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  1. Angela’s Concreekations

    Angela’s Concreekations43 menit yang lalu

    They wear these garments, because their men can’t control themselves.. they blame women for their sins.. too bad God, will judge them for every thought, word, and deed..

  2. Angela’s Concreekations

    Angela’s Concreekations54 menit yang lalu

    This reporter better be careful., they’ll stone her to death for not being covered, and not being escorted by a man..

  3. I'm a fuckin' hero

    I'm a fuckin' hero2 jam yang lalu


  4. Gerard Wise

    Gerard Wise3 jam yang lalu

    Is this a joke, women aren't aloud on the main floor ,not even 5 minutes in

  5. MenTaLLyMenTaL

    MenTaLLyMenTaL5 jam yang lalu

    This is a great documentary! The takeaway is that pure Islam is good, but over the years, it has become corrupt to exploit women. The corrupt practices are specific to each country/state & vary across states. Even within a state, there are good people who understand pure Islam, and bad people who are corrupt or fallen prey to the corrupt practices. Every religious group, every community has good people & bad people; the magnitude may be different. In any country, regardless of religion, culture or race, *imposition* of some practice onto others that has no real effect on others, is the problem. I wish people understand all this, and not judge an individual based on their religious or ethnic group. It is all there in the documentary! Yet, the comment section is filled with hateful immature comments from "educated" westerners. Ignorants!

  6. Imran Khan

    Imran Khan5 jam yang lalu

    They misunderstand Islam. They dont understand what Islam mean.

  7. U Coriglianesi

    U Coriglianesi8 jam yang lalu

    Muslim men are allowed to have 4 wives (Muhammad had even 11) Muslim men get 72 virgins in paradise Women have to cover themselves just bc men don't have any control over themselves When a women gets raped she needs 4 MALE witnesses to prove it was really a rape and not just adultery (according Scharia). I can't help it but feel like it's a man made thing, made for men.

  8. Fazlyana Karim

    Fazlyana Karim13 jam yang lalu

    we as a girl in islam happy with our outfit because it prevent us from men's scary eyes,we know ALLAH loves us thats why He ask us to do so,what you think if a men watch girl with sexy cloth?they will have a dirty mind about it,that why islam ask us to take care abt ourselves.dude,we only sleep and give our beuty only to our husband thats why we are worth,but,if we sleep with many mens,so,what special we will give to our future husband?

  9. Fazlyana Karim

    Fazlyana Karim13 jam yang lalu

    it looks like we have two chocolates, one chocolate is still wrapped and not eaten but the other one is eaten and it is not wrap,the we give the chocolate to our friend so he must choose it,ofc he will take the chocolated that still wrap and not eaten ,it same like us, very well-guarded Islamic woman

  10. Jacqueline Wernett

    Jacqueline Wernett22 jam yang lalu

    Female genital mutilation is an affront to women and God..And decency.

  11. Jacqueline Wernett

    Jacqueline Wernett22 jam yang lalu

    Paz have psychotically put yourself above God..Sincerely Jacova 11..Gevurah born March Bethlehem...

  12. Jacqueline Wernett

    Jacqueline Wernett22 jam yang lalu

    God enjoys music...People enjoy music...Music dance and Joy are of God...Do not put yourself above God Tok Guru...I know my Father..I know you have not heard His voice into your right ear...

  13. Jacqueline Wernett

    Jacqueline Wernett22 jam yang lalu

    Guess what Tok were born of a woman...You are not espousing equality...You are putting yourself above God..How about men grow up and learn Empathy and Restraint...God is watching .

  14. ZwingtMich Nicht

    ZwingtMich NichtHari Yang lalu

    05:00 well make up isnt allowed too. this is more and identity thing. we against them, i believe

  15. Margaret Harley

    Margaret HarleyHari Yang lalu

    Read the real Quran it barbaric

  16. Margaret Harley

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  17. Margaret Harley

    Margaret HarleyHari Yang lalu

    Poor kids

  18. Margaret Harley

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  19. Kevin Eontrainer

    Kevin EontrainerHari Yang lalu

    Imagine if muhammad was from the Arctic and he tells all women around the world to wear fur coat wherever they go

