iPhone 11 and 11 Pro review: Are they for you?


  1. CNET

    CNET2 bulan yang lalu

    So... 11 or 11 Pro?

  2. Sean Moffett

    Sean Moffett9 hari yang lalu

    @Ron Knight Upgraded from a 6 to the basic 11 mainly because my iPhone 6 battery was always dead. Battery life of the iPhone 11 is amazing. Have had the device for a few weeks and haven't had a dead battery since I have purchased it with more use. Love being able to take a long trip and being able to listen to music and watch videos the entire trip without having to recharge. Definitely notice the increased speed / responsiveness of the device. Camera even on the basic 11 is much better than the 6. Girlfriend didn't see much difference between her 10 and the 11 other than the camera. Definitely a big leap in improvement from the 6 to 11. Just went with the 11 as $1000 is a lot to spend on the 11 Pro for the zoom camera and stainless steel body. Will probably get the girlfriend the pro as a birthday gift as she's more into photography and would find use for the advanced zoom capability.

  3. Taher93

    Taher9317 hari yang lalu

    @Chr3styn laveihn still not worth it to me. Android gives a lot more features and freedom on a £700 phone

  4. Chr3styn laveihn

    Chr3styn laveihn17 hari yang lalu

    @Taher93 nah! 11 has ultra wide and night mode better than the xr... Not fond of watching vids anyway..

  5. Taher93

    Taher9317 hari yang lalu

    @Chr3styn laveihn if you didnt know iphone 11 is just an iphone xr with a13 chip in it. It has same trashy display which means you cant watch 1080p vids on youtube

  6. Chr3styn laveihn

    Chr3styn laveihn17 hari yang lalu

    Oh dude why spend more on pro? If u can have the 11 on cheaper price....

  7. RSCALA90

    RSCALA90Hari Yang lalu

    Where is this place he is at the beginning of the video? With the view of Manhattan

  8. CNET

    CNETHari Yang lalu

    We shot everything around DUMBO, in Brooklyn.

  9. Prasad Kamat

    Prasad Kamat2 hari yang lalu

    omg it's Fred Flintstone!

  10. Emanuele Mazzarella

    Emanuele Mazzarella3 hari yang lalu

    From iPhone X, should i upgrade?

  11. Roderick Thomas

    Roderick Thomas5 hari yang lalu

    Holding onto this XS is the best move possible.

  12. paul dewar

    paul dewar6 hari yang lalu

    Are the OLED screens significantly brighter outdoors than the LCD?

  13. A14LNC

    A14LNC8 hari yang lalu

    I was thinking of jumping ship from Android to the iPhone 11 Pro but having watched this review I don't know, the Pro does tick all the boxes bar 3 which is no 3.5mm jack, No wireless transfer charging to other phones and no USB C

  14. couchpotato

    couchpotato9 hari yang lalu

    Have been trying to decide on which one to buy this holiday season.. finally a comprehensive video to make a decision, thank you 11 it is

  15. Francisco Barboza

    Francisco Barboza14 hari yang lalu

    My opinion on this phone is, If you are coming from Android to iOS get the Pro Max. If you have any of the notch phones don't upgrade unless a wide angle camera is a must. If you are coming from anything notchles the 11 is a good choice because the price is just right for a phone that is basically the iPhone Pro minus the OLED display. That OLED is about a 400 dollar difference. However even though the LCD on the 11 looks great and may seem just as good as the OLED. It's not, especially if you are someone that likes to watch a lot of media in your phone.

  16. iFreddie

    iFreddie16 hari yang lalu


  17. abod playz

    abod playz17 hari yang lalu

    Bro gimme that iPhone 11 pro max

  18. Squeeze

    Squeeze19 hari yang lalu

    *Iphone 11 looks pretty VSCO* Change My Mind !!!

  19. Minh CAO

    Minh CAO19 hari yang lalu

    I love your reviewS. Please, keep going.

  20. Marcin Wolczek

    Marcin Wolczek28 hari yang lalu

    You wasted all ten minutes to talk about taking a pictures???what about battery life,storage,speakers

  21. TheLM

    TheLMBulan Yang lalu

    WOW until next year.. not wow anymore 😆

  22. florin

    florinBulan Yang lalu

    rabish phone with no 5G

  23. Kevin Chapman

    Kevin ChapmanBulan Yang lalu

    Great Video. Does anybody know the instrumental that Starts around 6:40 in the vlog? Dope Sound !!!!

  24. msamanski

    msamanskiBulan Yang lalu

    Great video! Best iPhone 11 review I've seen so far. Thanks!

  25. Franky

    FrankyBulan Yang lalu

    wat is the quality of PHONE CALL?


    MyHIPHOP BLOGSPOTBulan Yang lalu

    Why are most smartphone reviews about the CAMERA? Smartphone evolution is so stale they keep distracting us with cameras, like you can't just go buy a digital SLR camera to get the best pictures if you really respect good pictures. But maybe I'm wrong, because if phonecalls have advanced into video calls/facetime, then very good cameras on the phone is important.

  27. The Valve

    The ValveBulan Yang lalu

    I swear on my headphones just hearing the audio I thought 'why is Conan O'Brien reviewing iPhones now'?

  28. jaja rule

    jaja ruleBulan Yang lalu

    How is Apple responsible for fixing the LTE network? there are plenty of things to complain about apple. LTE coverage is not one of them.

  29. DazL Elite

    DazL EliteBulan Yang lalu

    The 11 is €800 and doesn't even have a 1080p display looool did Apple pay you not to say that for the review ?

