ITZY "달라달라(DALLA DALLA)" Dance Practice


  1. vkook tus patrones

    vkook tus patrones14 menit yang lalu

    Este baile es mil veses mejor que los de blackpink juntos!!!!😍😍😍😍 Las amo!!! Son mi grupo fav 💖❤

  2. i레몬밤

    i레몬밤17 menit yang lalu

    연습하는데 도움이됬어염감사해염

  3. uri maknae

    uri maknae29 menit yang lalu

    I really love Chaeryoung's part!! Her voice is so cute c ':

  4. ろんろんろんろん

    ろんろんろんろんJam Yang lalu


  5. Yrenea Paras

    Yrenea ParasJam Yang lalu

    Have you ever wonder how sooooo hard to it is to pull this choreography if they guest on that show wherein the song was sped up 2x and they need to dance this 2x faster? Like woah.

  6. Oh yea yea I also Stan bts

    Oh yea yea I also Stan bts2 jam yang lalu

    Dat hair flip tho

  7. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook2 jam yang lalu

    *Chaeryeong Dance Queen*

  8. Hobi Jung

    Hobi Jung4 jam yang lalu

    This is the first time I watched Itzy, I have to double check the playback speed if it is normal. Man, they're moving too fast that I actually thought that my playback speed is 2x. They're synchronization is insane, even their hair is synchronized.

  9. Hobi Jung

    Hobi Jung4 jam yang lalu


  10. Gülnur Army Blinkk

    Gülnur Army Blinkk5 jam yang lalu

    I am itzy stan

  11. Seokjin Shoulder

    Seokjin Shoulder5 jam yang lalu

    great and catchy song dope concept great lyrics Dope dance choreo talent everywhere I am late to the party but i amma start stanning itzy 😍

  12. revel love dream

    revel love dream5 jam yang lalu

    i LOVE yeji omg what a badass queen

  13. revel love dream

    revel love dream5 jam yang lalu

    their moves are so sharp and they just have that badass concept!!! starting to really like them omg

  14. dd dd

    dd dd6 jam yang lalu


  15. Luana G.F.

    Luana G.F.6 jam yang lalu

    Finally I can do it too. But my hair fails because it's too heavy and long.

  16. 101 Studio

    101 Studio7 jam yang lalu

    U know what's weird? Some maknaes in a girl kpop group will have red dyed hair. Why tho

  17. Yuzami Dy

    Yuzami Dy7 jam yang lalu

    when i first heard this song i didn't like it and then suddenly itvwas stuck on my head so i decided to watch this AND I AM BLOWN AWAY! their choreo is a mixture..i can't describe it? typical moves within boygroups though, fast and sharp, but then again ITZY does it with grace, swag, sharpness, all in all. they're like girlish-boyish groups.. ANYWAY I AM STANNING.

  18. Whist

    Whist7 jam yang lalu

    흰옷 입은분 진짜 깔끔하고 멋있게 잘추시는듯..

  19. Marie Criminal

    Marie Criminal7 jam yang lalu


  20. Shazia Saleem

    Shazia Saleem8 jam yang lalu

    Who watched this a millions of times but didn't learn the dance yet *LIKE ME*

  21. ᄋᄉᄋ

    ᄋᄉᄋ8 jam yang lalu

    그래서 이 곡의 안무가가 누구임 도대체??????????

  22. The girl who loves rain

    The girl who loves rain8 jam yang lalu

    Road to 1M subscribers!

  23. ぴよぴよ

    ぴよぴよ8 jam yang lalu

    I wanted to watch the dance practices videos of BLACKPINK with this image quality too...

  24. i i

    i i8 jam yang lalu

    Oh i havent seen this practice room.

  25. Thảo Linh Trần

    Thảo Linh Trần8 jam yang lalu


  26. John of Chan

    John of Chan9 jam yang lalu

    I never feel stress, after listened to DALLA DALLA!

  27. thu dangthi

    thu dangthi9 jam yang lalu

    OMG!!ITZY are so wonderful!

  28. Ma Na

    Ma Na9 jam yang lalu

    Wow everyone's the main dancer! I've been addicted to this song ever since it was released. I can't help but notice though that their blocking/formation seems to be safe and generic. Most of the times, the one who is singing the part does not shine because she is buried in that 2 (at the back/front)-3 (at the front/back) blocking. Boy, with those visuals, every 👏 single 👏girl 👏deserves 👏a👏 highlight. Even if their next song hasn't been released yet, I'm already waiting.