  20. TJfishbuk Salliverro

    TJfishbuk SalliverroHari Yang lalu

    That is why the muslim men are so violent, out there the women are all covered, in the desert there is no water, no shower, no shave , they smell, the wives smell, no deodorant, no entertainment, no playground, no malls, no casinos, no strip clubs, no beerhouses, no massage parlors, and they think WTF! is this kind of life, something is wrong with my life!!! They are so repressed, frisky, angry, frustratrated and start killing each other and people and their religious leaders are even worst. So the solution to their frustration? Simple get rid of that hijab when women are adults, show your men more skin, legs, out in the desert build swimming pools, women wear your two piece, bikinis, thongs, with all the money they have, sport complexes, malls, movie theatre, strip clubs, massage parlors, schools, universities, for adult women start showing your men more skin , cmon give them something to divert their attention away from violence, for men have them shave their beards, encourage them to take more cold showers, deodorants, have them wear suits,so they have a clear mind, gentle and more docile then you'll have a more peaceful, happy and calm group of men, happy women if they can dress up, go to the malls bring credit cards of their husbands, , spas and foot massages, manicure, pedicure, body shaves=peaceful country. If you cant do this your men will remain angry, frisky, violent and frustrated= chaotic country. And they have to stop listening to their lunatic religious leaders it only leads to more chaos and unrest, proof? Look at all the countries with this religion.

  21. Arch Angel

    Arch AngelHari Yang lalu

    Know well what the Quran tells. What Allah promises in heaven. How prophet Mohammad lived his whole life. Learn the Quran and understand the Quran and what true Islam is.

  22. Sooze

    SoozeHari Yang lalu

    They push their religion by pushing their women ahead of it for the society to not reject it if it were the men bringing it into a predominantly christian west.

  23. Markus Tanbeck

    Markus TanbeckHari Yang lalu

    Religion of terror and child rapes.

  24. Sean Isbel

    Sean Isbel2 hari yang lalu

    The over use of ads make your channel Un watchable

  25. Servant of Allah

    Servant of Allah2 hari yang lalu

    It's ironic that brainwashed liberals are commenting on this video. Islam is beautiful, don't let liars deceive you.

  26. SolidRock

    SolidRockHari Yang lalu

    Islam is beautiful - than why does Allah not love unbelievers and comands muslims to do the same? Sura 58,22 I don't think a God is beautiful who curses unbelievers and calls them worst of creation. If we all would act like Allah does, this world would be in pieces!

  27. rashida sitabkhan

    rashida sitabkhan2 hari yang lalu

    Wow, you set out to sugarcoating everything horrible about Islam, and you do a pretty good job of it, by selectively amplifying whatever you like. Are you so blind as to not see the rapes, stonings, fatwas, all around you, all by followers of a particular faith attributing it specifically to their faith?

  28. Kauaian K

    Kauaian K2 hari yang lalu

    They believed it because they didn't brainwash their whole lives to believe that it's not oppressive

  29. K L

    K L2 hari yang lalu

    I guess you don’t have to sell a lot of fashion clothes in Muslim countries

  30. john schomer

    john schomer2 hari yang lalu

    Why do so many muslims condemn western ideas, but want to live here ?? And, while they are here do not want to assimilate.

  31. john schomer

    john schomerHari Yang lalu

    Hate only breeds hate. Lets all try to preach friends and love. I know it will never happen, but we can hope.

  32. Ali Mak

    Ali MakHari Yang lalu

    Being in prison doesn't feel good, not even for prisoners. But they are adjusted to make small prisons where ever they go. That's how Sharia works. Preaching hate and spreading it all over

  33. Peter Cook

    Peter Cook2 hari yang lalu

    These girls are 9? Old enough to marry says Mohammed.

