It is the first day of university


  1. Ikmo Monki

    Ikmo Monki10 jam yang lalu

    Was the first scene a Gale reference?

  2. Erin Sy

    Erin Sy10 jam yang lalu


  3. Purple_potato 5

    Purple_potato 511 jam yang lalu

    At our school the teachers do memes on there slide shows 😂🤣

  4. Adrian Spade

    Adrian Spade12 jam yang lalu

    Hearing the trauma your bank account went through is making me all the more grateful for financial aid, community college, and half decent parents who invested in my college fund the moment they got ne

  5. asdas hfsiisoszx

    asdas hfsiisoszx13 jam yang lalu

    percy jackson yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. Julianna Rimondi

    Julianna Rimondi13 jam yang lalu

    low key this is making me excited for university lol i want to go to canada for university and this is making me less stressed bc you seem like you're having fun w it

  7. Allie A

    Allie A13 jam yang lalu

    Me, a senior in high school watching this: scared

  8. Heifel Andrade

    Heifel Andrade13 jam yang lalu

    Of all the thing I've noticed.. IT IS ALWAYS THE HAIR!! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HAIR!!! LOL

  9. aurel

    aurel13 jam yang lalu

    2:42 well yeah if you're gonna specialize in nuclear physics

  10. K10Kelly

    K10Kelly14 jam yang lalu

    W-was the first 23 seconds of this video a GaYLE ReFEreNCe?

  11. Justice Hudson

    Justice Hudson14 jam yang lalu

    Socialism isn’t bad. Your professor shouldn’t be shoving that on your class with no pushback

  12. Process

    Process10 jam yang lalu

    Holy shit you're such a bore. Weird professor rants are fun and he's a math prof so no one's gonna take it seriously. Plus, like it should be, no one has a problem when a prof talks wonders about socialism and trashes capitalism. Just let it to go both ways.

  13. jeon jungkookie

    jeon jungkookie15 jam yang lalu

    Nah it's all about afternoon classes lmao

  14. Wee Woo

    Wee Woo15 jam yang lalu

    broooooo percy jackson fam what up

  15. ShYnAuTicA saea

    ShYnAuTicA saea17 jam yang lalu

    i like how she taped the teensy mic on the bottle

  16. Furret Lps

    Furret Lps17 jam yang lalu


  17. Lipstick 'n' Linguine

    Lipstick 'n' Linguine18 jam yang lalu

    It still blows my mind that you start a new school year towards the end of the year! LIke what the what! :)

  18. Dulcie Park

    Dulcie Park19 jam yang lalu

    Percy jackson♡♡♡

  19. Hey I'm Dead inside

    Hey I'm Dead inside19 jam yang lalu

    No but high key Joana is looking goooood👀

  20. foca foxxi

    foca foxxi21 jam yang lalu

    8:39 me when my favorite songs on/when I bored

  21. sara hassan

    sara hassan21 jam yang lalu

    you would've looked better in the beginning with your sunnys on

  22. cloudanimal

    cloudanimal21 jam yang lalu

    I’m starting college soon as a commuter and this gives me bravery

  23. Jennifer Murdock

    Jennifer Murdock21 jam yang lalu

    God-schnaapp Joana!! What camera do you have?? That zoom in to the pigeons was impressive!!

  24. Bálint Anna

    Bálint Anna22 jam yang lalu

    I love it how she did this whole thing after her first day with all the wigs and costumes

  25. Tyarah Stewart-Alleyne

    Tyarah Stewart-Alleyne22 jam yang lalu


  26. Samantha Murray

    Samantha Murray23 jam yang lalu

    The voice change during the cooking channel really got to me. The entire thing was a masterpiece.

  27. Gabrielle Wong

    Gabrielle Wong23 jam yang lalu

    The whole "Don't Call Me Angel" thing, meh If it was literally just their vocals, it would be so much better. The beat never really contributed to making the song a bop (IMO, it wasn't really a bop) and the lyrics were honestly, the worst part about it.

