IT CHAPTER TWO - Final Trailer [HD]


  1. Mark Vanconant

    Mark Vanconant7 jam yang lalu

    It would have been cool to get the kids from the original to play the adults but Johnathan Brandis died a while ago :(

  2. Ruth yunita

    Ruth yunita7 jam yang lalu

    Very scary=not scary

  3. djguapo

    djguapo7 jam yang lalu

    Cousin It sure does look different in this 2019 Addams Family remake

  4. ScooperDooper

    ScooperDooper9 jam yang lalu

    Losers just call ghostbusters.

  5. Liam

    Liam9 jam yang lalu

    I wish I worked at the movie theater. So whenever someone buys a ticket for this movie I can lean forward and say "Here. Take it." 🎈

  6. franbher bustamante

    franbher bustamante9 jam yang lalu

    ive been scrolling for a while, and i havent seen someone say that, the soundtrack, or atleast the main song playing, is amazing

  7. Janbert Guerrero

    Janbert Guerrero9 jam yang lalu

    This is like Supernatural

  8. UnusualxD

    UnusualxD10 jam yang lalu

    That chilling melody though!

  9. DarkArtist09 9

    DarkArtist09 910 jam yang lalu when is it coming out on IDreporter so I can buy it >:V

  10. trafford Buckley

    trafford Buckley7 jam yang lalu

    Just go to the cinema and watch it?? 😂

  11. Marc Mantione

    Marc Mantione10 jam yang lalu

    Or holy s**t this movies going to be s**t

  12. Lil Dude

    Lil Dude11 jam yang lalu

    He’s bacccckkkkkkkk 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

  13. Elise Anderson

    Elise Anderson11 jam yang lalu


  14. Feliz Ledesma

    Feliz Ledesma11 jam yang lalu

    And jack dylan grazer if you dont know who he his

  15. Feliz Ledesma

    Feliz Ledesma11 jam yang lalu

    Im really forward to watch this movie

  16. bria lee

    bria lee11 jam yang lalu


  17. Jacob Sanchez

    Jacob Sanchez11 jam yang lalu

    I'm sure that Billy's rival is Pennywise and Pennywises rival is Billy

  18. Matheus Vinicius

    Matheus Vinicius12 jam yang lalu

    Tá porra cadê os br aqui ...IT A COISA é foda d++++

  19. Tonya Rutherford

    Tonya Rutherford12 jam yang lalu

    Who else keeps watching the previews?

  20. Azizullo Anvarhonov

    Azizullo Anvarhonov12 jam yang lalu

    I miss you 🤡

  21. Alex Weiner

    Alex Weiner13 jam yang lalu

    As much as I’m excited for this movie, I’m even more excited for Bill Hader. I heard he’s the MVP and that doesn’t surprise me

  22. Marc St. Pierre

    Marc St. Pierre13 jam yang lalu

    Beep Beep Richie!

  23. Marc St. Pierre

    Marc St. Pierre13 jam yang lalu

    I missed YOU!

  24. Huhhffgb Yfvhjnb

    Huhhffgb Yfvhjnb14 jam yang lalu

    I don’t want Stan to die (like in the 1990’s IT) 🙁

  25. Kookies and Tae

    Kookies and Tae7 jam yang lalu

    Lol don't spoiler for the people who haven't watched the old movie or read the book

  26. Noah The Super Vloger

    Noah The Super Vloger15 jam yang lalu

    I'm so excited (not)

  27. Justin Gary

    Justin Gary15 jam yang lalu

    I feel like Adam Driver could've played the kid with the glasses

  28. Alicia Sheargold

    Alicia Sheargold15 jam yang lalu

    this ad alone give me nightmare fuel

  29. Justin Gary

    Justin Gary15 jam yang lalu

    Stranger Things, The Twilight Zone and It crossover. Who's with me?

  30. Angels Videos TV

    Angels Videos TV15 jam yang lalu

    You lied and i died Best line of 2019

  31. Alec Armstrong

    Alec Armstrong15 jam yang lalu

    You float to

  32. Daysin Woods

    Daysin Woods16 jam yang lalu

    "You lied and i died" can we just stop and think how deep that line is. Like damn i felt that

  33. Lol Ly

    Lol Ly16 jam yang lalu

    okay this one actually looks scary... Finally!


    ROHAN STERLING16 jam yang lalu

    "For 27 years i dreamt of you, i craved you, i missed you"

  35. BroWaffles

    BroWaffles16 jam yang lalu

    Jesus Christ the end

  36. ibs ibs

    ibs ibs16 jam yang lalu

    John Wayne Gacy comes back

  37. Hannah Johnson

    Hannah Johnson16 jam yang lalu


  38. Kroger purified drinking water

    Kroger purified drinking water17 jam yang lalu

    Hell yeah

  39. Sipriana Galaviz

    Sipriana Galaviz17 jam yang lalu

    (Like) si quieres verla pero no te dejan entrar 🙇😦😭

  40. riner9

    riner917 jam yang lalu

    didn't like part 1 hopefully this is better

  41. Mya Loughran

    Mya Loughran17 jam yang lalu

    “You lied and I died” that will be the new “you’ll float too!”


    ISEESPACEMONKEYS0017 jam yang lalu

    Better be better than the last one. The clown was not a scary.

  43. Lol I can’t think of a Name

    Lol I can’t think of a Name18 jam yang lalu

    On September 20th there are going to be pennywise dancers along with the raid

  44. Angelica Rope

    Angelica Rope18 jam yang lalu

    IT...the ultimate super horror villian.!!!

  45. [GD]GalaxyGamer

    [GD]GalaxyGamer18 jam yang lalu


  46. SinBlade

    SinBlade19 jam yang lalu

    How did he lie?

