Jacques Cousteau vs Steve Irwin. Epic Rap Battles of History


  1. Antonio Privitera

    Antonio Privitera4 jam yang lalu

    Prince vs Kurt Cobain

  2. Southpaw music

    Southpaw music5 jam yang lalu

    I love hearing Australian people rap

  3. jonnynace

    jonnynace5 jam yang lalu

    Lin Manuel Miranda v. Andrew Lloyd Webber

  4. Mr 6

    Mr 65 jam yang lalu

    How about a guitarist rap battle? Jimi Hendrix vs. Kurt Cobain? Something like that

  5. teamsonic channel

    teamsonic channel5 jam yang lalu

    shouldnt we have had the next episode by now

  6. I Sneeze Meth

    I Sneeze Meth5 jam yang lalu

    Pennywise the Dancing Clown (IT) VS. The Joker (Batman) BATTLE OF THE CLOWNS

  7. Mustanseer Saify

    Mustanseer Saify5 jam yang lalu

    Please make one of Bollywood's The Salman Khan Vs Sharukh khan (they get interrupted by Aamir Khan) , they are pretty bad rivals and in the video of this great battle you will easily get 50-100million views ....

  8. Evan Dicks

    Evan Dicks5 jam yang lalu

    The 6k dislikes are from people who throw C4 on the seafloor

  9. Jake Scheffler

    Jake Scheffler6 jam yang lalu

    I got two ideas. One is Rosie the Riveter vs Rosa Parks; two powerful women icons. And the other is Halloween themed by being Chucky vs Slappy the dummy. No real reason for that one I just want to see it

  10. furunaki

    furunaki6 jam yang lalu

    Judge Dredd vs Rorschach. Both take no bs, both conservative, both brutal, both uncompromising. Im just gonna leave that there for you.

  11. kingxx legacy

    kingxx legacy6 jam yang lalu


  12. Popdop007

    Popdop0077 jam yang lalu

    Morgan Freeman vs David Attenborough

  13. Isaac Clodfelter

    Isaac Clodfelter7 jam yang lalu

    Damn Steve's kill line was outa this would.

  14. Giorgio Airini

    Giorgio Airini7 jam yang lalu

    Steve Cook vs Hernan Cortes

  15. horrormoviemad

    horrormoviemad7 jam yang lalu

    pennywise vs ronald mcdonald

  16. Twin Razor

    Twin Razor7 jam yang lalu

    Pennywise vs. The Joker

  17. StormPhoenix_ 1506

    StormPhoenix_ 15067 jam yang lalu

    John Constantine vs. Johnny Blaze/Ghost rider

  18. Melody Hedin

    Melody Hedin7 jam yang lalu

    Sigmund Freud vs Kinsey

  19. mastermvp10

    mastermvp108 jam yang lalu


  20. Hipster Henio

    Hipster Henio9 jam yang lalu

    saul goodman vs matt murdock

  21. Antonio Torres

    Antonio Torres9 jam yang lalu

    sasquatch vs. yeti, steven segaul vs. jon claude van damn, rambo vs. Arnold(predator movie version), mickey mouse vs, speedy Gonzales. beast(x-men) vs. beast(beauty and the beast), leapurchan vs chucky. mother Teresa vs. The nun from that scary movie(sorry didn't watch it lol) )

  22. Yikes

    Yikes9 jam yang lalu

    Bad impression of steve irwin especially the accent.

  23. Jonathan Nichols

    Jonathan Nichols9 jam yang lalu

    Van Helsing vs hellboy

  24. Workday Orange

    Workday Orange9 jam yang lalu

    Tim Curry’s IT vs. Bill Skarsgaurd IT

  25. Stanley Jr Nicodemus

    Stanley Jr Nicodemus10 jam yang lalu

    Captain America vs. Rosie the Riveter Interrupted by Uncle Sam

  26. JR Reed

    JR Reed11 jam yang lalu

    Uri Geller (world renown fraud psychic spoon bender) vs THE TICK! SPOOOOOOOONE!

