Is Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Disneyland’s Best Ride? (Nerdist News Edition)


  1. Ryan Gunwitch-Black

    Ryan Gunwitch-Black23 hari yang lalu

    Also, Rise of the Resistance is awesome and Disney CMs seem to be willing to do anything to get you on it. So long as you got into a boarding group by 7:05 am.

  2. Ryan Gunwitch-Black

    Ryan Gunwitch-Black23 hari yang lalu

    Your little sister called. She wants her shirt back. Hey-oh! lol lol

  3. CuCkoo Culture

    CuCkoo Culture29 hari yang lalu

    It is hands down the best ride experience in my opinion truly an amazing Ride of a lifetime check out my experience here 🤗

  4. Windson Ma

    Windson MaBulan Yang lalu

    I Need to get on that, And I guess my Dream Star Wars Ride would be You Being In the Middle of being the Newest Jedi Recruit and are In the Middle being Trained by Rey, then All of a Sudden the Empire or some other New Faction Attacks, and their Goal is to Capture You and the Rest of your Fellow New Jedi Recruits to Convert You into all Sith Lords to Help The New Order or Whomever Conquer Finally and Recapture The Galaxy. And Of Course Rey comes to your Aid and Eventually the ride would Lead You to A Space Battle and some other Stuff and Dangers, and the Ride itself would be Roughly Last or so Minutes.

  5. Rick Esparza

    Rick EsparzaBulan Yang lalu

    I would like an attraction called "Yoda's Jedi School." Yoda would teach us the ways of a Jedi and lead a philosophical/spiritual discussion

  6. LastSider

    LastSiderBulan Yang lalu

    Got there and atm the only who can ride are people with reservations.

  7. Ricky Tomczyk

    Ricky TomczykBulan Yang lalu

    A shaved wookie

  8. Robert Crist

    Robert CristBulan Yang lalu

    When I can get a friend to go with me I am no doubt going to Galaxy’s Edge!! Expensive sure, but I want to be part of the world. Oh and where did you get your shirt?!

  9. kellogscornflakes24

    kellogscornflakes24Bulan Yang lalu

    No the one where you fly the millennium falcon is better

  10. David May

    David MayBulan Yang lalu

    My dream ride... definitely an Ewok Celebration Experience! Just a bunch of Ewoks dancing around and beating on some drums. Yub yub! 🤦🏻‍♂️🐻🥁🚀

  11. Dew Drinker6

    Dew Drinker6Bulan Yang lalu

    Hope you guys enjoy the paycheck/media access lmao

  12. Sammy 12

    Sammy 12Bulan Yang lalu

    It's the best Star Wars ride but not the best ride in the park

  13. loveforfanny

    loveforfannyBulan Yang lalu

    i was there on december 31st in orlando best ride ever no doubt about it, is just amaizing

  14. nzjeannie

    nzjeannieBulan Yang lalu

    No no no his name is Ben swolo Edit. Also a battle between the resistance and the first order. You get captured in an imperial star destroyer

  15. greetingsfromcarra

    greetingsfromcarraBulan Yang lalu

    We rode at Disney World and it was EVERYTHING!!! So worth the wait. I recommend not watching any spoiler videos online before riding. Also, make sure to research how to make sure you get in a boarding group. We got there before the park opened.

  16. RPRsChannel

    RPRsChannelBulan Yang lalu

    Not before fall of 2021, when THAT hotel is ready

  17. nateman79

    nateman79Bulan Yang lalu

    Maybe Disney should’ve put all that money into making decent movies instead of letting Kathleen Kennedy Rian Johnson and JJ Abrams put out a giant pile of shit trilogy

  18. Francis Russ

    Francis RussBulan Yang lalu

    Should at least say that it is a paid promo. I mean I get we all have bills to pay... But admit it, you ll never try that ride, yet spend 2 min promoing rhe shit out of it.

  19. Wolfgang

    WolfgangBulan Yang lalu

    Bruh, how much did Disney pay you to do this ad? It feels so fake

  20. TheFuzzyElf

    TheFuzzyElfBulan Yang lalu

    I'm too poor

  21. Karl Van Reuth

    Karl Van ReuthBulan Yang lalu

    I rode it in Disney World and it's amazing!!! One of the coolest experiences ever

  22. Booba Fat

    Booba FatBulan Yang lalu

    Its a horrible ride :(

  23. Christopher Alden

    Christopher AldenBulan Yang lalu

    Too many Disney sponsored videos

  24. Hernan Urozco

    Hernan UrozcoBulan Yang lalu


  25. GoshU

    GoshUBulan Yang lalu

    Obviously not if it is called "Resistance"

  26. Oscar Alan Torres Grimaldo

    Oscar Alan Torres GrimaldoBulan Yang lalu

    ehscahpeh! 🐟 maybe, it sounds like a nice time, not a super big fan of roller coasters (tycoon is great), so this low adrenaline option might work out nicely for me

  27. Summertimeblues28

    Summertimeblues28Bulan Yang lalu

    I don’t know about Disney land but it was my fave ride @ Disney world when we went to Galaxy’s Edge last month! It’s amazing. But it’s Not a ride Dan, it’s an experience. Just ask Disney

  28. michael morales

    michael moralesBulan Yang lalu

    Stormtroopers missed on purpose

  29. Number Six

    Number SixBulan Yang lalu

    Something, something, TRENCH RUN IN AN X-WING!!

