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    Kempler roset activate!(7:39)

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    Hmm is peapel so have bobel theory like i have

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    Clever hot girl!!!Great video by the way!!!

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    Everybody knows there are only FIVE dimensions! (Obscure Star trek Voyager reference)

  5. aden ramirez

    aden ramirezBulan Yang lalu

    Bubble and inflation theory are both sides of one coin, bubble universes all stacked against each other on a vertical chart and they split over time creating more bubbles in the present time than in the past

  6. Megan Campbell

    Megan CampbellBulan Yang lalu

    I have a question about the multi verse theory. In the multiverse would you still be the person that you are in this universe or could there be multiple versions of you personality wise such as you’re nice in this universe and mean in a different universe.

  7. saya dubre

    saya dubre2 bulan yang lalu

    The whole universes being different on what decisions you make, ie; Futurama and Rick and Morty. I had no idea were called "Daughter universes". I wonder why they're called that.

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    I like the background music.

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    Science storm needs to be a superthing

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    Finally watched these videos, heheh. I like your style compared to Kyle's.

  11. Henk Elemans

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    Wouldn't the D&D planescape be an example of a bubble multiverse? It has one huge astral plane that is mostly empty and in it are different planes, some overlapping, some coterminal but most isolated. And most of those planes are universes in their own right of infinite size but with different laws of physics (and different laws of magic).

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    Why were my Science Teachers not that cool? 😒😒

  13. Andreas Kure

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    I don't think that there's any basis, for the things she talks about in this video. She refers to science fiction shows more than she refers to science research.

  14. SnowCrystal wolf

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    There was an episode of Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D where the main characters were at a nuclear plant (i think) and there was an explosion which made it so Agent Coulson, Fitz, and, (I forgot the last guys name) got stuck in, well it was kind of like an alternate universe, but Coulson, Fitz, and the other guy could see everyone and hear them, exept the sounds were kind of muffled, and it was kind of cold where they were, but no one else could see or hear Coulson, Fitz, or the other guy, there isn't a name for wherever they were, but, lets just say that u somhow made steel just appear right in front of u, well the atoms that made that steel were taken from wherever Coulson, Fitz, and the other guy got stuck, and Fitz later described it as An ocean, so the deeper you go the less u can hear other people who aren't in the same place as u, the darker it gets, and the colder it gets.

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    Hei, I knew you from the How the Universe works documentary.

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    not even mentioned Star Gate or even Star Trek... go back to kindergarten kiddo. :'( not even mentioned, that finding a mirror universe, where you could find yourself, but have choose different decision, would be proportionally unlikely to infinite number of universes. if we give like 0,000000(0)1% of infinite universes mirror our own, you may be smiling "but thats still infinite". yeah. but that means that between 0,00000000(0)1% and 99,99999999999(9)% of totally different universes (so bassically: still infinity) separates us. discovering multiverse exists will be laudable, but searching for a mirror of our own will be potentially dangerous, from our universes laws of physics mixing(which still results in or death) or even mutually annihilating, to multiverse warfare, be that aliens invading us, or we them.

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    There is a difference between universes and dimensions

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    Im sorry this shit is actually way to cringy to watch

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    Love your objectivity about the theory. Most talk about these cool ideas as if they've been peer reviewed and proven beyond statistical doubt

  20. M Mcmullen

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    I'm pretty sure that was Roger Penrose that was looking into that, not Hawking. Although they usually worked together

  21. Perrion Hurd

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    A: Yes. To be the Ultimate You, the current you just has to make contact with your otherselves, hunt then down...and take their quickening. Better if you just absorb them instead of killing them.

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    What guys do you understand the right or left side !????!

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    In case you are looking for a short answer jump to 8:55

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    You forgot about Sliders as an example

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    Great topic. You are a fantastic addition to Because. I really liked how you ended this video. Peace.

  26. trielt1

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    "Who knows? There may be a book in the making right now that leverages the concept of bubbles." Uh.. Homestuck?

