Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!


  1. Pokimane

    Pokimane8 hari yang lalu

    Thank you all so much for watching

  2. Jed Renzo Amon

    Jed Renzo AmonHari Yang lalu

    Yow poki ugh earlier i got a text from u that i won an i phone xsmax is it true or just a chain message

  3. xx LLAMAZ YT xx

    xx LLAMAZ YT xx2 hari yang lalu

    Team francais on est la

  4. Ahmad_ Gamez

    Ahmad_ Gamez3 hari yang lalu

    At least you are arabian like me

  5. mcpepro201511 _____

    mcpepro201511 _____Menit Yang lalu

    My mom is from algeria so am i so we know french arabic and english me smart

  6. KenjiAnimations

    KenjiAnimations42 menit yang lalu

    Pokemaine is Black!

  7. Steel_darki yt

    Steel_darki yt44 menit yang lalu

    I understand all the conversation with your mother (je suis français)😄

  8. Andres Gallegos

    Andres GallegosJam Yang lalu


  9. XalotyZ_Soul

    XalotyZ_SoulJam Yang lalu

    So pokimane doesn't need the n word pass

  10. Kobo 1014

    Kobo 1014Jam Yang lalu

    Ok I honestly people assumed I were Asian because of Pokémon anime

  11. Kobo 1014

    Kobo 1014Jam Yang lalu


  12. Ice raven 332

    Ice raven 332Jam Yang lalu

    My life is a lie she is not Asian 😤

  13. XI Jaay

    XI Jaay2 jam yang lalu

    Wait can she say the N word now


    BLACK BOLT PLAYS2 jam yang lalu

    U be from any place I don't care but I love u soooooo much 😋❤😍😍

  15. IPL4Y

    IPL4Y2 jam yang lalu

    Attention, reunion des francais

  16. Seth Thompson

    Seth Thompson2 jam yang lalu

    You now got the N pass


    WOLTFI YT2 jam yang lalu

    8:30 Lol


    WOLTFI YT2 jam yang lalu

    Thats so Cool What the Heck

  19. Template Parody

    Template Parody2 jam yang lalu

    Weird flex but ok

  20. Master 123286

    Master 1232863 jam yang lalu

    Not trynna be that guy but why all twitch girls wearing tight shirts and pants (*cough* $$$)

  21. Joe Shmoe

    Joe Shmoe3 jam yang lalu

    The Franglais is real Poki! La francais de ta mere est plus vrai. Mais, je prefere quand tu dire.

  22. Call me Jnky

    Call me Jnky3 jam yang lalu

    damn if saw someones dna test i would be like shes obv fit becuase i watched ur vid si would know

  23. HypherPK. XX

    HypherPK. XX3 jam yang lalu

    Poki u was right all along

  24. Natassia Murdock

    Natassia Murdock3 jam yang lalu

    Je savais pas que tu parles français

  25. Eliel Martinez

    Eliel Martinez3 jam yang lalu


  26. Drazy

    Drazy3 jam yang lalu

    Fuck off not asian

  27. Meme Gang

    Meme Gang3 jam yang lalu

    They speak french in Morocco ?

  28. laggforwhat

    laggforwhat3 jam yang lalu

    Wtf when she said she was eating spaghetti I was eating spaghetti for dinner rn

  29. Good Eating BISS

    Good Eating BISS4 jam yang lalu

    people think im asian and im not. lol 😂

  30. Miklovin Gaming

    Miklovin Gaming4 jam yang lalu

    Bruh she could say the nword

  31. Miklovin Gaming

    Miklovin Gaming4 jam yang lalu

    Her eyes r fucking small

  32. Xav_ Killer_1

    Xav_ Killer_14 jam yang lalu

    Bonjour pokimane

  33. fok sid

    fok sid4 jam yang lalu

    My DNA test: Congratulations you are a virgin!