  30. Aeternuss

    AeternussBulan Yang lalu

    The ride look cool. But, The Disney Star Wars movies are Garbage

  31. MingTongPang54

    MingTongPang54Bulan Yang lalu

    the enemies are actually First Order, build on the ashes of Empire.

  32. Rick Drew

    Rick DrewBulan Yang lalu

    Looks like fun but I can’t begin to calculate how much it would cost to experience that 15 minute thrill - for an individual, let alone a small family of 3 or 4 - especially with the likelihood of travel and accommodations, etc. It must work out to $100s a minute... not taking into account the hours of wait time. Sure, there’ll be the other Disney stuff, but I cannot how so many people can afford these experiences that are just impossible dreams for so many.

  33. Art Imla

    Art ImlaBulan Yang lalu

    Ideal Star Wars ride is a pod race where I “accidentally” crash into Jar Jar Binks at extreme high speeds.

  34. Randy Navarro

    Randy NavarroBulan Yang lalu

    The drop from the star destroyer was my favorite part.

  35. Aidan Yelsma

    Aidan YelsmaBulan Yang lalu

    It was a good ride. I went in December. It's no Space Mountain, but it's still a lot of fun.

  36. bouncyhead64

    bouncyhead64Bulan Yang lalu

    I can tell you right now it is the most incredible ride I have ever been on by far. Get to the park super early so you can get into the virtual line early!

  37. Arthur H

    Arthur HBulan Yang lalu

    bouncyhead64 the main ride itself is devoid of any real thrills. The breadth of the ride is really the best part, but any singular element is lacking in excitement and intensity.

  38. Rene O

    Rene OBulan Yang lalu

    my want is simple.. DROP the prices that people spend at Disney parks

  39. Tj Samson

    Tj SamsonBulan Yang lalu

    Holy....please don't lower the prices, the crowds in Disney is already freaking so huge.

  40. Nunya Bizness

    Nunya BiznessBulan Yang lalu

    Hahahaha hell no. Keep the scrubs out. Raise the prices. Lower the patronage volume.

  41. Antenox

    AntenoxBulan Yang lalu

    Drop the price = raise the line length I’d rather have an expensive theme park with amazing experiences that are worth saving up for a trip once every year or two (or longer if you don’t live in CA or FL).

  42. Sean Baugh

    Sean BaughBulan Yang lalu

    Disney took everyone for a ride with their dog shit 🐆💩 sequel trilogy and made billions doing it. So I guess it's their best ride 😡 *"NUFF SAID"*

  43. Terry Giordano

    Terry GiordanoBulan Yang lalu

    With flight of passage being one of the best rides at Disney...I often wonder why don’t they just take the exact same tech and ride over to galaxys edge with Star Wars theme? It would be spectacular if you climbed into your x wing and fought the empire I crazy or would it be the best ride ever?!

  44. Corey Hodges

    Corey HodgesBulan Yang lalu

    Sounds cool! Hopefully the immersion isn't easily ruined by a couple scruffy looking nerf herders trying to be funny...

  45. Michael Brent

    Michael BrentBulan Yang lalu

    No no it’s not. I would rather keep the classic Disney rides then keep any rides they are made by Lucas films. I really hated the rise of Skywalker.

  46. Eragor the Kindhearted

    Eragor the KindheartedBulan Yang lalu

    >this person clearly has not heard of the Mandalorian Just because the movies are bad, doesn’t mean you should hate everything Lucasfilm makes.

  47. The Guevara

    The GuevaraBulan Yang lalu

    I heard it broke down

  48. LadiesMan 217

    LadiesMan 217Bulan Yang lalu

    Meh, not a fan of the Disney Star Wars

  49. Gabriel Carrara

    Gabriel CarraraBulan Yang lalu

    A pod racer experience, like this one with lots of screen

  50. Speedstreak the Multiverse Gamer

    Speedstreak the Multiverse GamerBulan Yang lalu

    This looks amazing!!

  51. Ham Dinger

    Ham DingerBulan Yang lalu

    Keep keeps breaking down.

  52. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheBulan Yang lalu

    Well it's an awesome ride, but it'd be kinda bold to say it's the _best_