James Bond - No Time To Die: Léa Seydoux shooting a balcony scene in Matera, Italy (compilation)



    SANTOSH JOSHI3 hari yang lalu

    Italy is best for 007 movies

  2. Meet the World

    Meet the World6 hari yang lalu

    All locations Matera: relife.sk/james-bond-no-time-to-die/

  3. mojoblues66

    mojoblues6611 hari yang lalu

    Bella ragazza!

  4. Crimson X

    Crimson X19 hari yang lalu

    I maybe Fragile but not that fragile

  5. Billie Eyelash

    Billie EyelashBulan Yang lalu

    So she went from a spy to delivering packages 🤣

  6. MacT

    MacTBulan Yang lalu

    They don't even care that you're in the shot, recording them. They will digitally erase you in post.

  7. Mils

    MilsBulan Yang lalu

    Pierce Brosnan needs to be given one more movie to go out on a high note

  8. George White

    George WhiteBulan Yang lalu

    No. He sucked as Bond.

  9. Teresa Virina

    Teresa Virina2 bulan yang lalu

    Hoping the next BondGirl is Vanessa Kirby . So pretty !,

  10. George White

    George WhiteBulan Yang lalu

    No. She looks like a rabbit. Just no.

  11. DE Fiverr

    DE Fiverr2 bulan yang lalu

    This movie is going to be bad, big time. Spectre was gaswawful. Quantum was gawdawful. This will tank huge too.

  12. Jeff Smith

    Jeff Smith2 bulan yang lalu

    Cameraman, shaken not stirred.

  13. Akash Singh

    Akash Singh2 bulan yang lalu

    3:11 everybody.

  14. jassim alkhamis

    jassim alkhamis2 bulan yang lalu

    I came from death stranding just to see fragile

  15. charles s. sturdivant

    charles s. sturdivant2 bulan yang lalu

    Looks Better at Night.

  16. ron frey

    ron frey2 bulan yang lalu

    @Springhouse nice work old boy well done ..

  17. Springhouse

    Springhouse2 bulan yang lalu

    All clips except the last one are camera- and scene rehearsals. It's the night version that will be in the movie

  18. Nick Terence

    Nick Terence2 bulan yang lalu

    grazie james bond, il pane di matera e aumentato 3 volte. cape di cazzo !

  19. Audrey HJC Ducati 29

    Audrey HJC Ducati 292 bulan yang lalu

    This scene was great by shot in Imax camera.I hope after Craig finish already in this film.Producer should cast Hardy or Pattinson in Bond 26 if Fukunaga & Nolan want direct

  20. S. H. R. Rjjal

    S. H. R. Rjjal2 bulan yang lalu

    Don't forget Dennis Vdjdhjgddtygzhhh ( I always butcher his surname). After Blade Runner 2049 he was almost locked to direct the new Bond film. But he decided to do Dune. This guy can make a great Bond film.

  21. Ben

    Ben2 bulan yang lalu

    James Bond - No time to Dress

  22. Joseph King Buensalida

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  23. Ben

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    @Momo Chan 🤣

  24. Momo Chan

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  25. Ben

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    @OliAliNes3723 🤣

  26. OliAliNes3723

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  27. arif ahmed

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  28. RivieraByBuick

    RivieraByBuick2 bulan yang lalu

    so they could not decide which dress to wear..and what time of day to shoot?

  29. Springhouse

    Springhouse2 bulan yang lalu

    Look at the trailer. Brief glimpse of her with the t-shirt in bed with Craig. That scene plays out right before this scene - at night. Every clip in this compilation except the last one are rehearsals, testing different focus pulling where and when, etc. Giving Cary options in editing.

  30. Anthony Penza

    Anthony Penza2 bulan yang lalu

    I find watching some of these behind the scenes shots as fascinating as watching the actual movie.

  31. Amaan Hasan Khan

    Amaan Hasan Khan2 bulan yang lalu

    Props to the boom operator. Always.

  32. LK S

    LK S2 bulan yang lalu

    *Cinema is hard. So many takes for a 10 second scene.*

  33. David G

    David G2 bulan yang lalu

    Amazing footage and just cannot wait to see the end cut. Lea is an incomparably stunning, gorgeous looking actress so befitting her role in the Bond franchise.