iPhone 11 hands-on first impressions


  1. Mr. Barmore

    Mr. Barmore25 hari yang lalu

    Should I upgrade from a IPhone X? I want a better camera...

  2. M Ramshang

    M RamshangBulan Yang lalu

    Any suggestion, upgrading from iPhone 6s to either X or 11 ????

  3. Vinje Helene

    Vinje HeleneBulan Yang lalu

    Nah happy with my Samsung galaxy s10plus, and im looking forward to the next Samsung. Maybe im going back to Apple one day but not this year or the next year. Nothing bad abaout Apple users or iPhone in general im just more happy with Samsung. I just feel you get more for the money if you take Samsung than iPhone. Like more storage, 128 GB on Samsung or pay more and get 64 GB on iPhone. But yeah im not bad mouthing Apple, i dont mean to do that. I just think the New iPhone Models are just okay and nothing special, i myselfh dont like the 3 camera designs om the New model, i like the iphone 10 Models designs more there. But there was nothing with this new model that made me like , i have to get this one. So im gonna keep on holding on my Samsung. And keep in mind that this is just my opinions. But i must say i like the colours on the New Models of iphone, but thats it, and im just saying it again that it's just my opinions👍😂😗.

  4. Alisha Wise

    Alisha WiseBulan Yang lalu

    I am leaning more towards the 11. The cameras on the pro are just an eye sore to me. They should have took a page from Android and made them less obvious, but I digress. I can just buy a fast charger even though I really wish Apple would include them with all models. The XR from last year did have the best battery life and that is more important to me than seeing how many cameras you can fit on a phone. But all in all it is the person preference. But iphone 11 here I come

  5. Brandon Brends

    Brandon BrendsBulan Yang lalu

    In Europe this Iphone 11 Priced at 809 Euro's thats it 892 $ Mawfukaaaz

  6. Noodles8ify

    Noodles8ifyBulan Yang lalu

    The counter move by Apple 🍏 is bar none- strong 💪 move HQ, lower cost,60% of the phones sale will be to people who have never owned one before. Market grab- big feet, big moves by Apple. I see strong sales ahead.

  7. Meet virk

    Meet virkBulan Yang lalu

    I phone 11 3d toch?

  8. Phúc Trương 1456

    Phúc Trương 1456Bulan Yang lalu

    Should not buy one

  9. Phúc Trương 1456

    Phúc Trương 145624 hari yang lalu

    @Daniel P ✓✓✓😓😓 oh yes I'm sorry

  10. Daniel P

    Daniel PBulan Yang lalu

    Phúc Trương I’ll buy whatever I want. Don’t tell people how they should spend their money

  11. JuniorXMendoza

    JuniorXMendozaBulan Yang lalu

    No thanks and thank you Apple for making the next ugly iphone, in which I’m happy to get to keep my iPhone XS for another year until the next iPhone comes out.

  12. Javi L

    Javi LBulan Yang lalu

    I’m keeping my iPhone X for another year. I’m going to wait for the iPhone 12pro with 5G.

  13. John

    JohnBulan Yang lalu

    So does this mean you no longer need the flash? Still not worth buying. IOS too limited

  14. Samiksha Mathur

    Samiksha MathurBulan Yang lalu

    Hi, I am confused about which iPhone should I buy according to the price. Currently, the price of iPhone XR 128GB is $649 meanwhile the price of iPhone 11 128GB is $749. But, the thing is that I have a very limited budget. So, the actual question is that "Should I compromise with the storage capacity of an iPhone in order to buy the latest iPhone 11 64GB instead of iPhone XR 128GB?” because the price difference margin between 128GB iPhone XR and 64GB iPhone XR is much lesser than the price difference between 128GB iPhone XR and 128GB iPhone 11. I would need to pay $100 more in order to buy iPhone 11 128GB and if I buy the iPhone 11 64GB, I would need to pay $50 more to buy the iPhone 11 64GB. Also, my second question is that is it right that the iPhone with 64GB is too less storage for a person who would use the iPhone for around 4 - 5 years?

