1. Kimberly Tibbs

    Kimberly Tibbs5 jam yang lalu

    No disrespect to females, but Bond must remain a male character. Why are we always trying to change classic stuff? Leave it well alone.

  2. Scott Robinson

    Scott Robinson6 jam yang lalu

    I don't mean to take a Bond movie too seriously, but that sliding down the rope bit...I had a rope swing, and you just can't do that. You con't keep your grip, and you'll shred your hand trying. Ask me how I know...

  3. Potato Livy

    Potato Livy14 jam yang lalu

    I love how his head is round like a circle

  4. Maxim Arkhipov

    Maxim Arkhipov15 jam yang lalu

    James black

  5. Muhammad Justisia Harsono

    Muhammad Justisia Harsono16 jam yang lalu

    Wonder what song this time will be

  6. Mohammad Ali

    Mohammad Ali17 jam yang lalu

    Black female 007. That's 2 boxes ticked then lol.

  7. Jaeyun Choi

    Jaeyun ChoiHari Yang lalu


  8. Colin McMahon

    Colin McMahonHari Yang lalu

    Very MUCH trouble, Queen Street, Erica. SpeakeRs and soap box, JeCKyL and HYDE . PARKER DIRECTIVES ITS should really show it's realted, don't wait for the pedantic. That was a police SHIT bit of Intel while, throwing daughters at me. Using you asbthe ahield, and making a children's book of it. I hated Munche enough

  9. Colin McMahon

    Colin McMahonHari Yang lalu

    Sounds like you having troubles, Mr BrookeCristyandTatumsong. You already went for my Carole and Channing's... (Creak.)

  10. Theresa Brown

    Theresa BrownHari Yang lalu

    To be honest I am not happy after Daniel Craig hangs his gun up a woman is going to take over the role of 007 this movie is introducing her character. I don't think I am going to watch any Bond movie(s) with a female lead as 007.

  11. BadFluffy

    BadFluffy12 jam yang lalu

    They won't be Bond movies. Her name is not Bond.

  12. Bendy And His Friendzzz

    Bendy And His FriendzzzHari Yang lalu

    Why does Q still have a job after spreading virus into MI6 network? I'd think he'd be like spank 100 times and send back to nursery.

  13. Khizar 001

    Khizar 001Hari Yang lalu

    Facet hag.

  14. Andrew Harlan

    Andrew Harlan2 hari yang lalu

    Hollywood’s current tendency towards tolerance has made me a racist. Ten years ago, one of my favorite actors was African-American Eddie Murphy, Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Will Smith and so on. Now if I see a black man on the screen, I start to shake of angry. Agent two zeros - black independent woman? No thanks, this is without me. I’d better look at the classic James Bond

  15. Andrew Harlan

    Andrew Harlan11 jam yang lalu

    @BadFluffy What self-conceit should be possessed, to insult a person you don't know.From high morality to complete immorality - one step. This is about you

  16. BadFluffy

    BadFluffy12 jam yang lalu

    I have news for you. You were always a racist and a sexist. Good news is you can still work on that with therapy.

  17. Nolawi Negussie

    Nolawi Negussie2 hari yang lalu

    People seem to be confused of the difference between a strong woman and a bitch. wonder woman :is a strong woman New bond girl:total bitch who threatens him when they're on the same side

  18. BadFluffy

    BadFluffy12 jam yang lalu

    Wonder Woman is a male fantasy. She was created for men. That's why men like her. She's non threatening. That's why men don't like other strong female characters.

  19. Aaron Ajay

    Aaron Ajay2 hari yang lalu

    Last part.. JOHN WICK meets JAMES BOND

  20. Aaron Ajay

    Aaron Ajay2 hari yang lalu

    I get irritated when i hear. Louis and lane in movies

  21. L.A .A

    L.A .A3 hari yang lalu

    Quem aqui viu todos os 007 dá like XD

  22. Ivo Zanette

    Ivo Zanette3 hari yang lalu

    Can,'t wait for this. Looks like the best one yet.

