70~80's..

  16. Jennifer Lambert

    Jennifer Lambert12 hari yang lalu

    I can’t believe the government puts so much care into “public housing”! Such nice and high-quality designs!

  17. Olcio

    Olcio13 hari yang lalu

    They are sooo ugly and depressing!

  18. akush55

    akush5513 hari yang lalu

    odd trend is happening here washer/dryer combo only seen in japan home yet the US Market Is battle test ground for Appliance one washer/Dryer unit usually die with in 3 months as User Dont under stand the concept of the device wash yes yet dry only partial load ? why not the whole load machine dead in 90days well a major manufacture borrowing idea an super sizing it still has same concept to handle north american wash load~ in U.S. state of California recently new Law: to require all newly built homes to be solar-powered. ~ handicap apartment likely Never Happen On This Shore Too pricey ~ the trend in Community Senior Apartment within Complex aka fancy retirement home..

  19. A. Random

    A. Random13 hari yang lalu

    The look of that middle income housing is moderately depressing. :(

  20. Bokimon

    Bokimon15 hari yang lalu

    That's why I love Japan.

  21. AnSonn xtv

    AnSonn xtv16 hari yang lalu

    It's really depressing to see how some countries like Japan can manage with the available resources because of their discipline while other countries have descended into anarchy with their public projects .

  22. NEWdansuyume

    NEWdansuyume16 hari yang lalu

    The sliding wooden air vent is brilliant. In my flat in Hong Kong, just like everyone else with this vent in the kitchen, we had to pay someone to put a window over it, because there was no way to close it.

  23. Brian Adeva

    Brian Adeva16 hari yang lalu

    45 mins commute is nothing compared to 2 hours commute consisting of 3 transfers to go less than 30 km.

  24. marco antonio hernandez serrano

    marco antonio hernandez serrano16 hari yang lalu

    Esto era lo que queria el Gral. Marcos Evangelista Perez Jimenez con el nombre de "Urbanizacion 2 de Diciembre".... Despues llegaron los pseudos democratas Adecos (comunistas pintados de democratas) y le cambiaron el nombre asi como su autentica originalidad. Pero eso es otra historia.

  25. Dajaro _

    Dajaro _17 hari yang lalu

    That quite large than I saw in tokyo from paolo channel.

  26. Abdul-Kareem Abdul-Rahman

    Abdul-Kareem Abdul-Rahman17 hari yang lalu

    pls put a link to the location of th ur museum

  27. Princess Marlena

    Princess Marlena18 hari yang lalu

    Meh, I prefer to live outside of the city in a slightly larger home/house. Or at a resort area like Lake Biwa.

  28. Shui Ki Cheung

    Shui Ki Cheung19 hari yang lalu

    Danchi ! Increases knowledge! Why nippon don't build new danchi just rebuild old danchi because of the new generation of nippon thinking danchi for old fashion and elder home! You see Japan has a lot of new structure and creative building and nippon nowadays always no permanent job just part time job so no need to stay a place for longer!

  29. Parker Knight

    Parker Knight24 hari yang lalu

    There is frame put at 30sec from Ghost in the Shell. Why?

  30. Willie Thomas

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  31. Frenzy Flyingwolf

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    .30 that's some anime frame.U got caught, Do u watch anime

  32. MrManny

    MrMannyBulan Yang lalu

    Housing crisis everywhere due to elite class taking everything.

  33. Mxis Song

    Mxis SongBulan Yang lalu

    Very similar to old style public housing in Singapore.

  34. van burrard

    van burrardBulan Yang lalu

    While none of the information about the housing was that surprising, having lived in Japan, I was struck by the narrator's odd stress and intonation. He tends to very often stress the second word of compound nouns, which is very odd. I'm curious to know if that is a particular dialectal habit or if he is just a non-native speaker who never quite grasped that feature of the language. As his English is otherwise quite good, it's mystifying. Still an interesting video introduction to the danchi. Sorry for the completely unrelated side comment. :)

  35. Frank P.

    Frank P.Bulan Yang lalu

    Now everyone is going to put semi subliminal images in their vids to drive up the comments.

  36. pinkywinky222

    pinkywinky222Bulan Yang lalu

    Me and my husband have been living in a 1k apartment for almost 8 years now 😂 It was supposed to be temporary but we kinda got used to it and the rent is also cheap. Just ¥28000 with parking included(we live in the provincial part of Hiroshima though) We just spend the extra savings on other stuff and we’re already considering purchasing a house here. A 2dk apartment here costs about ¥45000 to ¥55000.

  37. Sk Km

    Sk KmBulan Yang lalu

    literally suck

  38. Farid Fadilah

    Farid FadilahBulan Yang lalu

    What a far away from Jakarta today

  39. Harlinder Kaur

    Harlinder KaurBulan Yang lalu

    Alright so basiclly the government complexes are like HDBs in Singapores ;-;

  40. Todd Eastin

    Todd EastinBulan Yang lalu

    I am eventually going to visit Japan. I have mobility issues & walk with a cane & take a ton of meds, including marijuana. Are there any restrictions on what meds I can take with me? What about the handicapped is it the same as in the US?