  34. U Coriglianesi

    U Coriglianesi8 jam yang lalu

    Aisha was even 6

  35. Rebecca Olivo

    Rebecca Olivo2 hari yang lalu


  36. Chloé

    Chloé2 hari yang lalu

    Why are colonisers screaming in the comment section like stfu. Whites colonised muslim countries and those muslims had to live under the laws of the white Christians in their own land. But when muslims decide to dress the way they want to and criticise the west its a crime

  37. Sea dreams

    Sea dreams2 hari yang lalu

    DUMBASS!!! You STFU & go read a book! Some of you are so backwards! Silly girl

  38. Dylan Amato

    Dylan Amato3 hari yang lalu

    The reason women pray seperate in the back is because of modesty. if they prayed in the front, it whould distract the men, Someone has to be in the back. If it were backwards, its be the same issue of "well this isnt 50/50" to much to type but men praying in front serves a purpose

  39. SolidRock

    SolidRockHari Yang lalu

    Okay and what purpose do you see in Allah not loving unbelievers, even comands his followers to do the same (Sura 58,22)? Doesn't the world need love instead of hate?

  40. Denise Thompson

    Denise Thompson3 hari yang lalu

    That's why they want to overthrow Asad. He will not enforce Sharia law. He's not a brutal dictator . I don't believe he dropped chemical weapons on those people, I believe it was isis and trying to manipulate the west to overthrow Asad so they could take over Turkey. that's the truth about what's going on in turkey and Syria... Go look on live leak. Those "moderate Muslims" we are arming, is BBQ christans heads. I've seen Christan slaughter houses. I know it's unbelievable, but I've seen the videos. The only moderate Muslims and radical Muslim is those whom don't follow the Quran and don't want to behead infidels.

  41. Felix Staratschek

    Felix Staratschek3 hari yang lalu

    The koran is not the source of all islamic life. Most rules a written in the hadith. And the koran has so many fake-news in scientific contetnt of religion, history and nature, that it is the greatest blasphemy to say, this is given by an allknowing and allmighty god.

  42. Alex Ford

    Alex Ford3 hari yang lalu

    I think it’s degrading ladies , when they have to cover their self like walking in the coffin , why always a woman is a victim , covering herself it is because the Muslim man he is animal and he cannot control himself like his profits

  43. Jesse Quinn Harrison

    Jesse Quinn Harrison3 hari yang lalu

    💚 A MUSLIMS LOVE Me: 'Let there be light,🚪🔦☀️💡 Od: “I’ve been called everything, but a child of God; I ain’t haf to be no Christian!”👦👧🏾 Od: “The most powerful angel, ain’t the most powerful angel for nothing, it’s so tempting, it’s so tempting to be powerful!”👼 Od: “Everywhere I’ve been and I ain’t never had nobody challenge me!”🤼‍♂️ Od: “I’m not your child Quinn! You ain’t my daddy, your not my God!”👨‍👦🕋 Od: “Nobody’s scared of you, my man!”👻 Od: “You bleed just like everybody else!”💉 Od: “You got a lot of nerve my man!”😱 Od: “You better start learnin to respect!” 🤡 Od: “You goin to respect me!”🐹 Od: “You just like us, and you goin to act like it!”🤖 Od: “Stay in your place!”🗺🌎🌍🌏 Me: and a bit of fresh air.'👃🥾🦶🧦

  44. Al Maari's Disciple

    Al Maari's Disciple3 hari yang lalu

    They didn't use Islam..they were practicing Islam

  45. Lily Arbee

    Lily Arbee3 hari yang lalu

    Just a video in brief on women and their rights in Islam, listen to a scholar and not to some Muslims who are not even well-versed themselves.You will be surprised.

  46. Lily Arbee

    Lily Arbee3 hari yang lalu

    If you as a Non-Muslim foremost have no idea and with no knowledge in depth of Islam, please do not try to be so smart to talk about it, This is not your subject for you to talk about because you know the reality of the teaching of this pure religion of Islam. What do you know about fairness? If you got to know that a man beat his wife, well hello.... this is not our teaching, this is based on certain culture(s) and please do not drag & blame our religion, the culprit is those Muslims themselves based on their hysterical culture(s). Please go do your study & your homework well & it should be in depth!!! This is really sickening !

