1. song k

    song k7 jam yang lalu

    1:39 개인적으로 좋은 파트 ㅎㅎ

  2. Kowgola

    Kowgola7 jam yang lalu

    CringeOmeter 1000000000

  3. Blackpink in my Heart

    Blackpink in my Heart7 jam yang lalu


  4. Hermalia Putri

    Hermalia Putri7 jam yang lalu

    Hey hey

  5. Jujusinha_fofinha

    Jujusinha_fofinha8 jam yang lalu

    The translation of this song is very good says very well that we should not care about the opinion of others and always look forward ... congratulations !!! I loved the song !!! A tradução dessa musica e muito boa diz muito bem que nós não devemos nos importar com a opinião dos outros e sempre olhar para frente...parabéns!!!amei a musica!!!

  6. Mariana kaily Biber

    Mariana kaily Biber8 jam yang lalu

    I love yeji💜💜👑

  7. A J

    A J8 jam yang lalu

    by the way im the men on the bike

  8. 찬 bɑbi!¡

    찬 bɑbi!¡8 jam yang lalu


  9. Andyen

    Andyen8 jam yang lalu

    Ur profile so creepy 🙈

  10. Umyyy Mohamud

    Umyyy Mohamud8 jam yang lalu

    Itzy icy just got their 6th win on music bank🏆! #icy6thwin

  11. E. D.

    E. D.8 jam yang lalu

    this slaps

  12. infires man

    infires man8 jam yang lalu

    i wonder if jungkook,jhope and jimin still remember yuna and ryujin or not.

  13. hakimy jasmy

    hakimy jasmy8 jam yang lalu

    Ryujin so beautiful Yes : like No : comment

  14. kim mari

    kim mari8 jam yang lalu

    الاغنية تقليد لريد فلفت جست.

  15. Emiko- gen

    Emiko- gen9 jam yang lalu

    This MV was upload the same day that ´´Bring The Soul´´ was out to teathers oOf

  16. Sam Fullbuster

    Sam Fullbuster8 jam yang lalu

    Emiko- gen you’re point?

  17. sofia flores

    sofia flores9 jam yang lalu


  18. Rebeka Fernández

    Rebeka Fernández9 jam yang lalu

    Meus bebês ahhhh💕💕💫❤

  19. 최태진

    최태진9 jam yang lalu

    영상미가 대단하네용

  20. C 3

    C 39 jam yang lalu


  21. aleatoriedade videos

    aleatoriedade videos9 jam yang lalu

    1° Brasileiro

  22. Froilan Bañaria

    Froilan Bañaria9 jam yang lalu


  23. yeji•enthusiast

    yeji•enthusiast9 jam yang lalu

    Yeji and Chaeryeong have always stuck out to me. I think Yeji because of her eyes and face in general. Chaeryeong because she has a really beautiful face structure (they are all beautiful but ya know). Probably why they are my bias and bias wrecker 🤧😂😭

  24. 차야. 겸손한태양

    차야. 겸손한태양9 jam yang lalu


  25. 똘이보라

    똘이보라9 jam yang lalu

    채령님 진짜 예쁘다

  26. Robert Gonzales

    Robert Gonzales9 jam yang lalu

    Itzy is not my favorite group, but these girls deserve rookie of the year

  27. Moon Girl

    Moon Girl9 jam yang lalu

    Eu nem sou fã do grupo, e já tenho uma favorita

  28. Raquel VS

    Raquel VS9 jam yang lalu VOTE

  29. Panda Chan

    Panda Chan9 jam yang lalu

    “I know this will be your favourite song” WOW YOU WERE RIGHT well I think icy is my fav song ;-;

  30. AimMiLi MiLi

    AimMiLi MiLi9 jam yang lalu

    Coming to 65,000,000 views yah!