  30. Jumpin Out The Bushes

    Jumpin Out The BushesBulan Yang lalu

    I have the 7 and I’m getting the 11

  31. Gjetto Gjetto

    Gjetto GjettoBulan Yang lalu

    I forgot ... the GIGANTIC SUPER NOTCH It's awesome. Fortunately they kept it also for this year ...

  32. Gjetto Gjetto

    Gjetto GjettoBulan Yang lalu

    If you can afford to waste your money unnecessarily iphone 11 and iphone 11 Pro are for you ...

  33. Carly Hickman

    Carly HickmanBulan Yang lalu

    When he started filming on the pro i felt just like when i got a new prescription glasses

  34. Ariel Foxx

    Ariel FoxxBulan Yang lalu

    Love the review

  35. Rainy Sunday

    Rainy SundayBulan Yang lalu

    Got my Pro Max in the mail today. After two hours I hated it and returned it. My 7 plus is better. Wasn’t any faster than my 7 plus, my camera on the 7 plus takes better pics and so instead of owing another thousand bucks I’ll just finish paying off the 7 plus . . . .

  36. SuperChiko4000

    SuperChiko4000Bulan Yang lalu

    This is a beautiful

  37. Bruce Alyssa

    Bruce AlyssaBulan Yang lalu

    I’m still with the 6+ and I think I’m finally going to upgrade with these. I keep telling my self to just get the 11 but honestly the camera upgrade would be so amazing and I feel like would help me hold on to a new phone for another 3 to 4 years.

  38. Marco Solo

    Marco SoloBulan Yang lalu

    Wow,.....Look,....an IPhone Review,.....you don't see these much anymore!

  39. Melody Media

    Melody MediaBulan Yang lalu

    Watching on my pro max midnight green. Huge upgrade from me 7+!

  40. potter wang

    potter wangBulan Yang lalu

    I’m using 7 plus now should I change to 11 or wait for next year?

  41. Danneh

    DannehBulan Yang lalu

    potter wang next year they would release new iphone then lol

  42. Rylouvre

    RylouvreBulan Yang lalu

    really considering getting the iphone 11 coming from the 6s.. but the 2020 iphone could have touch id. hhh

  43. oooohmysoooosexy

    oooohmysoooosexyBulan Yang lalu

    Thank you for the honest teview

  44. Daniel

    DanielBulan Yang lalu

    What a great video.

  45. Edward

    EdwardBulan Yang lalu

    BlackBerry Key 2 just because everyone has an iPhone.

  46. Trent Gatti

    Trent GattiBulan Yang lalu

    300 more dolars to go

  47. Trent Gatti

    Trent GattiBulan Yang lalu

    But im saving up gor the 11

  48. Trent Gatti

    Trent GattiBulan Yang lalu

    And its the cheapest one there is😒

  49. Trent Gatti

    Trent GattiBulan Yang lalu

    Yall are lucky i have a friggin samsung🤢

  50. Everyday Techy

    Everyday TechyBulan Yang lalu

    I’ve just upgraded to the Pro Max and my battery anxiety has miraculously been cured 🙏🏽

  51. Damond Mason

    Damond MasonBulan Yang lalu

    I want some if you still have one leaft

  52. Vancity Tdot

    Vancity TdotBulan Yang lalu

    I have a iPhone 7 Plus that works perfectly fine. Prob use this til it stops working

  53. Ma Boi

    Ma BoiBulan Yang lalu

    it would never stop working unless you don’t buy new battery or break it

  54. architheia

    architheiaBulan Yang lalu

    4g ram..

  55. architheia

    architheiaBulan Yang lalu

    Lcd, 4g... what else?

  56. architheia

    architheiaBulan Yang lalu

    Geez.... wake up time guys.

  57. jambhumalamal

    jambhumalamalBulan Yang lalu

    LOL at the Old spice ad.

  58. adah wada

    adah wadaBulan Yang lalu

    i get my 11 pro max today, i’ll definitely update you guys on how i like it

  59. Elizabeth

    ElizabethBulan Yang lalu


  60. Alex Solorzano

    Alex SolorzanoBulan Yang lalu

    Harajuku Doll how you like it

  61. kriSheislove

    kriSheisloveBulan Yang lalu

    Thank you for this video. It was very helpful and definitely helped in making my decision to upgrade now or in the future! The pictures and videos were also beautiful! What part of New York did you film this video?

  62. CNET

    CNETBulan Yang lalu

    Thank you!! We shot in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

  63. Flashlight Studio Videos photos

    Flashlight Studio Videos photosBulan Yang lalu

    I think you should call this review a camera on new iPhone

  64. Daniel Lee

    Daniel LeeBulan Yang lalu

    Down sold

  65. Eddie Palomares

    Eddie PalomaresBulan Yang lalu

    Next year, September 2020 apple drops the price to 629.99 and 128 gig base... No 11s model but the pro and Max pro gets a 11s model

  66. Eddie Palomares

    Eddie PalomaresBulan Yang lalu

    Unpopular opinion,Midnight green could be one of the worst colors on a smartphone.

  67. HeriBe Nupasad

    HeriBe NupasadBulan Yang lalu

    Getting a Slickwraps Skin

  68. Dimitriy Yaroshchuk

    Dimitriy YaroshchukBulan Yang lalu

    I’ll get the iPhone 11 next year, when it gets cheaper

  69. nfn16076

    nfn16076Bulan Yang lalu

    show us the different display screens on, would be nice


    BIGMONEYJEFFAFABulan Yang lalu

    Waiting for the S model to come come so I can upgrade my Xs Max

  71. ruoweii

    ruoweiiBulan Yang lalu

    watching these videos makes me want to wait for the 2020 iphone