  41. Jecily Juliana Escorpiso

    Jecily Juliana EscorpisoBulan Yang lalu

    I'd like to know more about their experimental designs. Anyone know where I can find information on it? It seems so useful to apply everywhere. I especially like the one designed for those who use wheelchairs and single seniors.

  42. Joana Ferro

    Joana FerroBulan Yang lalu

    I wish you'd shown more footage of the tour.

  43. xuyang miao

    xuyang miao2 bulan yang lalu

    Their Japanese house is still not the same level compared to America.....

  44. TheBlessedDriver

    TheBlessedDriver2 bulan yang lalu

    I love this

  45. Jenny Chapman

    Jenny Chapman2 bulan yang lalu

    There’s a misconception that “Western” homes have open planning. It’s not a thing in the uk, there’s choices, but most houses and flats have separate rooms. Some people will change their home into open plan.

  46. 宋骁

    宋骁2 bulan yang lalu

    not middle class,just poverty

  47. Marylin Collins

    Marylin Collins2 bulan yang lalu

    Please that loud music must go. I liked the show until that dumb loud music came on why do young people love loud anoying so called music im out

  48. Elizabeth Carolina Rodríguez

    Elizabeth Carolina Rodríguez2 bulan yang lalu

    De dónde eres? Pareces latino, saludos me gustan mucho los videos!

  49. mt

    mt2 bulan yang lalu

    do upper class next

  50. نانسي 94

    نانسي 942 bulan yang lalu

    Wonderfull place its so clean !👍 Not like my contry im from france and appartements are disgusting and dangerous for healt. And u paid 600 euro by Month. If u want a good apparemment u need so much money for living in paris. Sorry for my english i was a idiot in english classe room lmao.

  51. Harmony

    Harmony2 bulan yang lalu

    And the average cost ( - the add-ons) is? Also what’s the deal with the anime single frame flash at the beginning (:30). Was that intentional? Sry I’m new here so maybe that’s just something u guys do? Well whatever the case thanks 4 the helpful video.

  52. MrBuzzSargent

    MrBuzzSargent2 bulan yang lalu

    It was a very interesting video. Is it hard for an ex-pat to live outside a city in the countryside?

  53. Devilman 666

    Devilman 6662 bulan yang lalu

    I see what you did there at 0:29. 😏👌🏼

  54. 4c1dr3fl3x

    4c1dr3fl3x2 bulan yang lalu

    That odd moment when I realize rent is cheaper for a 'Meh' apartment in Japan than a real POS apartment in Seattle or Portland

  55. Danny Rosabal

    Danny Rosabal2 bulan yang lalu

    lol "bring your own washing machine" that's like a big middle finger to everyone

  56. Jack Spratt

    Jack Spratt2 bulan yang lalu

    how tall are the doors and ceilings? thats a lot of money for a tiny place that you have no lawn, street access, elevators ........no thanks.

  57. Taylor

    TaylorBulan Yang lalu

    Jack Spratt You have very unrealistic expectations for government housing, lol.

  58. gia ._.

    gia ._.2 bulan yang lalu

    the middle class houses are high class houses to me, guess i live in a low class house then Damn i wish i lived in Japan

  59. Ghirardelli

    Ghirardelli2 bulan yang lalu

    wish they did soundproofing here in the us

  60. Incendio Mucendo

    Incendio Mucendo2 bulan yang lalu

    Stand alone complex haha

  61. Open Your eyes

    Open Your eyes3 bulan yang lalu

    On that happy note😁 was a little funny

  62. Lisa Collins

    Lisa Collins3 bulan yang lalu

    I'm in America and the things you show about Japan, the culture and beauty makes me want to visit for like a half year for the experience of it all. The video on the prayer doorways I find equally interesting and would love to pay tribute around New Years one time and it's now on my bucket list.

  63. Kevin Jones

    Kevin Jones3 bulan yang lalu

    “On that happy note”? Looks like a very grim presentation of social housing.

  64. morgan houseman

    morgan houseman3 bulan yang lalu

    Subliminal Motoko for the win!

  65. Misc 4u

    Misc 4u3 bulan yang lalu

    stand alone complex ghost in the shell héhé

  66. E RAM

    E RAM3 bulan yang lalu

    At what age could children attend the childcare within the area, and is it covered by the government?

  67. Heroheroherohero

    Heroheroherohero3 bulan yang lalu

    Wow! The experimental units at the end... They're really going the mile. They're not just shoving as many housing units together as they can and making people live with whatever space they're given. They're really thinking of different needs for different people and how (possibly) a single space can be used and arranged to fit the different needs. Super impressive!