  47. Fazlyana Karim

    Fazlyana Karim3 hari yang lalu

    islam is a beautiful religion but not every muslim is follow the rule of islam,we love our rules,and not all of the documentary above is true bcs they just want you to support only their side,but i'm muslim so i know better abt my religion

  48. SolidRock

    SolidRock11 jam yang lalu

    @Fazlyana Karim Okay, I watched this: I can tell you, he never understood the Gospel. He never understood Jesus. He explains his releationship with this muslim guy and how they talked about the Bible and Quran. And I can hear, that he had no clue and was just trapped by this muslim. He did not know the difference in the revelation process. The Quran was revealed from an ANGEL, to Mohammed in 23 years. That is such a short time. The Bible was revealed from GOD to more than 40 people in 1500 years. HUGE diffenerce. Also Yusuf Estes says in Minute 27:37 that Allah gave "all of the BOOKS". Yes - the Quran says that. But - where are the books? Thats the islamic dilemma. You have to believe in books which are not there anymore and than you go and take whatever you like out of the bible and call Paul a liar. Not trustable at all. Yusuf Estes was also impressed that the muslim told him, that he also believes in JESUS. *But this, my friend, is a lie!* Islam believes in ISA - and this is not Jesus. Our Jesus died for your sins, like in the Old Testament lambs had to be killed for sins. But in the Old Covenant those lambs where not able to cleanse the HEART. So the prophets said, that God would make a new covenant and would gave us a NEW HEART. Jesus became this spotless lamb to which all of the Old Testament pointed to. He gives us a new heart and makes us righteous before God. That is the Gospel what Yusuf never understood. Christianity is NOT about rules like Islam but about the renewence of the heart as a wonder from god. Yusuf Estes also said to his muslim friend that he would convert when his religion would be better. I can tell you ONE thing that makes my God so much better than Allah - LOVE! My God loves unbelievers and sinners, and Allah does only love who loves him. This love, says Jesus, is so low like the love of sinners: “If you love those who love you, what benefit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them. --> But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, for he is kind to the ungrateful and the evil." THIS is my God and I call you out to him. He saves you out of his grace and makes you a new person from within. Only righteous and perfect will enter paradies - so either you pay for your sins with eternal death or Jesus pays and gives you eternal life. Be blessed.

  49. Fazlyana Karim

    Fazlyana Karim13 jam yang lalu

    @SolidRock you can also watch Zakir Naik video in youtube to see the truth abt islam🙂

  50. Fazlyana Karim

    Fazlyana Karim13 jam yang lalu

    @SolidRock this world is not fair but our God asked us to be patient from all the test,maybe they will be happy in this world but not in akhirat

  51. Fazlyana Karim

    Fazlyana Karim13 jam yang lalu

    @SolidRock dude,you can see now how the leader control this world,islam is killed by many people but they dont care abt it,if you study about this world now,many muslim suppressed by other religion but where the president?other religion hate islam as they know islam is truth

  52. Fazlyana Karim

    Fazlyana Karim13 jam yang lalu

    @SolidRock you can also see how our Prophet,Nabi Muhammad s.a.w be the leader,He not like other leader that crazy of money and popularity,and He is so patient even many people hate him,and he still be kind to all people even these people hate him and even the people not islam

  53. Dell Beauge

    Dell Beauge4 hari yang lalu

    So many contradictions in these people head. One moment they’re forcing a 9 year old girl to wear the hijab and perform all the religious rituals, the next moment her mother claims no one forces women to wear the hijab or niqab. To be honest, those places look depressing.

  54. Pat Maguire

    Pat Maguire4 hari yang lalu

    She is nine, and now she is ready to marry of course, according the greatest peodophile ever, Mohammad! Lol SICKNESS!

  55. Dirk Campbell

    Dirk Campbell4 hari yang lalu

    Head covering for women is not an Arabic custom originally. The Muslims got it from the Byzantines.

  56. Andy l

    Andy l4 hari yang lalu

    Muslim Children In U.S. Singing About Decapitation Ex Satanist Says Islam Is Of A Demon Principality - John Ramirez" on IDreporter

  57. jim crow

    jim crow4 hari yang lalu

    It is funny how at the end she says how she feels so free to express her islamic identity in Britain because Britain is so free, without realising that her freedom to express her islam is an affront to the valuse we native Brits feel for our country. We don't go to Pakistan and do our thing... take a dog, drink beer, eat bacon sarnies etc. One way traffic.

