James Bond - No Time To Die: Extended edit with bike stunt riding


  1. Dane Perry

    Dane Perry5 jam yang lalu

    Does anyone care if craig does play bond anymore,end it

  2. Jonathan Crone

    Jonathan Crone3 hari yang lalu

    I fascinated by the bike stunt ,the amount of times the stunt rider had to do the stunt was ineradicable ,and always on the spot where he had to land ? how fantastic is that ? a stunt Rider landing the same spot ? .

  3. youzaky

    youzaky4 hari yang lalu

    (watching person who riding motorcycle) Me: Omg! you could die!!! james Bond: there's just no time to die

  4. Sathya Raju

    Sathya Raju9 hari yang lalu

    So nice

  5. James Mansfield

    James Mansfield14 hari yang lalu

    All the hard work is done by everyone else and then they slot Daniel Craig in to do the easy bits....lol. 🧐🇬🇧

  6. Hans Van

    Hans Van22 hari yang lalu

    The guy jumping on a motorcycle, is riding the new 1200 scramble Triumph, amazing motorcycle! If you live in the Houston area visit us at British USA and ask for Jim, we have demo bikes ready to ride :-))

  7. Abhy Gaming

    Abhy Gaming23 hari yang lalu

    Awesome scenes

  8. R Yale

    R Yale25 hari yang lalu

    That does not sound anything like an Aston Martin db5 engine. Makes me think that they built one or more db5 replicas for stunt work with maybe a Skyline inline six engine. I doubt producers are going to use a "real" db 5 that is three quarters of million US for filming. Love the new mini guns from under the headlights.

  9. Springhouse

    Springhouse21 hari yang lalu

    From a interview with the stunt coordinator Lee Morrison. Here's another fact-filled interview: triumph-mediakits.com/news/news-articles/action-vehicles-from-no-time-to-die-now-on-display-at-bond-in-motion.html

  10. R Yale

    R Yale21 hari yang lalu

    @Springhouse I want one....or least a carbon fiber body...better yet the molds.

  11. R Yale

    R Yale21 hari yang lalu

    @Springhouse Very interesting, where did you find that info? I wouldn't mind buying one.

  12. Springhouse

    Springhouse22 hari yang lalu

    They built 8 A M DB5 replicas: carbon fiber bodies and BMW engines

  13. Jeffrey Teets

    Jeffrey Teets28 hari yang lalu

    Now just imagine Amazon putting thousands of drones like this one in the air.

  14. bharath kumar

    bharath kumarBulan Yang lalu


  15. Superlative CG

    Superlative CGBulan Yang lalu

    In the world of James Bond, reincarnation is real.

  16. T5 Delta Bangalore

    T5 Delta BangaloreBulan Yang lalu

    There are movies... And there are James Bond Movies...Legendary...

  17. Remimi2017 della Torre-Torriani

    Remimi2017 della Torre-TorrianiBulan Yang lalu

    Poor bastardized nice little town, I am sure somebody got big bucks and it wasn't the population who had to put up with this. At least I am sure some enjoyed

  18. MacT

    MacTBulan Yang lalu

    Stereotyping Italy and Italians to low life hillbillies. And the script is woke (I've heard).

  19. Harsha Patel

    Harsha PatelBulan Yang lalu

    Stunt men are heart of movies I love stunt mens

  20. eztarisk

    eztarisk4 hari yang lalu

    Harsha Patel one of his stunt doubles is Italian - I met him and he's really the most unassuming person alive. It's very punishing on many levels to be a stunt double, it's not for everyone and they are truly amazing in some ways. *his* - Daniel Craig's

  21. Balakrishnan Santhirakumar

    Balakrishnan SanthirakumarBulan Yang lalu

    At least this one NO CGI..

  22. Akkretion

    AkkretionBulan Yang lalu

    Interessting stuff Thanks for sharing with us!

  23. Gurvnder Singh

    Gurvnder SinghBulan Yang lalu

    Why the hell would someone just post their hard done work online and that also so prior to the Film release, please stop this🙏

  24. Mr Nobody

    Mr NobodyBulan Yang lalu

    Brilliant cant wait to see it 😎

  25. Steve Kastner

    Steve KastnerBulan Yang lalu

    This movie is more SJW crap 💩

  26. Ragini dubba Ragini dubba

    Ragini dubba Ragini dubbaBulan Yang lalu

    We wating for this movie

  27. Suresh

    SureshBulan Yang lalu

    and d hero gets all d credit n worshiped...

  28. charles s. sturdivant

    charles s. sturdivantBulan Yang lalu

    That is COOL.

  29. Annie Fenny

    Annie FennyBulan Yang lalu

    I'm waiting eagerly to watch the movie

  30. Roland Brown

    Roland BrownBulan Yang lalu

    All 007 Movies!❤🔥 On Her Majesty's Secret Service, I write this as the GoldenEye, The Goldfinger, or as you may recall, The Man with the Golden Gun. You asked, "where is the Spy Who Loved Me?" I say, "your MoonRaker has arrived. Your Thunderball." I use my License to kill only to ensure my Octopussy finds its Quantum of Solace as Diamonds are Forever. But, know that this is for Your Eyes Only and simply A View to a Kill Time. The Spectre believes that Tomorrow Never Dies and you'll just Die Another Day because You Only Live Twice. In truth, there is No Time to Die because the World is Not Enough. So Live and Let Die, Never Say Never Again, and go to the Casino Royale during the Living Daylights and Let the Sky Fall! From Russia With Love -Dr. No

  31. Emmanuel Kevin

    Emmanuel Kevin5 hari yang lalu


  32. Mo Soliman

    Mo SolimanBulan Yang lalu

    Roland That was awesome 👏

  33. Lebreton Florent

    Lebreton FlorentBulan Yang lalu


  34. Andreas Balaskas

    Andreas BalaskasBulan Yang lalu

    I am not yet quite sure...."the noise of drone who keeps awake the whole Town of Matera" or just the noise of "No Time To Die" movie before hits theaters on April 2020!!! I had to drink couple aspirins to calm down my headache from drone noise!!! The whole production of No Time To Die went through troubles....but this drone is nightmare, many congratulation!!!!