  23. Desire'e Brianna

    Desire'e Brianna3 hari yang lalu

    I love Rami so much. So excited for this one!

  24. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli3 hari yang lalu

    Boooooriiinnggggggg...........20th century called. They want their spy back.

  25. BadFluffy

    BadFluffy12 jam yang lalu

    Yes indeed. THE TWENTIETH century called and they want their cavemen back. Off you go.

  26. skipper

    skipper3 hari yang lalu

  27. ThayseLewis

    ThayseLewis3 hari yang lalu

    Came to see Rami. Kinda disappointed...

  28. Guud_SniPez

    Guud_SniPez4 hari yang lalu

    Even tho I’ll never see it I can only imagine what a crossover with John Wick would be like.

  29. Winter Now

    Winter Now3 hari yang lalu

    Famke Janssen steals th he Aston. And during a car chase t-bones John Wick's Charger, killing his new goldfish, triggering a war between Wick....and the rest of London. So Bond and Baba Yaga go up against each other and put head shots through about 90 guys before realizing that they've got a common foe and team up against.

  30. Vancral Charles

    Vancral Charles4 hari yang lalu

    Dope movie 2020 I can't wait to watch it HAITI 🇭🇹 is waiting for 📽NO TIME TO DIE📽

  31. Rozeta Lami

    Rozeta Lami4 hari yang lalu

    I am not fond of the 007 movies but i will watch this one because of Rami. He deserves this after all the struggle to get good roles. He is a real trooper as Freddie was.

  32. Roc Sneed

    Roc Sneed4 hari yang lalu

    Lashana tho😍😍😍😍

  33. Greg Hagood

    Greg Hagood4 hari yang lalu

    Was I imagining things or did I see a flash of Vesper.

  34. mobile-reviews

    mobile-reviews4 hari yang lalu

    If you have seen the trailer, you pretty much have seen the whole movie. Maybe the time for another "Bond" is gone.

  35. James Bond

    James Bond4 hari yang lalu

    I have worked a lot harder in this movie HOPE YOU GUYS WILL ENJOY IT

  36. Steven Watson

    Steven Watson5 hari yang lalu

    Bout damn time.. shit...

  37. James Crisp

    James Crisp5 hari yang lalu

    get ready for Bond to be stripped and destroyed by leftist political ideology.

  38. Daren Sky Baby

    Daren Sky Baby2 hari yang lalu

    Not to sound sexist, but I miss the more submissive women in the older Bond flicks.

  39. Morgoth The Real MVP

    Morgoth The Real MVP2 hari yang lalu

    This isn't even my final form! You’ll be crying when the box office returns come in

  40. This isn't even my final form!

    This isn't even my final form!2 hari yang lalu

    LOL. Keep crying.

  41. Bond 007

    Bond 0073 hari yang lalu

    That will be the last series to make money then!

  42. khalel khaled

    khalel khaled5 hari yang lalu

    wow! so much in my plate in this year 2020, April, this movie and in June, TOPGUN-2. bloody awesome!

  43. Sailing Guy

    Sailing Guy5 hari yang lalu

    im out. no more cinema for me. hollywood can die. British cinema same.

  44. BadFluffy

    BadFluffy12 jam yang lalu

    Bye! Have fun with your grandpa DVDs

  45. 구자경

    구자경5 hari yang lalu

    Im so fuckin excited... LOL

  46. Harvey Shaw

    Harvey Shaw5 hari yang lalu

    Awful trailer

  47. Nightwing.

    Nightwing.5 hari yang lalu

    How many times must Q repair that Aston.


    PASRAT PARTHER5 hari yang lalu

    2:34 please name the bgm

  49. Joker

    Joker6 hari yang lalu

    What are the James Bond movies about? I've never seen one

  50. Winter Now

    Winter Now4 hari yang lalu

    It's about a man who uses his wits, charm and amazing gadgetry to defeat evil, save the world and fall in love, but somehow never become a better person.