  34. Amilliohn Briceno

    Amilliohn Briceno4 jam yang lalu

    are u telling me poki is african

  35. Janash Gaming

    Janash Gaming4 jam yang lalu

    Jarvis from FaZe likes you alot 😍😍

  36. Virus_ JJ J

    Virus_ JJ J4 jam yang lalu

    I’m Portuguese

  37. Bj Tijgertjuh

    Bj Tijgertjuh4 jam yang lalu

    I love you pokimane ❤

  38. vAPoR Slick ツ

    vAPoR Slick ツ4 jam yang lalu

    Cute assffff

  39. Thelma Christine Hernandez

    Thelma Christine Hernandez4 jam yang lalu

    Hi pokiiiiiiiiii

  40. Fake Rake

    Fake Rake5 jam yang lalu

    You can legally say the n word *Mrs. Obama Salutes you*

  41. HBBIsac Music n Vlogs

    HBBIsac Music n Vlogs5 jam yang lalu

    i knew u was latina, i was gravitated to u for a reason💀

  42. DO games

    DO games5 jam yang lalu

    How can people dislike pokimane, bro serious what the f

  43. Joshi Washi

    Joshi Washi5 jam yang lalu

    When did you speak French

  44. This is the Mały Ninja

    This is the Mały Ninja5 jam yang lalu

    I spent 3 houers to find Jarvis comment😂🤣

  45. Darkirium 1

    Darkirium 15 jam yang lalu

    Yeah of course cuz most of the people in Morocco have a French accent or speak French most of the time

  46. 怒るiOkoru -

    怒るiOkoru -5 jam yang lalu

    *Morocco* ❤️😍

  47. Shayne Sin

    Shayne Sin6 jam yang lalu

    Tu parles francais?! U get dem girl!🤣👍

  48. Thanasis Mizios

    Thanasis Mizios6 jam yang lalu

    So you are asian

  49. VideoGame

    VideoGame6 jam yang lalu

    Why do you look Japanese then?

  50. Blaze

    Blaze6 jam yang lalu

    Cool to be French I can understand everything your mom said

  51. Jakub Skorczynski

    Jakub Skorczynski6 jam yang lalu

    Poki u was right all along :o

  52. one man army

    one man army6 jam yang lalu

    Lmao her French...

  53. Jose Ascencio

    Jose Ascencio6 jam yang lalu

    Daam my mother in law is so cool

  54. Prototype Trigger

    Prototype Trigger7 jam yang lalu

    Where my Sudanese peeps at :D

  55. GingerGr33k

    GingerGr33k7 jam yang lalu

    Pokimane has the *N-Pass.*

  56. Karakan Gamer

    Karakan Gamer7 jam yang lalu


  57. Faleye Olaoluwa

    Faleye Olaoluwa7 jam yang lalu

    I am your fathet

  58. Mr P0tato

    Mr P0tato7 jam yang lalu

    She is portuguese caralhoo

  59. Nicole Pannell

    Nicole Pannell7 jam yang lalu

    I love your mom!!! Still cant barely believe you're not more Asian than that! Congrats on having honest parents and not being adopted 😂 💜

  60. Prismyy

    Prismyy7 jam yang lalu

    I speak 5 languages get on my level

  61. Genius Forcer Power

    Genius Forcer Power8 jam yang lalu


  62. Squash Gaming

    Squash Gaming8 jam yang lalu

    When she was talking with her mom she was talking in French I also talk French

  63. Draco Académie

    Draco Académie8 jam yang lalu

    Le Français presque parfait de Pokimane

  64. Thomas Siallagan

    Thomas Siallagan8 jam yang lalu

    Pokis not Asian she’s a. Eskimo

  65. Max Meeuwesen

    Max Meeuwesen8 jam yang lalu

    So pokimane is allowed to say the n-word?

  66. Cláudio Jacinto

    Cláudio Jacinto9 jam yang lalu

    Yes being portuguese is really cool, lol Ser espanhol é q ja n

  67. Zizo l2arnab

    Zizo l2arnab9 jam yang lalu

    My mom is Moroccan

  68. Mahfuj68

    Mahfuj689 jam yang lalu

    You Wanna 1v1 me #pokimane ??

  69. TheM3ta_

    TheM3ta_9 jam yang lalu

    tu parles bien français x)

  70. yBroZ

    yBroZ9 jam yang lalu

    SOOOOO youre born in morocco, your first language is French, you live in Los Angeles and people think youre asian? what a weird combination xd

  71. Zlijah YT

    Zlijah YT9 jam yang lalu

    So Poki thinks she’s adopted. Hm.

