Jack Black BURNED down my Minecraft House!!


  1. Brxytn

    Brxytn30 detik yang lalu

    I’ve never seen pewds fanboy

  2. Caleb Silverman

    Caleb Silverman30 detik yang lalu


  3. Mads Mikkelsen

    Mads Mikkelsen33 detik yang lalu

    Can you please play roblox

  4. Tino Miranda

    Tino Miranda34 detik yang lalu

    Why does this guy sound like Po from Kung Fu Panda???? 🤔🤔🤔

  5. blank

    blank42 detik yang lalu

    I know there's subtitles but Jack is barely audible

  6. 神様の力

    神様の力44 detik yang lalu

    Yo yo boredoom Its me

  7. Fackita

    Fackita47 detik yang lalu

    I'm having a references overdose

  8. Fackita

    Fackita33 detik yang lalu

    Somebody meme this

  9. ARealFakeIdentity

    ARealFakeIdentity50 detik yang lalu

    9:55 who dis

  10. Yunuhen Trevino

    Yunuhen Trevino51 detik yang lalu

    Do any of you remember that holy day when pewdiepie, Jack Black, and Mr. Beast were on trending?

  11. Bakicci

    Bakicci51 detik yang lalu

    @pewds charity steam for kyoto animations?

  12. Oskar

    Oskar56 detik yang lalu

    gaming millisecond is now a thing alright thanks for joining us

  13. king adam

    king adam57 detik yang lalu

    Does anyone notices svens new armor?

  14. Robloxian Joe

    Robloxian JoeMenit Yang lalu

    I'm kinda triggered that Jack burned his house tho tbh

  15. VG YT

    VG YTMenit Yang lalu

    1trending in canada

  16. Trey Figueroa

    Trey FigueroaMenit Yang lalu

    Fight the Wither Like SomFelix will see!!!!

  17. xxCrimsonSpiritxx

    xxCrimsonSpiritxxMenit Yang lalu

    Jack should be the president of youth or something

  18. Bad Ass ML

    Bad Ass MLMenit Yang lalu


  19. nerd loser

    nerd loserMenit Yang lalu

    after he defeats the enderdragon he should download some popular mods (ex. aether)

  20. Shaila Bordelon

    Shaila BordelonMenit Yang lalu

    Still waiting on sky block part 2...

  21. Anonymous Singularity

    Anonymous SingularityMenit Yang lalu

    When did he get mods

  22. J a C k

    J a C kMenit Yang lalu

    Anyone else get triggered when pewdiepie didn’t just punch out the two flames in his house and just let the whole thing burn

  23. Leon Naves

    Leon NavesMenit Yang lalu

    Please tell me that you made a copy of your world before inviting him smh

  24. Kjell Escoto

    Kjell EscotoMenit Yang lalu

    SALUTE TO PEWDS HOUSE 1like=block😂

  25. SUCC

    SUCCMenit Yang lalu

    When Felix first placed the tnt he pushed Sven away lol

  26. Haley McClain

    Haley McClainMenit Yang lalu

    Hurry my fellow 9 yr olds make pewdiepie boi strong 100m subscribez and join pewd army today arise

  27. travis jessee

    travis jesseeMenit Yang lalu

    sean got replaced by the new jack

  28. Peach YT

    Peach YTMenit Yang lalu

    petition for felix to play minecraft for eternity

  29. Angela Alan

    Angela AlanMenit Yang lalu

    i eat some bugs i eat some grass i use my hands to play minecraft ENCARNACIOOOOOO


    TRENTON DOESMenit Yang lalu

    #1 on trending wait that’s illegal

  31. Waterlessorc //:

    Waterlessorc //:Menit Yang lalu

    NO THE TREE 😭summon doctor crab 🦀

  32. Slots and Cosmetics

    Slots and Cosmetics2 menit yang lalu

    Why is Jack's skin minecraft thot.

  33. I Am The Marble

    I Am The Marble2 menit yang lalu

    New from vox media: “Pewdiepie blows up Jack Black and his pet duck after Jack Black saves pewdiepie from a zombie.”

  34. 5,000 Subs With No Videos!?

    5,000 Subs With No Videos!?2 menit yang lalu

    Guys can you guys just drop a sub on my channel Id highly appreciate it


    JOHN MARTIN2 menit yang lalu

    Say what you want, but all i hear, is Pewds playing minecraft with Po the Panda.

  36. R.I.P Screw

    R.I.P Screw2 menit yang lalu

    We did it #1 on trending👌

  37. Foxx Lamotte

    Foxx Lamotte2 menit yang lalu

    I came up with water chicken but Felix called it first😔

  38. Robert Liollio

    Robert Liollio2 menit yang lalu


  39. Dante Ravioli

    Dante Ravioli2 menit yang lalu

    How is Jack Black's camera worse quality than Felix's *Logic doesn't make sense here in the Minecraft underworld*

  40. Minus

    Minus2 menit yang lalu

    Much better choice for a collab, thanks.

  41. one of the gentlemen

    one of the gentlemen2 menit yang lalu

    The pain in his eyes when he sees his house on fire saddens me

  42. godweeg

    godweeg2 menit yang lalu

    I heard Po from Kung Fu panda the entire time

  43. Elsa Dye

    Elsa Dye2 menit yang lalu

    I feel like in all Water Sheep lives through Jack Black. That's why he burn down Felix's house. To avenge him. He has risen from the dead. Through Jack Black.

  44. NutY Muffin

    NutY Muffin2 menit yang lalu

    When jack said Marvel Comic Universe and I died inside

  45. Roel Docto

    Roel Docto2 menit yang lalu

    Collabs you didn't expect but came perfectly

  46. الهيكل العظمي

    الهيكل العظمي2 menit yang lalu

    محتوى القناة فااااااشل

  47. Leslie Leroux

    Leslie Leroux2 menit yang lalu


  48. slightly peeved possom

    slightly peeved possom2 menit yang lalu

    he protecc 13:42 he attacc 28:28 but most important, he got his house burnt down by jacc blacc.

  49. NotSoPerfect Mom

    NotSoPerfect Mom3 menit yang lalu

    Best episode ever

  50. Classic Light

    Classic Light3 menit yang lalu

    25:24 !!!

  51. Trenten Kawas

    Trenten Kawas3 menit yang lalu

    Play VR Minecraft