  51. rd711

    rd7116 hari yang lalu

    Why is Freddie Mercury trying to kill 007??

  52. BadFluffy

    BadFluffy12 jam yang lalu

    He looks more like a psychotic goat than like Freddy so please don't. Freddie was a real life musical genius. Not some cliché character from an Oscar bait movie.

  53. truthseeker89 for life

    truthseeker89 for life6 hari yang lalu

    April seems so far away

  54. BuddyAckerman1

    BuddyAckerman16 hari yang lalu

    I think this 'anything goes' break with convention is great. I am so looking forward to a small white ginger head lesbian playing Martin Luther King, in the Martin Luther King story I am looking forward to a muslim man playing Emily Pankhurst in the story of the suffragettes. I love the bit he will wake up with a beard, scratching his arse and someone will shout Emily. I can see it now. Any black person that doesn't support the white lesbian playing MLK and go and see the movie, is a bigot, and a joke, that the leftists on here MUST mock with the same relish as the do Shapiro.

  55. BuddyAckerman1

    BuddyAckerman18 jam yang lalu

    Badfluffy I'm getting the impression you are a woman Would you like to play M.L.K. I think you'd be perfect for the part .

  56. BadFluffy

    BadFluffy12 jam yang lalu

    Honey, should you be online when it's time for your meds?

  57. solid snake

    solid snake7 hari yang lalu

    No Time to retire danial

  58. Thomas Rakewell

    Thomas Rakewell7 hari yang lalu

    Are all the commenters really this stupid? Lashana Lynch isn’t playing James Bond, she’s playing a different spy that inherits the designation 007. Daniel Craig is literally in this film and is also in this trailer, so obviously he is playing James Bond. I can’t help but think you’re all just using this to get worked up and display how racist and sexist and generally dumb you all are. We get it. It’s not like you’ve been subtle the last few decades. As for the trailer generally, I’m not particularly enthused. Dr. No is an anachronistic throwback, I wish they’d chosen a new villain, and the whole thing looks like a montage of the last 3 films. SPECTRE was rubbish, it would be a first if they followed up a bad film with a good one but didn’t change the lead actor. Normally a Bond actor’s last Bond film is his worst Bond film. Let’s see...

  59. BadFluffy

    BadFluffy12 jam yang lalu

    They're not stupid. They're afraid.

  60. arniebarb123

    arniebarb1237 hari yang lalu

    Going to be the worst one

  61. BadFluffy

    BadFluffy12 jam yang lalu

    All the Pierce Brosnan Bond movies disagree.

  62. Rafael Fernando

    Rafael Fernando7 hari yang lalu

    James Bond is white and came from England!! I am brown!!! I came from Latin America!!! Why to add Blacks to a film which is from England!!! Is it done in the name of diversity???? I am not racist at all but white people must be respected and allowed to play as the main role protagonist!!!! You do not see white blue eyes actors in an African film! Or Asian, or Hindu, or Middle East!!! For Goodness sake !!! Let the original Anglo Saxon White people play the main roles in their movies!!!! I am sooo sorry but those black actors do not fit in the James Movie film at all!!!! If Africa wants to have a black James Bond movie let them play with only black actors period!!!!!! Let’s respect the original white Anglo Saxon of England since it is a country originally WHITE from its beginning!!!! Stop the Diversity crap!!! Once and for all!!!

  63. BadFluffy

    BadFluffy12 jam yang lalu

    Another guy who believes that not being white means he can't be racist. Yeah, nope.

  64. Andene

    Andene7 hari yang lalu

    "I used to be a badass, but then I took a bullet to the knee."

  65. Rook

    Rook5 hari yang lalu

    HAHAHA! Think this joke has been lost on everyone here unfortunately.