  15. Natalie E

    Natalie EBulan Yang lalu

    Samiksha Mathur I got lazy reading this, just get the ip 11

  16. Brobore

    BroboreBulan Yang lalu

    Considering I’m using a 6s Plus right now, upgrading to the 11 is a HUGE improvement.. and all of you complaining about this in the comments. If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it. Simple. Y’all act as if you’re being forced to spend money. Grow up

  17. さかもと

    さかもとBulan Yang lalu

    2:20 ギズモードの方写ってるw

  18. Jae Montage

    Jae MontageBulan Yang lalu

    This new iphone is trash

  19. Jae Montage

    Jae Montage28 hari yang lalu

    @Daniel P yeah ok!! Paying for basically the same features as last year. You enjoy that

  20. Daniel P

    Daniel PBulan Yang lalu

    Jae Montage smells like broke in here

  21. Baptiste Vokia

    Baptiste VokiaBulan Yang lalu

    Still ugly notch and design of 2006 ... Pixel phone design looks better after watching this xD

  22. seagull but not justin

    seagull but not justinBulan Yang lalu

    i hate it at first coz the iphone 11 pro(s) are has ugly designs but iphone 11 is kinda cute to me and i changed my mind right after i heard it has lesser price lol

  23. QB G

    QB GBulan Yang lalu


  24. Heinkle

    HeinkleBulan Yang lalu

    I’ve been using the 7 since 2016... thoughts on upgrading to the 11 or waiting until next year?

  25. madelen ontaneda

    madelen ontanedaBulan Yang lalu

    Heinkle same but I have to upgrade cause my phone is going crazy 🤦🏽‍♀️

  26. Lucaas 1930

    Lucaas 1930Bulan Yang lalu

    He is so beautiful 😍😍😍

  27. Tenzin Lekdup

    Tenzin LekdupBulan Yang lalu

    Is 699$ nothing to you? The way you say it seems like a proud and stupid old man

  28. Lwsinha MC

    Lwsinha MCBulan Yang lalu

    But it’s soooo cheap yet kinda ugly.... if the flashlight thing wasn’t there I probably would’ve liked it

  29. Exotic

    ExoticBulan Yang lalu

    Am I the only person who thinks this isn’t as bad as people are saying it is

  30. Hung Doan

    Hung DoanBulan Yang lalu

    Apple selling iPhone 11, a phone with 9 year old screen technology, for $700. Apple latest iPhone 11 screen resolution is worse than my 3 year iPhone 7+. 326 ppi vs 401 ppi. In fact, the iPhone 11 resolution is the same as the iPhone 4, 326 ppi. Something to think about before buying iPhone 11.

  31. Rame _ez

    Rame _ezBulan Yang lalu

    Iphone 11 camera review plssss

  32. BellaTheSinger

    BellaTheSingerBulan Yang lalu

    My Xs has a slomo mode I think they all do .😂

  33. Car Bug

    Car BugBulan Yang lalu

    Funny how android people come to bash apple...apple people don’t even watch android videos...lol...jus saying

  34. Jae Montage

    Jae MontageBulan Yang lalu

    But most of these comments are coming for apple users. That are disappointing with apple

  35. Beautiful_ Brown

    Beautiful_ BrownBulan Yang lalu

    Not upgrading to a new iPhone!!! Will keep my xr until......

  36. Pedro Mendez

    Pedro MendezBulan Yang lalu

    Welp, time to ditch my galaxy s6

  37. Simon P

    Simon PBulan Yang lalu

    Not impressed because of the lack of memory. I’ll stick with my iPhone se 128GB thanks.

  38. Biy To

    Biy ToBulan Yang lalu

    Iphone 11パープル買おー

  39. Aaron Alvarado

    Aaron AlvaradoBulan Yang lalu

    Who else came here just to see the comments roasting Apple????

  40. waltervila33

    waltervila33Bulan Yang lalu

    Basically another plot to take your money and have you stuck to your carrier for another two years the cycle continues I see nothing new here

  41. L-YES ESKI

    L-YES ESKIBulan Yang lalu

    I don't care about what people says it's the first time for me to have enough money for a new generation iphone so I don't care I'll get it.