  35. Philippe Labbé

    Philippe LabbéBulan Yang lalu

    Aux millimètres

  36. arif ahmed

    arif ahmedBulan Yang lalu

    I wish I could meet Daniel crag

  37. saurabh

    saurabhBulan Yang lalu

    Tom Cruise would have done it all by himself

  38. Nca Activity

    Nca ActivityBulan Yang lalu

    Can't wait to watch this movie

  39. suraj amom

    suraj amomBulan Yang lalu


  40. RXS11518

    RXS11518Bulan Yang lalu

    Dejate de joder son de madera manejando

  41. Max Clarke

    Max ClarkeBulan Yang lalu

    That jump alone will put me into a theater seat.



    Bond, Daniel Craig, Bond!

  43. Neil Davidson

    Neil DavidsonBulan Yang lalu

    Who did the riding ie the wall step up jump?

  44. Springhouse

    SpringhouseBulan Yang lalu

    Info under the video

  45. Tee Pee

    Tee PeeBulan Yang lalu

    Looks like the new 1200 Scrambler, very nice !

  46. Hans Van

    Hans Van22 hari yang lalu

    I work for Triumph..indeed it is :-))

  47. Mahesh Walatara

    Mahesh WalataraBulan Yang lalu

    Thats one sick drone- wonder what it is.

  48. Mahesh Walatara

    Mahesh WalataraBulan Yang lalu

    @Claus Madsen Nah thats only 6 rotors- this one has 8

  49. Claus Madsen

    Claus MadsenBulan Yang lalu

    DJI matrice

  50. Nathan Borne

    Nathan BorneBulan Yang lalu

    Probably an incredibly expensive drone specifically made for the film industry

  51. Deacon Davis

    Deacon DavisBulan Yang lalu

    This should be a good 007 epic!

  52. Sreehari kh

    Sreehari khBulan Yang lalu

    It's a no time to die situation for the person who rides the motorcycle....

  53. Ian Anderson

    Ian AndersonBulan Yang lalu

    I've seen most of the movie now. Probably will wait to see this flop for free one way or another once it comes out.

  54. GrtSatan

    GrtSatanBulan Yang lalu

    When I saw this sequence on the trailer I thought it might be CGI. Best jump since The Great Escape.

  55. Karim Ali

    Karim AliBulan Yang lalu

    Thank you so much love it, keep it coming🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  56. G A

    G ABulan Yang lalu

    Probably the world's most expensive non-military drone...

  57. MacT

    MacTBulan Yang lalu

    Sometimes Hollywood exceeds the Military in spending.

  58. Claus Madsen

    Claus MadsenBulan Yang lalu

    DJI matrice 600

  59. DirectorToby

    DirectorToby2 bulan yang lalu

    Did he do the jump without a helmet in the end or no? Seems a bit lame to CG his head if it is the case 😅

  60. Sensero Cruz

    Sensero Cruz2 bulan yang lalu

    So now only the person for singing the title song is missing. I know ,that many people don't know about whom I'm talking or many will hate my idea. But I give it a try. Please let Helene Fischer sing the new title song of James Bond. I know not many people know her ,because she's a German singer ,but she can sing so beautiful and she could also sing good English Songs. I would love ,if Barbara Broccoli would giver her a chance. I know you all want English stars,like Ed Sheeran to do this job ,but why not trying something else and give a popular Song star in Germany the chance for international fame. Really she good do this. I'm writing this ,because for me it's one of the only chances to contact the team of Bond 25 'No time to die' . I know nobody would trust a person from Germany and I won't reach ,that she will be chosen for unbelievable job,but I had to try it. At least I want only say that I'm a bond fan and whatever person you choose I'm looking forward to this film. You always did a great job ! Thanks for reading !

  61. pointofnoreturnish

    pointofnoreturnishBulan Yang lalu

    It s Beyoncé ... official

  62. pointofnoreturnish

    pointofnoreturnishBulan Yang lalu

    Sensero Cruz it s Beyoncé....

  63. Paul Reynolds

    Paul ReynoldsBulan Yang lalu

    Just leave popular singing stars in Germany to Rammstein.... They are doing a great job!

  64. Paul Reynolds

    Paul ReynoldsBulan Yang lalu

    @The James Bond Show who the hell is dua Lipa!?! Sounds like a cream for piles!

  65. The James Bond Show

    The James Bond ShowBulan Yang lalu

    Dua Lipa will be doing the song. I did a scoop BOMBSHELL drop on this subject. Barbara Brocolli won't be reading comments here. The Real fans do not want Ed Shearan doing the song. Come join my channel, you'll love it 😁

  66. The321flyer

    The321flyer2 bulan yang lalu

    nice collection chaps !

  67. Ediene Pereira

    Ediene PereiraBulan Yang lalu

    Daniel Craig! é minha paixão olhos lindos dá cor dos oceanos! 🇧🇷🇧🇷