  28. mia and the rabbits

    mia and the rabbits23 jam yang lalu

    My sincere and most solid rip for going through the hell that is first year chem and calculus my dude

  29. Tinc

    Tinc23 jam yang lalu

    U will be the coolest kid in your faculty

  30. Sad Diablita

    Sad DiablitaHari Yang lalu

    Woah wtf I had no idea you're going to university. I always thought you were younger than me so I never watched your videos. Damn I could've been watching your videos a long time ago :(

  31. Tori Surprenant

    Tori SurprenantHari Yang lalu

    Does anyone really eat raw mushrooms?!

  32. Reagan Howard

    Reagan HowardHari Yang lalu

    Hey joana we have matching backpacks

  33. Jazz Kaur

    Jazz KaurHari Yang lalu

    Proud to see this in the leading woman column! 🤗


    Emily Ander-CALL ME SON ONE MORE TIMEHari Yang lalu

    “Be careful with Peter Pan. He screams. Peace ✌️ “

  35. Leila Bagby

    Leila BagbyHari Yang lalu

    i enjoyed this

  36. Brittany Fife

    Brittany FifeHari Yang lalu

    JOANA: did you clean the cat? Me: WTF?!?!

  37. Eva

    EvaHari Yang lalu

    I looooove the Chain!!

  38. Samantha Phipps

    Samantha PhippsHari Yang lalu

    Do you like Billie Eilish??

  39. Samantha Phipps

    Samantha PhippsHari Yang lalu

    Do you like Billie Eilish??

  40. Erin Smith

    Erin SmithHari Yang lalu

    How does she eat RAW mushrooms

  41. Floof Edits

    Floof EditsHari Yang lalu

    i wonder what university u go to? cuz we live really close

  42. Floof Edits

    Floof EditsHari Yang lalu

    the only youtuber who went to school

  43. Fabienne Codio

    Fabienne CodioHari Yang lalu

    *I was so cool nobody wanted to be my friend* :story of my life

  44. Ella Mei

    Ella MeiHari Yang lalu


  45. Ella Mei

    Ella MeiHari Yang lalu


  46. bobcat 14

    bobcat 14Hari Yang lalu

    Comatose? Was that a rock reference 😂🤘

  47. Jade Lacombe

    Jade LacombeHari Yang lalu

    I love ur outfit it’s so good with your hair

  48. #love unicorns

    #love unicornsHari Yang lalu

    September the 4th for me was the first day of 7th grade.🌈☀❤

  49. Divine Boyd

    Divine BoydHari Yang lalu

    Do you have an iPhone

  50. Valeria Moreno

    Valeria MorenoHari Yang lalu

    Love the fact Joanna isn’t wearing a bra 😂

  51. Kate Fvckery

    Kate FvckeryHari Yang lalu

    what happens when you call 1-800-MAMASPIZZA

  52. Haydn Rester

    Haydn ResterHari Yang lalu

    Cmon Chris flemming

  53. Leighlee Peterson

    Leighlee PetersonHari Yang lalu

    Make a cookbook

  54. Nala TheKoala

    Nala TheKoalaHari Yang lalu

    I love the fact that Joanna always hearts/or pins a hate comment XD

  55. Groffee Boffee

    Groffee BoffeeHari Yang lalu

    samantha Samantha SAMANTHA

  56. Rashida Saima

    Rashida SaimaHari Yang lalu

    Did she... just sit down and reread Percy Jackson before class. Well, if that ain't me.

  57. Willow __

    Willow __Hari Yang lalu

    Okay Staples smells amazing though

  58. Brianna Bergman

    Brianna BergmanHari Yang lalu

    *sees muji pens* I see your a woman of culture as well

  59. Andrew Mortensen

    Andrew MortensenHari Yang lalu


  60. jp karanja

    jp karanjaHari Yang lalu

    Me and my white nike air force ones approve of this video 👍

  61. Noemi Sanchez

    Noemi SanchezHari Yang lalu

    Oh goodie, I'm not the only one that says "dingbat" :D