  29. keileen

    keileen9 jam yang lalu


  30. 이지존 준서

    이지존 준서10 jam yang lalu

    예지님 너무이쁘세용 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 펜이에요♡♡♡♡♡♡ 있지 랭킹1위 가자 화이팅 영상잘보고있어요♡♡♡

  31. rk Ba

    rk Ba10 jam yang lalu

    셀 엔듀라 살까 고민중인데 두명이나 신고있네

  32. ve your self be lo

    ve your self be lo10 jam yang lalu

    달라의 있지있지

  33. Pwi Pwincess

    Pwi Pwincess10 jam yang lalu

    IT'z totally different because their hair is the dancers

  34. Jey's Vlog

    Jey's Vlog10 jam yang lalu

    *I'm still wondering how'd they managed their hair not blocking their face cuz like when I move just for bit feels like all my hair are flying all over my face* ☹

  35. afifa S.k

    afifa S.k10 jam yang lalu

    Yu jelek nian

  36. Lam San San

    Lam San San10 jam yang lalu


  37. Hyeri Lia

    Hyeri Lia11 jam yang lalu

    *I can't see Yeji and Chaeryeong main dancers.* *I see 5 main dancers.*

  38. Trisha Anne Fajardo

    Trisha Anne Fajardo11 jam yang lalu

    Wah Yeji😍😍😍

  39. 월정키친

    월정키친11 jam yang lalu

    02:42 띵! 할때 ㄹㅇ 귀여움 킬링포인트

  40. jmaine jm

    jmaine jm12 jam yang lalu

    their hair thou lmao

  41. puskesmas anjirserapat

    puskesmas anjirserapat12 jam yang lalu

    itzy the best!!!!!!!

  42. Silver Lynn

    Silver Lynn12 jam yang lalu


  43. Mae Kyla Ebrano

    Mae Kyla Ebrano12 jam yang lalu

    Our queens

  44. Jhake Timbal

    Jhake Timbal13 jam yang lalu


  45. 나윤이

    나윤이13 jam yang lalu

    아 이춤 근데 너무 어려워여 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ ㅜㅜ

  46. Nayyesa Salibo

    Nayyesa Salibo13 jam yang lalu

    Is TxT and ITZY meant to be? (Comment )

  47. Nayyesa Salibo

    Nayyesa Salibo13 jam yang lalu

    is ITZY a new GirlGroup?

  48. 나윤이

    나윤이13 jam yang lalu

    와 영어 진심 개 만아 있지 언니들 저두 언니들 너무 조아헤용 💘 심장이 터질 것 같애여 ㅎ 아 저희 학교도 댄스부 저두 하는데엽 요즘 이거 연습 하는데 너무 어려운데 다들 열심히 노력하구 이써여 ♥♥♥♥ 언니들 항상 힘네세영 💛💜 사랑해영 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  49. Blackman Tv

    Blackman Tv14 jam yang lalu

    I love yeji

  50. Sina Kim-Blink Minnie

    Sina Kim-Blink Minnie14 jam yang lalu

    Yeji ❤

  51. Kira YourMate

    Kira YourMate14 jam yang lalu

    This dance practice helped me memorize the whole choreography of the dance that I've been amazed with these girls, I'm so happy I could be as amazing as like them to dance! ^^❤

  52. 마스터피스

    마스터피스14 jam yang lalu

    It's so thin.

  53. Nozomu Akamatsu

    Nozomu Akamatsu15 jam yang lalu


  54. Aisyah Sofia

    Aisyah Sofia15 jam yang lalu

    they be be lookin tall I can’t believe they’re so young

  55. Alyssa Jui

    Alyssa Jui15 jam yang lalu

    2:09-2:18 is the best part for me this is my opinion so dont @ me

  56. nurul huda

    nurul huda15 jam yang lalu

    Im alredy inlove with dem

  57. Peng Thavirakbot

    Peng Thavirakbot15 jam yang lalu

    Blackpink can't relate

  58. it'z Hwang Hyunjin

    it'z Hwang Hyunjin15 jam yang lalu

    ITZY Members Dance Skills Ranking ( *this is only my opinion but **_it could be a fact_* ) 1. Chaeryeong 2. Yeji 3. Ryujin ( actually, her dance moves are the same level to Chaeryeong and Yeji but in this song and choreo,Chaeryeong really stands out *for me* ) 4. Yuna 5. LiA ( i know that she dances good compare to other kpop girl idols out there but if you compare her dancing skill to her members, even if you are a LiA biased just like me, you would put her down at the bottom at the ranking for their dancing skills. ) *overall, they danced so good and syncronized even if their choreo is difficult. They are really a **_ROOKIE MONSTER_*

  59. Haniya Muhammady

    Haniya Muhammady16 jam yang lalu


  60. it'z Hwang Hyunjin

    it'z Hwang Hyunjin16 jam yang lalu

    They are just a rookie group yet they already have 14M+ views ( _still counting_ ) for their one dance practice.

  61. neinteasbaby

    neinteasbaby16 jam yang lalu

    Chaeryoung just really had to be *THAT* btch when it comes to dancing phew i love my woman

  62. 쪼꼬킨더

    쪼꼬킨더16 jam yang lalu

    이번 학예회는 요 곡으로 결정 ,, !!!

  63. HEE HEE

    HEE HEE17 jam yang lalu

    It's my first time seeing a kpop group that have all member that almost have the same height

  64. Zorama Hmar

    Zorama Hmar18 jam yang lalu

    still cant believe the fact that yuna is only 15

  65. Michaeng id

    Michaeng id19 jam yang lalu

    I love chae n yeji's pant...

