EXONCTVELVETTWICEITZY love7 jam yang lalu


  2. Nigina Dole

    Nigina Dole7 jam yang lalu

    Why everyone hate this song? I think it’s amazing

  3. Mukendl Mu

    Mukendl Mu8 jam yang lalu


  4. TheKindSoul TKS

    TheKindSoul TKS9 jam yang lalu

    I nvr understood Kpop. But after listening to this it's like I entered a new era or smthing lol. They're so talented and is the group that introduced me to kpop . Let's get that 200m views asap

  5. Adagio

    Adagio9 jam yang lalu

    Ne mamdero salgoya mallijimaa~~~

  6. opɹᴉǝʍoʞɐǝɹℲ umopapisdn

    opɹᴉǝʍoʞɐǝɹℲ umopapisdn10 jam yang lalu

    Finally not about romantic love

  7. It’z Midzy Fan

    It’z Midzy Fan9 jam yang lalu

    I know right!

  8. Swarali Deshpande

    Swarali Deshpande10 jam yang lalu

    Yes, this is the fourth generation of kpop

  9. Erin Louise Palma

    Erin Louise Palma13 jam yang lalu

    3:02 I really love this part

  10. Bob Ramz

    Bob Ramz13 jam yang lalu

    1:56 Yuna wear Russian clothes..... Interesting

  11. Pick Me

    Pick Me15 jam yang lalu

    Minhas filhofofochuucas Eu amo vcs!

  12. Kevin Yu

    Kevin Yu15 jam yang lalu

    Why am I just recently discovering this?? ORA

  13. Kevin Yu

    Kevin Yu15 jam yang lalu

    This a bop

  14. melanie campos

    melanie campos16 jam yang lalu

    those who are fans of itzy say me(las que son fans de itzy dijan yo):v

  15. Material feels

    Material feels16 jam yang lalu

    0:33 everyone: lets wear shorts! yeji: h m m??

  16. charina apurado

    charina apurado16 jam yang lalu


  17. Blackpink Lisa

    Blackpink Lisa16 jam yang lalu


  18. disgrace to homo sapiens

    disgrace to homo sapiens16 jam yang lalu

    the thing about Itzy songs is that it takes me a few listens to really get the vibe of it, then it's stuck in my head for a good two weeks

  19. Sabina Paniagua

    Sabina Paniagua17 jam yang lalu

    Si realmente son midzys reproduzcan hay que llegar a los 200M vamoooos Midzyyyss podemos llegar si nos lo proponemos piensen en las chicas todo x ellas Yeji,Lia,Chaeryeong,Ryujin y Yuna confia en midzy demostremosles que estamos para ellaaaaas♡

  20. Sabina Paniagua

    Sabina Paniagua17 jam yang lalu

    Itzy confia en Midzy no las decepcionemos♡

  21. Sabina Paniagua

    Sabina Paniagua17 jam yang lalu

    Y con ellaaaas Vamoooooos

  22. Laurence

    Laurence17 jam yang lalu

    admit it or not, a hater or not, but we all got shooked on this part 1:42

  23. Adam Zatuchney

    Adam Zatuchney19 jam yang lalu

    its always got your back AND they love themselves best group

  24. Yeri Hizaki

    Yeri Hizaki19 jam yang lalu

    Kim jieun in stranger from hell is itzy members , didn't expect

  25. ItzMez SkinnezPinez

    ItzMez SkinnezPinez20 jam yang lalu

    No one: Not even computer hardware: Girls in elevators: ugh my pores-

  26. Daysi Copitan

    Daysi Copitan22 jam yang lalu


  27. Bei Erduo ツ

    Bei Erduo ツ22 jam yang lalu

    Mmm ¿por?

  28. k-armyblink idol

    k-armyblink idol23 jam yang lalu


  29. 박혜인

    박혜인Hari Yang lalu

    제왚 뮤비 잘좀 찍자

  30. Downright Clueless

    Downright CluelessHari Yang lalu


  31. Sky edits and fun

    Sky edits and funHari Yang lalu

    M I D Z Y

  32. Brian Ou

    Brian OuHari Yang lalu

    9/16 0.00KST 150,591,921 9/17 0.00KST 150,796,473 Today 204,552 views JYP Subs 13.70M (=) ITZY Instagram 2.5M (=) ITZY Subs 1.66M (+0.01M) ITZY Twitter 783,216(+2,513) ITZY Vlive 568,637(+982) 📌 ICY 100M ASAP

  33. Kpop Kæ

    Kpop KæHari Yang lalu

    Can we make it to 200M views? (;