  27. Post 1

    Post 111 jam yang lalu

    John Wick vs Jason Bourne vs Liam Neeson (Taken)

  28. Lucas Tesch Official

    Lucas Tesch Official11 jam yang lalu

    disney princesses (snow white, cinderella) vs nintendo princesses (zelda, peach)

  29. F. B. I

    F. B. I12 jam yang lalu

    Area 51 guards vs kyle sans and Minecraft redstone engineers

  30. Fazal

    Fazal12 jam yang lalu

    Number of times steve said “crikey”

  31. Bladrio

    Bladrio12 jam yang lalu

    Mary Shelley vs H. P. Lovecraft

  32. Nebojsa Savic

    Nebojsa Savic12 jam yang lalu

    Charlie Chaplin vs Iron man

  33. Raman Prajapat

    Raman Prajapat12 jam yang lalu

    Mr. Bean VS Charlie chaplin

  34. Simon Lindström

    Simon Lindström13 jam yang lalu

    Gordon Ramsay vs Simon Cowell

  35. The SharpOrange

    The SharpOrange13 jam yang lalu

    Han Solo and Chewbacca vs Drax and Groot (Battle of Best Friends)

  36. MC Ente

    MC Ente13 jam yang lalu

    Hitler vs. Stalin

  37. Yusuf Khoudmi

    Yusuf Khoudmi13 jam yang lalu

    Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher) vs. Van Helsing. That would be a great one!

  38. Gabriel Pereira

    Gabriel Pereira13 jam yang lalu

    Vincent Vega & Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction) VS Martin Riggs & Roger Murtaugh (Lethal Weapon)

  39. Gabriel Pereira

    Gabriel Pereira10 jam yang lalu

    Featuring J & K (Men in Black)

  40. juzzfuzz0

    juzzfuzz014 jam yang lalu

    Think he won with "dont throw c4 on the sea floor". I mean who would even think that's even close to a good idea?

  41. Veek

    Veek14 jam yang lalu

    Charlie Chaplin Vs. Mr. Bean

  42. Aahel Chatterji

    Aahel Chatterji14 jam yang lalu

    Steve (minecraft not steve irwin) vs fortnite default skin thingy where obviously steve should win

  43. Jaytheradical

    Jaytheradical14 jam yang lalu

    Jack Torrence VS Pennywise the Clown


    XxSWAGGERxX14 jam yang lalu

    Rupaul vs Doctor Frank n Furter

  45. Basti87b

    Basti87b14 jam yang lalu

    Adam West Batman vs. Christian Bale Batman (with cameos of the other versions)

  46. Francesco BG

    Francesco BG15 jam yang lalu

    I was thinking... How about Jules Verne VS H. G. Wells? They are both fathers of fantascientific literature, realizing some masterpieces like war of worlds, the invisible man, journey to the centre of the Earth and so forth.

  47. Michael p

    Michael p15 jam yang lalu

    Rambo V.S bear grills

  48. Bowhamyson

    Bowhamyson15 jam yang lalu

    What about taking the winners of earlier rap battles and putting them against each other? Kinda like a bracket battle of sorts. Of course, Darth Vader will conquer all, but I’d be fun to see. For example, if you start with season 1, if Abe Lincoln and Ben Franklin won, you could put them against each other...

  49. Ivan Georgiev

    Ivan Georgiev15 jam yang lalu

    Dr. Phil vs Steve Harvey

  50. Dakenir

    Dakenir15 jam yang lalu

    Mike Tyson vs Mickey Mouse.

  51. Ashok nath

    Ashok nath16 jam yang lalu

    Without a doubt, Irwin is a hero.

  52. Mostafa Mortaja

    Mostafa Mortaja16 jam yang lalu

    Top gear Britain vs top gear America

  53. Fredrik Ljungkvist

    Fredrik Ljungkvist16 jam yang lalu

    Michael Jackson vs. Prince Obvious

  54. Claudio Carvalho

    Claudio Carvalho16 jam yang lalu

    Samuel L Jackson vs Morgan Freeman

  55. Kriszti Pádár

    Kriszti Pádár17 jam yang lalu

    Must: Naruto vs Sasuke Naruto vs Pein Sakura vs Karin Or some rap battle from the naruto series

  56. EchoTheGecko

    EchoTheGecko17 jam yang lalu

    Jaws vs the meg

  57. Chahkra

    Chahkra17 jam yang lalu

    Fox News vs CNN interupted by philip defranco filling them in

  58. Thunder McKing

    Thunder McKing17 jam yang lalu

    John D. Rockefeller v. Jeff Bezos (richest man in history v. Richest man today)

  59. Flynn Haydon-Beal

    Flynn Haydon-Beal17 jam yang lalu

    Lmfao that “Australian” accent

  60. john john

    john john17 jam yang lalu

    H.C.Anderson vs The Grimm Brothers

  61. Chewy Games

    Chewy Games18 jam yang lalu

    Marvel vs dc