  58. Mohd Nadzir

    Mohd Nadzir4 hari yang lalu

    Zainah Anuar is not real Muslim but Muslim in her own dream only

  59. J. Gona

    J. Gona4 hari yang lalu

    _"At the heart of my investigation is the veil. To some, it's the uniform of oppression... I want to find out why, for many millions of women, it's become a powerful symbol of 'political liberation.."_ 😂 WHAT..? "Political liberation"..? Less than two minutes into this video and I have deduced that this "documentary" is an opinion propaganda piece... I'm out.. ✌

  60. fintan darcy

    fintan darcy4 hari yang lalu

    In 1971 during the nine month war that gave Bangladesh its independence from then West Pakistan, four sisters Amina, Maleka, Mukhlesa and Budhi Begum were abducted by Pakistani soldiers and local collaborators. They were among the more than 200,000 women held in rape camps and were detained for two and a half months. Twenty-two of us would lie like corpses in that room, says Maleka as she explains how her elder sister Buhdi, unable to bear the pain died before they were released. Four decades on, Mukhlesa, who had crouched in water trying to evade the kidnappers, shows film-maker Leesa Gazi the sites of atrocities she witnessed. She explains how the soldiers took the women with them wherever they went, placing them to the fore as a human shield. The sisters’ stories are part of Gazi’s award winning documentary, Rising Silence which preserves the testimony of some of the few women who are still alive, several of whom have died since filming.

  61. gone fishing

    gone fishing4 hari yang lalu

    Sorry I thought it was Zionism that did 911...

  62. Rain Rowan

    Rain Rowan4 hari yang lalu

    You have not reached pubity or a woman at the age of nine . Let's hope that beautiful little girl is not about to be married off like ayisha.

  63. Harminder Thandi

    Harminder Thandi4 hari yang lalu

    these young girls starts getting brainwashed from the age of 3 onwards, by the time they 11-12 years old, they will be taken on holiday to Pakistan or middle east countries and be forced to married to one one of their uncles or other ralitives. religion of peace, my foot. the most disgusting religion on the planet.

  64. S T

    S T4 hari yang lalu

    The hijab is stupid. By my estimation the only purpose for it is to help men resist temptation.

  65. Raha Ahmad Raus

    Raha Ahmad Raus4 hari yang lalu

    I am very sad when i watched this documentary. It seems they twisted the facts and asked not the right people. Focusing to those who are unsettle with islam due to their own agenda is unfair. To only seek these people and show that islam oppress women, syariah is all about stoning, cut hand, etc is showing this documentry had one set mind from the very beginning. To show how bad islam and playing the same record of CNN, ABC...... May Allah guide us to the right path.

  66. SolidRock

    SolidRockHari Yang lalu

    Please wake up - a God that has a lack of love for unbelievers and even tells his servants to not love them (Sura 58,22) is a God who spreads hate! This is the root and this is evil. So we don't have to talk about those topics like the veil. It is enough to point out Allahs lack of love. Than everything else makes sense. Come to Jesus Christ, who revealed God as a father that loves unbelievers and sinners and wants to rescue them.

  67. alibababa6

    alibababa62 hari yang lalu

    Islam doesnt have a positive side.

  68. Refute Clip

    Refute Clip4 hari yang lalu


  69. Kata Kovács

    Kata Kovács5 hari yang lalu

    What about Christians living in an Islam country? They will often be killed, not allowed to practice their religion. But Muslims demand freedom living in a Western country...

  70. zooshy1

    zooshy15 hari yang lalu

    I have a deep respect for all my sisters in Islam who hold firm to their faith and hijab, regardless of what society things✌🏾💯

  71. zooshy1

    zooshy147 menit yang lalu

    SolidRock bit of a shallow thing to say, I wouldn’t mind having a real conversation but if you just wanted to make a dig then no problem, peace be with you bro

  72. SolidRock

    SolidRockHari Yang lalu

    So sad, that you accept a God who has no love for unbelievers,

  73. Cher Chu Hai Kieu

    Cher Chu Hai Kieu5 hari yang lalu

    Look like nuns.

  74. Zlata Pavlovskaya

    Zlata Pavlovskaya5 hari yang lalu

    Having a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ is better than any relationship you can have with another human being anywhere in the world.... Blessings to all!

  75. George Berko

    George Berko5 hari yang lalu

    if you want to be progressive why do you need Islam in the fist place?

  76. George Berko

    George Berko5 hari yang lalu

    most religions are based on lies anyway. they should not exist in the first place.