Is Barcelona a Champions League title contender? | Extra Time


  1. TC ARMY

    TC ARMY8 hari yang lalu

    The title of this video is very funny 😆

  2. Noah Cui

    Noah Cui13 hari yang lalu

    top 3 favourites are bayern, liverpool and man city id say they all have a 20% chance to win it

  3. sachin adkine

    sachin adkine14 hari yang lalu

    Its look like quite difficult?but they need to improve.

  4. Fidel RMZ

    Fidel RMZ15 hari yang lalu

    Well, yes but actually no.

  5. Hamzah Ali

    Hamzah Ali19 hari yang lalu

    Yes we are We r gonna win the champions league

  6. Koala Bear

    Koala Bear20 hari yang lalu

    It doesn't look like it they need to try next year and get a plan implemented

  7. RM 428

    RM 42820 hari yang lalu

    Top 4 favorites: -Liverpool -Manchester City -Real Madrid -Paris Saint Germain

  8. Ruchir Mundhra

    Ruchir Mundhra18 hari yang lalu

    Either of Manchester City and Real Madrid are going out in the next round

  9. barcaman101

    barcaman10121 hari yang lalu

    As a team no Barca are no way to winning ucl , too many cracks in this team . Should have won it at least once the last two years. Messi is getting old and rely on him too much . Busquets is done , pique is wack . The midfield isn't dynamic.

  10. R R

    R R22 hari yang lalu

    Griezmann’s ponytail is f*****g things up at Barca. It needs to replaced with a crew cut.

  11. superior 7

    superior 723 hari yang lalu

    As long as they keep making 9k useless passes teams like Liverpool and Bayern gonna crush them

  12. Remesh Raju

    Remesh Raju23 hari yang lalu

    I will be back to here after Barca won the champions league in 2020

  13. Senol Fejzoski

    Senol Fejzoski23 hari yang lalu

    Look, as a Barca fan I might be biased but I can agree Barca are not at their best right now, but you gotta realize, we’ve played 3 games(practically 2 because Ibiza was awful conditions) under a new coach, you can’t expect them to win the UCL, but again you can’t count them out - as no team really want to face Barca.

  14. Bryan L

    Bryan L23 hari yang lalu

    Barca r gonna find it tough to win the Copa del Rey and la Liga this season. UCL is out of reach. If we gotta sacrifice this season then so be it, Barca have been playing ugly football for the past year, and the squad definitely needs a restart physically and mentally. Let's see what setien can do, not expecting much this season, he needs more time

  15. LeoAngel67

    LeoAngel6723 hari yang lalu

    Barca won’t get passed semi finals coming from a Barca fan

  16. Kingsley Kekeli

    Kingsley KekeliHari Yang lalu

    Hmmm we may rely on luck and some messi magic to win the Champions league

  17. A-sten Encore

    A-sten EncoreHari Yang lalu

    LeoAngel67 mark my word. They are winning it by hook or crook...

  18. x Astroo13

    x Astroo1324 hari yang lalu

    LMAOOOOO Juventus has a better chance than Barca but we all know who’s taking it.. HALA MADRID Y NADA MAS!!!

  19. Sterling Marshel

    Sterling Marshel24 hari yang lalu

    zero chance - there are at least five teams better than them.. Defense for Barca is horrible

  20. The Woken one

    The Woken one24 hari yang lalu

    There out next round

  21. محمد عبداللہ

    محمد عبداللہ24 hari yang lalu

    Difference between the current AC Milan, Man United and Barcelona? Someone called Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccitini.

  22. Yong Spur

    Yong Spur24 hari yang lalu

    No no no Barcelona is not . Not this year

  23. Yong Spur

    Yong Spur24 hari yang lalu

    No Barcelona is not a contender no way

  24. Ways To Play

    Ways To Play24 hari yang lalu

    Short answer No long answer No

  25. Anup Kumar

    Anup Kumar24 hari yang lalu

    Maybe not This season but next season they may be.

  26. Jimmy Jam

    Jimmy Jam24 hari yang lalu


  27. Nina

    Nina24 hari yang lalu

    As long as Messi still plays Argentina and Barca will never win another important trophy.

  28. 1 a

    1 a24 hari yang lalu

    As a Barca fan: Why even pretend we are. I think with our players, yes we can be, but the mentality is just not there. All of them think Messi can carry them on his own, while Messi just wishes he didnt have to play as a midfielder to help the team.

  29. Nina

    Nina24 hari yang lalu

    Messi can’t play under pressure. He gets agitated then starts losing possession and shooting erratically. Without Xavi there’s no calmness in the midfield that’s why Barca haven’t won a UCL since he retired.

  30. Aniket Patil

    Aniket Patil24 hari yang lalu

    Idk about this season, if setien gets things right, may be. But it is very difficult. Next season I expect them to put up a good fight. Setien needs time to build the team back.

  31. Abha Agrawal

    Abha Agrawal24 hari yang lalu

    If they sacked valverde in the summer they surely would have been

  32. Tallboss Sparta

    Tallboss Sparta25 hari yang lalu

    Have you seen napoli improvement

  33. Arjun Verma

    Arjun Verma25 hari yang lalu

    Video starts in 4th minute ends in 6th.. resumes in 7th minute and ends there... you are welcome.

  34. Badal kumar

    Badal kumar25 hari yang lalu

    Ya if both legs will be played at home.