  66. Prabhudas A

    Prabhudas A7 hari yang lalu


  67. Floppy Bird

    Floppy Bird7 hari yang lalu

    all these wannabe no name chicken "actresses" I WANT JAMES BOND not some feminist BS. Feminist should watch Wonder Woman not James the f*** Bond. Instant dislike. You wont get my money for this one

  68. BadFluffy

    BadFluffy12 jam yang lalu

    When you will understand that Hollywood is doing this JUST to make you moan, bitch and cry like a little baby online, because they live off the buzz now, not the box-office, maybe you'll stop bitching and they'll stop doing it.

  69. Rocky M

    Rocky M7 hari yang lalu

    "The world is arming faster than we can respond. I need a favour brother you are the only I trust for this" . Interesting dialogues

  70. Lokman Hakim

    Lokman Hakim7 hari yang lalu

    Of them turn this bond to a chick slut.im done with james bond

  71. BadFluffy

    BadFluffy12 jam yang lalu

    So long. We won't be missing you. Really.

  72. 50puft :D

    50puft :D7 hari yang lalu

    Nobody: Captions: James Bond, license to kid

  73. FDR R

    FDR R8 hari yang lalu

    Damn how many minorities they gonna start forcing into movies these days?

  74. BadFluffy

    BadFluffy12 jam yang lalu

    @FDR R I keep seeing all the ALT Right morons use that stupid sentence. Does it make you feel better to say that? Because real life is full of examples of the very very opposite being true. Give me 3 examples of that idiotic wisecrack being true.

  75. BadFluffy

    BadFluffy12 jam yang lalu

    They only look like they are forcing them into movies because white dude have been everywhere for a century of movies and it's not statistically representative of the world so the fact it shocks you actually means it's needed.

  76. RobiXOXO Love

    RobiXOXO LoveHari Yang lalu

    FDR R well I guess we’ll just have to wait till we find out

  77. FDR R

    FDR R2 hari yang lalu

    @RobiXOXO Love awwwwe its so cute of you to speak from the heart and be so emotional invested in Marxists ideology. But in the end only truth and facts win. Thats why the left invested so much to brain wash us when we were kids in school especially knowing that females think with the heart(emotions) and not with the head(logic). I am not accusing you of being stupid, but you are naive of the goodness of the heart. There is a reason why European and East Asians are richer then the rest. Thats why everyone travels to those parts of the world and not to Africa or Latin America. There is a reason why history is written there. But again you will swotch to emotions and start calling me racist. Anyway have fun watching the last Bond movie 👍✌🍻

  78. RobiXOXO Love

    RobiXOXO Love2 hari yang lalu

    No you are racist and you got the nerve not to admit it just say it you don’t like blacks in leading roles, and I feel sorry for you because you’re choosing to miss out on a potentially good film because you’re so prejudice and ignorant oh well up to you, more seats in the theater for me and my friends ciao! 😊

  79. bobbbxxx

    bobbbxxx8 hari yang lalu

    I'll go see it but this did not grab me.

  80. Caleb Golter

    Caleb Golter8 hari yang lalu

    Translation, take my fucking wallet!

  81. Beatrix Stella

    Beatrix Stella8 hari yang lalu

    cant wait...

  82. Ryan Jansen

    Ryan Jansen8 hari yang lalu

    Will it be a good Craig film like casino royal or a bad one like SPECTRE. We’ll see

  83. BroncoBillieBeastie

    BroncoBillieBeastie8 hari yang lalu

    I do hope that the song by Billie Eilish is a lot better than the song from the last Bond movie, Spectre!

  84. Winter Now

    Winter Now4 hari yang lalu

    Can't imagine it being worse.

  85. BroncoBillieBeastie

    BroncoBillieBeastie8 hari yang lalu

    I do hope that Daniel Craig reverts back to his daring, edgy and "badass" persona that he had for "Casino Royale". How James Bond is supposed to be!

  86. BroncoBillieBeastie

    BroncoBillieBeastie8 hari yang lalu

    I do hope that James Bond is not reduced to just being a sidekick or lesser character by female characters. If so, it will ruin the whole franchise!

  87. Chillax

    Chillax8 hari yang lalu