  31. Romaysa Ikram

    Romaysa Ikram9 jam yang lalu


  32. LIA CHOI

    LIA CHOI10 jam yang lalu


  33. روكا المحبوبه

    روكا المحبوبه10 jam yang lalu

    ياريت جميع الاغاني تكون مترجمه وين العرب

  34. 顏蘊華

    顏蘊華10 jam yang lalu

    *ICY* 2019/08/17,AM08 : 05,TAIWAN TIME Vi3ws:64,932,739M _---> 100M Lik3s:1,734,349M _---> 2,00M >>> Target: 100 million

  35. KAFiDoTM Official

    KAFiDoTM Official10 jam yang lalu


  36. ccc22

    ccc2210 jam yang lalu

    Is this their debut song or is this a comeback?

  37. strawberry mochi

    strawberry mochi10 jam yang lalu

    just a new comeback

  38. Glydee Mae Versaga

    Glydee Mae Versaga10 jam yang lalu

    Please go vote ITZY-Icy on Mwave! Let’s help our little girls Midzys!

  39. geovan a

    geovan a11 jam yang lalu

    i love chaeryeong, she's perfect

  40. Yavna Tara

    Yavna Tara11 jam yang lalu

    3:02 was savage. I loved it.

  41. Moonlight Fantasy

    Moonlight Fantasy11 jam yang lalu

    0:40 Lia hair.

  42. Wiwy L.

    Wiwy L.11 jam yang lalu

    0:20 you can see there is no driver, therefore: How is the car moving? P.s: I know there is something a machine that moves it to make it look like a normal driving scene but just wondering...

  43. ZGL TN

    ZGL TN12 jam yang lalu

    Yuna is 8 days older than me and she is celebrity , talented andd beautifulll But me... I just watch anime all during day and I do nothing special Is that just me ? Life is unfair ;(

  44. Angel

    Angel12 jam yang lalu

    Stra00M harder!!!

  45. Aa Aa

    Aa Aa12 jam yang lalu

    I love you itzy :-)

  46. Sude Nehir Göze

    Sude Nehir Göze12 jam yang lalu

    Ya Yeji çok havalı, Chaeryoung çok iyi dans ediyor,Yuna çok güzel,Lia''nin vokaline hastayım.Ryujin pembe saçları❤ben rapına ölüyorum kızın.JYP 'nin kız grupları tutuyor galiba 😄😄

  47. Sandra Valles rivera

    Sandra Valles rivera12 jam yang lalu

    mejor es black pink

  48. MySoulYourBeats #JYPfamily

    MySoulYourBeats #JYPfamily7 jam yang lalu

    Y? No compares a un grupo que recien debutó contra uno que ya tiene tiempo ... Tanto miedo le tienes a ITZY?

  49. Love Live

    Love Live12 jam yang lalu


  50. Andrej27 Kühn

    Andrej27 Kühn12 jam yang lalu

    Yuna looks terific in 2:42

  51. {Kim Minso}

    {Kim Minso}13 jam yang lalu


  52. Arty Sivakumaran

    Arty Sivakumaran13 jam yang lalu

    DALLA DALLA 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 ICY 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 well done, itzy !!

  53. Melina Dybbro

    Melina Dybbro13 jam yang lalu

    Dalla Dalla was okay for me, but for some reason i can’t stop listening to this! I already knew their names and faces in debut days though. I just want to know the groups. ICY is really good! I love Chaeryeong’s dance moves I love Yuna’s beautiful smile and red pants I love Ryujin’s pink hair. like QUEEN! ROCK IR GURL I love Yeji’s eyes and hair in this I love Lia’s voice and iconic ponytail (in the fandom) My bias is either Yuna or Lia. Beautiful girls. All different but amazing. AND GURRL they have actual healthy bodies! They’re not just bones! Beautiful bodies, talent, visuals, mv, voices, and faces. Their presence cannot be unseen

  54. Stan Itzy

    Stan Itzy13 jam yang lalu

    Str34m midzy! Road to 100m (:

  55. Tao Baby

    Tao Baby13 jam yang lalu

    I would dream about meeting them they are so talented my bias is yeji

  56. the musical burger

    the musical burger13 jam yang lalu

    *breathes heavily* DAMMIT PINK HAIR GETS ME ALL THE TIME

  57. Stan Itzy

    Stan Itzy13 jam yang lalu

    Ryujin (:

  58. La Jikook Shipper Subliminal :v

    La Jikook Shipper Subliminal :v13 jam yang lalu

    *1:05** dice Ayuwoki 😂 :v*

  59. crâzý Méry

    crâzý Méry13 jam yang lalu

    مبروك الفوز 5 ♡♡♡♡ i luv u so bad

  60. Caz Lees

    Caz Lees13 jam yang lalu

    When a gg has choreography as intense as a bg we stan dancing machines

  61. Ishmerai Galang

    Ishmerai Galang14 jam yang lalu

    ITZY's songs are growers. You may not like it on first hear, but you just end up realizing you're singing it to yourself a few days later! I SEE THAT I'M ICY~

  62. The Cow

    The Cow14 jam yang lalu

    *ITZY? MIDZY!*

  63. Lili ana

    Lili ana14 jam yang lalu

    Congrats #ICY6thwins 🏆 on music bankk, rest well ITZY 💕💕

  64. Naomi K

    Naomi K14 jam yang lalu

    I’m disappointed in Midzy, we need to keep streaming and get our girls to 100 million views!

  65. LALA V

    LALA V14 jam yang lalu

    I'm an international fan and ITZY is my first group that i stan from debut. These 5 angels make my day on every single day. Thanks JYP for the best girlgroup ever now it's high time for their worldwide popularity. yeah

  66. Lili Midler

    Lili Midler14 jam yang lalu


  67. Kim Nguyem

    Kim Nguyem14 jam yang lalu

    *DALLA DALLA->9 wins* *ICY->6 wins* Total: 15 wins

  68. Kim Nguyem

    Kim Nguyem14 jam yang lalu


  69. Caz Lees

    Caz Lees13 jam yang lalu

    Cool now lets aim for 1b >:)

  70. Kim Nguyem

    Kim Nguyem14 jam yang lalu

    MIDZYs! ITZY surpassed 100m vi3ws on their youtube channel 030

  71. Luv Kpop

    Luv Kpop15 jam yang lalu

    This song was amazing

  72. منوعات BN

    منوعات BN15 jam yang lalu


  73. guillermina raquel sara rodgers

    guillermina raquel sara rodgers15 jam yang lalu

    Rose. Soiyo

  74. Kim Nguyem

    Kim Nguyem15 jam yang lalu


  75. Mn Mn

    Mn Mn15 jam yang lalu


  76. twice gfriend itzy

    twice gfriend itzy15 jam yang lalu

    Stream up to 100M views and 2M likes

  77. 토롄

    토롄15 jam yang lalu

    예지는 맨날 양갈래양...머리푼거 궁금

  78. Нұрлыбек Оңғар

    Нұрлыбек Оңғар15 jam yang lalu


  79. Laura Fragoso

    Laura Fragoso15 jam yang lalu

    Not gonna lie they have the perfect mix between cute and badass :D I like them

  80. K - Chup

    K - Chup15 jam yang lalu

    I wake up today w this song in my head BEEP BEEP

  81. happy happy

    happy happy15 jam yang lalu

    why am i so happy there’s black ppl in this video 💀

  82. 顏蘊華

    顏蘊華15 jam yang lalu

    *ICY* 2019/08/17,AM02 : 40,TAIWAN TIME Vi3ws:64,771,978M _---> 100M Lik3s:1,732,798M _---> 2,00M >>> Target: 100 million

  83. Laiba Iqbal

    Laiba Iqbal15 jam yang lalu

    thank you to uri papa -Ryujin


    THE BOXER16 jam yang lalu

    Sofia's cover is better

  85. God Riolu

    God Riolu16 jam yang lalu


  86. CroatianKpop Fan

    CroatianKpop Fan16 jam yang lalu

    Idk if it’s the neck snap in my mind but I still like this part the best 1:15 😯😍😍😍