  66. Shemione Granger

    Shemione Granger19 jam yang lalu

    This is what I head bang to

  67. Natyanda Morado

    Natyanda Morado19 jam yang lalu

    What is the name of the fandom?

  68. SefChanyeolX MX

    SefChanyeolX MX20 jam yang lalu

    0:26. Are u sue that dance move is fine to do. My mom would kill me if I do it in front of her

  69. Jiraporn Namprasit

    Jiraporn Namprasit20 jam yang lalu

    can I borrow your hair pls

  70. Ddeulgi

    Ddeulgi21 jam yang lalu

    Who's that girl in white top, black bottom, and w/ ponytail? 1:00 Sorry I am new. I'm planning to stan them and she'll be my bias.

  71. Ddeulgi

    Ddeulgi10 jam yang lalu

    +MiNa Videos thankyou

  72. MiNa Videos

    MiNa Videos10 jam yang lalu

    She is Lia

  73. Lu Campos

    Lu Campos21 jam yang lalu

    let's use ponytail and do not tell ryujin and yuna

  74. Oswi Buznego

    Oswi Buznego23 jam yang lalu

    I don't love the song but they are extremely talented.

  75. La Wendy's Biased

    La Wendy's Biased23 jam yang lalu

    I want to do this coreografy and basically I can't. It's so difficult. Congratulations. Yo dance so well

  76. Tabi Lomibao

    Tabi LomibaoHari Yang lalu

    I Love them to See dancing it’s soo cool it‘z another Level from female kpop dances ♥️

  77. Dila Oktavia

    Dila OktaviaHari Yang lalu

    Liaaaa im so loveee

  78. Wonwhere

    WonwhereHari Yang lalu

    5 hair dancers

  79. Elizabeth Koh

    Elizabeth KohHari Yang lalu

    *this is a whole new level of perfect synchronization* 😳😳 like literally even to their arms and legs r all in sync w e / o and that’s crazy goodd

  80. SiraGem VOC

    SiraGem VOCHari Yang lalu

    I'm dancing this with some friends on my school's fest in april and I'm so excited aaah

  81. Victoria Komova

    Victoria KomovaHari Yang lalu

    Ryujin and her friends :)

  82. Sweet As Suga

    Sweet As SugaHari Yang lalu

    Such beautiful talented girls

  83. dd dd

    dd ddHari Yang lalu




    What ?

  85. 노주희

    노주희Hari Yang lalu

    류진 신발이랑 바지 정보점요..

  86. Thảo Linh Trần

    Thảo Linh TrầnHari Yang lalu


  87. Tur Sino

    Tur SinoHari Yang lalu

    JYP entertainment is the best.....

  88. Jv

    JvHari Yang lalu

    +dd dd YG is the best in not controlling his idols and always keeping them in dungeon.

  89. dd dd

    dd ddHari Yang lalu


  90. 박승주

    박승주Hari Yang lalu


  91. Kim Dahyun

    Kim DahyunHari Yang lalu

    New one yeah TWICE BLACKPINK ITZY Three group I Stan what the so beautiful

  92. feb ert

    feb ertHari Yang lalu


  93. 묻드

    묻드Hari Yang lalu

    저 흰색분 신발 뭔지 아시는 분계실까요 ㅜㅜ

  94. jw Choi

    jw Choi23 jam yang lalu

    퓨마 셀 엔듀라 리플렉티브 입니다.

  95. 琥珀糖/kohakutou

    琥珀糖/kohakutouHari Yang lalu


  96. Stanley Loona

    Stanley LoonaHari Yang lalu

    the synchronicity. stan

  97. Oanh Tran

    Oanh TranHari Yang lalu

    Chỗ dance giống tầng hầm quá àh nhìn cx đều nhưng sexy quá chắc theo hik tượng girl crush

  98. it's hàźèĺ ggrs samson

    it's hàźèĺ ggrs samsonHari Yang lalu

    Pls subscribe itzy thanks to get 1million

  99. 밈꾜

    밈꾜Hari Yang lalu

    있지는 진짜 다 좋아할수밖에 없는듯...

  100. Celyuhy Bermejo vjv

    Celyuhy Bermejo vjvHari Yang lalu


  101. 한주희

    한주희Hari Yang lalu

    리아:민소매 채령:(검은상의)검은바지에 하얀선 예지:올화이트 유나:하얀 반팔 류진:올블랙

  102. 오가영

    오가영Hari Yang lalu

    한국인 모여라


    PAULA AND JANELHari Yang lalu

    This group will be blackpink's enemy for sure

  104. brqke

    brqke14 jam yang lalu

    this comment is really unnecessary 😂

  105. 수현김

    수현김Hari Yang lalu

    이채령 바지 정보좀 알려주실분ㅜㅜ

  106. nutty hun

    nutty hunHari Yang lalu

    Diorang nampak lebih kepada bersenamrobik daripada menari 😂

  107. コーヒーMILK

    コーヒーMILKHari Yang lalu


  108. Reign Rivera

    Reign RiveraHari Yang lalu

    Chaeryoung to all( except Yeji) : lets not wear white jogging pants and not tell Yeji Lia to all ( except Yeji) lets wear black shoes and not tell Yeji