  47. You’reNotGettingYourBoatBack

    You’reNotGettingYourBoatBack18 jam yang lalu

    SinBlade That’s exactly what I was wondering aha

  48. DemonQueen Mariah

    DemonQueen Mariah19 jam yang lalu

    u lied and i died when Georgie said that it broke my heart 💔

  49. ACE E

    ACE E19 jam yang lalu

    SPOILER ALERT: at 1:56 that is stans hand he cut it and wrote IT on the bathroom wall bc he was told pennywise is coming back so he could not take the pressure so he cut his hand off and his wife witnissed it but his wife is not one of the main character

  50. Mani Mai

    Mani Mai20 jam yang lalu

    No I can't watch this when I saw the first one I st my pant and I could not go out side or stay home alone Holy st help me I'd want to watch this f* hell ahhhhhh

  51. Aiden Champagne

    Aiden Champagne21 jam yang lalu

    I'm so fucking ready for this movie. It looks so fucking cool.

  52. You’reNotGettingYourBoatBack

    You’reNotGettingYourBoatBack18 jam yang lalu

    Aiden Champagne Honestly same. The critic reviews have just came out for this film and they’re mixed with some people saying it’s perfect and some saying it’s horrible. Really don’t care if it gets bad reviews, this still looks amazing

  53. Moises 0126

    Moises 012621 jam yang lalu

    I got my tickets

  54. SteveRay

    SteveRay22 jam yang lalu


  55. GOAT

    GOAT23 jam yang lalu

    One of the best trailers I've ever seen

  56. The Faceless Gamer

    The Faceless Gamer23 jam yang lalu

    The house of mirrors part with James Macavoy quietly saying "please" as he knows Pennywise is going to kill that kid and he can't stop him. That is a dark fear. Helplessness. Trying to save someone from a monster but you can only watch in horror.

  57. Chris Corley

    Chris CorleyHari Yang lalu

    I'm down for this horror sequel, because I appreciate the effort, the inventive focus, and studio consistency. ☕👏

  58. Tepidity

    TepidityHari Yang lalu

    Pennywise inspired the dog filter🐶 1:19

  59. Harley

    HarleyHari Yang lalu

    I watch the old on and #1 and now it's time for #2☺️

  60. Jesús Palomo

    Jesús PalomoHari Yang lalu

    If you read the book Eddie is gonna die

  61. Ryaneastonnx

    RyaneastonnxHari Yang lalu

    Fuck that

  62. monster X zero

    monster X zeroHari Yang lalu

    2:17 when your favorite movies trailer is released (for me godzilla vs kong)

  63. John

    JohnHari Yang lalu

    Early screening reactions are mixed for this. Some say it's not as good as the first and there will be more jump scares and way more gore. And still more based on the kids but Bill Hader is amazing.

  64. Evade Flashy

    Evade FlashyHari Yang lalu

    2:17 some new language has been discovered

  65. UnKnoWn M8

    UnKnoWn M8Hari Yang lalu

    Im going with my hunny boo boo to see this movie

  66. Vincent Jagers

    Vincent JagersHari Yang lalu

    This movie is gonna be worse than the first one.

  67. TheZahrGaming 123

    TheZahrGaming 123Hari Yang lalu

    James McAvoy is such a good actor

  68. I A

    I AHari Yang lalu

    I wonder what the spider will look like in the end on this one It should have a round football head with 6 eyes and a joker smile

  69. I A

    I AHari Yang lalu

    Trying to kick that glass it's time to split if you know what I mean



    This is why I'm too scared of clowns is because of this movie.

  71. I A

    I AHari Yang lalu

    God damn it's only 17 days from now and counting down

  72. γιαννης μολοτοφ

    γιαννης μολοτοφHari Yang lalu

    Ο τρυφων Σαμαράς με το πεακη του που έστειλε στους μυστες είναι ο κλοουν ;;;;;;;

  73. Sofia Baxter

    Sofia BaxterHari Yang lalu

    2:00-2:08 Pewds when we told him to sleep in the nether

  74. Kamryn

    KamrynHari Yang lalu

    I've gotten ads for this in the middle of the night and I *do not appreciate it*

  75. cairo chaney

    cairo chaneyHari Yang lalu

    Will chapter 2 have chapter 1 flashbacks in the movie?

  76. *ShAdE Bird*

    *ShAdE Bird*Hari Yang lalu

    This shit is just not scary My brother: *shaking*

  77. DrizzSZN

    DrizzSZNHari Yang lalu

    Is the guy being carried away at 1:32 the bully with the mullet from the first movie?

  78. DrizzSZN

    DrizzSZN11 jam yang lalu

    Low Fat Yogurt he didn’t age well LMAO

  79. Low Fat Yogurt

    Low Fat Yogurt16 jam yang lalu

    DrizzSZN yep that’s henry

  80. Hasby Azhari

    Hasby AzhariHari Yang lalu

    Ok im confused,, Where is Stan??

  81. Ren The stumpy stimpy cat

    Ren The stumpy stimpy catHari Yang lalu

    Penny wise dies I work for the company.

  82. Maria Araujo

    Maria AraujoHari Yang lalu

    I showed my baby sister she loved it i want to see it a lotttttttt

  83. Paul Benedict Alberca

    Paul Benedict AlbercaHari Yang lalu

    It Chapter 1: "You'll float too, you'll float too, you'll float too!" 😈 It Chapter 2: "You lied, and I died... You lied and I died!"

  84. Kimaria Howard-Lewis

    Kimaria Howard-LewisHari Yang lalu

    This was just the trailer and I'm already stressed

  85. Talia Buckner

    Talia BucknerHari Yang lalu


  86. Greed Merlin

    Greed MerlinHari Yang lalu

    Why did I cry to this