  42. Jelly May

    Jelly MayBulan Yang lalu

    L-YES ESKI smart choice ! You’d be paying more for last years model vs the iPhone 11 , might as well get this years new phone

  43. Manny V

    Manny VBulan Yang lalu

    i guess this would be a upgrade compared to my cheap prepaid phone lol

  44. FBB

    FBBBulan Yang lalu

    I swear all the tech review companies are getting paid by Apple.

  45. Tay Jones

    Tay JonesBulan Yang lalu

    Damn, now our phones are actually looking back at us with two eyeball cameras!

  46. Gerry Hasni

    Gerry HasniBulan Yang lalu

    Im so gonna upgrade my 8 plus with this purple 11. Price to value is very good. I dont know why but i prefer lcd rather than oled. My eyes hurt so much when im watching movie on note 9 rather than watching in 8 plus. So yeah time to upgrade my 8 plus with this 11. For pro and pro max model. GUYS U WASTING UR MONEY.

  47. silver

    silverBulan Yang lalu

    what happened to the days when apple brag about thinness? iPhones bigger than 8 are all very heavy in the hand and pocket.

  48. Charleone

    CharleoneBulan Yang lalu

    1:39 the field of view isn’t as wide as the galaxy series 🤔

  49. Robert Shiu

    Robert ShiuBulan Yang lalu

    I like this guy.

  50. Luca Yasssa

    Luca YasssaBulan Yang lalu

    Price for iPhone 8 trade in for the 11

  51. Agnesa H

    Agnesa HBulan Yang lalu

    Luca Yasssa go check on apple site

  52. Jimmy06

    Jimmy06Bulan Yang lalu

    Well i will still use android i aint spending 1000 euros on a phone

  53. XR Max

    XR MaxBulan Yang lalu

    Iphone 11: O.O

  54. Chris Florida

    Chris FloridaBulan Yang lalu

    I’m going from 6s plus to 11 😁

  55. FaZe_Mobi1e

    FaZe_Mobi1eBulan Yang lalu

    This is going to be my first iPhone but people who have xr or xs should not really upgrade

  56. solid

    solidBulan Yang lalu

    looks like huawei copy paste

  57. Big Sarge

    Big SargeBulan Yang lalu


  58. Declan Hearns

    Declan HearnsBulan Yang lalu

    Thank you very for your reply much appreciated 👍

  59. Johnlmiko Kggh

    Johnlmiko KgghBulan Yang lalu

    so boarding of surrounding side!!!! it is worst!1

  60. Nam P

    Nam PBulan Yang lalu

    This is the best, most concise, most helpful iPhone 11 video so far.

  61. Araiso Marketing

    Araiso MarketingBulan Yang lalu

    Google came out with night mode 2 yrs ago. Apple implement it this year and suddenly its a game changer?

  62. Stefano Bilotti

    Stefano BilottiBulan Yang lalu

    Mediocre phone for the price

  63. Charlotte Douglas

    Charlotte DouglasBulan Yang lalu

    It’s so sad in Australia ( from the currency conversion) the iPhone is $1199 (it includes GST )

  64. therealDale

    therealDaleBulan Yang lalu

    I just bought an XS!

  65. John Smitherson

    John SmithersonBulan Yang lalu

    So I guess night mode is useful when u take a pic of your girlfriend cheating on you in bed.

  66. awkc 63

    awkc 63Bulan Yang lalu

    Still can't hit 1080p...

  67. mark dannelley

    mark dannelleyBulan Yang lalu

    You cant even see the screens outside, that should tell you something. They have gotten so behind on technology it's not even funny. Just got rid of my new iPhone. They promise all these new things but then when it comes out it's so inferior to what else is out there.

  68. G Foster

    G FosterBulan Yang lalu

    Give me a foldable phone I can use instead of a laptop, I don't care about water resistance. If I want a decent camera I will buy a camera not a phone. Yawn. Are people so self obsessed they need selfies? For God's sake people get a grip.

  69. JA G

    JA GBulan Yang lalu