  35. IL 777 VTX

    IL 777 VTX25 hari yang lalu

    1. at this moment no, they're not 2. umtiti, de'jong and ansu fati are slowing the game 3. they should just try and do some individual shooting rather than passing the ball to messi all the time.. it's like they have no cohones to do anything.. the only ones who really try some shooting is either rakitic or vidal 4. would you be surprised if they qualify in the ucl final?

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    frenkie De Jong is way too overrated. People are just too blind to see it

  37. ANi

    ANi25 hari yang lalu

    Starts at 3:10 And No they aren't they can try but they won't win Maybe a couple of late wins in CDR or league they can push through but right now na

  38. Emmanuel Munanu

    Emmanuel Munanu25 hari yang lalu

    Messi kept on saying, the problem isn't from the coach under Valverde but the players, and I think he knew was he was talking about.

  39. Up'D

    Up'D25 hari yang lalu

    Depends If Messi gets injured

  40. 34Saini

    34Saini25 hari yang lalu

    if they improve their defence.. they will have a bigger chance

  41. Ganesh Pacharu

    Ganesh Pacharu25 hari yang lalu

    Barcelona is ALWAYS a Champions League contender.

  42. anandhu prakash

    anandhu prakash25 hari yang lalu

    FCB not going to win anything in next 1000000000000000000years forget it

  43. Andrew Charles

    Andrew Charles25 hari yang lalu

    With the premiership now the least of their the priority after winning it the past 2 years running and 4 of the last 7 years, Man City are the red hot favourites for the Champs League this season.. City are the only team who have strength in depth and who can raise their quality to unprecedented levels. In fact, had it not been for VAR. which unfairly ruled out their legitimate winning goal against Spurs in last season CL quarter finals, City would have completed an unprecedented quadruple, having already won the premiership, FA and league cup title. I see only 3 teams who can pose a threat to City, and that is PSG, Juventus and Real Madrid. No?

  44. S bor

    S bor25 hari yang lalu

    They aren't now but they will be in a couple of weeks. Just wait and see

  45. Diego Costly Coffee

    Diego Costly Coffee25 hari yang lalu

    I hope setien would make it possible

  46. F3AR 9853

    F3AR 985325 hari yang lalu

    Well idk about me but some teams were playing bad all season and still won the champions league like Madrid and Chelsea

  47. Harry Zimmerman

    Harry Zimmerman25 hari yang lalu

    English winner this year too

  48. I’m jz MexRa10

    I’m jz MexRa1025 hari yang lalu

    They will get knock out in the quarter finals

  49. Chinechem Okere talks

    Chinechem Okere talks25 hari yang lalu

    Of course not they switched coaches at the wrong time. It is gonna take time for the system Setien is bringing to settle but for now Barca are not

  50. Rakesh Sharma

    Rakesh Sharma25 hari yang lalu

    Juventus Liverpool Real Madrid

  51. Boi Boi

    Boi Boi25 hari yang lalu

    Any team with Messi or Ronaldo are contenders. Its a KO tournament

  52. Timothy Malapile

    Timothy Malapile25 hari yang lalu


  53. Aben Ngullie

    Aben Ngullie25 hari yang lalu

    ESPN has the worst football pundits

  54. paul joseph

    paul joseph25 hari yang lalu

    Barçelona are still CL favorites. Struggling against Ibiza should never be a reference point because Liverpool too fought very hard for their win against Wolves. In addition to that, Quique Setién has had less than a month at the club, I'm sure there are lots of changes he is making. Anti-Barça fans will shut their mouth some day. Let's sit back and relax

  55. Olexx Resam

    Olexx Resam25 hari yang lalu


  56. Abdul Sami

    Abdul Sami25 hari yang lalu

    The way they are playing doesn't even make them contenders for europa league. Sorrowful to see such a great team struggling.

  57. Donavan Simms

    Donavan Simms26 hari yang lalu

    Barcelona is going to find it difficult to pass Napoli, especially in Italy

  58. Aksil Nmarikan

    Aksil Nmarikan26 hari yang lalu

    Guys it's good to remember that this team scored 3 goals away last year against the champion Liverpool. So never underestimate it. Ok Suarez is a big problem but not the defense. Not the big question is what stoker can they bring in ?????

  59. Sudex

    Sudex26 hari yang lalu

    😂 People gotta chill, new coach has been here 2 weeks. It took Pep & Kloop time to get their teams going too.

  60. Death Stroke

    Death Stroke25 hari yang lalu

    Who da fook is kloop?

  61. denis okelo

    denis okelo26 hari yang lalu

    He who supports Barca and he who plants vine by the roadside have the same problem

  62. Movie Muscle

    Movie Muscle26 hari yang lalu

    Messi has choked time and time again the last few years. Even if the coach is gone, I don't believe in Messi to deliver anymore.

  63. Addie 784

    Addie 78426 hari yang lalu

    Was just gonna post the timing for the question when I noticed that it was in the description. How thoughtful. Anyways it's at 3:11 . You're welcome 😊😊.

  64. Saloni Gurung

    Saloni Gurung26 hari yang lalu

    jurgen klop took 4yrs to built liverpool and lift they cl title since 2015 and liverpool klop took 4yrs to change that team and now look at that team like wise barca needs patience under setien only true fan understand not clown

  65. Saloni Gurung

    Saloni Gurung26 hari yang lalu

    wait and see barca after summer window btw in valencia match forword wad only messi grezman was invisible on that match idk dembele will come back and suarez is injured dumb moron just watch laliga stupid liverpoolfan and real fan