  72. Rebeltnt gaming

    Rebeltnt gaming10 jam yang lalu

    Girl African is Asian

  73. João Adelino Silva

    João Adelino Silva10 jam yang lalu

    Um portugese

  74. Echo OracularAttic

    Echo OracularAttic10 jam yang lalu

    Pokimane you got the n pass

  75. ZoMb_ lock

    ZoMb_ lock10 jam yang lalu

    It ain't black hair because you dyed it

  76. legen Legend

    legen Legend10 jam yang lalu

    Poki we have something in common....0.1 chinese and we both enjoy eating spaghetti for the rest of our lives lol.... Spaghetti is good,,,, guess im also italian..and pizza🍍🧀🧀🧀🍕🍕🍕🍝🍝🍝🍝

  77. Amine Lakridi

    Amine Lakridi10 jam yang lalu

    why you speaking frans

  78. Amine Lakridi

    Amine Lakridi10 jam yang lalu

    im morroco to

  79. حمزة أقشور

    حمزة أقشور10 jam yang lalu

    Morocco daz mn hna hhhhh

  80. 316 Thug

    316 Thug11 jam yang lalu

    In morocco they speak Arabic

  81. Victor10 Paredes

    Victor10 Paredes11 jam yang lalu

    Poki is 50%asian and 50% Myths

  82. 。黒いバラ

    。黒いバラ11 jam yang lalu

    Mine said I'm 73% Japanese but arent I supposed to be 50/50 or smth ,cuz my mother is Bulgarian and I'm like "what's happening here"

  83. Valuxia 1234

    Valuxia 123411 jam yang lalu

    You should be Slovenian

  84. Sullivan Aiden

    Sullivan Aiden11 jam yang lalu

    Well now her chat is gonna be flooded with tryhard 7

  85. Talan Is 1

    Talan Is 111 jam yang lalu

    7:08 she has the pass

  86. عبدالله إبراهيم

    عبدالله إبراهيم11 jam yang lalu

    Are you think you can read Arabic?

  87. Bursuc YT

    Bursuc YT11 jam yang lalu

    Are u from France

  88. Khaled Morshed

    Khaled Morshed12 jam yang lalu


  89. 1000,000 subscriber with some vids challenge

    1000,000 subscriber with some vids challenge12 jam yang lalu

    BTW Her mother just called her iman ... which is an arabic name (her real name)

  90. Itz Benjamin

    Itz Benjamin12 jam yang lalu

    Are u muslim?

  91. Marklin boys

    Marklin boys12 jam yang lalu

    You look like gloom

  92. زارا_كن الزهرة الوحيدة Zara_Kon Lonely Flower

    زارا_كن الزهرة الوحيدة Zara_Kon Lonely Flower12 jam yang lalu

    You live in Morocco !!!! you say بزاف and ماكين مشكل where are you from

  93. Alhomam Hasweh

    Alhomam HaswehJam Yang lalu

    She is Moroccan that lived in Canada...

  94. จุไร นัยนันท์

    จุไร นัยนันท์12 jam yang lalu

    You're asian

  95. hen ko

    hen ko13 jam yang lalu

    Nice video and I still think you’re Asian

  96. Amir r

    Amir r13 jam yang lalu

    so is she muslim?

  97. Yasef_Official

    Yasef_Official13 jam yang lalu

    Didn't knew u spoke french.

  98. john plays

    john plays13 jam yang lalu

    I think you foreshadowed shanes conspiracy theory

  99. Vortex Dz

    Vortex Dz13 jam yang lalu

    Do u speak arabic?

  100. fortnite forever

    fortnite forever13 jam yang lalu

    you are thicccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc

  101. Le Flam

    Le Flam14 jam yang lalu

    Confirmed asian folks

  102. Killer456912

    Killer45691214 jam yang lalu


  103. Killer456912

    Killer45691214 jam yang lalu


  104. Diego Cruz

    Diego Cruz14 jam yang lalu

    You thiccccccccccccccccccc

  105. Roberto Marini

    Roberto Marini14 jam yang lalu

    Sardegna, is the correct name of the island which you had some % related to the "European countries" , but is not Italy. I'm sardish, and we are actually not Italian at all. And surely we have connection, regarding DNA mixes, because not only in history Morocco and Sardegna were connected due to commercial activities but also because sardinian original ancestors, called shardanas , were the dominators of the Mediterranean Sea, and we had control over all nord Africa till egipt. And you should really look at how beautiful our island is ;)