  34. Gabrayel Bungay

    Gabrayel BungayHari Yang lalu

    I like u

  35. Bảo Anh Lê Nguyễn

    Bảo Anh Lê NguyễnHari Yang lalu

    Choi Jisu is my life❤✅✅

  36. Bảo Anh Lê Nguyễn

    Bảo Anh Lê NguyễnHari Yang lalu

    Love Lia so much❤❤

  37. 이미영

    이미영Hari Yang lalu

    와~ 있지,다

  38. E411 OTIS

    E411 OTISHari Yang lalu

    달라달라 댄스

  39. Jockie DTV

    Jockie DTVHari Yang lalu

    Lets make this 200M guys and gals :D

  40. Mina mina

    Mina minaHari Yang lalu

    Keep streaming midzy's we are stronger than others fandoms

  41. rubz aguila

    rubz aguilaHari Yang lalu

    I love this group, the way I love twice

  42. jaira kaisha

    jaira kaishaHari Yang lalu

    I lo

  43. Jeon Shanon

    Jeon ShanonHari Yang lalu

    I love itzy more than momoland

  44. Kim Nguyen

    Kim Nguyen21 jam yang lalu

    Pls dont bring other groups in here, i dont want anybody to get hurt:)

  45. ONCE TWICE #3

    ONCE TWICE #3Hari Yang lalu

    Fighting Midzy and Once ! 200M is coming !

  46. stay kid

    stay kidHari Yang lalu

    dalla dalla men!!

  47. IZ*ONE

    IZ*ONEHari Yang lalu

    울 트와엉니들 동생 그룹♡울 트와엉니들이 갔던 길을 똑같이 걷고 있네.

  48. Maior Honey10

    Maior Honey10Hari Yang lalu

    Donas da 4° geração. LENDAS VIVAS.

  49. Twice Tzuyu

    Twice TzuyuHari Yang lalu

    Stream harder lets show to the other fandom that MIDZY can stream hard too pls. 200M before 2019's end

  50. Yohan Kim

    Yohan KimHari Yang lalu


  51. Annisa HD

    Annisa HDHari Yang lalu

    Senin 16 september 2019😘

  52. trisya agustiana putri

    trisya agustiana putriHari Yang lalu

    Yuna beutiful

  53. Jaemin NaNa

    Jaemin NaNaHari Yang lalu

    I love you itzy.😍

  54. AaaAalexa Park

    AaaAalexa ParkHari Yang lalu

    Kaya pala dalla dalla ang title kasi nga may maleta.

  55. AaaAalexa Park

    AaaAalexa ParkHari Yang lalu

    Kasi ang maleta dinadala HAHAHA

  56. Delina Mercado

    Delina MercadoHari Yang lalu


  57. ̧ˇƸ링쿤즈Ʒˇ

    ̧ˇƸ링쿤즈ƷˇHari Yang lalu


  58. Nollan DN

    Nollan DNHari Yang lalu

    They use royal family dance crew signature (the crown).. but cute :)

  59. Brendan Hunter

    Brendan HunterHari Yang lalu

    Which one is yuna?

  60. Brendan Hunter

    Brendan HunterHari Yang lalu

    nottherealbella thank you!

  61. nottherealbella

    nottherealbellaHari Yang lalu

    Is the girl at 1:02

  62. Brendan Hunter

    Brendan HunterHari Yang lalu

    2:00 who's that?

  63. nottherealbella

    nottherealbellaHari Yang lalu


  64. Casul Ei kyaw

    Casul Ei kyawHari Yang lalu

    I wanna give someone a birthday gift......I wanna make Dalla Dalla 200M in December...for Yuna our maknae☺☺

  65. Cavaleiro Revoltado

    Cavaleiro RevoltadoHari Yang lalu

    I felt a chill when yuna sings "Bad, bad I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm just the way I am"

  66. Maria Eduarda Albuquerque

    Maria Eduarda AlbuquerqueHari Yang lalu

    2019 September?

  67. sarah k

    sarah kHari Yang lalu

    Not bad of a song by a rookie group

  68. Koh_ Khahv

    Koh_ KhahvHari Yang lalu

    MIDZY’s are you dreaming? We shouldn’t be dreaming we should be flying. Stream as much as you can for DALLA DALLA and ICY. We should be breaking records from here on and not losing to our set records. We should invest now on ITZY if we want to keep on seeing them shine! Let’s give to the girls what they deserve, lets goo!! Lets make them legendary rookies.

  69. *ミルクティー

    *ミルクティーHari Yang lalu