  27. hehe saucy

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    i can just imagine myself in another universe watching this same video

  28. Alex Kelsey

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    You guys should check out "the secrets of the immortal Nicholas flamel book series" it's mostly fiction but it kinda talks about different variations of immortality and it sort of has bubble dimensions and time travel in some of the books, also the "interworld" series also fiction but many of one of the characters kinda deal with 'daughter dimensions' as you said and another characters family does more with time and different timelines

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    I loved this episode!!

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    Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle

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    Whoa dude!! Just thinkin bout it is better than meth dude...

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    So you're telling me there's a chance :)

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    I understand the change in background from because science. But why the music. Its a bit annoying

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    Why does she stop talking like they're cutting there but there's no cut coming

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    If there is something you can imagine, in theory there's a reality or alternate-timeline out there. Imagine how much the world would be different if we were something other than carbon-based life forms. In the same thought: there's a reality out there of advanced humans, so far beyond our understanding that we're seen as entertainment to them.

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    As a side note, Would love to do a life long tour of the multi-verse.

  37. pouchun

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    Don' forget about the 90s show - Sliders! Also, the book 'Hyperspace' by Michio Kaku describes the theories you talked about in this video.

  38. andrewxc1335

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    6:40 - Also in Star Trek: The Next Generation, S7E11: "Parallels" The reality-shifting is interesting, though I'm not sure we're given a significantly sufficient explanation, with all of the options for techno-babble.

  39. Denni Wintyr

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    You should probably point out that string theory is *not* a scientific theory. It has not met any of the scientific criteria to move it past the point of being an untestable, unfalsifiable hypothesis. It's a mathematical theory, which only has to be internally consistent, but it's proponents will continue to use the term in scientific contexts in order to make people think that it has more credibility than it actually has


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    I realy dislike this show and you as a youtuber

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    "No observable evidence". Perhaps not, but we do have one good candidate for a "maybe"; the so-called "cool patch" in the CMBR. Since there are four of them, a relatively big one and three other smaller ones. my layman's theory (based on the going one), is that another bubble bumped into ours and then we bumped into three others, like 3D billiards.

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    Am I only one who believes Kirby yarn is inspired from string theory

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    Hey Girl what's your #? Do you mind if I send my probe into your wormhole, and to your other you's wormhole? Because I'm wondering if you are made of Dark Matter? Because you're indescribable girl.

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    It has always seemed odd to me that fiction describes alternate timelines as being "created" at the point of a decision, or the moment of time travel. I mean, that implies that an ENTIRE space/time Universe was initiated, expansion triggered, and a whole Barenaked Ladies Song happening prior to the instant in question JUST to allow for a divergent scenario. I have been wondering if this is how it's meant to be described, or a particular weakness of the language used TO describe it. Could you help a layman out?

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    Great video :) continues like this!

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    Lovely hair!!!

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    Dear Eris, this woman is as beautiful as she is smart.

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    Idk but Dr Moo looks quite foxy ... ok I’ll see myself out BUT could I take you out for some coffee??

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    Love Dr. Moo! Happy to see more science and SPACE!!!

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    Es tan bonita que no entendí nada.

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    Wow that was deep at the end, she was like debating with her multiverse self about whether there was a multiverse


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    This was a fun episode, I'd love to see you get revisit something similar with this and have Dr. Michio Kaku join you to further expand!

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    The whole introduction to phycics was unnecerary i can for the multiverse theory not phycics 101

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    do you mean physics, unnecessary and came?

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    There is infinite kind of multiverse you could even find one pokemon universe or gravity falls universe

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    I may belive i was born in the wrong timeline welp cant wait to see myself in another multiverse

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    SuperCarlinBrothers did multiverse better

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    What I need to know is how I could travel to a universe where my alternate self is a billionaire and swap places with him.

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    How's it related to space tho?

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    More Dr. Cooper! I love learning from someone who actually works at JPL. She's also awesome on "How the Universe Works".

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    When Thor runs off with the guardians so Valkyrie has to take over the show

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    I want quantum entanglement to connect our 2 worlds. This episode is my favorite RnM by far!